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Evil Author Day 2018 Master Post!

#The WIPs Master Listing – Incomplete fics I am working on


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Art Post for Retrouvaille – Posts 5-31-18


Art Posts

Art for The Lawyer and the Inventor

Art for The President and the Agent

Art for Tales from Babylon


Latest Completed Fics:

Never Them

Word Count 13,190

Love Finds the way Home

Word Count 34,300

Finding Your Niche In Paradise

Word Count 10,907

In the Shadows of Death

Word Count: 20,807

Just Maybe

Word Count: 993

The Road to Love and Happiness

Word Count: 985

Looking for Help in all thePossibly Right Places

Word Count: 2,856

Finding Family and Forever in LA

Word Count: 3,346

Enough is Enough

Word Count: 5,180

From the Coldness of Danger and Loneliness to the Warmth of Love

Word Count: 8,563

A Love out of this World

Word Count: 4,328

Single Doesn’t Mean Alone

Word Count: 3,547

Love Affair

Word Count: 3,423

Together or not at all

Word Count: 3,211