Spencer Reid fic idea.

I got this story prompt from SpencerRemyLuvr (Jay Foret) over on Facebook in this nifty story idea sharing group he’s started.

You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see a story where Spencer was the one who pursued the relationship with someone. It’s always Remy courting him, or Morgan, or whoever, and Spencer’s the shy one, the one who takes a bit of courting to come around. I’d love to see a story, even a one shot, where Spencer’s the one to see a person he likes and, despite his shyness, go after them in that quirky, shy, nerdy way of his.

I thought it sounded intriguing. So, I snatched it up. I’m gonna pair him with Tony DiNozzo over at NCIS. I have had this scene of the two of them in my freakin BRAIN for like 6 months that wouldn’t go anywhere.  It won’t add anything but wouldn’t go away either.  I thought maybe this just might be what I was needing.

Apparently I was right, ’cause all of a sudden the boys are chattering.

This is what I have. Its like MEGA rough  will definitely be added to/filled out.  Just wanted to share if there is anyone out there reading this. LOL The first paragraph is what I’ve had for 6 months. The conversation bittys came today after I took the prompt.

Spencer & Tony snippet

Tony opened his eyes and smiled faintly feeling the body next to him. Rolling his head, he looked at the face of the man sleeping next to him. The man had abandoned his own pillow at some point in the night, and chosen to share the king sized one on Tony’s own side of the bed. Reaching over, Tony brushed the shaggy brown hair out of the man’s face carefully not wanting to wake him. His partner had returned home late the previous night, having been out of town on a case.

“God you’re fuckin gorgeous.”

Spencer frowns wrinkling his nose sleepily. “We really need to have you tested for brain damage from too many concussions. I think they’re catching up on you.”

Tony didn’t know if it was the sleepiness, or the having missed his mate for so long while he was out of town, but he felt words that just needed to come out. “I’m glad you took a chance.”

“It was Morgan you know.”


“Yeah, Morgan talked me into it. Well Morgan and John, but… It was mostly Morgan. He was like my very own cheerleader in that former jock body of his.”

Tony chuckles and smiles happily rolling onto his side, propping his head up on a fist. “This story I have not heard. Do tell, Doctor Reid. You have a most captive audience.”

Snippet End

Thoughts? There would obviously be major flash back scenes in this to show the wooing and chasing Dr. Reid is doing. I am thinking of pairing them up together at the Men’s Support Group that Tony was in last season. I thought you could easily throw Reid in there. Maybe John (that’s what I am calling his sponsor for now until I find his name on the show) suggested it after Maeve died. I am picturing him seeing Tony and getting all moony eyed. Maybe he’s still thinking about it the next morning at work. You know Derek would notice and bug the shit out of him til he confessed. Then he’d never let it go until Spencer made a move.

The plotline definitely would need some filling out. Not sure how Spencer would be able to pursuit Tony when they work for different agencies. Also a group meeting should be like confidential right? So Spencer wouldn’t necessarily even know where he worked??? So yeah… definitely some plot holes, but I am excited about the idea.

5 thoughts on “Spencer Reid fic idea.

  1. I really like this snippet and the idea.

    And yeah, they wouldn’t use last names at the group but they could and some would discuss their jobs in general. Like, “I’m a federal agent” without specifics on the agency or even more generally, “I’m in law enforcement”. It is similar to AA but more of a group therapy thing than that, so they would be a bit more open. And even with AA people reveal that much so others can understand some of the stress that leads to their problems.

    And as for how Spencer would pursue Tony when they are different agencies, it isn’t a huge deal, I think. They are both in the DC area. It would be like they worked for different companies, like one was an accountant and the other a lawyer, or something. But a bit more of schedule juggling and last minute cancellations. 😉

    I look forward to more of this idea. Good work so far and I hope I helped with my opinion. I only mentioned it because you asked. Feel free to ignore any or all of it.

    Well done. And thanks for sharing the snippet and idea. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions! They definitely helped!

      I am glad you commented. I have been meaning to mention to you that I am KliqzAngel from the Camelot site. 🙂 Its nice to see you still writing. I am loving all of your upcoming Rough Trade stories. I can’t wait to see where you take them.

      Hopefully this thing I am attempting will come together well. I am excited about it.

  2. Oh now I like what you’ve done with this. It’s a really interesting idea. I like how you’ve set it up to basically have Spencer telling the story to his partner in flashbacks like this. It kind of gives a sweet edge to everything. And this pairing!! 😀 It’s not one I’ve ever read but I have to say it really has me intrigued.

    I’m glad you picked the prompt up and I’m eager to see what more comes from this!

    • Thanks Jay! I am really excited about it. I am glad you posted the prompt. I’ve only read Tony/Spencer in shorter stories. I don’t know how long this will be, but I am guessing a few chapters at least! I think it’s gonna be fun exploring these two as a couple.

  3. This got me curious. I would love to hear the story Spencer told, and I can totally see Morgan standing on the sidelines cheering Spencer on.

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