Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor/Dominic Toretto Untitled Snippet

Yeah… again no clue where this came from. I got a picture in my head of Tony in the hospital and frustrated that he was getting yelled at… and ended up with 3400 words of Tony paired with Brian&Dom… No clue. Sharing a snippet tho.


Taking a deep breath, Tony opened his eyes again and squeezed Brian’s hand. “Every time I go out into the field it scares the shit out of me. Gibbs tries to make it me and him as much as he can but… It’s effecting the team. A week ago I was on lunch with him at the dinner, and I got a call. I don’t think I told you… that day I came to see you and D… You were working that bank robbing case?”


Tony paused to drink more water, watching Brian before continuing. “I ran into David Rossi. I hadn’t seen him in… shit. Since Senior got put in prison.”  Seeing Brian frown, Tony realized he’d never told them who the FBI agent was that ended Anthony DiNozzo Senior’s widow scam. “Rossi was the one who put dear ol’ dad in prison. He killed the last one, after he panicked. Anyway, I saw him in the elevator, and he remembered me. We started talking… You know the ol’ how’s life been? What are you doing now? That kinda shit.”


Brian nods and moves to sit closer so he can play with Tony’s hair knowing it relaxes him. Tony hums happily before going on. “Anyway, Dave called me a week ago. Said they had an unexpected opening. One of their people went back to Interpol, and they’d been looking into my background. I guess their computer someone found out I’d just finished my Psychology Doctorate. They… they want me on their team, B. I told him I didn’t want to leave NCIS. That I was gonna push through, but… Fuck Bri I’m so fucking tired.”


Brian swallowed trying to move the lump out of the middle of his throat. “What happened today?”


“I don’t have proof.” Tony protested weakly, but Brian wasn’t going to let it go.


“What happened today?”  He asked again, and Tony shifted restless not wanting to think about the ugly idea forming in his brain.


“I don’t…”


“What. Happened. Today?” Gently, Brian took Tony’s chin and turned his head making him look at him. “What happened today, Tony? Why did you get hurt?”


“I think they stopped running.” Tony whispered, his eyes shiny with tears that he refused to let fall. “I think they stopped running, and if Gibbs hadn’t come out of nowhere… Jesus I don’t even know how he caught up to me. If he hadn’t… I’d be dead Bri. The second guy, the one we didn’t know about. He had a gun. I’d lost mine in the fight. The first guy hit me in the side with a 2×4 and it was just hard enough I stumbled and… I’d be dead.”


Brian’s jaw clenched so hard he was afraid his teeth were gonna crack, but then Tony’s shoulders started shaking. His own emotions forgotten, Brian pulled his lover toward him as he looked at Dom. The fire in his open eyes told him he’d been awake for a while. Brian just hoped that one of them didn’t end up in prison.

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