My Thoughts on Thomas Gibson’s Firing

There is no way that I could say this better myself. So, I am sharing this instead. It is beautifully worded, and echos my thoughts perfectly.

Pen to Paper


Today I have been trying to understand my visceral reaction to the firing of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds, and I’ve come to several realizations which I will explain in a moment.

I have grown up in and around Los Angeles California all my life. I have seen movie and television sets and had the occasional encounter with celebrity over the years. When I was in my twenties I worked at a temp agency that dealt mostly with the studios. I had temp gigs at Warner Brothers, DIC, CBS etc. This put me squarely in the middle of celebrity. Thing is, it never affected me. I never cared who they were, they were people doing a job. I never had the ‘fan girl’ syndrome. My obliviousness to celebrity is so bad that at San Diego Comic-Con several years ago it didn’t register that Joss Whedon was actually walking on…

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