Dead Air – Time Line and Team Breakdowns

Note:  Some things in the timeline were moved several times. It was hard at times to find the right moment for certain things to happen. I believe that this reflects the final breakdown of events. My apologies if something isn’t in the correct spot. The dates on the actual sections would be the final order.


Rossi is like a father to Tony
Rossi calls him Figlio
Tony calls Rossi Angelo
Brian calls Tony Flyboy
Tony calls Brian BoBo
Derek calls Tony QB1
Tony and Brian call Spencer Doc


BAU Team
Hotch – Unit Chief
Morgan – 2IC Non-Military Cases
DiNozzo – 2IC Military Cases
Dave Rossi
Jennifer Jereau – leaves team sometime in summer of 2013
Spencer Reid
Emily Prentiss
Kate Callahan – JJ Replacement
Brian O’Connor – Joins Team 2016
Penelope Garcia – Technical Analyst


Gibbs new team
SFA Dr. Tara Lewis – recommended by Tony in 2016
Ellie Bishop
Ned Dornegat
Nicky Jardaine
Colby Granger – Recommended by Tony in 2016




Mid October 2010 – Dead Air Happens
End of October (Just b4 Halloween) – Tony Quits
Same Week October 2010 – Tony talks to Vance and takes the Liaison position
Mid November 2010 – Garcia and Tony talk
Late November 2010– Tony and Emily go on their Interview
Early December 2010 – Tony moves into his penthouse
Mid December 2010– Tony and Derek have their fight
Late December – Between Christmas and NYE – The First Date
New Years Eve 2010 – The First Kiss


Early January 2011– Reid talks to JJ and Derek
Mid January 2011– Derek Apologizes
Mid January 2011 – Mid January 201 – Tony goes and confronts Ziva in prison
Mid February 2011 – Tony has Abby arrested for breaking the restraining order
February 2011 – Reid gets mad at JJ for her actions
Mid March 2011 – Spencer finds Brian
Late March 2011 – The First Migraine
Early April 2011 – Tony contacts Brian.
Early April 2011 – Tony and Brian meet for the first time in years
May 2011 – Tony has a heart to Heart with Gibbs at his 6 month mark
Early June 2011 – Brian moves in (comes to stay and never leaves)
Mid June 2011 – The first fight
July 2011 – Brian Spencer and Tony spend the 4th together
August 2011 – Brian reflects on his relationship with Tony and how it’s changed over the years.
Halloween 2011 – Tony asks Spencer to move in
Thanksgiving 2011 – Spencer goes to see his mother to explain his relationship


January 2012 – Hotch and Tony talk JJ
February 2012 – Jimmy shows up to TT Tony – thinks Ducky is in danger and no one will listen to him at NCIS
March 2012 – Spencer notices clothes showing up in his closet
April 2012 – Gibbs and Tim talk, and Tim realizes how badly he’s screwed up
May 2012 – McGee dies
May 2012 – Tony goes to McGee’s funeral
June 2012 u – Tony defends Spencer
July 2012 – Tony and Brian realize Spencer hadn’t refilled his Anthrax medicine or inhalor
August 2012 – Brian gets a flight home on the jet
September 2012 – Taylor shows up
November 2012 – Morgan talks to Tony abt Taylor


Sometime in 2013 Ron Sacks dies
January 2013 – Tony Brian and Spencer’s relationship is clarified
Feburary 2013 – Brian and Spencer discuss their expectations of each other
February 2013 – Mardi Gras!!
April 2013 – Tony’s breathing attack
May 2013 – Spencer gets his new degree
May 2013 – Senior writes Tony
June 2013 – JJ Leaves the BAU
September 2013 – Gibbs gets shot


January 2014 – Ziva dies in jail
March 2014 – Tony discusses Abby with Gibbs
April 2014 – Will leaves JJ and takes Henry with him
May 2014 – Brian goes undercover with Torettos
August 2014 – Gibbs is hurt. Tony Panics.


Late 2015 – Charleston Case
Late 2015 – Tony and Spencer return from the case


January 2016 – SecNav insists Tony goes undercover for them
January 2016 – Tony quits NCIS and becomes an FBI agent
Late January 2016 – SecNav unexpectedly steps down & the president replaces her with Tom Morrow.
Feb 2016 – Tony and Gibbs talk He recommends Colby Granger & Lewis
Feburary 2016 – the case becomes critical. Morrow himself meets with Tony and mends fences.
Feb 2016 – Brian goes undercover looking for a Terrorist, and Tony worries
February 2016 – Brian comes home with some furbabies


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  3. Now that all the explanation and groundwork are done, I propose a straight up action Romans adventure in this universe. 😀

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