Dead Air – Chapter Eighteen: Broken Vases & Undercover Jobs, Bullets and Big Brothers, & When Two Becomes Three


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Characters this chapter:Tony DiNozzo, David Rossi, Spencer Reid, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Emily Prentiss, Brian O’Connor, and Aaron Hotchner

Relationships this chapter: Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo, Brian O’Connor/Tony DiNozzo, Implied Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor

Chapter Warnings: None

Word Count: 5,263/112298

Chapter Summary: In the present, Brian is undercover trying to catch terrorists, and Tony isn’t taking it well. Spencer is a little lost as to why this time is different than any other time. Rossi sets about explaining things to the young genius. Then, while Tony is out of town on a case, Gibbs gives Tony a scare. The team moves heaven and earth to get him back to DC with support waiting. Lastly, the penthouse finally gets its third occupant. Tony picks Spencer’s favorite holiday to ask him to move in, and the genius can’t stop showing off the rooms his boyfriend designed for him.



Chapter Eighteen: Broken Vases & Undercover Jobs, Bullets and Big Brothers, & When Two Becomes Three

~~* Feb 2016 *~~ * ~~* Broken Vases & Undercover Jobs *~~

Tony was pacing around Rossi’s study.  His Angelo was watching him calmly as Tony circled the room.  Spencer though was more than a little confused and stressed.  There were a dozen questions that he wanted to ask, but was pretty sure that they would only make things worse.  Something about their current case had his partner on edge.  There were so many possibilities why that could be happening that Spencer didn’t know where to start to narrow them down.

Tony had been like this all day.  He’d paced around the conference room at NCIS until Gibbs given him a head slap and barked at him to sit down and start going through phone records.  When Tony had just taken it with a ‘Yes, Boss,’ Spencer was more confused.

He hadn’t thought that Tony would take it, but the slap and the bark seemed to have calmed him down slightly.  It didn’t seem like the nerves went away, but Tony did stop pacing as he was forced to work quietly.  Spencer was thankful that he wasn’t the only one confused. There had been several raised eyebrows in room from the BAU side.  He was the only one in the room that was Tony’s boyfriend though. So, that made it a little embarrassing.

“Figlio, I have a craving for your shells stuffed with the rocatta and shrimp in the cream sauce.  Take pity on your Angelo and go make me some, huh?”

Spencer watched Tony pause, and study the veteran profiler.  “Do you have any asparagus? I’ve been wanting to mix some of it in with the cheese and shrimp to see how it’d turn out.  Or maybe in with the creme sauce that I’ll put over them. I’m not sure… hmm.”

“Either way sounds amazing. I believe I do have some. It should be in glasses of water on the bottom shelf.  Maybe you could make those tiramisu brownies for Spencer. I bet that a treat would make him feel better.”

Spencer watched as Tony blinked then came over to hug him.  “Shit! I should have thought… He’ll be fine, Spence.  No sweat! One homemade dinner to make you feel better coming up. You’re gonna love these brownies!”

Spencer was aboput to argue that he wasn’t the one freaking out, when he noticed Rossi subtly shaking his head at him.  “That would be awesome.” He said instead getting a kiss on the cheek before Tony hurried to the kitchen.

Confused, Spencer turned his attention to Rossi knowing that he would explain. “When I was in the service, do you know who I worried about the most on a daily basis?”

“The rookies?” Spencer guessed, but the shake of Rossi’s head said that he was wrong.

“You’d think so, huh?  I won’t say that they weren’t a concern, I mean they were usually greener than the grass. No, they weren’t the ones that I worried about the most. It was the guys that had been over there forever, and were finally getting to go home.  They were the ones that were the most likely to get hurt or killed, or get others hurt or killed.”

Rossi smiled at Reid’s confusion, and took a sip of his drink before continuing.  “The second they found out that they were getting to go home, no matter their intentions, their minds automatically turned away from the war, and onto their friends, family, kids.  They just couldn’t stop thinking about all of the things that they were going to do when they got stateside.

“Then on top of it, they were trying to be careful, because they had all these plans that they were making. They were watching for booby traps, landmines, tripwires, and instead were missing dozens of other things.  They were the ones I was most worried would get killed.”

“Like Brian,” Spencer confirmed quickly getting the connection between the story and their real life problem.

Rossi nodded shifting in his seat before continuing.  “That old saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ is true here. While you always have a general worry when Brian is undercover, you aren’t or weren’t any more worried this time than normal.  If we hadn’t had this talk you’d most likely still be in the dark as to there being any difference than usual.  You don’t do undercover work typically. You certainly don’t work overseas catching terrorists. My figlio though…”

“That’s what he did at NCIS,” Spencer pointed out finishing Rossi’s though, and the older man nodded once again.

“Tony has enough experience in this situation to know better than anyone else involved what is really at stake with Brian here.  He has lost a lot of people in his life, and he’s already been separated from Brian twice.  I don’t know if he’d survive a third time.”

Spencer nodded understanding what the situation was beter.  “Thank you for explaining.  The dinner is to keep him busy, and not giving him time to brood right? I notice at work that he really only acts up when he’s got nothing to do.  A bored DiNozzo is a dangerous DiNozzo.”

Rossi smiled setting his empty tumbler on the side table.  “I have a feeling that Hotch and Gibbs will be assigning Tony plenty of busy work between now and when we finally catch this bastard. It might help if you stick close to him after hours, as well.”

Spencer nodded seriously.  “I will. I promise that you can count on me to look out for him.”

“I had no doubts about that, Spencer.” Rossi promised.

Later that night, Spencer lay  with Tony in their room at Rossi’s. He was curled up against his Italian’s side with his head resting on Tony’s shoulder.  The other man was running his fingers through Spencer’s hair making him feel loved.  Neither of them seemed to be able to sleep, but they weren’t talking either.  Spencer was pretty sure that was a problem.

“He’s going to be ok,” the genius finally offered feeling Tony’s fingers still. Eventually though they continued their movement.  When his boyfriend finally spoke his voice was quiet and husky in that way it got when he was exhausted.  A hint of his New York accent would peak through on occasion.

“You don’t know that. No one knows that for sure. They all wanna tell me that I’m worrying over nothin’ but no one can guarantee me that he’ll come back to me safe an’ sound.  An’ nobody understands. Not even you an’ Angelo.  I love you both an’ you mean the entire world to me, Doc.  I can’t lose Brian, again. I’ll be in a million brittle little pieces if I do. I’d never recover, an’ I know that now you think that I don’t love you as much as him. It’s not true though. I just…”

“No,” Spencer interrupted. Pushing himself up he tucked the hair hanging in his face behind an ear, and frowned down at Tony.  “That isn’t what I think at all.  Maybe I would have once when this thing was new, but I understand now. You’re absolutely right, and I’m sorry.”

Sighing, Spencer lay back down in his previous position. This would be easier if he didn’t have to look into Tony’s broken, desperate eyes.  “I shouldn’t have suggested that I knew that he’d be ok. Noone can guarantee it.  We can all hope.  We can take strength from the fact that you placed the best two undercover operatives within NCIS with him.  We can hope that Brian is not so focused on his future that he loses sight of where he’s at right now.  None of us though can guarantee that he’ll come back, and I’m scared.  If I’m scared, I can only imagine what you are feeling.

“I’m scared because I don’t want to lose him, and I don’t want to lose you. I know that if I lose one of you that I’ll lose you both.  How much you love me versus Brian has nothing to do with any of this. It’s a stupid argument that I would never entertain.  It’s like…”

Spencer searched his mind, and quickly found the correct analogy.  “My mom had this vase. It was her favorite possession, because her mother had given it to her.  It kept getting knocked over and broken or chipped though.  I’d already glued it back together a few times, and one day it fell off the side table and shattered. No matter how much she loved it, there just weren’t enough pieces left that could be put together again, so I had to throw it away.

“I saved my money and bought her a new one for her birthday a few months later. She still has that one. It’s in her room at the hospital.  She says that it’s her favorite thing when anyone asks her about it.  You and Brian are the first vase that she’d gotten from her mother.  You’ve already been broken twice. Anymore and there won’t be enough pieces to put back together. You and I are the new vase that doesn’t have even a scratch.  We can withstand a few bumps and drops and still be fine.

“I can’t guarantee that he’ll be ok, but I have hope because I know that you did your best to keep him safe.  I don’t know if it helps, but we can be scared together.”  When the first sob came, Spencer just wrapped himself around Tony, and held in his own fear. It was his turn to be strong. After all, his vase was whole.

~~ * September 2013 *~~ * ~~* Bullets and Big Brothers *~~

They were on a case when it happened.  Tony was out in the field with Prentiss, and he’d been up most of the last 48 hours. No matter how much Hotch tried, he’d never been able to break him of some of Gibbs’ bad habits. Not sleeping on a case was one of them. They’d gotten so they could get him to take catnaps on whatever available spot there was at the station, but there wasn’t much going back to the hotel just yet.

Something had been buzzing around in his brain for about the last 15 hours or so. It was driving him nuts because he couldn’t get a clear image of it. He and Emily were checking out cemeteries. Hotch had learned to give him a long length of rope when he requested something out of left field. He’d discovered that sometimes Tony’s weird ideas were what they needed to break the case. Dave had told him it was no different than him using Spencer’s extensive knowledge of a wide variety of topics, or Dave’s own interrogative experience.

There was something about the cemeteries, or something in one of the cemeteries. He just couldn’t get a handle on it yet. He had a good feeling about the one they were on their way to though. Lindenwood Cemetery was one of the oldest in town with the largest number of people. He wasn’t sure what he was going to find, but he knew it was here. “That’s an awfully pensive look on your face.” Prentiss noted from the driver’s seat. One very firm rule set down by Hotch was that if Tony wasn’t going to sleep as much as the rest of the team then he couldn’t drive. While his number of sleep hours had increased since he joined the BAU, it was still a work in progress.

“No offense, Em, but I feel like Spencer should be here instead of you.” Tony remarked looking out the side window.

“What, I’m not pretty enough for you, DiNozzo?” Emily quipped. She was quickly becoming his soul sister, and he was quietly happy about that fact.

“More like your brain isn’t big enough.” Tony teased back. “Seriously though… Call it my Gibbs Gut, but it feels like we need Spencer here.”

“Well, we can call…” Emily started when Tony’s cell rang. When he saw it was Hotch he grinned, and answered.  “Your timing is perfect as always, Boss. I am beginning to think…”

Emily frowned as Tony stopped talking. Turning her head. “How bad is it?” She heard Tony ask, his voice tight with worry. All it took was one sideways look from him, and she was turning the SUV in the direction of the station.   “They… they’re sure that he’s alive?”

Emily’s hands tightened around the steering wheel running the possibilities in her head. Spencer was working on the geographical prophet when they left, and Rossi had been interviewing one of the families with JJ. The ‘him’ part though suggested he was only worried about one person. Emily knew that even as horribly as she treated him, Tony would still worry if JJ was hurt. For Will’s sake if nothing else, as she suspected the two men were becoming friends.

No, this sounded different, and Emily really only suspected one person. God help them all if Gibbs died. Tony might not recover from such a blow. Turning on the sirens, she made sure he was back at the station as quickly as possible. They needed to get him back to DC pronto.

Tony sat in the waiting room at Bethesda in DC, with his hands clasped together. Brian was off getting coffee. Ducky was off checking with doctors, and Jimmy was back at NCIS working on an autopsy for another team.

Brian was going to make him sleep soon. There was little doubt about that. Not yet though. First he needed information. He needed to know how he was. He needed details on what happened. He needed to see him. He needed… he needed Gibbs to live. Everything else could be worked around. Jesus he just needed to live.

So far he hadn’t seen anyone from Gibbs new team, and he was happy for that. It would be weird, and he didn’t need to deal with them right then.  Jesus, he just had to live. Tony couldn’t stop thinking about it. He couldn’t stop wishing Kate was there to pray to a God Tony didn’t believe in. He wished…

“DiNozzo,” He heard and looking up saw an exhausted looking Fornell coming into the waiting room. Immediately Tony stood anticipating finally getting some news. “You got here a lot quicker than I expected.” Tobias noted pulling him into a hug. Tony could only hope that this wasn’t a precursor to really bad news.

“I have a kick ass team,” Tony noted. “Please, Tobias, no one has told me anything.”

When the older FBI agent moved to sit next to the seat that Tony had stood from, the liaison sat back down. His hands were fenced together with fear.

“There was a party last night.” Tobias started. Tony was thankful to see Brian walking back in just then. When his friend and lover sat down, Tony grabbed his hand desperate for his touch. “SecNav ordered his presence. There was an explosion. Secretary Jarvis was killed. Jethro was hit by some falling debris, which knocked him out and injured his leg. He was trying to help a young woman named Delilah Fielding who last I heard may be paralyzed for life.

“Gibbs injured his leg in the falling rubble. They’re doing surgery right now to put in some kind of bar… Ducky explained but… He’s in with them right now watching. They had to wait on the surgery because of the fear of the gunshot wound. Somehow he also ended up with a bullet wound in his shoulder. We aren’t sure how. My team is investigating, and you have my word we’ll get all the answers.”

Tony felt a muscle in his jaw twitch, and dropped his gaze to his hands. He felt Brian place a hand on his knee in comfort. It had been awhile since he’d been this mad. It had been awhile since he felt this level of loathing for NCIS. “I need you to stay out of this.” Tony heard, and his head whipped up ready to argue strenuously.

“There is no way to justify you investigating this, kid, and you know it.  I also know you want justice mixed with a little revenge, but remember he’s my friend, too. However, unlike you I am not so closely and strongly tied. I didn’t work for him. I don’t consider him my big brother, and the directors of both NCIS and the FBI don’t consider me his protégé. Let me do this. Let me do my job. You need to focus your attention on keeping that bastard from coming back early.”

Tony opened his mouth to argue, but stopped when Brian squeezed his knee hard. Looking over at his lover, he saw the man eyeing him quietly. Tony had never been more thankful for their ability to speak without words than he was at that moment.  “I think you need an undercover operative on the case, don’t you, Tobias?” Tony asked turning back to look at the more senior agent.

Fornell frowned, wondering if Tony was suffering from sleep deprivation. “DiNozzo, what the crap would I…” He started, but was cut off when Brian had a coughing fit.

“Sorry, Unit Chief Fornell, I caught a little cough on my last undercover job. Fortunately it’s almost gone. I’m on some downtime though. Can’t take a new job for about a month. It’s gonna be really boring. Man, I wish I had something to do.” Brian reached up and scratched the back of his neck grinning unrepentantly.

Tobias closed his mouth, and snorted. “You’re as subtle as DiNutso here.  Do you have any investigative experience?”

Brian rolled his eyes. “I didn’t go right from FLETC to undercover, and besides that you have to have some investigation skills to work undercover, dude. Yes, I have investigative experience.”

“If it helps, Hotch has been trying to get him into the BAU since about 6 months after we got back together, Toby. His college degree isn’t in undercover you know.” Tony offered smiling slightly at the man’s scowl.

“Fine, O’Connor, you are with me then. I need to get back to things. Tony, let the stubborn bastard know that I said to cut this shit out! We’re getting too old for this life and death crap!”  Tony smiled before accepting a kiss from Brian before he hurried after the Unit Chief.  Suddenly, he felt better knowing that his boyfriend would be there to ensure that whomever was behind this didn’t get away.

Two hours later, Tony found himself sitting next to Gibbs’ bed watching the older man sleep.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of the man who was the closest thing he’d ever have to a brother.  He couldn’t get himself to calm down. He was afraid to look away.  There was a big part of him that was afraid he would look back and the man would be dead.  That couldn’t happen. Tony just couldn’t lose him.

Watching him as intently as he was, Tony didn’t miss when the twitches started. Leaning forward, hand steepled together in front of his face, eyes locked on Gibbs, Tony smiled when finally the head rolled, and blue eyes opened. Reaching across Gibbs’ body, Tony pressed the button for the nurse before speaking to the man looking at him confused. “Morning, Boss err Gibbs. Suppose I shouldn’t confuse you. You do remember me, right? What’s my name? Do you know the year?”

The nurse came in smiling. “I think some of those are my questions, hon.” The woman had to be at least 70, and was a real firecracker. Tony had already warned her that his friend was going to be a difficult patient.

“DiNozzo, how could I forget you? You’re the biggest pain my ass has ever seen.” Gibbs grumped before the nurse came into view.  She immediately started her questioning and checking of her patient, interrupting any retort Tony could have made.

Breathing easier, Tony stood and made an excuse to get coffee before darting into the hall to head to the bathroom.  After checking all of the stalls, Tony let the walls break, and sliding to the floor, wrapped his arms around himself. “He’s not dead. He’s not dead.  He’s not dead. He’s not dead.”

Once he was done, Tony washed off his face, and actually did head to the café to get something to drink. No coffee though. No sense in teasing the beast.  Sending texts to Director Vance, Rossi, Spencer, Brian, and Tobias, Tony considered everyone he gave two fucks to update updated. Deciding he’d waited long enough, Tony headed back to the room, glad to see the doctor was just arriving.

Once he’d filled in Gibbs, and answered all of Tony’s questions, the two men were left alone. Tony sipping on his strawberry banana smoothie, and staring at Gibbs who as always seemed to be content to just look back. Eventually, Tony found his courage and spoke.

“This was a little too close this time, Boss.”  Gibbs just tilted his head to one side watching him silently, so Tony continued. “I really need you not to die, Jethro.”  Tony advised his voice breaking at the end.  Looking down at his hands, he took a trembling breath only to look up quickly when a rough hand touched his chin.

“Not goin’ anywhere, Tony.” The man promised, his eyes filled with compassion and understanding. “You have my word. Not goin’ anywhere, not anytime soon anyway.”  Nodding as he tried to swallow the lump in his throat, Tony decided to throw his pride in the trash, and rearranging his body, lay his head on the bed, feeling his big brother carding his fingers through his hair. Feeling proof that the man was still alive, Tony finally slept.

~~* Halloween 2011 *~~ * ~~* When Two Becomes Three *~~

Halloween was Spencer’s favorite holiday. If Tony hadn’t known that fact prior to October first, the amount of decorations that appeared around the penthouse would have clued him in. Considering the fact that Spencer didn’t live at the penthouse, and spent most nights in his own apartment, made it all that much more amusing.  He hadn’t had the heart to tell Spencer that he didn’t like the holiday. It just had too many bad memories attached to it. For Spencer though, he was willing to pretend that the whole thing didn’t make his skin crawl.

He was hoping that his plans for the evening would help to build some positive memories, and change his opinion of the day. He’d decided that it would be the perfect day to ask Spencer to move into the penthouse. He’d hired Derek to remodel the bedroom and library that would be considered Spencer’s. Brian was on a job, but had whole heartedly agreed to the genius moving in.

The two of them were going to Rossi’s for the night.  Angelo’s house not only got decent trick or treaters, which Spencer would love, but the older man threw party every year that was legendary. It was an all ages affair, so the kids could and would attend with their parents.

Tony and Spencer were going as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein.  It was the younger man’s idea, and he’d promised Tony that he would be the bride.  There was no way Tony was walking around all night in a dress and heels.

Tony had gone to lunch with Derek to whine about the whole thing.  He’d been sympathetic when he wasn’t laughing, and calling Tony whipped. The work he’d been doing had been finished the previous weekend, and Tony thought that it looked amazing. He hoped Spencer liked it as much.

Previously the bedroom had been filled with only a bed covered in a drab comforter. The library had been a completely empty space. Both areas now screamed Spencer, and Tony was excited to see his love’s reaction.  They were getting changed into their costumes at the penthouse, much to Spencer’s frustration. He’d pointed out that since he was ordering everything, and had supplies at his apartment, that it would make sense to get ready there. Tony had been stubborn though, and won out in the end.

When the doorbell rang, Tony rolled his eyes knowing that it was Spencer. Opening the door, he mock glared at the man.  “Some day I can only hope that you’ll use your key.”

“If we were at my apartment I wouldn’t need it.” Spencer pointed out, and Tony snorted.  “I still don’t understand why we had to do this here. It would have been more logical to do it at mine.”

Since he couldn’t give the real reason, Tony just answered, “Because,” and smiled.

Spencer was unimpressed, and proved it by shoving his way past with a huff as he headed for the bedroom that Tony and Brian shared.  “I put everything in the spare room.” Tony called out watching his boyfriend change direction.

When Tony reached the room, Spencer was turning circles trying to take everything in.  Half of the room was Dr. Who, and the other half was Star Wars.  Penelope had helped them refine the rough design that Tony had sketched.  When she was done she’d kissed Tony’s cheek, and called him a gallant knight worthy of her Junior G-man.

“Come on,” Tony said holding out his hand. “There’s another room for you to see.”

When Spencer took his hand, the Italian pulled him out of the bedroom, and down the hall into the library.  Of the two, Tony thought Derek did the best job with this space.  Tony had stuck with the Star Wars theme in this space. He’d used photographs online to design a two story space that replicated the Jedi Archives.  Derek had promised that stealing some space from the upper level that hadn’t yet been used would leave plenty of room for whatever they decided on in the future.

Tony just stood at the door and watched Spencer wander around open mouthed.  The room had two light settings, which each gave the space a vastly different look. Tony grinned big as Spencer seemed to take an almost childlike glee in flicking the lighting between the Jedi and Non-Jedi lighting.  When the genius finally came back to reality, Tony found himself with an armful of excited boyfriend.

“I can’t believe that you did this!” Spencer squealed still trying to look at things from his position within Tony’s arms.

“I had an ulterior motive,” Tony admitted drawing the younger man’s gaze.  “Move in with me? With us?” Tony asked softly.  “Live here with Brian and I fulltime.  I want you here. I love you. I need you. Move in with me?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Spencer laughed happily holding onto Tony, again.  Closing his eyes, Tony felt the last empty place in his soul fill up.  Spencer was finally home.

Later that evening, Tony was sitting in the study by himself. In a reversal of their usual roles, Spencer had been the social butterfly all evening, and Tony had stuck to the quiet corners.  He was contemplating the fire, and letting his thoughts roam, when Hotch and Rossi came in.

“How did you manage to get the study to youself?” Hotch asked sharing the couch with Dave.  Tony was sitting in one of the soft leather chairs nearby.

“I shut the door when I came in,” Tony explained, and Hotch nodded  noting that Dave had done the same thing.

“Of course. People assume a closed door means the area is off limits.”

Tony nodded sipping his tea, and felt honor bound to clarify Hotch’s observation.  “Unless you’re at a frat or sorority house. Then it probably means someone is getting laid.  Even then it still means it’s off limits, but only because it’s occupied.

Aaron snorted amused, and saluted Tony with his beer bottle.  “I see the plan was successful.”

Tony laughed and nodded. “Did he show you the pictures?”

“Figlio, I think that he’s shown everyone the pictures. That includes the people just coming to trick or treat.  You did good, kiddo.” Rossi praised, raising his tumbler in salute.

Aaron nodded his agreement. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him this happy.  It’s nice. I’m happy for the three of you.”

“I can’t stop thinking what my life was like last year at this time,” Tony replied ignoring the praise.  “At the time I thought that I’d die alone.  My team were my friends and family, and they had betrayed me in the worse way possible for a cop.  The only family I had was Rossi and Gibbs, which isn’t bad, but at some point they’ll be leaving me behind.

“Nature won’t give them another option.  I doubted my skills as an agent, because I worked in an environment where I was taught that my skills weren’t enough. I was taught that I wasn’t a good enough leader to command anyone’s respect.  I had a whole lot of the wrong things, and none of the right ones.”

Tony looked at Hotch and smiled.  “Now I have a career where my skills are respected, and I have never been given any doubt that I am a capable leader.  I don’t have to fight and beg and bribe to get people to follow my orders, they just do it. I have a boss that makes sure my authority is recognized, and doesn’t pit me against my subordinates like some never ending gladiator match.

“I have new friends who genuinely care about me, and don’t treat my accomplishments like a joke.  While things aren’t perfect, my boss always has my back, and I never have to worry that he’s going to stab me in the back.  There isn’t a single thing that goes on within the team that I can’t deal with. Not even JJ and her constant ‘Mean Girl’ shtick. I have Spencer. I have Spencer who found me Brian, and urged me to not only rekindle our friendship, but our love.  He gave me the single most important person in my whole life back to me of his own free will.”

Tony grinned happily, his eyes sparkling with the joy he didn’t even consider containing. “I have an amazing home that is for the first time in my life going to BE a home. I’ll have both of my loves under one roof.  Yet, if you’d asked me last year at this time, I would have told you that you were nuts if you suggested I’d be this happy now.  Life is kind of amazing, ya know?”

Hotch nodded and lifted his bottle. “To the unpredictability of life, and all the joy it brings us.”

“Here, here!” Tony and Rossi happily lifted their drinks in salute.

“To another year of happiness and joy.” Tony offered.

“To another year of love,” Rossi replied, making both Hotch and Tony grin.  Tony had to wonder at Hotch’s smile. Sometimes… sometimes he wondered about his boss and his Angelo.  There was just enough to make you wonder, but never enough to give you reason to ask.

Tony wasn’t going to look too deeply into it though. It might make his head explode, or his dick shrivel. The last thing he wanted was confirmation that the man he saw as a father, and the man he was quickly coming to think of as a second big brother were having sex.  As far as he was concerned they were both celibate.  If anyone ever told him different they were dying. Painfully. Horribly. Slowly.


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