Dead Air – Chapter Fifteen: One Last Assignment, Unresolved Loss, and A Trip to Mardi Gras


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Characters this chapter:  Tony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tobias Fornell, Spencer Reid, Dwayne Pride, Christopher LaSalle, Brian O’Connor

Relationships this chapter:  Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor, Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor/Christopher LaSalle/Spencer Reid/Dwayne Pride

Chapter Warnings: Character Death,

Word Count:  4,677/112,298

Chapter Summary:  Tony completes one last act for NCIS, and makes some requests of his former boss. Then there is one more loss. Tony isn’t sure how to feel about this one though. Lastly, the trip makes a trip to Mardi Gras to visit Dwayne and Christopher. Things get… interesting.


Chapter Fifteen: One Last Assignment, Unresolved Loss, and A Trip to Mardi Gras


~~ *Feb 2016*~~ * ~~*One Last Assignment*~~


Tony walked down the basement steps with two file folders in his hand. Crossing to the work bench, he placed them next to where Gibbs was working. He then stepped back to sit on the stool he used when visiting. Eventually the older man stopped what he was doing, and pulled the folders over to rest in front of him. Before he opened them though, he looked over to Tony waiting patiently for an explanation. Gibbs’ had received a thorough tongue lashing from SecNav Morrow that afternoon so he had some idea of what not only was in the folders, but also what this visit was about.

Morrow had expressed his displeasure at how far Gibbs had gone off track. At first he’d been pissed off at the accusations. He was tired of things continuously being thrown in his face from the past. However, once he’d calmed down, he had to admit that the concerns were all valid. Because of that fact, he was willing to sit and listen to whatever Tony had to say. Even if it was a repeat of the fight that ended up sending Gibbs to therapy.

“I am not here as your friend who sees you as his big brother right now, Gibbs.” Tony started. Gibbs could hear the nerves in his voice. He hid them behind a familiar mask that said ‘I don’t have a care in the world’. Gibbs knew better though thanks to years of experience in handling the DiNozzo manual.

“Right now I am your former Senior Field Agent, and you are my former boss. Those folders in front of you are the people that I chose for you to complete your current team. I need… I need to know that you are going to treat them better than you treated me.”

Gibbs’ first instinct was to get pissed, and there was a time that he would have given into that impulse. After almost costing Ducky his life, the Team Leader had a wake-up call. He knew Tony was right in his anger. It probably also helped that his young friend and brother had been true to his word about not coming over until he had his shit in order.

Therapy hadn’t been pleasant, but it had been necessary. Gibbs had come to realize after two weeks of no contact with Tony, as well as several gentle and not so gentle prods from Ducky, just what his stubbornness was going to cost him. Despite the therapy he’d gone though, and the self-awareness he’d gained from it that knee jerk angry response didn’t seem to go away. Hell, maybe it never would. Maybe it was too ingrained into who he was.

What it had given him though was the awareness of that reaction, and taught him not to give into it. Because of this he was going to sit and calmly listen to what his former SFA was saying instead of flying off the handle and not learning anything. When he finally nodded his understanding of Tony’s terms, the younger man continued speaking.

“I have busted my ass to find you the best two people that I could. They are amazing at what they do. They are veteran agents who understand the stresses that come with the job. Colby has real experience with not only what you’re doing, but the mentality of someone who served in the military. He worked in Army “Intelligence before he was with the FBI. He also did a long term undercover stint that dealt with treason. It his classified up the ass so high not even my contacts could get a whiff of what it entailed. I did learn though that the world was his oyster afterwards, but instead of picking a juicy detail he instead stayed with the team he’d been on. Needless to say, Colby Granger understands you, and will be loyal to you right up until the time that you prove you don’t deserve that loyalty. Colby loves undercover work and is pretty damned chill, right up until the time that he needs to not be. Honestly I couldn’t have picked someone closer to myself unless I’d been cloned.”

Gibbs snorted at the idea, and was thankful that possibility didn’t exist. The world just didn’t need two Tony DiNozzo’s. “Dr. Tara Lewis is brilliant, and maybe the most kickass female agent I have come across in all my years in law enforcement. She’s everything Kate wanted to be, but was too uptight and rigid to achieve. Tara can get into the head of any unsub better than any interrogator I have met, and I grew up with one of the best.

“She doesn’t have quite as much undercover experience as I would like, but there’s enough there that I feel comfortable sending her on assignment looking for a terrorist. She is also willing to learn and take direction, and Colby is willing to guide her along. I have chosen her to be your SFA, and Morrow accepted my recommendation. How the fuck after six years you still don’t have one I don’t understand. I may be irreplaceable, boss, but my position isn’t. I am going to say this a second time. I need you to treat them both better than you treated me.”

Tony took a deep breath, but didn’t move his gaze off of Gibbs. “If you chase them off, I won’t help you find replacements. There will never be a time when I return to NCIS, Gibbs. That ship has long sailed, and I should have just quit the first time instead of taking that stupid liaison offer from Vance. I’m not coming back. I’m never going to be your SFA again. I have however chosen the perfect people to take my place. Consider it a gift from me to you.

“Tara and Colby will follow your orders, but they won’t take your bullshit. If you bellow at them in public they will do as you say, but don’t be surprised if you get pulled into your office and bellowed at back. IF you act like a jerk to them then they are going to tell you that you’re acting like a jerk.”

Tony ran a hand through his hair, and took a deep breath. This next part just might be the hardest of the whole speech he’d been rehearsing for two days. “When this case is over, Gibbs, professionally I am done with NCIS. They’ve taken advantage of me for the last time. I don’t like Vance. I don’t trust Vance. I want to be done with Vance, and Morrow promised me that after this case I will never have to hear NCIS knocking on my door again.”

Quietly, Gibbs nodded his understanding. Tony stood and held out his hand. “It was an honor, Boss.”

Smiling Gibbs shook his hand before pulling him into a hug. “Honor was all mine, DiNozzo.” When the younger man pulled back, a part of Gibbs wanted to clutch him tight and beg him not to leave. Sadly though instead he watched his former SFA walk up the steps and leave. Thank God though that he still had Tony as his kid brother. He promised himself that he wouldn’t fuck up that relationship, too.

Sitting back down, he opened the top folder, and started learning all about his new SFA. If he knew DiNozzo, Dr. Tara Lewis was going to make his life one interesting ride. She had some big shoes to fill though. Both she and Colby did, but considering who selected them, Gibbs had nothing but faith in them already.


~~* NCIS/BAU 2014 *~~ * ~~* Unresolved Loss *~~



When Fornell showed up in front of his desk with that look on his face, again, Tony immediately got up and just headed to Aaron’s office. The whole way there he prayed in his head that it wasn’t Gibbs. Knocking on the open door, Tony walked right in and moved to the sofa in the back corner. He could hear his boss end his phone conversation, and then call Dave to come over. As he sat on the sofa with his head in his hands, Tony tried to run through the possibilities, Fornell came over and took a seat in one of the chairs, and sighed. “It’s not Gibbs this time either, DiNozzo. I promise. He said to come over after work, and he’d have the steaks on the grill when you got there.”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Tony nodded, again, and once more let his head drop to his hands. He was going to have to stop at Dave’s church on the way home to light a candle for Kate in thanks. He couldn’t shake the belief that she was responsible for keeping Gibbs alive for him. When everyone was in the office, and seated, with the door closed. Tobias took over.

“I’m just gonna get to it. Ziva David was found dead in her cell last night. They don’t know how it happened, and conveniently there is no video recordings for all of last night. They have somehow been completely wiped out. Considering she was in a high max prison, based on who she is, and what she did, there will most certainly be an investigation. They have put my team in charge of it. At some point I will need to speak with Tony officially, but right now we have reason to believe this was initiated by someone outside of the country. We also believe that it had connection to Mossad.”

Tobias took a drink of the coffee he was carrying before continuing. “She was in one corner of her cell and had tried to fight but we are guessing that she was outnumbered. She was stabbed several times in the chest and stomach, before having her throat slit. Hell they almost took her head right off her damned neck. It obviously wasn’t done with some homemade prison shank. The wall of her cell had a message written in her blood saying ‘Death to infidels. Death to Traitors. When you are not loyal to one, you betray many.’ There were some symbols included that lead us to believe this is either coming from within Mossad, or from one of its sympathizers. Eli David runs a thin line between good and bad at times. I don’t even know what to say, Tony.”

Tony chuckled humorlessly. “I don’t know what to say either. How tacky is it to be relieved someone is dead? I am definitely not sad though. I can honestly say that I hate her more than any other person other than Senior, and to be frank she gives him a run for his money. I know I will be a suspect, so I will contact my lawyer, and tell him to cooperate within reason. I didn’t do this, but I won’t lose a second of sleep knowing she’s dead. Hell I am more worried about the security issues at a Super Max.”

Tobias nodded sympathetically. “I wish I could tell you that we won’t have to go through your life, but I have to do my job. I can tell you off the record that none of us believe you are responsible, but we have to do our due diligence. Just send me your lawyer’s information and we will schedule everything through him. I know that right now you don’t know how to feel, but at some point… You’re a good man Tony, and you didn’t always hate her so much. She wasn’t Kate or Tim, but she was a team member and you watched her back for a lot of years. Sacks was a pain in my ass, and I wished more than once I could be rid of him. When he got killed last year though, it hit me harder than I expected. So, when you do feel it, and I am sure you eventually will, you have my deepest sympathy.”

Tony nodded to Tobias, and the older man stood and left shutting the door behind him so the three left could have some privacy. “Jesus, Figlio. I don’t know what to say either.” Dave sighed and rubbed a hand over Tony’s back.

Across from them, Aaron nodded. “Tobias is right. Eventually this will hit you. I know you are not gonna want it, but I think you need to take some time off and process this. It’s going to hit you, and hit you harder than you think. Sometimes it’s the… unresolved ones that leave the biggest mark. It’s only Monday. Take the rest of the week. Let me know Friday if you need longer.”

Later that night, Tony would find himself with a belly full of steak, and sitting on the floor of Gibbs’ basement sobbing his heart out. He would have his older brother’s arms around him, and rage against all the things that he’d never be able to resolve, and never knew that he wanted to. He didn’t love her. He wasn’t even sure that he liked her, but at once point they’d been almost friends. He was tired of losing people that were important to him. They had all been right. This death lingered longer than he ever imagined, if only because he seemed to live for quite a while with the fear that Gibbs would be next.

He didn’t even bother to hide his happy tears the day that Gibbs walked into the BAU bullpen, and said that he was done years later. That wasn’t coming for a while though, and all Tony knew in that second was that he was tired of people around him dying before he was ready for them to go.


~~* February 2013 *~~ * ~~* A Trip to Mardi Gras *~~



Spencer was walking through the French Quarter following Tony and Brian with Christopher LaSalle next to him, and Dwayne Pride behind them. He’d allowed Tony to pick out his clothes. He had on a simple pair of jeans with a black t-shirt. His hair had in the front been left to hang around his face in a mass of waves framing his thin face. In the back Tony had pulled it into a ponytail. He had several days of facial hair growth, which Brian had told him he couldn’t shave off yet. Spencer quietly admitted, even if it was only to himself, that it was nice not having to shave every day.

Hearing people above him yelling, Spencer looked up, and frowned when more beads came flying at him. Beside him he heard Chris laugh as the NCIS agent happily placed them around his neck. “I think New Orleans likes ya, Doc.”

Spencer couldn’t stop the twitch of his lips. Even if he didn’t quite understand what was going on, it amused him that he had the most beads of the group. When the NCIS agent threw his arm around Spencer’s shoulder, the normally touch phobic man tolerated it. He’d come to like both Christopher LaSalle and his partner Dwayne Pride. Chris reminded him a lot of Brian and Tony. He was very sociable and friendly. Maybe portrayed himself as not quite as intelligent as he actually was, but had various layers just waiting to be paled back if you looked hard enough.

Spencer had stumbled onto a personal conversation between the two lovers concerning Chris’ brother Cade. It prompted him to explain his mother’s mental illness, and seemed to have created a unique bond between the two younger men.

Spencer couldn’t help but enjoy himself as Chris pulled him into a bar following Tony and Brian. He found this whole scene highly fascinating. The people watcher inside of him was gleefully taking notes happily anticipating being able to discuss his observations with Tony and Brian later.

He knew that somewhere underneath all of this partying and happiness there was a layer of dark and misery. He found though that he was unable to pay attention to it though unless he had to. When the NCIS teams forensic analyst Sebastian came up and sat next to him, Spencer wanted to bounce with glee. Chris wasn’t the only person he’d bonded with.

Sebastian was someone that Spencer could truly understand. The two of them had already exchanged email addresses and phone numbers so that they could keep in touch. Overall so far it had been a productive and enjoyable trip. He couldn’t wait to see what that evening brought. He’d planted a seed in Tony and Brian’s heads that he hoped came to fruition.

Spencer was sitting on Pride’s lap watching Tony, Brian and Christopher. The beads that he’d collected throughout the day were still around his neck, and Pride’s arms were wrapped loosely around his waist. Tony and Brian had Chris in between them. Brian was sucking Chris’ cock as Tony slid his cock in and out of the younger man’s ass. Spencer couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like to be Christopher at that moment. To be stimulated so much, to be the center of their attention. To be filled with one, and surrounded by the other.

He wondered what it felt like to feel Brian’s lips around him. Brian’s mouth so hot and wet. Christopher’s cock so hard and aching for release. He wondered what it was like to be Tony watching his lover performing such an action. He knew what it felt like to be Spencer watching it, but he wondered what it was like to be Tony.

Did his older partner think like he did in a moment like this, or were his thoughts completely different? Was he wishing that it was his cock Brian was sucking on, or was he enjoying the beauty as Spencer was himself? He wondered if they’d all three still have wanted it so bad if they were sober. He believed they would. He wouldn’t have agreed to it otherwise. He felt like he knew them well enough by then that he knew the difference. Dwayne had assured him that it wasn’t the first time he’d watched his Christopher and Tony play. That sealed the decision for him. Not to mention that… well he’d really wanted to watch. So badly, he’d wanted to watch.

Spencer could feel Pride getting hard under his ass. He wondered if Pride got the same things Spencer did out of watching them. To Spencer it might be the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He wondered if Pride thought Tony and Brian were as gorgeous as he did. He wondered if Christopher always looked this hot in the throes of passion. He wondered if he was imagining himself with the three on the bed. He wondered if he was remembering himself in either Brian or Tony’s place, or maybe both?

Was he remembering a time when maybe they’d brought someone home to play? Did they do that? Or, was this something that he reserved for special people like Tony. Spencer had a feeling that it was the last. Dwayne Pride didn’t seem like the type to share his young lover with just anyone.

The sounds the three on the bed were making were like an erotic symphony. He wondered if anyone had ever tried to make sounds like this into music. He wondered if there was an orchestra in the world who would play such an erotic composition. He wondered if it had even occurred to anyone else to try, or was it just him and the way his brain worked.

The sounds grew louder as they got closer to the end. He could hear the X Rated Symphony in his head increasing their sound to match. He wondered which on the bed the horns were. He wondered who would come first. He wondered who would come last. He wondered who would come hardest. He wondered who would come the quietest. He wondered if anything but the sensation and feelings were going through any of their brains at that moment.

He wondered what it would feel like to have your mind reduced to nothing but feelings. He wondered if he’d like it, or if he’d freak out. Would he want it again? Would he become addicted to it like he had the deluded? Would he become an addict?

Pride was whispering. Spencer wondered if he knew that he was doing it. It was almost… descriptive. He wondered if it was for Pride’s own benefit or Spencer’s. He wondered if the older man would let him suck his cock.

When one came it was like a chain reaction. The symphony in his head turned into an elaborate mathematical equation where one equaled the second and caused the third. He wondered if the world could handle that kind of complex math.

When the three men were laying spent and panting, Spencer turned his attention to Pride. The older man’s cock had to be uncomfortably hard. Turning his gaze back to the bed a moment, Spencer saw Tony watching him. Bashfully Spencer smiled and cocked his head to one side. As if he could read his mind, he got a sleepy smile and a thumbs up in return.

Slipping off Pride’s lap and straight to his knees, Spencer looked up as the older man protested. Spencer just cocked his head to one side, and let Tony deal with it.

“S’cool, King.” Tony slurred, and Spencer could imagine the smile on Brian’s face.

“Be honored man. Not many get this honor. He gets pleasure from it, just… not the way the rest of us do. Think of it like a contribution to science.” Brian quipped, and Spencer could hear Tony and Christopher chuckle.

Quietly though Spencer just looked up at Pride, waiting for a response, waiting for a sound, waiting for anything to indicate that he’d let him do this. Eventually he did. He wondered if he and Christopher had their own ability to speak without words. When he eased back and spread his legs, arching his hips and lifting his ass to push down his jeans, Spencer smiled.

Lifting himself up slightly Spencer ran a finger over Dwayne’s cock marveling at the feel. He wondered if they all felt like this. So hard, and yet almost velvety smooth at the same time. The few that he’d experienced all had a similar feel, but he wasn’t convinced that his limited set of test subjects was enough to form a hypothesis. Sticking out his tongue, he licked the end, tasting the salty pre-cum already easing from the tip. He wondered what Dwayne’s actual ejaculation would taste like. This he’d found differs. This he’d found had differed between few the men he’d been with. He wondered if it tasted different for everyone, or if it was just him.

Easing up further, he ran his tongue up the underside of Pride’s cock trailing up the vein there, up to the tip which he circled. Moving his hands, Spencer took his balls in his hands massaging slightly before moving them to grip the older man’s thighs. He wondered if marks would show there in the morning, or were his hands not strong enough. He wondered if this felt different when a woman did it, or did it not matter. He wondered if all men felt the same thing when on the receiving end. He wondered if all men felt the same sense of curious joy that he did when doing the giving.

As his head began to bob, he let his hands run up and down Dwayne’s thighs. He felt long fingers bury themselves in his hair, twisting themselves to tangle in the long strands. He wondered if people got off on that. Spencer himself felt neither joy or annoyance. It was just another factor to apply to his mental database.

He remembered the suggestion that he’d received in college about vibration. He wondered if he would realize that Spencer was humming the Star Trek theme. A few moments later he wondered if that was why someone on the bed was giggling.

He could feel Dwayne’s hips beginning to lift. Spencer wasn’t strong enough to hold him down. He also found that he wasn’t bothered by the action to try too hard either. Taking this as a sign that the man was close to finishing, Spencer began sucking harder. His cheeks sucking inward with the force of his suction. His hands moving around the circumference of his legs instead of up and down their length. He felt the joy inside of himself growing. He wondered if everyone got happier performing this. He wondered how a sexual response would change this act. He wondered if it mattered to Dwayne that his only joy was in the older man’s pleasure.

When Pride finally came, Spencer swallowed taking in the taste of his ejaculation. Remembering the sound the man made as he came. He wondered if the number of responses to climaxing were as varied as there were men in the world. He made a mental note to do some research later online to find out. Pulling back, he saw Pride’s head laid back on the chair back, his eyes closed, and his breathing slowing.

Standing Spencer made his way to the restroom and got a few washcloths. This part he understood. This is where he felt useful, and enjoyed participating. He wondered if that was normal. Did others enjoy the act of cleaning up after the act of sex, or was it just another thing that made him weird? Mentally he heard Tony in his head correcting the word weird to different. Spencer wasn’t sure that he understood the difference, but he knew that it was important to the man so he allowed it.

Going back into the living area, he carefully washed up the others. He threw a blanket over the trio on the bed, and considered what to do with Pride. There wasn’t really enough room for him with Tony, Brian, and Christopher so he just left him where he was. He hoped that he wouldn’t stay there long. Feeling accomplished, Spencer rinsed the cloths off and hung them up before heading to the kitchen. On his way through the house he grabbed his satchel. He wanted to make some notes.

Tony was always willing to answer questions that he’d thought of while watching. It was one of those amazing things that made him the man he was. After filling a glass with some grape juice, and grabbing some cheese and fruit from the refrigerator, Spencer settled in at the table to write down his thoughts. It had been a good evening, and while he didn’t need the help to remember it, he enjoyed writing down the things that had come to mind.

Hearing one of the chairs scraping along the kitchen tile, Spencer looked up surprised to see Dwayne sitting down at the table with a pastry on a plate and a glass of wine. When arms wrapped around his shoulders, he looked up and smiled to see his Italian smiling down at him. When he got a kiss on the top of his head, Spencer felt his belly warm with happiness. He wondered if that was what others felt when they had sex.

Eventually Tony joined them after getting his own foot and drink. Spencer happily let the sound of the other two men’s quiet conversation wash over him as he made notes on his pad of paper. He wondered if anyone else had ever experienced the kind of pure joy that he did by simply taking in other’s pleasure at their most primal moment. As he felt Tony’s fingers running though his hair, Spencer hummed happily. He loved it when Tony played with his hair. He hoped that he wasn’t the only one who had ever experienced such joy. Surely the world deserved to feel this kind of peaceful happiness. Surely they deserved to know this kind of love. Spencer hoped that he would never stop understanding how very lucky he was.


End Note: Sooooo…. I think Spencer enjoyed Mardi Gras. I will admit I didn’t expect that. While blow jobs aren’t something that Spencer likes to receive, he does give them on occasion when he’s feeling playful and comfortable. I wasn’t sure how clear that was made in the section, so I wanted to clarify. Mostly he just watches but… c’mon it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Even Spencer lets his hair down sometimes.

Thank you to all those reading. I appreciate your time. The next chapter has a flashback to when Rossi met Tony for the first few times. Happy moments they were not people. It will be prefaced with a cute Spencer section, and Derek acting like a dumbass then getting a talking to from Tony. Good times.

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