Dead Air – Chapter Sixteen: The Genius’ New Clothes, Facing Your Fears, and Where It All Began


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Characters this chapter:  Spencer Reid, Brian O’Connor, Tony DiNozzo, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Jason Gideon

Relationships this chapter:  Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor, Derek Morgan/Taylor Kitch

Chapter Warnings:  The second and third sections make mentions of child abuse and neglect. Most of it is cannon, although in Tony’s case it would depend on which version of Senior you’re going with. I dislike him greatly so… yeah. I chose the non Robert Wagner version of the early writers. The second section also contains implied internalized homophobia, mention of homophobic talk aimed at co-workers, and mentions of Child Molestation. Take heed if these are triggery subjects for you my peeps.

Word Count: 5,210/112,298

Chapter Summary:  Spencer finds strange clothes appearing in the laundry, and has no idea where they came from. Then Tony has a heart to heart with Derek after his friend makes an uncharacteristic remark at work. He has a feeling there is a certain DC cop that is somehow involved in his friend’s recent behavior. Lastly, we see a peek into the first two times David Rossi met a little boy named Anthony DiNozzo, Jr.

Chapter Notes:  The first section was requested by (and is dedicated to) Rivermoon1970. I suck at cute, so I hope it is close to what she had in mind.


Chapter Sixteen: The Genius’ New Clothes, Facing Your Fears, and Where It All Began


~~* March 2012 **~ * ~~* The Genius’ New Clothes *~~


If there was one household chore that Spencer truly hated, it was doing laundry. Usually he could delay long enough that Brian or Tony would just do it for him. He had avoided the task for two months though, and knew that it was time he took a turn.  He was sitting on his bed folding clothes, and finding himself confused at the pile of clothing that he didn’t know the owner of.

Brian and Tony were easy. They were near the same sizes, and since they shared a closet as well as drawers, all he had to do was put the right things in the right areas.  They always had new clothes, so he was used to checking the sizes of things he didn’t recognize. The items were not big enough to be either Tony or Brian’s. The shirts were not big enough, and the waist on the pants wasn’t big enough either.


Usually folding clothes was a task of brain numbing boredom, which was why he hated it so much. This time though the pile of clothing in his size that he didn’t recognize had kept him occupied. There was a little bit of everything. Jeans, slacks, shirts, boxers, unmatched socks all were in piles that he didn’t know what to do with.

Frowning he got up off of his bed, and headed into his closet. Why Tony had a walk in closet built in his room, Spencer didn’t understand. He didn’t have nearly enough clothes to need one. Or… well…. He used to not have enough clothes to need one.  As he looked from one rack to the next he noticed there were all these items that he’d never seen before.

Wandering back to the bed, he looked at the piles, and realized that he’d worn some of the things he didn’t recognize this week. There was a pair of jeans he’d worn one day when he couldn’t find any of his slacks. Emily had literally fallen off Tony’s desk when she saw him walk in wearing them.

There was a dress shirt he’d put in the ironing pile that he knew that he’d worn and thought it was cool. At the time though, it hadn’t even occurred to him that he had no idea where it came from. From a distance it looked like a regular blue and white striped dress shirt. When you got closer though, the blue stripes were little blue Dr. Who phone boxes.

Deciding to finish the chore, Spencer put everything away in his own closet. He then wandered into Tony and Brian’s room to put away their clothes.  On his way from one room to the next he’d heard shouting from the entertainment room where his two housemates liked to play their video games.

Logically, he knew where these things had to be coming from. It wasn’t very likely that someone was breaking into the penthouse, and just adding things to his closet.  That meant either Tony or Brian or both were putting things in there.

Biting his lip, he stood in the middle of the hallway, turning over an idea in his head. Generally, he wasn’t very spontaneous, but he kinda felt like being brave and trying it out. It was Saturday evening, and still early enough that they could still go out.

Going back to his room he quickly changed into a pair of jeans that he noticed hugged his skin, and carefully selected a plain long sleeved cotton shirt then put a t-shirt that looked cool over it like he’d seen Brian do a couple weeks prior. He then picked out a brown worn looking leather jacket and headed to the entertainment room.

He was hovering in the doorway, as he wasn’t sure how to approach this, when Brian looked over and noticed him. “Dude!” Brian shouted, and jumped up with a big smile on his face. Tony paused the game then quickly followed.

“Lookin’ good, Doc!” Tony offered hugging Spencer who immediately felt better.

“Are you guys getting me all the new clothes? I thought maybe we could go out? Did I put this on, ok?”

“We’re just adding to your wardrobe, Spencer. We noticed you didn’t have many clothes, and since we both love to shop, we just got into the habit of getting things for you.” Brian explained, and Tony took over when he was finished.

“You can put them on however  you want. We aren’t trying to dress you. We just like buying things for you, and your sweater vests are hard to find this season. My tailor is keeping his eye out for new ones though. I think it would be awesome to go out. The jazz club has a new act if you guys are interested.”

Spencer’s immediately lit up, and Brian just grinned. “Sounds like a plan man.”

Later in the evening, they were sitting in a booth in DC at the club.  Tony and Brian were sitting together on one side of the U shaped bench, and Spencer was on the other side to get a better people watching view.  The genius was happily telling them about the history of jazz in America, and the differences between the different styles when a server came over.

“For you sir,” the woman said giggling as she set down a brown colored something in front of him. It joined the scotch, the gin, the vodka tonic, the imported beer, and something called A Lonely Island Lost in the Middle of a Foggy Sea.

“What’s this one?” Spencer asked curiously studying the tumbler which appeared to be filled with ice and filled with a brown liquid then garnished with a cinnamon stick and a lemon wedge.

She laughed and set it in front of him. “It’s called By the Fireside. It has Croft 10-year-old tawny port and Café du Monde chicory coffee with lemon, nutmeg and cinnamon.”

“Coffee?” Spencer asked looking interested, and Tony and Brian laughed.

“At least they’re getting closer, Doc,” Brian teased, and Spencer looked up at the waitress.

“Do they realize that if I drank all of these I’d be unconscious?”  Spencer asked and the waitress laughed. Tony whispered to Brian, who got up and chased after her.  Scooting around in the bench, Tony motioned Spencer around. Immediately the genius abandoned his little collection to snuggle into his boyfriend’s side.

“Do you know why you’re getting drinks?” Tony asked speaking directly into Spencer’s ear. There wasn’t currently a set going, but the club was a little noisy, and Tony didn’t want to speak any louder than he needed. The last thing he wanted was to embarrass the genius, who he guessed had no clue what was going on.

“Derek has dragged me to clubs before, and I’ve seen him send girls drinks when he wanted to have sex with them,” Spencer advised frowning as he looked at Tony.  “Is that what is going on? I don’t want to have sex with anyone. Can I make it stop? Although that last one is intriguing.  Why are they sending them to me, and not you or Brian?”

Tony smiled and turning slightly leaned closer covering the genius’ lips with his own.  He could feel the immediate moan, and the little bounce that his love always did when they kissed. It was like he was so excited he was getting to do one of his favorite things that he just couldn’t hold it in.

He felt slender hands grip his shoulders, and Tony leaned forward enough to pull Spencer half into his lap deepening the kiss.  When he felt Spencer’s hand grip his shoulders’ tighter, Tony curled a hand upward to cup the back of his head to deepen the kiss.  Not wanting to cause too big of a scene, Tony ended it much sooner than he’d like.

When the genius tried to follow him when he pulled back, they heard a laugh from behind Spencer. Tony winked at Brian who had moved to Spencer’s other side.  “I’d say that’ll get rid of your admirers, Doc.”

Spencer noticed that the scotch, the gin, and the vodka tonic were gone. The imported beer was in front of Brian himself, and the weird orange looking thing called A Lonely Island Lost in the Middle of a Foggy Sea was in front of Tony. The most recent one called By the Fireside was in front of Spencer, who eyed it as he settled in curled into Tony’s side.

“Why are they giving them to me, and not you and Brian?” Spencer asked Tony as he continued their earlier discussion.

Tony just smiled, and took a drink of the odd concoction. “They think you’re hot, Doc.” Brian offered, and Tony continued when he was done.

“Surely you know other people think that you’re good looking, Spencer. Derek doesn’t call you Pretty Boy because he thinks you’re ugly.”

Spencer frowned as he processed that taking a sip of the drink. “This is very good. Is it because of the new clothes? I’ve never gotten this much interest before.”

Tony sighed and rubbed Spencer’s shoulder. “Honestly, probably. Clubs are all about the sex appeal and looks.  Brian and I could care less what you have on. Other people in here…. Well, this isn’t like the places that Deek takes you to granted. However, they don’t know that you’re a genius, funny, and an amazing cuddler to go with being unreasonably pretty.

“I have a feeling that things will die down with that little show you two just put on,” Brian joked sipping the beer. “But to make sure, I asked the waitress and bartenders to not send over any more drinks.”

Spencer nodded eyeing the drink. “It’s ok to drink this? I’m not… hurting someone’s feelings?”

Tony grinned, and shook his head. How like his love to worry about some random person’s feelings when he knew the man was probably more than a little freaked out. “All part of the game, Spence. Think of it as your reward for being so brave tonight.”

Turning the answer over in his head, Spencer nodded and took another sip. The next set started just then, and he was saved from more conversation. He couldn’t help consider though how lucky he was to have two people in his life that loved him whether he looked like a fashion model or a college professor.  That was, in his opinion, what love was really about. Not all this… sending drinks in clubs.

Love was buying clothes because they were needed not because you wanted to change someone. Love was snuggling on the couch instead of pushing for sex. Love was listening to a lecture on the history of jazz in America instead of interrupting and changing the topic two minutes in.  Love was acceptance.  The rest was just… lust.  Spencer felt lucky that he had found love and not lust.  He was pretty sure he’d gotten the better end of the deal. Must be his Vegas luck.


~~* November 2012 *~~ * ~~* Facing Your Fears *~~


Tony led Derek into the penthouse. He had been quieter than normal with a hair trigger mixed in lately, and Tony was determines to find out why. Today he’d gone completely off the rails making a completely out of character, and frankly a highly inappropriate, remark to Agent Anderson.  So, he’d invited him over for dinner. He then made sure Spencer and Brian would be away until they were done talking.

After getting them each a beer Tony took a seat on the couch, then watched Derek pace around the living room area touching things and studying pictures. “You wanna tell me what’s going on with you? Because you haven’t been yourself for a few weeks now.  Don’t give me that bullshit about not profiling each other either. Usually we’re just too polite to mention what we’ve read off of each other, but we all do it.”

Derek turned from where he was looking at a picture Tony had taken of Brian looking out one of the windows in the penthouse at the night sky.  Derek scowled at him, and Tony ignored it taking a sip of his beer. Since the other man was refusing to comment Tony pushed a little harder verbally.


“It seems that something happened when you met Taylor a few weeks back.  You’re “honey” mentions have gone through the roof, and you’ve been twichy as fuck to Spencer and myself, especially if we show any kind of affection toward each other.  Since I know that you’re not a homophobic asswipe, I have an idea as to what’s wrong, but I don’t know why.  So, I’ll be a nice profiler, and give you one last chance to tell me what’s up before I start guessing. Let’s be clear in our expectations, because it will be less guessing, and more telling you what’s going on in your head. You, SSA Morgan, are not nearly as mysterious as you’d like to think that you are.”

“You’re a fucking dick, and this is none of your business,” Derek snapped. His eyes flashing with anger.

“I have one, yes,” Tony drawled lazily refusing to be baited into an unrelated argument.  “It’s quite large, and I know how to use it to achieve maximum pleasure. It’s well used, but then so is yours. I’m not sure what that has to do with you being a jerk though. You wanna try that again, or am I just profiling you?”

“It ain’t any of anyone’s business!”  Derek growled, but Tony just ignored him.  It was well established that he wasn’t afraid of Derek Morgan.

“You almost got written up today for that bullshit that you spewed at poor Anderson today when he was just helping Hotch gather files.  Anderson by the way is probably the straightest man on the planet, and it doesn’t require a psych major to figure that out. So, suggesting he suck someone’s dick could in no way be considered a joke.  The only reason that you didn’t get immediately suspended was because I asked Hotch to let me talk to you first.”

Derek snorted, and stalked toward the door. He got halfway there before Tony started talking, again.  “My parents were both alcoholics. My father would beat the shit out of me. When she was alive, my mother loved to dress me up in cute outfits so show off to her friends. At least she cared for me though.”

Tony took a drink of his beer before continuing. He noticed Derek had stopped, but hadn’t yet turned around. “After my father murdered her so that he could try and get access to her bank account, and my trust fund, no one else really cared about me for a while.  Not until Dave rescued me the second time.  My Uncle Clive sent me to a boarding school less than a month after he got custody of me.  The molestation started two days after I got there, and didn’t stop until Angelo saved me about two years later.

“The first time I realized that I was attracted to Brian I puked, and then I punched him in the face when he touched me.  There is absolutely nothing that you can tell me that I won’t understand. So, how about you start talking before you get suspended for asking Anderson if he wanted to suck Hotch’s dick while he was at it?”

Derek seemed to practically wilt in front of Tony’s eyes. He watched as the man moved to sit in one of the chair opposite where he was sitting.  “I’m scared shitless, man. I can’t seem to stop acting like a prick, and I… I want… I…”

“Just say it, Derek,” Tony ordered softly and gently.

“I can’t!” Derek snapped then stopped and took a breath clenching his hands together.  “I can’t stop thinking about Taylor, and it scares the crap out of me.”

“Why,” Tony asked. He suspected the answer, but Derek needed to say it.  He waited long enough that he was beginning to wonder if his friend was going to speak. Just as Tony was about to make another comment, the quiet reply came.

“I was molested by a man named Carl Buford as a child.”  Derek hung his head, and Tony just nodded sympathetically.

“Did you ever get counselling for it?” Tony asked, and Derek shrugged.

“Hotch made me go after it came out awhile back.”

Tony rolled his eyes knowing how unhelpful forced counselling could be for something like that. Granted Hotch probably didn’t have a choice, but if Derek wasn’t open to it, Tony knew no good would come of it.

“And how receptive were you?” Tony inquired lifting an eyebrow.

“Not very,” Derek admitted, and Tony nodded not surprised.

“Here’s the thing, Derek.  This whatever you have with Taylor is obviously not just a one-time attraction, or you wouldn’t be this worked up. You need to talk to Taylor, and be honest. Lay everything out. I suspect your interest will be returned, and he’ll be understanding.  As I said, you’re not alone in this.  McSwirley was a serial child molester who killed the boys after he was done with them. So, I get where you’re coming from.”

When Derek opened his mouth to speak, Tony held up a hand. “Thank you, but I didn’t say that for sympathy. I understand your intentions, but we both know how I feel about people being nice to me sometimes.  So, here’s what’s gonna happen at work. Hotch didn’t exactly put your punishment in my hands, but he is willing to take my recommendation. Understand he can still tack on whatever else he wants. Don’t be surprised if you still get an unpaid vacation.”

When Derek nodded frowning, Tony rolled his eyes unsympathetically. Derek was a supervisor, and knew better. He’d created this situation by not talking to any number of people who would have listened. Did what happen to him suck? Yes, but he couldn’t take his frustration out on people, and he certainly couldn’t make prick comments to people who never hurt him.

“You need to apologize to Anderson AND Hotch.  Then you need to find someone and get help. I have a name I can recommend if you would like.  Not for me or the team or the FBI or even for Taylor, but for you.  It won’t work unless you are committed to it. We both know that.”

Derek sighed and nodded. “I messed up.”

“Yes, SSA Morgan, you did.” Tony scolded gently.  “Fortunately for you there are a lot of understanding people involved.”  Staring off at the river in the distance, Tony was quiet for a moment before he continued.

“Here’s the thing that I realized in college, Derek.  Neither Headmaster McSweeney nor Carl Buford deserve the power to keep us from people who will love us no matter what their gender is.  By not getting this shit fixed, your continuing to give him power over you. Cut that fucker off.

“Also, Taylor deserves to have a family who will love him. He deserves all the spoiling you’ll give him, and the affection and acceptance that your mom and sisters will offer him. We all have our stories, Derek. Don’t let a predator like Buford keep you from your happy ending.”

Derek nodded, and stood holding out his hand. “Thanks, man. I owe you.”

Tony grinned shaking it before turning to head to the kitchen. “I’ll add it to your tab. Come on, let’s get dinner started.”

The following week, Tony was sitting at his desk working on a cold case when Derek came up and leaned against the edge.  Things were still a little quiet, but everyone was slowly getting over what happened.

“Nice to see you back. How bad was it?” Tony greeted leaning back in his chair. He grinned when he saw his friend wince.

“My mamma kicked my ass all over Chicago,” Derek grumbled, and Tony laughed not the least bit sympathetic.

When the dust settled from Derek’s outburst, Hotch did take Tony’s recommendations. However, he also added on a three day suspension as well as ordering him office bound for a month.  Normally the suspension would be longer, and there would be a series of sensitivity classes required before he could come back.  Anderson had been understanding after he heard Derek’s story though, and given the circumstances, Section Chief Cruz had been satisfied with the punishment.

Derek had chosen to take the time off to see his mother, so that he could confess in person as to what he’d done.  “I called that doctor you recommended.  She made it pretty clear that she had my number though, man.” Tony laughed at the remark.

“Dr. Kate’s Sister is awesome at what she does.  I promise you that she isn’t gonna be fooled by you, or take any of your bullshit. There will be no scamming her I can promise you that.”

“I called Taylor, too,” Derek confessed almost shyly.  “He agreed to go out with me Saturday, and said that we could take things as slow as we needed. I know I said it once, but I seriously owe you, QB1.”

Tony shrugged, and bumped Derek’s fist.  “I’ll collect eventually.” He promised then eyed the man seriously.

“Treat him good, Derek. He deserves it, and so do you.” Derek nodded, and after patting Tony’s shoulder walked off. Satisfied with his work, Tony turned his attention back to Master Gunnery Sergeant Wilkins and his son’s murder. It was time to find the man some justice.


~~* Flashback *~~ * ~~* Where It All Began *~~


David Rossi hated his job some days. It seemed to be a constant reminder of the worst things that humans could do to each other. His current case was a prime example of that. The local police had written it off as a simple suicide, but Elizabeth DiNozzo, formerly Paddington, was from a rich and powerful English family.

They had never liked Anthony DiNozzo, Senior, and wanted their loved one’s case investigated more closely. They feared that the scoundrel had influenced the locals with money, and Dave had to admit he was a little suspicious himself.

The director had personally requested that David and his new partner Jason Gideon check into it. They had both found that Elizabeth’s husband was a despicable human being. Not only had he murdered his wife, but he was a con man that had no remorse for the harm that he cause other people in his scams.

Supposedly, the couple had a child.  Anthony DiNozzo, Junior was eight years old, and nowhere to be found. When they’d asked senior about him, the man had just sneered. The house staff had advised they hadn’t seen the boy since his mother’s funeral.


Jason had ordered a thorough search of the grounds for the boy, and was currently upstairs in the mansion. Dave had just come in from the stables through the kitchen side door when he heard the loud hysterical shouts of a child.  From the sounds echoing from the cellar Dave guessed that they’d found the boy.  Hurrying toward the commotion, it sounded as if Anthony was speaking only in Italian.

Dave didn’t have much time to think about that though, because when he reached the scene, it was pure chaos.  There were three offices, and one little boy.  One of the officers had a hold of one of the child’s arms, and appeared to be trying to yank him out of a dark closet.

The boy was screaming that he couldn’t leave the dark, or Senior would kill him.  Dave quickly lost his patience with the three adults, who seemed to have no idea how to treat a scared child.  “Enough!” Dave bellowed startling them all into silence.

The officer wrestling with the child was shocked enough that he let go of the boy who immediately scooted back into the dark.

“All three of you get out of here.” Dave ordered stepping past them as they left. Sitting on the floor in front of the open door, David considered his options. Deciding that he’d start off talking to the boy in Italian, and began to try and coax the child out. Taking his badge out, he set it as far inside the darkness as he could.  He thought he saw movement, as if the child had grabbed it, but he couldn’t see well enough into the room to be certain.

“Hi there. My name is Special Agent David Rossi. I work for the FBI. That’s like a police officer. I’m sorry the policemen who were just here didn’t listen to you. Do you mind if I sit here and talk to you?”

“I don’t mind,” came from the room.  “My name is Anthony Dante DiNozzo, Junior. I don’t work for anybody.”

Dave smiled at the reply, and feeling a tap on his shoulder, turned his head to see Jason holding two flashlights. Taking them, the profiler nodded his thanks. He felt his partner retreat as he turned his attention back to the child.

“Would you like me to turn on the light, Anthony?  Or, do you prefer that I call you Tony?”

“There’s no light. He took the bulb.” Anthony replied quietly. Dave longed to crawl in there with him, but was worried how the child would respond.  “No one’s ever called me Tony before. Mamma called me Anthony, and Senior calls me Junior or stupid. Usually it’s stupid. Does he know you’re all down here? I don’t think that he’d like it, and I don’t wanna get in trouble, again. Do you think we can make it light again, soon? I’ve tried to be good.”

Dave bit the inside of his cheek to keep from growling and asking aloud how much trouble a child could get in a dark closet in a wine cellar.  Slowly, he reached out, and set one of the flashlights just inside the doorway.  “I need to talk to you about Senior, figlio.  I need to see you though. You won’t get into any trouble for using the flashlight. When you get comfortable you can come out to me, alright?”

Turning on his own light, Dave scanned the dark room, until he found a small child sitting on a mattress that had been placed on the floor.  There was a bucket in one corner, and from the stench Dave guessed that was where the child went to the bathroom.

The only thing resembling a toy was a teddy bear Anthony had clutched in his little arms. It looked like Dave’s badge was clutched in one if his hands, and the profiler took that as a good sign. Seeing that the flashlight was out of the child’s reach, Dave moved his foot out, and kicked it so that it rolled closer to him.

“How long have you been in here?” Dave asked afraid of the answer.  “Do you speak English?” Dave asked switching languages

“Since we put mamma in the ground,” Anthony replied following the switch, and sniffled. Dave watched him reach out and take the light, but didn’t turn it on.  “I can speak English, ‘Talian, an’ Rosa the maid taught me Spanish. What do you have to tell me, Mr. Rossi?”

“Senior did something bad, and he’s going away for a long time.” Dave said worried how the boy would react.  Elizabeth DiNozzo had been dead for just over two months.  Jesus, he’d put his son in a storeroom in a wine cellar for over two months.  Dave hoped all the things the church said about hell were true. Guys like Anthony Dante DiNozzo, Senior didn’t deserve redemption.

“You mean when he hurt mamma, and made her go into the ground?” Anthony asked, studying Dave’s badge.

“Did he tell you that, Anthony?” Dave asked carefully. He was surprised, but this child seemed to speak and act much more maturely than his age suggested he should.

“When we got home from the place where mamma’s living now, he said that he put bad things in her mint julep, and made her go away. He said that she’d been bad, and that I was bad. So, I had to live in here now. He said that if I came out that he’d make me go into the ground, too. Is he gone forever?”

“If I have any say in it then he is,” Dave promised, and quickly found himself with a lapful of little boy.  Closing his eyes, Dave wrapped his arms around the child and let him cry. He was sure hell was even too good for the child’s father.

Just over three years later, Dave was thinking about that moment as he ran through the main building at Rhode Island Military Academy.  Tony had been with him for almost six months before the courts got things straightened out with the child’s custody.  Soon after that his Uncle Clive’s representative came to take him away.


Dave hadn’t been allowed to know any more information on the subject. He’d been trying to tell himself it was for the best, but their current situation obviously proved otherwise.  Jason had the headmaster Byron McSweeney in cuffs, and Dave was in search of a familiar little boy.


How many times could one small child be thrown into hell, and survive?  They’d been investigating a string of child deaths. All boys aged eight to twelve with blonde hair and blue or hazel eyes.  All neglected, starved, and eventually murdered.

When he’d seen Tony’s name on the student roster, he’d flown into an immediate panic. He’d known that he should have fought to keep the boy.  To hell with what the lawyer said. He could guarantee that he wasn’t giving him up this time. No matter what the fucking courts said.

Reaching the basement, Dave tore the door open. “Tony? Figlio? It’s Agent Dave! Your Angelo. Tony? Answer me, figlio.”

“Mister Dave!”  Tony shouted hitting him like a ton of bricks. Knocking them both over with Dave landing on his back, and Tony sprawled out on top of him.  “Please, let me live with you this time. Please? I’ll be good, please?”

“I promise, figlio, I promise.” Come hell or high water Dave was not breaking this vow.

Decades later, Dave paused at Tony’s door inside the mansion, and peeked inside. He’d been sitting in the study thinking about the first two times that he’d met his son. He’d grown into an incredible man despite his hard beginning.  Seeing the sheets tangled around his legs, Dave stepped inside and straightened them then brushed his fingers over his son’s cheek.

When he turned to leave, he glanced at the dresser, and smiled. On top was a teddy bear, a flashlight, and a frame holding a badge that Dave had turned over almost thirty years before. They’d come a long way, and there had been a lot of bumps and rough patches along the way.  The man on the bed had lasted longer in Dave’s life than all of his marriages combined.  Tony was his son though, and he wouldn’t change that fact for all of the women in the world.




End Note: Seventeen will feature one of the rare scenes without Tony, Brian or Spencer in it. It’s important though I think, and gives us a look into McGee’s mindset on Tony before he died. I expect that it should be posted in a week or less if I get those last sections written this weekend.


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