Dead Air – Chapter Ten: The Circle of Friends Grows, New Job means New Home, and Reality Checks with a Second B


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Characters this chapter: Tony DiNozzo, Spencer Reid. Brian O’Connor, Dwayne Pride,  Taylor Kitch, Will LaMontagne, Emily Prentiss, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Leon Vance,

Relationships this chapter:  Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor, Dwayne Pride/Christopher LaSalle, Will LaMontagne/Jennifer LaMontagne,

Chapter warnings: None

Word Count: 5,452/112,298

Chapter Summary:  A call for help along the DiNozzo Network gains Tony and the guys a new friend. Tony realizes his new job requires a new home, and decides to stick with what he knows. Gibbs gives someone a reality check where his Very Special Agent is concerned.


Chapter Ten: The Circle of Friends Grows, New Job means New Home, and Reality Checks with a Second B


~~* September 2012 *~~ * ~~* The Circle of Friends Grows *~~


Tony was sitting on the couch in the penthouse living room with Brian sprawled out over the other side, his feet resting on Tony’s lap. Spencer was curled up in a chair reading a psychology journal sharing interesting bits when he came across them. The big screen TV hanging on the wall had a Mysteries at the Museum marathon of episodes collected on their DVR playing in the background. It was a show they all found interesting, and could watch together without having to devote their attention to storyline and such. This meant they could talk, and share their days with each other while still being entertained.

Spencer was in the middle of a ramble on why the article he was reading was completely wrong when Tony’s phone rang. Frowning he looked at the clock, and wondered who would be calling him at 11PM on a Friday night. When he picked it up and saw the caller ID read Dwayne Pride, he was even more curious, and a little worried.

Swiping his finger across his cell to answer, Tony put the device to his ear. “Pride, how are you doing? Is everything, ok?”

“Now why would you just assume there was a problem, Very Special Agent DiNozzo?” Pride drawled with that easy New Orleans accent that always made Tony wanna throw beads, and kiss the person next to him.

Grinning, Tony relaxed into the leather of the couch noticing the boys had quieted to listen to his conversation. “Maybe, Special Agent Pride, because you don’t ever call me for something fun like an invite to Mardi Gras. So, I am guessing there’s a problem somewhere.”

“Well now, that is an unforgivable slight on my part. I did call for a favor, but, regardless of the outcome, I insist that you come visit me that weekend in February. Christopher and I have plenty of room for you an’ your boys. We’ll show you all the best parties!”

Tony looked at Brian and Spencer, and thought what the hell. He knew Pride well enough to know the older man wouldn’t throw out an invitation like that if he didn’t mean it. He could have as easily made a throw away comment that didn’t include a direct invitation with a place to stay at the home he shared with his lover. Not to mention he knew Dwayne was very protective of his relationship with Chris. “Spencer, Brian and I would love to come, Pride, work permitting of course. Thank you.”

“You know how much I like showing off m’town to m’friends, Tony. I know Christopher will be excited to hear y’re comin’. Do you have a moment to discuss another matter? I’m tryin’ to help out a friend, an’ I expect with your connections that y’re m’best shot.”

Tony grinned, pointed to his glass of tea smiling thanks to Brian when the blonde handed it to him. “Flattery will get you everywhere, King. Tell me what’s going on, and how I can help.”

Tony could hear leather creaking, and guessed the older man was in his chair at the New Orleans NCIS office. “Well now, I gotta friend here who is a detective with New Orleans PD. His name is Taylor Kitsch. He recently reported his partner was working on the wrong side of the fence. The man was a veteran of 20 years on the force. He had a lot of friends, and despite the fact that the man admitted to his wrong doin’ not everyone is on board with his guilt. So, I have a feeling you understand how well Taylor’s actions went over with the others.”

Sighing Tony rubbed a hand over the back of his neck. “Intimately, Pride. What can I do to help him out? Is he lookin’ for a new home?”

Tony could practically hear the man nod. From the quiet chatter he heard it sounded like Chris had come near his lover to lend his support. Pride loved his city next to almost nothing, but Chris LaSalle. Tony knew that this kind of betrayal from someone who should be protecting what Dwayne “King” Pride thought of as HIS town wouldn’t settle well with the native. “I have expressed to Taylor that he might be safer movin’. He’s open to the idea, but, as I am sure you can imagine, reluctant to jus’ throw a dart at the board. I am hoping you’d know of a good landing spot for him.”

Tony turns his gaze to Spencer who lifted an eyebrow in question. “Actually, Dwayne, I might have the perfect spot for him. A co-worker of mine works for DC Metro as a detective and recently mentioned to me that he’s in need of a new partner. He actually called me to let me know if I heard of anyone who was looking for a new spot to please send them his way. Apparently they don’t feel any of the candidates within the department are ready just yet. If you get along with the Police Chief, can you see if he’ll put in a transfer request for the guy? Will actually came from New Orleans, and I believe his dad was on the force down there. William LaMontagne Jr. and Sr. Maybe the name will help things along with the Chief.

“Spencer or I will call Will tomorrow and let him know he’s got a potential partner coming. If you give me his travel itinerary I can let Will know when to expect Taylor when he gets into town. Better yet, just tell him to come see me at Quantico when he gets into the area. Either Spencer or I will take him over to Metro to meet Will.” When Spencer nodded smiling, Tony grinned big back at his partner. The faith and trust that his partners had in him never ceased to amaze him, and he hoped that it never would.

“I knew you’d be able to help, Tony. I appreciate your assistance. Lookin’ forward to seein’ you an’ your boys in February.” Tony smiled, and asked Pride to pass along his greetings to Chris before hanging up. Shrugging his shoulders at Brian and Spencer he explained. “Pride has a friend who needs to move to a new PD. Since the guy is a detective he thought I might be able to help with a department he could trust.”

Spencer nodded, but Brian just snorted flashing Tony a look of amusement. “The DiNozzo Network strikes again.”

Tony grins, and puts the phone aside. “I’ll call him in the morning. When I talked to Will the other day he said that he was taking JJ somewhere this weekend.”

Brian shakes his head from his end of the couch. “I still can’t believe you made friends with the husband of the woman who hates your guts. No, I take that back. I totally believe it. It is so completely you; I don’t know why I would expect you to do anything else. Forget I spoke.”

Tony snorted and rolled his eyes. “Will is a good guy, and, unlike his wife, he’s also open-minded. I like him. We meet up occasionally for lunch or whatever. I like hearin’ his stories about his hometown. I’ve always been able to imagine myself living there someday. Besides, it’s not Will’s fault that his wife is a total bitch, other than his obvious bad taste in women. Although people keep telling me she wasn’t like this before I came around.”

Looking up and seeing Spencer’s frown, Tony sighed. He hated that he’d forgotten about his partner’s feelings about the woman. Regardless of how he felt, he should be more tactful around the young genius who had a part of his heart. “Sorry, Spence, I know JJ is a sore subject. We shouldn’t be talking about her like that around you.”

“It’s only the truth,” Spencer admitted softly and laid his magazine across his lap. Looking at Brian he smiled weakly. “Tony’s right. Will is a good guy. Too good for JJ these days, if you ask me. I have resigned myself to the fact that she just isn’t the person who I thought that she was. Honestly, I would not be surprised if the two of them don’t make it much longer. Knowing Will, he’ll make one last effort to get things worked out the next time she loses her mind, and does something stupid. My guess is she’ll half ass it for a while, but once he realizes that she’s too far down the rabbit hole he’ll take Henry and that will be it.”

Tony nodded frowning and bites his lip as he considers what they can do to help. “How would you guys feel about making those rooms upstairs that none of us know what to do with into a mini suite for them? You know… just in case Spencer is right? Doc, how do you think Will would feel about Henry climbing up and down those stairs daily?”

Brian smiles and toes Tony’s stomach. “Like I said, I don’t know why I expected anything else from you, Tone. It sounds perfect, Tone.”

Spencer nodded eagerly as he picked up his magazine. “You have my vote. I will be happy to oversee Henry’s area if that’s ok? I think the stairs will be fine. Henry is a good kid.” When they nodded, he glanced at his magazine, and immediately launched back into his rant. On the couch, Tony and Brian just smiled, as they listened indulgently.

About a week later, Tony was sitting in the bullpen alone going over some old case files. The rest of the team was out of town on a case. Tony though was stuck having to go to court to testify on an old case that had been granted a re-trial. JAG was concerned about getting a conviction the second time due to the fact that half of the team was either in jail or deceased. Tony had to admit that it was looking shaky to him, and he was re-evaluating evidence to see if he could find any new details.

The case hadn’t been that strong originally. As he reread the file, he remembered not being convinced that they got the right person. It had been a pre-Ziva case. So, while her imprisonment would be a non-issue, Abby was still in jail, and McGee and Kate were both dead. The JAG lawyer was already having the evidence re-tested to verify Sciuto’s findings. Tony had already marked a couple things down on his notepad to check into that he didn’t see reviewed the first time around. He was contemplating what else to do when he looked up to see security escorting a man who appeared to be Detective Taylor Kitsch his way. Closing the file deciding to let things stew in his brain for a while, he stood and, after grabbing his credentials and weapon, headed their way.

“Thanks, Bill, I have it from here,” Tony promised shaking the guard’s hand before turning his attention to the newcomer. “Give me just a moment, Detective Kitsch, and we can go to lunch.”

Tony sent a text to Will verifying that he was still free to meet them. Once he got the confirmation, Tony led Taylor back to the elevator. “I hope that you’re hungry. This place makes the best burgers in town. A friend from Metro is going to meet us. He will be your new partner there.”

“Please, call me Taylor, Special Agent DiNozzo. I really appreciate all of your help with this. It sucks that doing the right thing means that I am the ostracized one.”

“Call me Tony then, please. I’ve been where you are, so I understand. It’s unfortunate that doing the right thing isn’t always supported by everyone around you. Unfortunately, while the majority would have been on your side, I know that it only takes a couple good ol’ boys to make your life miserable.”

Leading Taylor through the parking garage he stopped at a 1970 Torino GT. “She’s gorgeous!” Taylor offered walking around the car admiring her. Tony preened in response. “Thanks! I love my girl. I hope I have better luck with her than her sisters.” Patting the roof, Tony unlocked the doors, and slid in. He spent the ride to the restaurant explaining to Taylor the history of his previous two Classics, and how it wasn’t until he got to the FBI that he felt safe chancing it a third time.

Once they’d gotten to Scotty’s Brewhouse where they were meeting Will for lunch and been seated, the two men talked about random things to get to know each other. Tony found out Taylor prefers hockey to football, but being from New Orleans didn’t root for anyone but the Saints. He also found out the man rooted for the Longhorns, which led to a spirited defense on Tony’s part of his beloved Buckeyes.

Tony agreed that hockey was loads of fun to watch, but he preferred the Chicago Blackhawks to Taylor’s Dallas Stars. They both loved a wide range of movies and music, and they were discussing New Orleans Jazz when Will showed up.

After drinks and lunch were ordered, the three men got down to business. Tony and Will were watching Taylor play with his Pepsi when the young detective started speaking. “I wasn’t the most liked guy before all of this happened. There was a lot of hatred and jealousy that I was promoted to detective over others who had been on the force longer than I had. They didn’t like my age. They didn’t like how I did m’job. I’d worked undercover prior to the detective job, and they didn’t like m’long hair when I refused to cut it. They basically didn’t like anything about me.”

Taylor took a sip of his pop and sighed playing with the straw. “I always suspected there was another reason I was promoted, other than jus’ how well m’last job went. There was never any hint that m’partner was dirty though, unlike other detectives. So, I figured that I was bein’ paranoid. It took about a year, but eventually I realized some things with Darren weren’t right. A couple cases got thrown out ‘cause of lost evidence, an’ I knew he’d been involved. In the end though it was just… coincidence. I just happened to be somewhere I normally wasn’t, and saw somethin’ I wasn’ supposed to see. Turned out not jus’ m’partner but one of the Captains an’ a few other officers too were into dirty things. IA cleaned house, but… things were… rough. They had a lot of amis, ya know?”

Tony and Will both nodded sympathetically. “Some don’t bother to check the right and wrong of things. All the see is betrayal. Mostly because they’re committing wrong doin’s themselves.” Will commented frowning.

Taylor nodded and chewed on his bottom lip for a moment, before continuing on. “There was one other reason they didn’ like me. Seein’ as we’re gonna be partners, I don’t wanna start off on the wrong foot hidin’ things. I ain’t never been ashamed of who I was as a person, an’ I ain’t ever been one to let other’s short comin’s get in the way of what I wanted to accomplish in m’life. Seein’ as though we’re gonna be partners though, I don’t wanna start off this relationship of sorts by hidin’ the important things from ya. So, I’m jus’ gonna say that I won’ need you ta be settin’ me up with any girls, ‘cause I don’ really get into their parts if’n you know what I mean.”

Tony nodded, and glanced to Will letting him respond. This was really an issue between the two men. Taylor certainly knew that he wouldn’t have trouble with it. He had no doubt that Pride told the young detective about Brian and Spencer. He wondered about the sad expression on Will’s face, but gave his friend time to answer.

“I appreciate you telling me that,” Will started. His voice a little softer, and a little huskier than normal. “Tony, has Spencer ever told you about when JJ finally gave in and told the team we were together?”

When Tony just shook his head, Will sighed before starting to speaking. “I had a partner. His name was Charles Luvet. He told us that he went to South Beach every year supposedly for the regatta races. One year when he was on his visit, he was murdered. I went down t’accept his body, an’ see what happened. JJ, m’wife who works on Tony’s team, an’ the BAU were down there to check it out. Turns out there wasn’t any regatta races. He went down there ‘cause he was gay. Guess he thought he couldn’t be himself at home.”

Will paused and took a drink of his tea. Tony wished that he could reach out and touch the man, show some kind of sympathy, but he wasn’t confident enough in the acceptance of such an action. So, instead he watched his friend concerned, and wished he could take away his pain.

When Will finally continued, his accent was thicker than normal. A sign of the emotional pain he still carried with him from Charles’ death. “M’biggest regret is that he died thinkin’ that I woulda cared. He was m’partner. Hell, he was practically m’brother. We went to the academy together! I don’t give two damns what the sex of y’re partner is, Taylor. All I care ‘bout is that y’re open an honest with me. Partners gotta be able to trust each other with everythin’. You can’t do that if there’s secrets bein’ held between ya.”

“You got m’word, Will,” Taylor promised sincerely and wholeheartedly. “Y’all have given me a new chance at a home an’ a career I love. I ain’t never gonna forget what the two of ya are doin’ for me. I got both your backs from here on out. No questions asked.”

Will and Tony nodded relieved. When Tony found Will studying him, he just lifted an eyebrow unsure of what was going on in his friend’s mind. “There one other thing I wanna fill you in on. I gotta say I am ashamed that I have to bring this up. However, I respect Special Agent DiNozzo. He’s one of the finest men I have known, and I consider it an honor that he counts me as one o’his friends despite… well despite m’wife’s actions.”

Tony started to protest, but Will just held up a hand. “No, Tony. This needs t’be done. He’s gonna meet her, and she’s gonna be a bitch when she finds out that he’s here cause o’you. I’m not gonna let him walk into that blind, and I won’t take a chance at her cloudin’ his mind with her bullshit.”

Tony just hung his head. The waiter brought their food, giving Tony an excuse to distance himself a little from the conversation. So, he dug into his food leaving Will to fill Taylor in on JJ. “When I met JJ it was on another case her team was call into in New Orleans. I thought she was beautiful, smart, generous, and basically everything I wanted in a woman. When we got married about two years later I was the happiest man in th’world. When we had our son Henry, all I could imagine was fillin’ up the house with bébés. Lately though… Since Tony joined her team she’s been different.”

Will stuffed a french fry in his mouth. Taylor looked over to see Tony eating with a determination that said he either had a weird obsession with loaded tater tots, or was uncomfortable with the conversation. Maybe both cause… really… tater tots. When the older New Orleans native started speaking again, Taylor decided to leave Tony and his tots in peace turning his attention back to Will.

“She doesn’t like Tony very much. To be honest I’m not sure why. She’s given me more than enough reasons, but frankly none of them make any damned bit of sense. Bein’ my partner I am sure you’ll meet her. She already knows that Tony recommended you, so… she’s gonna have her dander up. There’s also a chance that she’ll be nasty to you because of y’re relation to him. I jus’… I ask that you know I don’t share her views. I take m’marriage vows seriously. Honestly there all that’s holdin’ me there right now. I jus’… I’m not ready to give up on her yet.”

Will poked at his food for a moment studying his plate. “I jus’…”

“It’s all good, Detective.” Taylor offered softly. “She ain’t you. Its honorable that you’re still tryin’ to make somethin’ of it, and didn’t jus’ immediately throw it in the trash. Too many people do that these days. Throw things away before they know if’n they can be fixed or not. I ain’t never been one to let someone else make m’mind up about people. So, don’t you worry about me. I told y’all how I feel bout you two. She ain’t gonna change m’mind none. Now, if’n you don’t mind I am gonna dig into this burger, ‘cause it’s gonna start makin’ the drool run down m’face here pretty soon.”

Settling in wouldn’t be easy, and there was always going to be an asshole. Eventually someone would take exception to him turning in his former partner, or the fact that he was gay. Taylor was ready though, and it wouldn’t be the first time he’d had to fight. At least this time he would have someone to watch his back.

He should have known Dwayne Pride would do right by him. Sitting back in his chair, he let himself relax and laugh at the funny story Tony was telling. In his head he turned the page away from his past and let himself think about the future. He had a feeling DC was going to bring him everything he needed. A job he loved, friends who were close enough to be family, and if he was really lucky a little romance to seal the deal.


~~* Early December 2010 *~~ * ~~* New Job means New Home *~~


Tony walked into the penthouse condo that was the last one on his realtor’s list, and knew that he was home. The building was a new modern high rise in Alexandria. Most of the condos had been sold, but they hadn’t found a taker for the expensive penthouse yet. Tony had a feeling almost immediately that the availability of the space would be changing very soon.

“Oh, this has to be it, DiNozzo,” he heard from behind him, and turned to smile at Emily over his shoulder. He’d found that he liked the dark haired woman a lot. If a certain genius hadn’t already caught his eye he might have considered breaking rule 12 for her. As it was, his mind and attention seemed to be focused soul on one Dr. Spencer Reid lately. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that, but he wasn’t going to rush to judgment. Rule #12 was after all Gibbs’ not his. Tony hadn’t quite yet made his mind up on if it should be kept or discarded for his own list of rules.

“I agree, figlio, this fits you perfectly. Your baby grand will look gorgeous over there by the window overlooking the city. The view that you’ll have while playing will be breathtaking. Emily is right. This has to be it.” Tony smiled at Dave. He was grateful for everything the man did for him. He truly was every bit the father Senior should be, but didn’t want to be. He couldn’t imagine doing this without having Dave’s opinion.

Tony wandered around the space taking it all in. The living room\dining room\kitchen areas were all open and flowed from one to the next beautifully. The bedrooms and other closed in spaces were toward the back of the condo. The total square footage was enormous. Almost more than he could possibly need. The building was completely glass, and this particular penthouse condo came with a smaller upper level that was part of it.

He was thinking of making it the master bedroom and bath. Down here he could put more bedrooms. He could also envision putting the master bedroom down below and save the upper part for something later. There was plenty of room in the living area to place his baby in one of the corners overlooking the city view. He could only imagine how inspiring it would be to sit there at night and play or write. The kitchen was full of modern appliances and included a long island\breakfast bar with a second stove top. The main stove had a gas grill section and two sinks one being also on the island with the second stovetop. The cook in him couldn’t wait to create a feast in that kitchen with friends all around.

There was room for an office and a formal library. They’d have to be creative with the shelving in the library as he didn’t want to break the modern feel. He could picture Spencer in the room curled up with a book in a comfy chair or a beanbag chair. That thought alone was enough to make him want to buy it.

Fresh start, new job, and now a new home. His old condo was already cleared out. Most of his things were in storage, and the place would be sold soon. He was just waiting for everything to be finalized. His piano and a few other valuables were at Rossi’s place where he was living while he looked for a new place. Moving on from his old life was scary, but necessary and well underway. He didn’t know what his BAU future would hold, but it certainly couldn’t be worse than where he came from. Turning he looked at the hopeful real estate agent, and gave one of his big grins. “I’ll take it.”


~~* End of October 2010 *~~ * ~~* Reality Checks with a Second B *~~


Gibbs walked into Vance’s office and closed the door not bothering to wait for permission. “By all means Gibbs come in. I have plenty of time to wait on your every whim.”

“Stuff it, Leon. We need to have a talk, and frankly I don’t care if you have the time or not. DiNozzo just walked out. Technically he’s on vacation for the rest of the week, but if he hasn’t quit before then I will be surprised. He’s also filing an official complaint about the coms incident, and it will be going straight to HR, IA, and if I have my way SecNav. You have managed to completely screw this agency with your pandering to Eli David. Good luck explaining it to your boss.”

“Now listen here, Gibbs,” Vance started, but was cut off by the former sniper.

“Shut the fuck up Leon.” Gibbs snapped angrily. “You and I are gonna have a little heart to heart. You can keep your mouth shut and listen until I am done, or I can just walk out now. I could give two shits how you feel right now, or about politics. You have let your personal feelings interfere with this agency. You’re now the second Director in a row to pull that crap. I wasn’t around to chew Jenny a new one, but I sure as hell am capable of doing it with you.”

Gibbs scowled at the Director, taking a drink from his coffee before continuing. “Your personal feelings on an agent shouldn’t matter when it doesn’t affect his job performance. You have pigeon holed DiNozzo into this screw up category, and refuse to acknowledge any good he does. You then pump McGee up so much as the prototypical agent around here that he felt it was ok to do whatever the fuck he wants. You let little Miss Mossad do whatever the hell she wanted, and tied my hands so that I couldn’t say boo to her. You’ve not restricted her access to classified material. How much you wanna bet that she’s taking advantage of that. Fuck, Leon, even Jenny didn’t give her as much access as you have. Are you completely fucking stupid?”

“Now your perfect little Mossad Princess and Super-Agent have broken the most basic rule of being a field agent. If you think between DiNozzo and I that every fucking agency there is ain’t gonna know what they did, you’re out of your mind. While you’re at it, Abby’s ass needs to be in sling also. I don’t know why it hasn’t been addressed yet. I suspect that you or someone thinks that I’ll object, but as far as I am concerned she needs fired.

I have may have a strong personal feeling about her involvement in that situation, but I’m not discussing that with you. I sure as fuck won’t be allowing her to touch my evidence anymore. I’m not risking her getting one of my fucking cases thrown out of court because she decided to cover someone else’s ass. As it is, we most likely won’t be able to use all those recordings that Tony got despite him trying to save them. You can explain that to JAG. ‘Cause if you think that they aren’t gonna have a fit at how you’ve handled this you’re insane.”

Gibbs finished his coffee then threw the cup in the trash can before continuing. “Now let’s talk about what you’ve cost us. Tony is literally the best agent I have ever worked with. When I left, and McGee and David decided that they didn’t have to listen to orders anymore, the MCRT close rate didn’t drop because of Tony. People stayed on my team after I hired him because of Tony.

“I am complete bastard. I don’t have the time or patience or want to hold people’s hands. If Tony hadn’t taken all of the training on his own shoulders we’d not have a stable team. Hell the only reason McGee was hired was because Tony said that he could get him up to my standards instead of NCIS’ standards. He was on his way to becoming one hell of an agent before you stuck your stupid nose into things.” Gibbs snorted disgusted glaring at his boss.

“Now look what has happened. You bloated his ego, made sure everyone knew you think McGee is prefect and Tony’s a fool, and who broke regulations again? McGee has ZERO commendations in his file. Ziva has broken so many laws and regulations since she’s come here I wouldn’t give her a commendation even if she deserved one. Tony has at least 4 just from here. That doesn’t count all the awards he got before here. If you hadn’t fucked this up, Tony and I could have managed until we replaced Ziva and McGee. Now thanks to you the MCRT is done. I can’t run things alone anymore. There is no chance Tony won’t move on. David Rossi has been trying to get him from us to join the BAU for years.” When Leon snorted in disbelief Gibbs narrowed his eyes.

“If you are that clueless about Tony’s abilities, then you don’t fucking deserve that chair. Tony still takes classes to better himself. McGee and his puffed up ego haven’t taken a class since his flaunted MIT graduation. Tony may not be as good as McGee at computers, or have as high an IQ as Tim. I’ll take Tony’s continued pursuit to improve himself over McGee’s lauding over something that is about 20 years old any day.

“When you explain this to SecNav, I guarantee that he’s gonna be pissed. I know for a fact he had plans for Tony that you have now fucked up. If you don’t pull your head out of your ass, and remember that this job isn’t about personal gain. It’s about the welfare of our Navy and Marine personal and the families, and in my opinion you deserve to get replaced because you’ve just put a huge dent in our abilities to find them justice.”

Gibbs stood and scowled down at his director. When his phone rang, Gibbs smiled coldly. “That’s probably him. I made sure my email to him advising of Tony’s probable upcoming resignation was sent before I came up here. Good luck, Leon. You’re gonna need it.” Turning Gibbs left slamming the door behind him. He had two agents to chew out while he was in the Second B mood. This was gonna be fun.

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End Notes: HEH… I love it when Gibbs tears someone a new asshole. Yes, I kinda went out of the box for why some things may have happened. I needed to make some sense of why Gibbs just stopped being a freakin’ leader. Vance tying his hands makes me feel better. No we’re not firing Vance. Why? Umm… Because? That’s all I got. Better the devil you know and all that jazz.

I know the transferring from one PD to another doesn’t/can’t happen that way, but we’re playing pretend. This is my world and it works that way here. K?

OK… consider this your warning… INVEST IN KLEENEX people. You will need it for Chapter 11. I have written two sections and bawled through them both. Knowing what the middle section is… I don’t think it will be any different. I am throwing my hat in the ring for Angst Queen with the next chapter.


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