Writing Goals 2017

2017 Writing Goals


Updated: 1/12/16 to include new challenge.


12 Non-Challenge Stories (1 per month at least 2K each)

4 of those will be multi-chapter stories of 20K Min

1 – My Dearest Son – Tony is a Bond

2 – Love, DiNozzo – Tony leaves NCIS and is friends w/Danny Messer

3 – Sam & Spencer ABO Story #1

4 – Lay me Down in the Safety of your Arms & Protect me from my Demons – Depressed Tony story

14 Forever Angst Challenge Fics 30K

Finish remaining 3 RT fics from 2016

1 – Second Time 90K

2 – Vegas Strip 30K

3 – Apocaloyse Re-invented 35K

Apocalypse Re-invented: The Resurrection of Dean Winchester 10K

2 CMBB Fics

1 – Aaron/Dean S&G 10K

2 – Aaron/Tony H50 20K

NCIS RBB Fic (Min3K)

Sequel to CMBB1 which is Sam/Tony pairing (15K)

Finish at least 2 July 2017 LBD stories (30K)

Post Story #1 of Certain and Uncertain! (10K)

November Nano Story (50K)

Try to write 5 new fandoms or characters (Can be crossovers)

Total = 37 Stories

Words = 450,000

2 thoughts on “Writing Goals 2017

  1. Well, if I hadn’t before, I’m definitely looking forward to 2017 now. There are some serious goals you’ve set yourself, but I have no doubt you’ll reach them…and I will enjoy you’re journey to reach them :). I have to admit, I’ especially looking forward to Vegas Strip.

    • Thanks! I am hoping this will keep me motivated! Vegas Strip is worst case going to be my April RT Mulligan fic. So, it should *Fingers crossed* be finished. I miss it terribly and can’t wait to get back to it with a larger word count so I can do it justice.

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