Love is Non-Refundable – Chapter One

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid/Sam Winchester

Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Sam Winchester

Warnings: Sentinel and Guide Relationship, Swing Sentinel Guide Character, Anti-John Winchester, John Winchester being a crappy parent, Homelessness, Non -Cannon Compliant: Criminal Minds, Non-Cannon Compliant: Supernatural, Non-Cannon Complaint: Misc Movie

Word Count: 5,362

Note: This was written for Rivermoon1970 as a Christmas present

Summary: Spencer and Aaron are out finishing up their Christmas shopping. While passing an alley, Spencer notices a commotion and investigates. Little does he know he’ll find the last piece he and his sentinel were missing.


Chapter One: Two Plus One Equals Three


Spencer and Aaron were out shopping for their remaining Christmas gifts while they could.  They never knew when they would get a request for help.  The two left the BAU when it became apparent their non-Sentinel & Guide status boss was going to do whatever she could to ruin Aaron’s reputation.  Aaron’s theory was that she’d grown paranoid that the sentinel would discover her drinking problem and report her.


Spencer thought that it was petty bullshit on her part, and when he was doing his exit interview with the Associate Director John Evans, who was also his sponsor with the Beltway Clean Cops, he made the man aware of his suspicions.  The woman shouldn’t be able to get away with chasing off every agent who was better at their job than she had been. It wasn’t like Aaron was the first, but Spencer hoped he would be the last.  He’d made damned sure that the AD knew what keeping her around, and letting things slide, had cost the agency.


Officially, the FBI had made several attempts to retain the two profilers.  Off the record though, AD Evans let them know that he understood their point, and promised that he’d keep them in mind for consulting needs.  The two had never been surer of their decision until their former team caught a case with the Boston Reaper.  While they had been asked for assistance, the two had respectfully declined deciding it was too soon to go back.  When they found out that the man had someone in Chicago stalking Morgan’s mother and two sisters, they’d both felt as if they’d dodged a bullet.


After Aaron and Spencer left, Strauss promoted Derek Morgan to lead as she saw his non-Sentinel and Guide status as safer.  While Aaron felt that Derek was one hell of an agent and someday would be a strong leader, he felt the promotion was done too soon.  From the things they’d heard, it sounded as if he’d been correct.  The man was still on occasion too prone to jumping into things without considering all the possibilities, or making decisions in moments of high passion.  Because of this, Dave was considering retirement again, and Prentiss was not so quietly talking about going back to Interpol.


Once they were free from the FBI, the couple sat down and discussed their options.  While Aaron could have gone back into law, and Spencer could have moved into academia, they realized it wasn’t what either of them wanted.  They had both loved being profilers.  So, they opened Wolf and Fox Security and Profiling named after their spirit guides.  Aaron was a five sense Beta level Sentinel with a brown wolf named Caesar for an animal guide.  Spencer was similarly a Beta level guide with a fox named Lucretius.  They had both been considered to be amongst the strongest of their kind prior to their bonding.  It had been assumed the two would become rare Alpha level, but it hadn’t happened.


Lately, the North American Primes Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg had been after them to step into the East Coast Prime spots. Blair had been not so subtly hinting to Spencer that when the two decided it was time to retire, they wanted them to take over.  The current East Coast Primes Admiral AD Chegwidden and his guide Harmon Rabb were wanting less stress, and it was felt the East Coast Territory would be a good training ground.


Aaron and Spencer discussed it, but the two felt that there was something missing in their bond.   Spencer theorized that this was why they hadn’t ascended as high as they should have upon bonding.  If the bond wasn’t complete yet, then they hadn’t reached the peak of their abilities.  Until they figured out what or who was missing neither of them felt comfortable taking such an important position.


The two men were headed toward a bookshop that sold rare and older books to find a present for Spencer’s mother.  Spencer was ahead because Aaron stopped to look in a window and urged his partner on.  Sensing that the other man was possibly looking at something for him, he’d done so without arguing.


The guide was passing an alley between two buildings when something caught his attention.  Pausing and looking toward the commotion he’d heard, it appeared as if two men were fighting.  One was wearing what appeared to be an expensive suit, and the other man appeared homeless from the clothes that appeared closer to filthy rags than actual garments.


Instinctively, he took out his phone to call 911 and stepped toward what he was seeing.  As he moved forward he could hear one of the men shouting what sounded like an exorcism in Latin.  Frowning, he forgot that he was supposed to be calling for the police, as he was more than a little confused by what he was hearing.  He couldn’t fathom a reasonable excuse as to why someone would be performing a Catholic exorcism during a fight in an alley in downtown DC.


He was about halfway down the alley when he heard Aaron calling his name.  He saw one of the men throw something from a flask at the man that must have been some kind of acid from the way the other man screamed and his face began bubbling.  Shocked, Spencer stumbled and dropped his phone.  A few seconds later, he vaguely registered Aaron trying to pull him backwards toward the mouth of the alley.  When he realized that his sentinel was joining in the Latin matching perfectly what the homeless looking of the two was screaming, he became even more confused.


Just as he was about to turn though, one of the men’s heads dropped back impossibly far, and black smoke flew from his mouth.  Feeling as if he’d been plunged into an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spencer let out a squawk of disbelief.  Aaron and the homeless man kept going, until what appeared to be a pit of fire suddenly formed in the pavement sucking the black smoke in.  An inhuman scream followed as the… whatever it was disappeared from sight.  The hole closed immediately, and the normal city sounds resumed.


He was still staring at the spot where the pit had been and ignoring a pull of something that he could feel in his chest, when the homeless looking man approached them stopping to pick up the dropped cell phone.  Spencer could see the suit wearing man curled up on the ground in a ball crying and holding his head.


“Are you two ok?”  Spencer heard, and blinked trying to get his brain back in order as he looked up at the man.  He was at least three inches taller than both he and Aaron with long shaggy brown hair and brown eyes.


“Thank you for the help.”


Spencer assumed that the man was talking to Aaron.  He was ashamed to realize that he hadn’t done much of anything useful.


“You’re welcome,” he heard his sentinel and husband reply as he held out a hand.


“I’m Sentinel Aaron Reid-Hotchner, and this is my partner and Guide Doctor Spencer Reid-Hotchner.  Do you often exorcise demons in alleys in downtown DC?”


Spencer saw the younger man blush, and run a hand through his hair.  The pull in his chest was beginning to become more insistent causing him to rub the ache unconsciously as he tried to process what he’d just seen.  A stray longing popped into his head wishing that he could run his own fingers through the brown locks.  Blinking at the randomness he forced his attention back to what was going on.


He was more than a little horrified at the thought that he could be attracted to someone other than his sentinel, and he felt like he’d had a bucket of ice water thrown over his head.  As he turned his focus to other two, he realized that they were discussing the number of demons in the Financial District, which allowed his mind to wander again immediately focusing on the pull.  It didn’t take long for him to work out that it felt more than a little similar to what he’d felt when he met Aaron.


“Can we buy you lunch, Sentinel?”  Spencer asked interrupting whatever they were discussing startling them into silence.  His sentinel recovered first, but frowned down at him.


“While I agree with inviting him to lunch, I’m concerned that you’re more rattled than you’re letting on if you’re calling the guide a sentinel.”


Spencer opened his mouth to argue that it was Aaron with the obviously out of whack senses, when the other man spoke throwing them both for a loop.


“Actually, you’re both right.  You don’t have to buy me lunch though.  I doubt any place that you’d want to be seen in would be happy with me in there.  Most of the places around here don’t take kindly to the homeless coming in.  They say it upsets their real customers.”


“I can assure you…”  Aaron started, but found himself cut off by his excited guide.


“You’re a Swing Sentinel Guide!”  Spencer threw out smiling exuberantly.


“Less than 0.53% of the total Sentinel and Guide population who come online each year in the United States, and less than 2% of the total worldwide population are found to be Swings.  Some historians believe that many of the people accused of being witches and then killed in the Middle Ages were actually Swing Sentinel Guides.


“In fact King Henry the III of England believed that they were a product of Satan and declared that all Swings should be killed the moment their Swing status was discovered even if it had not been proven.  That is why some refer to swings as Satan’s Swings.”


Spencer noticed that the Swing was just looking at him blankly when he finally trailed off.  “Unfortunately, King Henry the III wasn’t the only person to believe that swings are on the evil side.  My father threw me out when he realized what I was, insisting that I was a product of a demon.  My big brother Dean was out on a hunt, so I couldn’t even say goodbye to him.”


“Is that how you became homeless?”  Aaron asked gently, and Spencer watched the other man shake his head.


“I came online during a fight with my dad about college.  I had a full ride to Stanford, and wanted to go.  He said that I didn’t need college to hunt, and that the family had a responsibility to kill as many evil things as it could.  When I came online he threw me out.  He said that I had a half an hour to leave or he was going to treat me like the monster I was.  I knew he would do it. So, I left and went to Palo Alto to school.”


Spencer could hear the pain that the memory still caused in the other man.  The tug in his chest was beginning to thump with the anxiety rolling off the other man.  He wanted nothing more than to curl himself around the man and tell him that all of that was going to change now that they’d found him.  The problem was he didn’t know if Aaron felt the same thing that he did.


“During my Junior year there was an incident in my apartment.  A demon that doesn’t like my family found me.  I came home late from a study group to find my girlfriend on the ceiling above our bed.  Her blood dripped on my forehead when I lay down, and when I opened my eyes she burst into flames.  It’s… my mom died the same way.”


The Swing Sentinel Guide shuffled his feet and looked at the ground.  Unable to contain himself any longer, Spencer took a step near him and covered the man’s clenched fist in his hands.


“There was an investigation, and even though they determined that I couldn’t have done it, the school kicked me out anyway.  I tried to find my brother for awhile.  Hunters don’t exactly live on the grid, and I didn’t know who to trust to go to for help.  Eventually, I ended up here.  Since there aren’t many job prospects for a Swing Sentinel Guide who has been accused of murder well…” The man waved a hand toward the cardboard boxes near where he’d been fighting.


Spencer heard a whine, and looking down saw Lucretius leaning against the man, as Aaron’s wolf Caesar curled up nearby with a Rottweiler and a snow leopard.  He guessed that the unknown Spirit Guides were this man’s.


“I know this is going to be hard to believe… I’m sorry we haven’t even asked your name.”


“Sam.” The man offered softly glancing down at the hand Spencer was still cradling in his own.  “My name is Sam Winchester.”


Shocked, Spencer looked toward his sentinel to see the man hiding his amusement behind one of his trademark blank masks.


“And, you said that your brother’s name is Dean?”


When the younger man nodded, Aaron continued.  “We’d still like to have lunch with you, Sam.  There are some things that we’d like to talk to you about.  Since Spencer and I have already been through this once, I know that you can feel the tug of the bond the three of us share.  The two of us have known for some time that our mating wasn’t complete, but didn’t understand why. Now that we’ve met you though it makes sense.


“I’m sorry to hear that life hasn’t been good to you thus far, Sam, and I feel safe in saying that Spencer feels the same.  Please, come with us.  You deserve better than a box in an alley.  You have too much potential to be here.  No one deserves this life.  We’ll take things at your speed. You have my word of honor.”


Spencer felt Sam’s fingers uncurl to twine with his, and smiled up at the man.  “Please, Sam.  Let us help you.”


Spencer saw Sam looking around the alley, and hoped the deep sigh that he let out was a good sign.  “It’s been a long time since people were nice to me.  I’d appreciate the help.  I can see that Kirk and McCoy trust your guides, and they’ve never steered me wrong.”


“You like Star Trek!”  Spencer let out with a burst, and Sam nodded to him excited.


“Dean and I used to watch the reruns together when I was a kid.  He was always Kirk and I was McCoy.”


Aaron smiled affectionately.  “How about we get your things, and get to the office?  I need to check on something real quick, and then we can go to lunch.”


After Sam nodded his agreement, the three men gathered up his meager possessions, and then headed off to the office leaving the alley and hopefully Sam’s past behind them all.


An hour later, the three men walked into Wolf and Fox Security and Profiling via the private employee entrance in the back of the building.  Because they were still a new company, they didn’t have a large staff, but there was more than just the two of them.  The break room was the first thing that they saw when they entered the building.


Their Head of Security and Tactical Affairs Guide Alec Trevelyan and his Sentinel, who just went by Q, were back there most likely feeding Q’s tea addiction.  Q did most of their computer work as well as being in charge of all the weapons and doing a little development of new electronics and programs in his free time.  Both men were former MI6, and moved to the states from England just to join the company.  It was a family connection between Spencer and Q that landed the couple, who could have gotten a job with any major intelligence agency in the world.


“I thought you two were takin’ the day off?”  Alec questioned, glancing only briefly at the stranger.


“We are. I don’t expect us to be here long.  Are Clint and his guide in their office?”


When Alec just nodded, Spencer had to refrain from bouncing.  Q was the youngest of his Aunt’s sons.  The family as a whole was a tad miffed with him for stealing his favorite cousin away from MI6 and England.


Q though had been wanting distance from his family’s influence for a while.  When the new head of the agency came on board, he determined that Alec was too old for field work, which made Spencer’s offer much easier to accept.  The man for some reason hadn’t though that by booting out the former 00 he would lose his Quartermaster as well despite their registered status as a bonded Sentinel and Guide pair.


Spencer was expecting their friend, who had been a 00 himself, to show up any day.  He and Aaron had already agreed that they’d have a spot for the man should he request one.


“Will it cause problems if they take the day off?”  Aaron’s question brought Spencer back to the issue at hand, and had to bite his lip to keep from grinning.  When Q quickly answered overriding Alec, who had begun to respond, Spencer wondered if the company’s other genius had worked out who Sam was.


“That should be acceptable.  Alec can cover if needed, and Colby should be back this afternoon from his assignment.  It was only an initial assessment for an upcoming security detail.”


Spencer saw Aaron nod, then leave the room.  Taking Sam’s hand, he pulled the other man along excited.  “Come on, Sam. This way. It shouldn’t take long.”


As he was leading Sam down the hall, they could hear Alec’s booming voice.  “Well now. I’d say Christmas came early for the old Bill, hasn’t it, Love?”


As they entered the hallway where Alec’s second in command Sentinel Clint Barton and his bonded guide’s office could be found, Spencer saw Aaron walking into the room ahead of them.  From the silence that followed his entrance, he guessed that Aaron was instructing them not to speak.


Looking back, he could see the confusion on Sam’s face.  More than that though, he could feel it through the tentative bond that was already forming between the three of them.  Trios were even more rare than Alphas in the Sentinel and Guide world, but not unheard of.  From what he could recall, Swing Sentinel and Guides almost always came with two True Mates.  He couldn’t help but wonder if Sam had caught what was happening between the three of them.


Stepping into the room, Spencer saw Aaron standing next to Clint’s desk.  Barton’s guide was lounging back in his own seat with his feet up on his own desk.  They quickly feel to the floor with a thud though when the man caught sight of who was entering the room behind him.


“Sammy?  Fuck, Sammy!”




Moving to lean against his Sentinel, Spencer watched the emotional reunion as they brothers hugged.  He couldn’t help but get choked up, and hoped that Dean would excuse him the Chick Flick Moment.  Lifting a hand, he wiped the tears off his face, and felt lips pressed to his hair from his sentinel.


“Can you feel it?”  He heard in his ear as Aaron wrapped his arms around his waist.


Nodding, Spencer watched and tried to send nothing but love, happiness, and acceptance through the bond to Sam.  Whatever happened with the three of them from there it was just gravy.  The scene in front of him, reuniting two brothers who had suffered at the hands of an abusive judgmental father, was well worth it.


Love, Non-Refundable – Chapter Two

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