Love, Non-Refundable – Chapter Two

Chapter Two: A Christmas Eve Gift



It was Christmas Eve.  Spencer and Aaron were snuggled together on a bed fashioned out of a foam mattress topper and a ton of blankets and pillows.  Jack wouldn’t be there until the 26th.  So, Spencer and Aaron always slept by the fire on Christmas Eve. They’d given both Clint and Dean time off knowing that the two brothers needed time together, and Sam needed time to get to know his brother’s Sentinel.


Every once and awhile he and Aaron would get a ping of strong emotion through the bond.  Sometimes it was positive.  Sometimes it was negative.  The positive Spencer could live with, but the negative was hard to ignore.  It was even harder for Aaron who already saw Sam as his second guide despite the fact that they’d had little contact.  Because the bond was just a tentative one, strong emotion was really all they could feel unless they were physically near each other.


Occasionally, either Kirk or McCoy would pop in. They’d figured out that Kirk was the Rottweiler by how protective he seemed to be of Caesar, but especially so of Lucretius.  Similarly, Caesar immediately headed to McCoy when the snow leopard whenever he appeared to check and make sure he was ok as he often did with Lucretius if he was out of his sight for too long.  He’d also noticed that both Caesar and Lucretius seemed to disappear more often than normal, and assumed that they were going to check on Sam when they felt restless about his absence.  The actions of the two spirit guides gave Spencer hope that there was a chance for the three of them.


He and Aaron had talked the situation to death.  They’d agreed that they were going to give Sam as much time as he needed.  He was making a huge life change, and they weren’t going to push their personal relationship when he had so much else to adjust to.  They hadn’t discussed the bond that was forming with him, but assumed that he was willing by the appearances by Kirk and McCoy.  It was possible for a tentative bond to begin forming as soon as True Mates met, but not if one was unwilling or unsure.  Related to this, the Spirit Guides would not be going back and forth between the two homes if one of the three of them was not committed to the bond.


Since Sam’s father kicked him out as soon as he came online, they had no idea what Sam knew about bonding, trios, True Mates or Sentinels Guides and Swings in general.  Dean had indicated to them in the past that he’d learned most of what he knew about the Sentinel and Guide community after parting with his father.


When he’d returned from his hunt to find his younger brother gone, Dean had been relentless in prying the truth out of their father.  The second he’d found out the truth, the older brother had packed up his things and left.  Unfortunately, he had no idea what college Sam got accepted to. He only knew it was somewhere on the west coast. Since even the smallest campus had thousands of student, it had been like looking for a needle in a haystack.  He’d tried though, and had never quit.  Spencer had overheard a conversation between Dean and Q about possible new search criteria they could try.


Regardless of what Sam did or didn’t know, it wouldn’t change their stance.  Both Spencer and Aaron were committed to the bond, and to Sam.  His physical and mental health were the most important thing to them at the moment.  The bond would get resolved when Sam was ready and not a second sooner.  There was no time limit on how long they were willing to wait for him.  So, now they just needed to be patient and trust that it would work out in the end.


Spencer was laying with his head on Aaron’s chest listening to his Sentinel read A Christmas Carol to him when the doorbell rang.  It was only just past seven o’clock in the evening.  They’d let everyone at work go home early with Q and Alec monitoring ongoing cases from their home.  Spencer and Aaron had clam chowder and various snack type dishes for dinner around five. Once they were done, they had immediately changed into their pajamas, made up their little nest by the fire, and began reading to each other.


Spencer looked toward Aaron only able to feel that it was a sentinel.  The other man just shrugged before getting up and heading to the front door.  Deciding that he was hungry again, Spencer followed him up, but veered off toward the kitchen.  He was in the process of making himself a plate when he heard footsteps enter the room.


“Aaron, do you want more soup?  I’m heating myself a bowl.”  He asked without looking up.  Concentrating on not spilling the liquid everywhere, he wasn’t really paying attention to the bond.


“I don’t know about Aaron, but I would like a bowl, if that’s ok?”


Surprised to hear the voice, Spencer looked up to see Sam, standing at the end of the island he’d been putting together his meal at.  Dropping the chowder container to the surface, ignoring the bit that sloshed over the side as it hit the hard marble countertop, he immediately started moving toward Sam.  Aaron was standing just behind the other man with his hands on his shoulders, but Spencer only had eyes for his new Swing.  Food forgotten and abandoned, Spencer threw his arms around Sam burying his head into the crook of the other man’s neck.


When Sam wrapped him up right in his arms, the guide knew it had been the right move.  He wasn’t the most tactical creature on the planet, but he’d learned to crave Aaron’s touch and suspected it would be the same with Sam.  At that moment, he’d needed the hug too bad to question the appropriateness of the action.


He didn’t know how long he stayed there, but when the urge to wait on his new mate hit, he once more gave in.  Pulling back, he tugged Sam toward the table, then crossing to the island, shoved Aaron away as he proceeded to make his Swing a meal.  Aaron just chuckled, and must have moved to sit at the table.  Spencer could hear he and Sam talking quietly. Every so often he’d hear his name and chuckling, but didn’t bother to take offense.  He was a man on a mission, and some instincts couldn’t be overruled.


When he heard Aaron advise Sam that it was best to stay out of the way when he got going in the kitchen, Spencer just nodded.  He’d never been much for cooking until he had someone to pamper.  Usually he’d shoot back with a smart retort, but this time he was too busy mothering his new charge.  The words may not have been said, but in his heart he knew that Sam was there to stay.


After everyone was fed, the bed was expanded to make room for Sam, and then the three had settled into read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol from the beginning.  There were still plenty of details to work out, but they were on the right path.  He and Aaron had found their missing piece.  The East Coast would get their Primes. Maybe even right on schedule.  Sam would never be homeless or feel unloved again.  If Spencer had any say in the matter, the Winchester brothers would never again be separated by hatred and prejudiced.


After they returned from their Christmas break, he would be going to see Q about setting up a monitor for one John Winchester.  The man would never come near his sons again, or Spencer would have no regrets in unleashing Alec’s violent side.  There was a monster in the Winchester family. John had been right about that.  He just hadn’t realized that it was himself he was looking at in the mirror when the beast appeared.  For the moment though, all that was set aside as he curled closer to his new Swing.


In Spencer’s mind, he was having the best Christmas of his life.   They had friends, family, and love.  Whatever more could anyone need?


Love, Non-Refundable – Epilogue

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