Love, Non-Refundable – Epilogue

Epilogue: Reflections


Six months later, Sam was standing at the front door looking out through the screen. He’d been bonded with Aaron and Spencer for three months. They’d all been back to work for two months, and they’d been East Coast Primes for a little over a month.


The bonding process had been more intense than normal, and especially for him as he had both his Sentinel and Guide abilities enhanced.  It had taken them an extra two weeks to recover, which was why they’d all taken a month off.


Sam was still struggling at times with the concept that he had so much.  Family, friends, a job, a home, a bed, food, warm water to shower in every day… all things that most took for granted, but he’d been without for so long.  A part of him was still scared that his father would come take it away.


He was out there somewhere. Dean had no idea where, and neither of them wanted to risk looking.  They both understood how quickly it all could crumble if John Winchester showed up.  Neither one wanted to chance losing the family they’d acquired.


The weather outside was beautiful on the warm June morning. It was 73 degrees and there was a slight breeze.  Caesar and McCoy were curled up in a corner behind him. Kirk was sitting out on the front step watching Lucretius, who was playing with a badminton birdie.  The Rottweiler was highly protective of the other three spirit guides, but especially Spencer’s fox. It was something Sam understood completely.


After reading the book that Christmas Eve when he’d shown up at the house, Aaron explained about his father being possessed when he was a boy and Pastor Murphy, who was the pastor at their church, coming to help. The man had been an incredible influence on him from that point forward.  It was why he’d known the exorcism ritual from memory.  Spencer though was a complete novice to the supernatural, and it was something neither he nor Aaron wanted to change.  Fox and Wolf Security and Profiling had a new division consisting of mostly himself with help from Dean specializing in the paranormal.


Sam had hunted pretty exclusively since leaving Stanford and had amassed a wide array of knowledge on things that go bump in the night.  He was slowly training the others how to use their abilities to sense when it was something more than a human problem.  He never imagined that all his work would someday be useful, and was thankful for two mates who were willing to let him use what he knew to help people while still getting paid.


In general, he was thankful for a lot.  In the fall, he’d be taking a class at Georgetown.  Just an occult class that he was interested in, but both Spencer and Aaron encouraged him to try college again.  Spencer was even taking the class with him saying it sounded interesting, even if he didn’t want any further first-hand knowledge.


He felt his mates coming before they reached him. Aaron leaned against his back wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist. Spencer stood beside him holding his hand as he smiled at his fox’s antics.  The bond the three of them shared hummed with love and security. Somewhere he heard faint whispers that he knew signaled a vision coming soon.     Their bond came with more than enhanced abilities.


Blair was whispering about things no one had seen in a hundred years. Sam was stubbornly ignoring him. The last thing he wanted was one more thing that made him “unique”.  Swing was bad enough. Aaron and Spencer were doing their best to support him, and still learn the new abilities they each had been gifted upon bonding.


All in all though things had improved vastly from where they’d been. Even with the threat of John Winchester hanging over his head, he wouldn’t change what he had for anything.  Love was the best Christmas present he’d ever been given, and fortunately for him it was non-refundable.


The End.

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