Dead Air – Chapter Four: Another Friendly Face, Familiar Situations, and Jealousy


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Characters this chapter:  Spencer Reid, Jennifer “JJ” LaMontagne, Will LaMontagne, Henry LaMontagne, Tony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Leon Vance, Brian O’Connor, AD John Evans, SecNav Porter, Emily Prentiss

Relationships this chapter:  Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo, Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor, Jennifer “JJ” LaMontagne/Will LaMontagne

Chapter Warnings: Anti-JJ

Word Count: 5,202/112,298

Chapter Summary:  Tony gains another ally within the BAU. A flip to the present time finds Tony at odds with the new SecNav who wants his help. The a flip back to the past gives us some insight into what’s going on with JJ.


Chapter Four: Another Friendly Face, Familiar Situations, and Jealousy


~~*BAU Mid-November 2010*~~ * ~~*Another Friendly Face*~~


Tony was in an SUV with Emily Prentiss headed toward his first interview for the BAU. The guy they were interviewing was a retired Navy SEAL, and thus it fell under Tony’s prevue. He, also, got to drive since he was more familiar with where they were going, and he was the Senior Agent. He found it a little weird to not have to battle for the keys. Prentiss had actually deferred the driving to him because he was the Senior Agent on the trip.

“So tell me about Tony DiNozzo. Long walks on the beach, or bump and grind at the club?” Came the quip from the passenger’s seat. Tony was so caught off guard that he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It felt nice to laugh again. He didn’t realize ‘til that second how much he’d missed it.

“That would depend on the woman Ms. Prentiss.” Tony said with a grin.

“OK DiNozzo, pretend that you are trying to woo me. What would a DiNozzo experience contain? Impress me. I dare you.” Emily grinned back at Tony half turning to watch him as he seemed to grin back in delight. He let himself ponder what he’d noticed about Emily before answering.

“I’d pick you up at 5:45 pm and take you to the Silver Screens Theater on McCormick. Well get popcorn, Raisinets, and a coke to watch Key Largo. 1948 film with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It’s the last film featuring the pairing. There was a fifth movie planned, but Bogart died before it could happen. Johnny Rocco, played by Edward G Robinson, is holding the hotel owner Nora Temple, played by Bacall, her father in law, played by Lionel Barrymore, and ex GI Frank McCloud, played by Bogart hostage during a hurricane.

“McCloud is capable of taking out Rocco, but is suffering after returning from the war. It is considered a classic, and is my favorite of the Bogart and Bacall movies. Interesting note, Johnny Rocco was modeled after Al Capone who retired to Florida, and died there from complications from syphilis within a year. The screen writer says that he also included biographical details about Lucky Luciano as well.

“After the movie, we’d head around the corner for dinner. There’s a small family owned return that serves authentic Italian. The mother was born in the old country, and all her recipes are generations old. Once we’ve filled up on good food and a glass of wine, we’d head out to catch the last set at the Drunken Crapaud.

“It’s a small jazz club that has local performers on Friday nights. The last set is usually the best because you get to watch some undiscovered talent, and the crowd has thinned a little. After the set is done, I would drive you home having drank only coffee at the club. The owner is from New Orleans and makes the best coffee for his regulars.”

“And what happens when you get me home, DiNozzo?” Emily asked not able to stop her grin.

Laughing softly Tony flashes her a flirtatious grin before turning back to the road. “Well, that depends on you, and how much you have had to drink Madame Prentiss.” Tony replies, and Emily gives in and laughs.

“OK I will admit that I am impressed. That sounds absolutely perfect. In fact I am going to hold you to that, without the whole wooing thing. You had me at Bogart and Bacall. How did you know all that information about the movie from memory?”

Tony blushes and grins somewhat shyly. “Movies are my thing,” Tony admitted softly biting his lip before deciding that it would be nice to have another person on the team on his side. God, he was tired of thinking of his life as “sides”. “When I was a kid, my parents for the most part didn’t have much to do with me. My mother was an alcoholic, and my father was an abusive workaholic and an alcoholic on top of it who was highly disappointed in his only son. My mother liked to dress me up in cute little sailor outfits and parade me around to her friends, but at least she loved me. On Thursday’s she’d take me into town to the movie theater where they showed old black and whites. We’d watch movies all day.”

“She sounds amazing,” Emily offered softly, and Tony nods. “She was. Amazing that is, and beautiful, too. When I was a child I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Just as a child?” Emily teased softly, and Tony blushed shrugging slightly. “As an adult you understand the significance of your mother drinking your sea monkeys, but… No, not just as a child. Maybe not the most beautiful but…” Tony shrugs helplessly, and Emily decides to let him off the hook.

“Tell me more about Tony DiNozzo. Were you really a two sport athlete?”

Tony nods happy to be back to a safer, and less emotional topic. “Yes, basketball, and football. I went to the Final Four as a starter in basketball, and the National Championship in football with OSU both in my junior year. I was planning to go pro in one of them, but Brad Pitt broke my leg and tore the hell out of the ligaments in my knee. Back then that was a game stopper. So, instead of going to the NFL or NBA, I ended up in the police academy in Peoria, Illinois.”

“Wait… backup, DiNozzo. Brad Pitt… broke your leg?” Emily questioned sounding doubtful, and Tony flashed a big grin at her.

“Yup, he was a bastard Wolverine linebacker at the time. I was a poor helpless Quarterback. I suppose he made up for it though, since he saved my life years later.”

“OK, funny pants, I am calling bullshit. Not only did Brad Pitt break your leg, but he saved your life? Pull the other one, smarty pants.”

Tony laughed happily as he took the exit for the penitentiary they were visiting. “Yes ma’am. Commander Doctor Brad Pitt, no relation to the actor by the way. He works at Walter Reed National Military Center in Bethesda, Maryland as a Pneumologist. I contracted the Y-Pestis a few years back when a mother with a brain tumor wanted to settle a grudge before she died. I don’t blame her, but turned out her daughter lied, so… that kinda sucked.”

Emily opened her mouth then shut it, before opening it again. “You got the PLAGUE?”

Tony looked at her frowning and nodded. “Yeah, NCIS likes to send me to investigate when they get outbreaks. I’m gonna miss all the extra vacation time from those trips.”

“You… they… vacation time? I… You’re being serious, aren’t you? You got the plague, while working a case. A doctor you played football with in college saved you, and NCIS likes to send you out to investigate outbreaks so you can… get more vacation time?”

“Hey! I take kickass vacations, man.” Tony defended as he slowed to pull into the driveway of their destination.

“Man, DiNozzo, you are one crazy fucker.” Emily cursed, then grinned big. “I can tell we’re gonna get along just fine.” Tony was still laughing as he rolled down the window at the guard station.


~~*NCIS January 2016*~~ * ~~*Familiar Situations*~~


“This has got to be the dumbest goddamn team I have ever seen.” Tony swore, and Brian’s lips quirked as he tried not to smile. “How the fuck do you put together a team that basically spends all their goddamned time chasing terrorists, and not put a single fucking person on it with any motherfucking experience in actually you know… CHASING TERRORISTS!”

“I don’t think you can say that to your other boss,” Reid pointed out, and Tony scoffs. “Of course I can, besides he just heard. Apparently Vance has been taking Gibbs lessons, because he’s lurking just behind the half-closed door. Only he sucks at it because I can see his damned shoes.”

Vance opened the door and stepped in scowling to cover up his embarrassment. He forgot how completely aggravating this man was. It seemed his time at the FBI had only made him worse. “You’re not here to critique my team building skills, Special Agent, DiNozzo.”

“Well maybe I should be! You shouldn’t fucking need Brian and I to come here to do undercover work! How the hell do you have a Terrorism Investigation Unit, and not have at least one fucking undercover specialist on it?”

“Tony,” Gibbs started stepping in behind Vance and around the man to stand next to Brian, He found himself cut off by the Secretary of the Navy who had made her way into the room as well, stopping just inside the doorway. In all honesty, he agreed with Tony anyway, and any protest would have been halfhearted at best.

“So, Special Agent DiNozzo, Liaison to the BAU, what would you do with this team?” Tony turned, and frowned at the new voice. Before he could snap out a smart retort, he felt a slight pressure on the middle of his back. Clamping his jaw together, he turned to see Spencer watching him worried. Turning his head back to Brian, he studied the other man, and waited until he nodded to continue.

“Before I answer that question, I would like to know who you are, ma’am. I know that I’ve been gone awhile, but I don’t remember you.”

The red-headed woman smiled coldly, and vaguely Tony wondered if Gibbs had slept with her yet. “Sarah Porter. Secretary of the Navy. I keep hearing from Director Vance, and Special Agent Gibbs that you’re one of the best agents we have. Frankly, I expected you to be a little more… appreciative that NCIS has kept you around. I expect when we need you to work on a case that you do so. I didn’t bring you here to get your… opinion on how the teams are built. You will be working undercover on this case.

“I don’t know why you brought some bleach blond surfer boy, and a college professor with you, but they can leave, or stay and be quiet. I don’t honestly care which. We need to discuss what you’ll be doing, and get started.” The woman shut the door behind her, as she tried to portray her air of power. Tony tried not to laugh in her face.

The room was so silent that you probably could hear a mouse fart. Eventually, Tony opened his mouth to reply, but snapped his jaw shut again, when this time Spencer’s hand clamped around his wrist. Tony watched Brain move around the table to stand on his other side, and Tony felt something shift once more inside of him. This… this was exactly he’d been afraid would happen if either Jarvis or Vance moved on. Taking out his phone, Tony sent a text to Hotch ignoring the stupid woman in front of him who was trying to make her unhappiness known with a glare that was weak at best.

T. DiNozzo: This clusterfuck is not gonna work. Coming back. I would like to exercise the hiring clause in my contract. I know it means I will have to take a demotion.

A. Hotchner: No demotion needed. You will be hired in equal to Morgan’s pay grade, and position. Nothing else will change. What happened? Do you need me there?

T. DiNozzo: Start the paperwork. I am gonna get this… cleared up. Permission to speak to this bitch frankly, sir.

A. Hotchner: Tony, your NCIS is showing, again. I’m not your commanding officer, but permission granted. I have your back. I’ve known you for long enough, and watched you play the political game enough times to know that if you feel it’s needed then it is.

A. Hotchner: Do. You. Need. Me. There?

T. DiNozzo: Not yet. Thanks, Boss. Spencer or I will keep you updated.

Tony smiled brightly at the irritating woman, and then openly laughed when both Vance and Gibbs winced. “Did you read any of my file, ma’am?” Tony asked brightly. Beside him he could feel Brian shift. His hands were put in his pockets, shoulders slouched, head tilted to one side, all so that it appeared he was relaxed and uninterested. Tony knew that in all reality, his lover was ready to spring to his defense, but was more than happy to play up this politician’s view of him if it would suit their needs.

“I read enough,” She shot back clearly unimpressed. “I know that your father is a conman and a murderer. I know that you are some… jock from Ohio State with a worthless PE degree who can’t seem to stay in one place. I know that former Director Jenny Shepard used you for an undercover assignment that you botched, and eventually you got her murdered. I don’t know why Jarvis kept you on, but I am guessing the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Whatever you had on him won’t get you very far with me. Frankly, I am sure there must be a better agent somewhere in NCIS for this, but Vance and Gibbs insisted that you were the one we need. Gibbs has an elite team. It’s exactly what Director Vance and I want to it be. Now…”

“I am curious,” Tony interrupted still smiling brightly. “If I suck so badly, and Gibbs’ team of high tech nerds is so great… why do you need me to save your asses? You really should have read my file, ma’am.”

“Now listen here, Special Agent…”

Tony snorted at her making a face. The act was in full swing, and Tony had to admit he was having more than a little of fun. Even if the annoyance in this situation was quite real. “Shut the fuck up already. Jesus, Gibbs, please tell me you’re not fucking this cold blooded weasel. I mean… seriously. How the fuck did you let them put you in this goddamned position?”

Gibbs opened his mouth to reply, but eventually just shut it and half huffed half chuckled. “The hell if I know, Tony.”

When SecNav Porter started to speak again, Tony just glared at the irritating woman and held up his hand. “Shut it! I will get to you when I am ready for you.” Looking at Vance, Tony glared. “I thought you pulled your head out of your ass! Didn’t we have this discussion already?”

Vance snorted. “Apparently, I didn’t pay attention good enough the first time. In my defense, I do have to do what she says. I don’t have a job secure and waiting for me in the wings. I would be happy to get your recommendation on the additional team members needed. As far as the current situation goes though regardless of what we should have done, we do need your help to get this man caught. ”

“We are not changing this team on the recommendation of some…”

“Secretary Porter, please…”

“I quit,” Tony threw out happily making Vance and Gibbs wince, as Secretary Porter snorted with distaste.

“Of course you do,” She spat. “You got a director murdered, you destroyed an undercover investigation, and now you quit when you’re needed to stop a terrorist. I can guarantee that you will never work in this town again.”

Tony just lifted an eyebrow at her, and didn’t dare look at Brian. He knew that if he did that he’d lose his restraint. Unfortunately he didn’t count on Spencer. “Are you completely stupid?” Tony was so shocked he almost choked on his laugh. Brian didn’t fare any better, and Tony was pretty sure that Gibbs was hiding his laugh in the coffee cup suddenly glued to his lips.

“Now you listen here, I don’t even know why you’re here. You will address me…”

“It is a very reasonable question given our current circumstances. Seriously, are you stupid?” Spencer asked, again, frowning, and this time it was Vance who cracked, even if it was only a twitch of his lips.

“I am going to report you. Who do you work for? You will treat me…”

“Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid of the Behavioral Analysis Unit out of Quantico, Virginia. I have an IQ of 187. I read 20,000 words per minute. I got my first degree when I was sixteen, and my first doctorate at seventeen. What exactly were you doing at seventeen besides screwing your boyfriend in the back of a car?

“I have three PHD’s Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, and three BA’s Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy. I do all of the geographical profiling for the team without a computer. I started working for the BAU when I was 22 years old, and was personally recruited by Jason Gideon who helped found the BAU. If you would like to call someone to complain, Associate Director John Evans can be reached at (555) 102-3344. It’s two o’clock on a Tuesday, so he is probably in his weekly meeting with Director Sherman, but I am sure he’ll answer for you. By all means… complain. I have to be honest though, it isn’t going to get you anywhere. Director Sherman loves Tony by the way. He makes a weekly attempt at trying to get Tony to join us full time, instead of in a liaison position.

“By now Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner will have Tony’s paperwork completed to officially become a member of the FBI started. My guess is he will keep his current supervisory position as second in command to Hotch, but most likely he and SSA Morgan will take turns being second in command rather than their current military involvement and non-military involvement rotation. My recommendation is, if you’re going to pull someone into a meeting and shit on them as you tell them how wonderful you are while throwing your weight around, maybe you should do at least some research. It prevents you from appearing to be a complete imbecile.

“For instance, in Tony’s case you would have learned that he was recruited to the BAU unit by David Rossi, the other founding member of the BAU. You’d know that Tony’s father was an abusive despicable human being, and by the number of commendations in his file, you’d know Tony is anything but.

“You’d also learn that Tony in addition to his PE degree has a masters in Criminal Justice, and minor in psychology, which he is going to work into a masters if I have to drag him to the university my damned self. You’d learn that he was begged to stay with NCIS, because he was the only person who was willing to put up with Gibbs’ crap for 10 years, and they correctly realized he is one of those people who was born to do this shit. You’d also learn that before quitting, his previous partners left him without backup because they turned off his com. One of them committed treason. The Forensic Scientist was arrested for tampering with evidence, and also was guilty of improper use of NCIS equipment when she used it for her personal use by tracking Special Agent DiNozzo, and hacking his life. In addition to that she has a permanent restraining order against her because she began stalking SSA DiNozzo using said NCIS resources to assist her.

“You’d also know that Director Shepard ordered Tony and that… woman to leave her to go by herself. You’d know that the investigation into La Grenouille was completely unauthorized and unsanctioned. It was nothing more than a personal vendetta using an innocent woman who had no notion that her father was a murdering arms dealer. It completely destroyed the years of work the FBI and the CIA had been doing on the bastard. But, you’re a know-it-all politician, so by all means you are smarter than the rest of us. GOD FORBID you actually KNOW what in the ever loving hell you are spewing before you enter a meeting where you plan on demeaning someone and sullying their reputation and good character.

“If you were actually a trained federal agent, or even someone with a fucking military background then you’d understand that a terrorism unit might want people who can go out in the field and say… INVESTIGATE TERRORISM AND MAYBE KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY’RE LOOKING FOR! The fact that you’re so arrogant that you think you know everything in the world, and don’t need to check into basic FACTS is why you are completely incompetent. BY ALL MEANS call John. If you’d like I can dial for you.”

Getting out his phone, Spencer selected John’s number, hit dial then speakerphone, and holding it out to her they listened to the phone ring. SecNav stared at him in disbelief, as she heard a man answer. “Spencer, it’s nice to hear from you. I am guessing you are still with Secretary Porter. Could you let Tony know that we have his papers all ready to sign when he gets back to the building?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Spencer answered back, and they heard Associate Director Evans chuckle on the other end. “So, it’s going well then. Did you need me for something? Secretary Porter, I have to say we are most pleased that NCIS has lost Special Agent… well… now Supervisory Special Agent DiNozzo to us. I see big things for him in his future with us. People are going to be knocking down Unit Chief Hotchner’s door to get to Tony. But, I guess you are used to that sort of thing.”

When Secretary Porter just stared at the phone, Spencer huffed. “I think she’s forgotten how to speak, John. We’re coming back. They’re gonna have to kiss a lot of ass before we come back to this poorly run shithole. Tell Hotch we’ll see him in his office in an hour max. I feel like driving… fast.”

John’s chuckles could be heard on the other end as Spencer hit disconnect. He wasn’t quite done yet, unfortunately for Secretary Porter. “Frankly ma’am, I have met a lot of people high on the totem pole in my years with the BAU. My brain seems to attract people who want to use me for things… I have to say… you are certainly the dumbest.

“We are leaving now. Director Vance, consider Tony’s employment with your agency DONE! Please keep in mind, you’re STILL going to need our help to get your fucking case solved. That means that you, Secretary Porter, are going to have to kiss MOUNTAINS of ass before we come back. And, by we, I mean the ENTIRE Behavioral Analysis Unit, and Agent O’Connor who if I have my way will be on our team by the end of the day. I suggest that you get your shit together, Ma’am.”

“Tony, Brian, we’re leaving.” Without waiting, Spencer stormed out of the conference room they’d been standing in letting the door slam back to hit the wall behind it.

The room remained quiet for a few seconds, before Tony finally spoke. “Umm… what he said.” Tony grinned cheekily, as Brian snorted with amusement beside him. Tony watched his lover leave, before addressing the three in front of him.

“Vance, consider this my resignation. I will email you something in writing when I get back to the BAU, along with my team recommendation. Gibbs, I will see you later. Secretary Porter…” Tony snorted and turned to leave pausing at the door. “Good luck ma’am. You should know that what Spencer wants… Spencer gets. I hope you have some Chapstick in your purse.”

Tony left quietly shutting the door behind him, and silence returned to the room, until Gibbs snorted. “Well, Madame Secretary, you really could not have messed that up any more than you did. Congratulations. Call me when you figure out how we’re gonna catch this SOB without anyone trained to do so available to us.”

When the woman just stared after Gibbs looking confused, Vance sighed and shoved a toothpick in his mouth. He was positive that he wasn’t getting paid enough for this shit.


~~*BAU February 2011*~~ * ~~*Jealousy*~~


Reid was sitting in the backyard of his godson and best friend’s home, watching Henry play. It was a mild winter, which was the only reason he was sitting outside in February. JJ was sitting next to him trying to subtly pump him for information on Tony, while giving him all the reasons the older man wasn’t good enough for him. It was both aggravating, and amusing. Spencer and Tony had been on three dates. They had recently agreed that they could officially be considered boyfriends. Spencer was over the moon. He’d hoped that his best friend would be equally as happy for him, but this just wasn’t the case.

He wasn’t sure if he was more aggravated, or amused by her current line of reasoning as to why Tony was just using him. In her words, it was just for the sex. “I’m just saying that maybe you need to think twice about this… whatever you have going on, Spence. He’s left a clear trail of women behind him. My contact at NCIS says that there wasn’t a woman between the age of 20 and 50 that he hadn’t slept with, or tried to sleep with. He’s clearly a Casanova, and possibly has some deep rooted sexual dysfunction.”

Reid frowned at that, trying to figure out how someone who got around as much as Tony could have a sexual dysfunction. Of course JJ took the frown as a sign that he was finally getting on board with her line of thinking, and latched onto it like a toddler with a sucker. “I’m serious, Spencer, I mean look I will give that he can’t be a serial rapist, or something. I mean Rossi has known him since he was a kid, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t dangerous. Look at what his father did. Rossi’s judgment is clearly clouded by his sympathy from what happened when Tony was a kid, and possibly he’s even substituting him for his own son. Really, if that’s the case I don’t know how we could even trust Rossi’s judgment at all on this.”

Shaking his head in confusion, Spencer turned his attention away from the boys, and onto to JJ. He wondered if there was some kind of test he wasn’t aware of to tell if someone had been replaced with a pod person by aliens. “Do you believe anything that is coming out of your mouth right now? Or are you just throwing crap on the wall to see if it sticks? I am actually wondering right now if you aren’t the one with some kind of dysfunction. How magnanimous of you to admit he’s not a freakin’ RAPIST. Are you kidding me?”

“Everything ok out here?” Will asked coming up behind them. The worry evident in his voice.

“Other than your wife has lost her MIND, everything is peachy. She’s generously agreed that Tony isn’t some kind of rapist, but does believe that he’s both a Casanova, AND has a sexual dysfunction.”

“Jesus, JJ, I thought you were gonna drop this,” Will sighed running a hand through his hair. “I told you that Tony was a good guy. I did the check that you asked for, and didn’t find anything. Just like Garcia did the check that you asked for, and didn’t find anything. Isn’t it time to give this up. There’s nothing out there.”

“Someone has to watch out for him, Will! This DiNozzo character is taking advantage of Spencer. It’s up to me to make sure that he is exposed. It’s bad enough that he’s clearly charmed Spencer somehow into making him lose all of his common sense.” JJ crossed her arms over her chest defensively, and Spencer shook his head exasperated.

Spencer had never discussed his sex life with any of the team, not even JJ or Derek. He felt that it was frankly none of their business, and since he had really no interest in having sex, he’d always been able to play off his… relationships as friendships. He supposed in most people’s eyes that’s what they were anyway. “I’m curious, JJ, what you would say if you found out I was the one with the dysfunction. I mean, my guess is that you would label it as such.”

“Spencer, if you have a problem, we can get you help. You don’t need to turn to…”

“I have no interest in sex. Well, I take that back, as a purely educational experience I would like to possibly have it once, but for the most part… no. No sex, and it isn’t a dysfunction. Not in my eyes, not in Tony’s eyes, but apparently it is in your eyes.”

Will swore, and shook his head before patting Spencer on the back. “Not in my eyes either, homme. I’m gonna keep Henry an’ his friends occupied.”

“Spencer that isn’t fair…”

“Life isn’t fair, JJ. Get the hell over it. It isn’t fair the way you’ve been treating Tony either. Yet here we are having another session of you bashing a co-worker that you’ve made no attempt to get to know. If you want to know the truth. I am pretty sure that all this hatred of yours has less to do with me, and more to do with you. See I know that Tony has one VERY firm rule, and you… you are one of THOSE woman.

“You know the kind who love to tell people how much you hate people assuming you got where you were because of your looks. God forbid though that someone not fawn all over you, and make it known they find you attractive. Yet Tony… he hasn’t even so much as flirted with you. Of course it’s because you break the cardinal rule…”

“Oh, and what’s that? I’m smarter than he is? I’m a better agent than he is? I’m not high enough on the totem pole, so he can’t use me to advance his position?” JJ spat angrily.

Standing, Spencer waved to Henry promising that they could do something fun just the two of them soon, before looking down at the boy’s mother. “No, JJ. It isn’t about your looks, or your position, or your… usefulness. You’re married. Tony may have an active social life when he isn’t in a relationship, and a healthy sex drive, but his one rule for hitting on women is NEVER with someone who is married. The only exception to this is if he’s working a case and trying to get information. See, his father was a chronic philanderer. He was always cheating on his mother, and making no attempt to hide it. He refuses to hurt some other child the way he was as a small child. Maybe you need to take a good look at yourself. Maybe you need to ask yourself why you’re so upset another man won’t flirt with you.”


Turning, Spencer left and decided that he’d go surprise his boyfriend. He could use some cuddling time, and Tony’s cuddles were awesome.


End Notes: For anyone interested Crapaud – Toad in French. I was thinking of Remy LeBeau when I wrote it. So, it amused me.


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