Dead Air Leads to Never-ending Possibilities – Chapter One: The Best of Today & The Worst of Yesterday


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Characters this chapter:  Tony DiNozzo, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Ziva David, David Rossi

Relationships this chapter: Tony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid

Chapter Warnings:  Anti-Ziva

Word Count: 3,559/112,298

Chapter Summary:  The events of Dead Air have unexpected consequences. What seems to be the worst thing that could possibly happen turns into the best possible outcome. Tony moves on from NCIS, and finds a real family with his pseudo father replacement in David Rossi at the BAU. With it comes new love, the return of old love, new friends, and the possibility of forever. Of course there is also new co-workers who can’t accept him, the long reach of the grim reaper, and Senior making his presence known no matter how impossible it should be.

Chapter Notes: The cannon divergence isn’t just for Tony. I pretty much have played with the time lines of both shows. Brian O’Connor’s history is almost completely AU. A snippet of this was posted for Evil Author Day as Spencer and BAU!Tony. The character death is for mostly off screen NCIS people. It is NOT Tony, Brian, or any of the Criminal Minds people. Emily DOES NOT LEAVE the BAU in this. The Derek Morgan current season events don’t happen. The tags and relationship may change. The timeline jumps around like a frog on speed and acid… so beware. Facts may not be entirely accurate. It’s written that way on purpose though. So, just go with it. K? I have tried to make the time periods as clear as possible. While there is more Spencer and Tony at first, Brian is an important part of the story. He just isn’t in it as heavily at first.



Chapter One: The Best of Today & The Worst of Yesterday

~~*BAU Late 2015*~~ * ~~*The Best of Today*~~


“God I love you.”


Spencer opened his eyes and glanced up at hazel eyes, which were currently showing more green than brown. He hoped that there would not be a day when those words felt routine. Every time he heard them, he felt like it was the first time – disbelieving, hopeful, and more than a little bit in awe. Spencer knew his strengths and weaknesses well. He understood that some people saw him as pretty, although he himself did not see it, and frankly thought they were a little insane. His social awkwardness was a huge hurdle that he knew would never be completely overcome, and honestly he didn’t think he’d ever understand how people could function in highly social situations. Of course that only made his relationship with Tony all that much more amazing. If there was anyone who could be considered an expert at highly social situations it was his partner.


He also understood that his brain pushed away many more people than it drew in. Those that were attracted to it were usually other scholarly types, not someone like this man above him who could easily have passed for one of the Greek or Roman Gods of old. Neither Zeus or Apollo had anything on this man. Not only was the man gorgeous, but he was funny, witty, and while maybe not in Spencer’s league brain wise, certainly was no dummy himself. This was a man that should have been well outside of Spencer’s league, and yet here he was 5 years into their relationship still getting flutters in his tummy when he heard those four words.


“I love you, too.” Spencer gave back, softly and hesitantly afraid somewhat of intruding on a moment that might always overwhelm him, even if it was just a little bit. Emotions were still not one of his strong points. Another thing though that his partner did well. The other man’s patience with Spencer’s insecurities, and what Reid perceived as his social inadequacies was amazing. He never failed to take it in stride. There was never a moment where Spencer felt that he’d embarrassed or upset him for some inevitable social faux pas. Of course Tony always insisted that Spencer had never made one, so there was nothing to be upset about.


He saw the head dipping and, closing his eyes, was rewarded when he felt the weight of the other man’s lips on his. A tiny sigh of relief escaped, as his brain stuttered, and thought ceased while he got lost in the kiss. He loved this kissing thing. It was maybe one of his favorite things to do in the entire world. For once his mind slowed enough that he could force the thoughts away, and stop thinking about anything other than how wonderful this moment was. It was maybe the only time he got true peace and quiet inside of his head.


He wasn’t sure how long the kiss lasted, but as always it wasn’t long enough before the beeping of his alarm broke the moment drawing a groan from the other man. “I hate that thing.” He heard uttered softly in his ear, and wordlessly nodded his agreement. Alarms that broke up perfect morning kisses should be considered illegal in every state. “Do you mind if I hop into the shower first? I need to meet Derek in 45 minutes so we can go interview Mr. Hayes. His shift at the factory ends at 7AM. Mor’s hoping that we’ll be able to get something out of him when he’s half asleep.”


Spencer shook his head, and after getting another quick kiss burrowed under the covers to get at least another hour of sleep before he had to be at the station himself. Vaguely he felt the kiss on his forehead, but that was all he comprehended before his partner left the room.


At 8:30 sharp, Spencer stepped into the Charlotte, North Carolina PD station. His morning coffee in one hand. His other held a tray with two more coffees and a bag with breakfast goodies. He knew he’d be fooling no one, but the teasing he’d get was well worth the smile he’d get in thanks. Never let it be said Dr. Spencer Reid could not be bribed with an amazing smile.


He’d barely stepped into the conference room they were using as their office, when he saw that devastating grin directed at him. His knees grew slightly weak at the force of it, but he stubbornly ignored the snickers of the others as he let himself enjoy the moment. After all, what was the point of all the scrutiny they lived under if he couldn’t enjoy simple moments like this? While a relationship between team members was frowned upon, certain allowances had been made for their situation considering one of them wasn’t technically employed with the FBI.


“Special Agent DiNozzo, I brought you a coffee and breakfast burrito with hash browns. I thought you might not have had a chance with your early morning meeting.” Those hazel eyes he loved so much twinkled at him as Tony took the offered coffee and food. His partner showed way too much amusement in Spencer’s insistence on the formal way he addressed Tony when they were out in the field. He suspected it had something to do with the way the locals seemed to always interpret it as some sign of ill will between them. In one of his rare moments of true animosity, Spencer snarked to himself that it was a sign of why he was a profiler with the elite BAU team, and they were cops. He would never express that statement out loud though, because Tony and Derek were prime examples of how great cops could be. JJ’s husband Will was another stellar illustration of that point.


“Hey! What about me, Pretty Boy? I was at that damned oh dark hundred meeting too.” Spencer turned and scowled at his best friend and waved his hand at the other coffee and food. “It’s right there, Morgan.”


“I’m hurt, Pretty Boy. Where’s my sugar?” Spencer sniffed as the others watched with varying degrees of amusement. “I don’t know, Derek. While I do have an eidetic memory I can’t seem to remember what her name is this week. Was it Candy or Charlene?”


“Ouch!” Derek cried out playfully, as the other, including Hotch gave in and laughed at their antics. Turning his eyes back to Tony, Spencer felt his body hum with happiness as his love grinned at him, winking and tugging on his earlobe in their very own I love you message. Blushing Spencer rubbed his nose, sending his own message of love back, and watched as that smile he adored grew even bigger.


It had been five years with Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Jr., and Spencer had loved every moment of it.


~~*NCIS Late October 2010*~~ * ~~The Worst of Yesterday*~~


Tony walked into the bullpen with Ziva trailing after him. Her sharp tongued snipes only serving to fuel his anger further. Throwing his bag down in the general direction of his filing cabinet, Tony turned and stepped into the irritating woman’s space. “Probationary Agent David, you will sit down at your desk and fill out your report! I do not want to hear another sound out of you unless either Special Agent in Charge Gibbs or myself addresses you directly. Is that clear?”


When the woman’s face twisted in anger, and she opened her mouth, Tony cut her off before she could speak. “Anything other than yes, Special Agent DiNozzo is going to get you written up for insubordination.”


Ziva screeched, and looked at Gibbs who just shrugged, hiding his worry behind a blank mask with some difficulty. “I’d listen to him if I were you, Probationary Agent David. I’d also keep in mind that your probationary status can be terminated for such actions.”


Gritting her teeth, Ziva glared angrily at Gibbs then turned to direct an equally angry glare at Tony. “Yes, Special Agent DiNozzo.” Stomping to her desk, Ziva started banging drawers, and quickly Gibbs spoke up again. “Any more of that, and I will write you up myself. Knock it the hell off, right this second, or take your ass home. I’m not gonna put up with a temper tantrum. Act like an adult or remove yourself from my space. I don’t employ pre-schoolers on my team.”


Leaving Ziva to Gibbs, Tony sat and quickly filled out the statement report for the interview he’d just come back from. Once that was done, Tony quickly filled out an immediate vacation request for the remainder of the day, and the next two days, which would take him to the weekend. Hitting print on those, and pulling a file out of his locked cabinet drawer, Tony opened his inner-office messenger, and started a conversation with his boss.


T. DiNozzo: I’m done, Gibbs. I can’t take it anymore. I am officially filing a complaint about what happened with the coms, and I am submitting for the rest of the week off.

L.J. Gibbs: What happened? You know I support you with the formal complaint. I told you I would back you and I do. Consider your time off request approved.

T. DiNozzo: She corrected me several times in front of the witness. She gave the woman attitude, and wrong information. Then, despite all that I almost had the woman willing to officially come forward when Ziva threatened her. Not only did Mrs. Callahan throw us out of her house, but she told us not to come back. She is officially unwilling to help, and says and I quote “I suddenly don’t remember shit”.

L. J. Gibbs: Jesus. What about McGee? Is he improving?

T. DiNozzo: The inventory requisition forms you told me to have him do for the van were put back on my desk with a note saying, “I told you I’m not doing your work.”

L. J. Gibbs: For fuck sake! Do what you need to do, Tony. You know my door is open this weekend if you need to talk. I assume you’re going to Angelo’s house?

T. DiNozzo: That’s the plan, boss. I’m sorry about this I just…

L.J. Gibbs: Rule 6, DiNozzo, and in this case you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Hell, Tony, I should be apologizing to you. I should have cut this crap off a long time ago.

T. DiNozzo: Jesus, boss, please don’t! I’m upset enough. You apologize, and I’m really gonna freak out. I will see you Monday, if not sooner.


Hearing an amused snort from Gibbs’ direction, Tony closed the NCIS messenger window, and shut down his computer. He then grabbed the papers he needed from the printer dropping them and the file he’d been holding off on Gibbs’ desk. Picking up his bag, Tony ignored the curious look from McGee, and the disbelief from Ziva before leaving.


Pulling out his phone, he texted his mentor finding his location as he waited for the elevator. Finding out the older man was in town, Tony advised he’d be waiting at the house when he got home asking if he could stay a few days. The response he got back was to stop being an idiot, and he’d see him there when he got off work.


Once he reached the house, which was more like a mansion but he’d allow the older man his delusions, Tony headed toward the front door. Unlocking it, he hurried to the kitchen where he entered the code into the security pad. Almost the second the beeping stopped, his control broke. Screaming, he flung his bag as hard as he could hitting various items on the counter. Angry he grabbed whatever he could put his hands on… Rossi’s bowl he kept fruit in, the block he kept his knives in, the coffee pot Dave had paid way too much for, and tossed them as hard and as far as he could. Screaming in frustration when he couldn’t find anything else within reach to break, Tony let his knees buckle, as the sobs came letting out all the pain and anguish that he’d been holding in.


Pulling forward he slammed his body backward as hard as he could screaming, but only knocked the wind out of himself making him fall to one side gasping for breath. Pulling his legs to his chest, Tony let the sobbing continue as he thought of all that he was sure he was losing. Ziva was… well Ziva was no big loss. He’d never trusted her, and certainly didn’t forgive her for her part in Kate’s death.


McGee though, McGee he’d taken under his wing, something he’d not done before. McGee he’d tried to teach all the little things that had helped Tony succeed. McGee he’d cared for, and considered something of a little brother. Ironically, the younger man had acted the role perfectly. Only a son born of Anthony Dante DiNozzo, Sr. would stab his family in the back.


Abby… Abby was supposed to have been his best friend. Abby was supposed to have been the one person he could be completely honest with. Abby had been the one that had doctored the recording to try and cover up what McGee and Ziva had done. Fortunately, Tony had gotten into the system, and made a copy before she’d thought to do it.


She didn’t know that they knew. She wasn’t very good at investigation, or concealing secrets no matter what she liked to tell everyone. Knowing how to do something, and being good at it were definitely not the same thing. If he hadn’t already known she was guilty, her little not so subtle questions would have clued him in. Of course by then there would have been no proof, had he not decided to keep a copy as insurance. When he’d done it he’d been worried about McGee or possibly Director Vance trying to cover things up. He’d never imagined his supposed best friend would be the Benedict Arnold. He hated her for that. He had stopped going to her lab a week ago, and Gibbs had to resort to threats to keep her away from his Senior Field Agent.


He felt like… well he felt worse than he had maybe since his mother died, and Senior told him to stop his damned sniffling. He didn’t know how long he’d laid on the cold kitchen floor, but came back to himself when he felt Rossi shaking him. “Tony! Tony! Talk to me!”


Sitting up, Tony ran his hands through his hair taking a shuddering breath. “Rossi? Time s’it?”


“Jesus, Tony, what happened? It looks like there was a brawl in here!” Confused at Rossi’s words, Tony looked around and vaguely remembered losing his temper.


“Fuck, Angelo… I’ll replace it all. I’m gonna go broke buying a new coffee machine.”


“Forget the damned coffee machine. What happened?”


Tony sighed ashamed and afraid to look at his mentor. “I think I lost my temper. I don’t… I don’t fully remember. I just… I was putting in the code for the alarm, and the damned beeps were annoying me and it just… it all hit me, and I just…” Tony waved his arm toward the damage. “That happened.”


Rossi frowned concerned. “You haven’t gotten that angry since you were a kid, Figlio.”


Taking a deep breath Tony nodded and shrugged. “I guess I haven’t had anything to BE this angry about since I was a kid, Angelo. I just… I never thought I would feel this betrayed by them. I mean I knew things weren’t perfect, but I didn’t think they were this bad.”


“Everyone has their limits kiddo. Why don’t you get up off the cold tile, and go take a shower. Your stuff is still in your room where it always is. I will be waiting in the library for you when you’re ready to talk.” Nodding Tony got up off the floor and headed off to follow Dave’s orders, head hung and lost in thought again.


An hour later, he sat in his comfiest OSU sweats, and an old Philly PD t-shirt staring at the whiskey in the tumbler he was holding. “It’s too much, Dave, I can’t come back from this. I’ve tried to give it time, but I just can’t forget what they did. How the hell am I supposed to trust them now?”


“You’re not,” David Rossi frowned holding his own now empty tumbler. “Hell I would have quit two weeks ago when I found out. You held out a lot longer than anyone should have expected you to. Maybe it’s time you took me up on my offer, kiddo.”


Tony frowned watching the whiskey swirl in the glass contemplating his options. “The FBI hasn’t exactly been kind to me, Dave. The only way I’d consider it is if you can guarantee I can work with you.”


Dave nods and smirks knowing he’s finally won. “I am aware, and I can. All you need to do is put in the application, and I will take care of the rest. I promise Agent Sacks will come nowhere near you. Hell if you want I’ll make sure you have a chance at rubbing it in his face.”


Tony huffed with amusement, and took a sip from his tumbler, before setting it aside. Letting his head drop backward to rest on the chair back, Tony allowed his mind to run free through the possibilities, and the consequences both positive and negative. “Gibbs will freak out.”


Rossi huffed, and weighed whether or not he wanted to be completely honest about Gibbs. The former Marine was definitely a subject Tony was touchy about. Even when he was angriest with the man, he didn’t take insults to him well. It was one of those “I can bitch about my family, but no one else had better try” rules. Rossi may have taken the role of honorary father years ago, but Gibbs was a shoe in for the honorary big brother position.


“If Gibbs really sees you as part of his family, he will understand. Maybe you need to lay everything out for him. Be 100% honest, and don’t hold back. Hell if he cares about you at all he’ll be damned proud. I’m not suggesting that you become some low level FBI flunky, Figlio. I am offering you a spot on the premiere BAU team. That’s a helluva honor.”


Tony snorted amused and lifted his head to study the man that was more of a father to him than Senior ever would be. “And, what is Hotch going to say about this? Does he even know you’re making me this offer?”


“Why are you worrying about these minor details?” Dave huffed, then sighed when Tony just arched an eyebrow at him. “If it will ease your mind, yes. Have I discussed it recently? No. Have we discussed it previously? Yes. As a matter of a fact we discussed it when we were stuck on that god awful case in the cold in Alaska. Hotch and I shared a room.”


Tony’s lips twitched as he remembered the stories Dave had told him about that trip. “That’s the one where Reid got his own room because Derek refused to room with him right?”


Dave nodded chuckling. “I wouldn’t put it past Reid to have set it up that way. Kid’s too smart for his own good, and Derek tends to out think himself when it comes to Spencer. I never did find out why he was throwing such a fit about rooming with the kid.”


Tony shook his head at Dave’s attempt to distract him from his doubts. Finally Dave decided blunt was the way to go. “Look, kid, it’s like this. Are you happy where you are at?”


After a moment Tony shook his head no, and Dave continued. “Don’t think, just answer… Do you honestly have any hope or faith that it will change at any time in the future?” When Tony again shook his head no, Dave just arched an eyebrow at him. “Then what the fuck are you still doing there, Figlio? Come give us a chance. I’m not going to tell you that it will be perfect, or that tempers will never flair. At the end of the day though, it’s a family. It’s a real family, not that fake shit you’re putting up with now.


“Trust me to work it out, kiddo. It’s not about me getting you the job, or you not deserving it if that’s a hang up. I will make sure that Aaron sees your full uncensored file including your masters in Criminal Justice, and minor in Psychology along with the major in Physical Education. I wouldn’t ask you to join the team, Tony, if I didn’t believe in my heart that you won’t be a huge asset to us. You’ve trusted me since you were eight years old. Have faith a little longer, huh?”


Tony huffed slouching down in his chair, and swallowing the whiskey in one gulp. “You don’t fight fair, Angelo. Alright, you’re most likely right like always anyway. I’m in. What do I need to do? ”


End Notes: Figlio = Son
Angelo = Angel- showing gratefulness according to Google. I am going with it.


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