Dead Air – Chapter Two: Rocky Starts, Choppy Endings, and Reassurances


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Characters this chapter:  Tony DiNozzo, Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Leon Vance, Brian O’Connor

Relationships this chapter:  Tony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid, Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo/Brian O’Connor

Chapter Warnings: Derek being an ass,

Word Count: 6,478/112,298

Chapter Summary:  Things don’t start off at the BAU as smoothly as Tony would like. His exit from NCIS is full of honesty and surprises sending people on unexpected paths. Then in current day, a return from a case brings some all around comforting.

Chapter Notes: This chapter introduces the dynamics of our threesome. To say I am nervous about that section is an understatement. Please keep in mind all relationships are unique, and the Spencer/Tony/Brian dynamic is no different. Derek isn’t reflected in the best light in this chapter. Please keep in mind the current scene in the last chapter. They obviously work through things.


Chapter Two: Rocky Starts, Choppy Endings, and Reassurances


~~*BAU Mid December 2010 *~~ * ~~*Rocky Starts*~~


Tony stood leaning against the corner across from Hotch’s office in the semi darkness watching a certain genius work. Tony’s head was leaning against the wall, his arms were crossed across his chest, and his legs were crossed at the ankle. He knew that he shouldn’t have chosen that particular spot to stop, but Hotch’s door was closed. Spencer had looked so … amazing that he just hadn’t been able to resist.


Tony had been with the BAU for six weeks, and it had turned out to be probably the best decision he’d ever made in his life. Dave was right. They were so much closer to being what Tony had always imagined a family was. One agent in particular, a certain Dr. Spencer Reid, had really caught his eye.


Tony didn’t really understand it, but he’d never been one to fight his attractions. Tony had been comfortable with his sexuality from a young age. Maybe it was all those years locked in military schools with only other boys to mess around with, but who was he to deny himself the fancy of any flesh. Spencer Reid was certainly an amazingly beautiful reflection of man.


It didn’t hurt things that Tony was incredibly turned on by the younger man’s huge brain. After McGee, Tony was a little hesitant around the young genius. At first he found himself always waiting for Spencer’s intelligence, and Tony’s assumed lack thereof, to be thrown into Tony’s face. Only that had never happened. Instead, Spencer acted like his incredible brain was no big thing. Hell, in Tony’s opinion, McGee hadn’t been half as smart as Reid, but somehow never let Tony forget that he thought he was much more intelligent than his Senior Field Agent. So, needless to say, it hadn’t taken long for Tony to develop a fetish for Spencer’s random spewing of facts that seriously no living person should be able to remember.


And his hands.


Seriously, Tony could not forget those damned hands… fingers to be specific. Tony was pretty sure that someone would take away his gay card if he DIDN’T have a fetish for Spencer’s fingers. My God, he could only imagine the things the man could do with those things.


Currently the object of his hopefully secret obsession was bent over his desk, flipping back and forth between pages of whatever file he was reading and some other file or document that he’d printed out. Seriously…. Those fucking fingers.


“Whatcha doin’ playa?” Tony heard in his ear, and barely suppressed a very unmasculine squeal.


Pulling back so that he was out of Spencer’s sight, Tony looked wide eyed at none other than Derek Morgan, Dr. Reid’s best friend and personal watchdog. ‘Crap,’ he thought to himself. ‘You’ve stuck your foot in it this time, DiNozzo.’


“Umm,” he began but Derek just shook his head. “Follow me,” The veteran profiler ordered sternly, and Tony found himself following him into the other man’s office with the door shut to keep others out. ‘Not a good sign , Tony. Just do not piss off the bulldog, or he will gnaw your leg off.’


“So,” Derek started after sitting behind the desk, and waving his hand toward one of the empty chairs. “You have a thing for Pretty Boy, huh? I know you’re reputation, DiNozzo. Spencer isn’t a plaything.”


Tony clenched his jaw momentarily, trying to lock in the first fuck you that wanted to come out. While he was loving his transition to the BAU that didn’t mean that he and all his co-workers were lock armed, and singing Kumbaya.


Frankly, he was a little leery of just giving out trust, and they were a little leery of this guy that seemed to have gotten his job based on Rossi throwing his weight around. Tony understood that Spencer was Derek’s boy, and he was just trying to protect his friend. While it hurt that it meant Tony was being treated like a man whore, he appreciated the loyalty. Mostly anyway, but after the way Tony’s stint on the MCRT had ended, his ego and feelings were maybe a little more bruised than even Tony wanted to admit.


“Reputation isn’t reality, SSA Morgan, and I would think that a seasoned profiler would base his opinion of someone on facts and observations, not reputation. Maybe I’m wrong though.” OK, so apparently Tony needed to work on the whole not pissing off the bulldog thing.


Derek just snorted, and sat back in his chair. “You want my profile on you, playa? Alright. I think you are way out of Spencer’s league. You are a traditionally good looking former two sport college athlete, who excelled at both sports. You ooze charm, and have some almost prodigal social ability. You can walk into any room and have them in the palm of your hand purely on your whim. You have no interest in settling down, most likely because of the issues with your father, and the loss of your mother when you were a child. You got your job here through some pity party Rossi threw you, after you fucked something up at NCIS. I honestly don’t care what happened, so far you’ve been… adequate. Fortunately, I don’t have to like you to work with you.


“Spencer on the other hand is an awkward genius, who isn’t even comfortable in his own skin. He has no clue how to manage a social situation. If you throw him in a room of strangers, he’ll end up talking Star Trek with one of the catering staff. Thanks to his upbringing, and the fact that his mother was schizophrenic his whole life, he’ll never be able to come even close to your comfort level with society. He’s incredibly intelligent, and looks like some kind of pretty boy, male model, who got stuck in some weird college professor role play. He’s a little too feminine in his features to attract someone like you for very long though. He’s my boy, and I will be damned if I’ll let some Italian gigolo play games with him.”


Tony felt the tick in his jaw began as he rapidly lost control over his temper. He’d taken so much shit at NCIS, he just didn’t seem to have the ability to take anymore. Especially from someone who was supposed to be in a command position. Not to mention, he should be better able to read someone better than he apparently was. The fact that he was so incredibly negative about his admitted “boy” made Tony question what kind of human being Derek Morgan really is.


“You know what, SSA Morgan, how about you go fuck yourself on that dildo you have hidden in your drawer.” Tony bit out standing up from the chair. ‘Or, I can just pretend like I’m a Rottweiler even though I feel like an irate Chihuahua. Maybe he’ll just eat me, ‘cause getting fired is gonna suck.’ “If this is your idea of being someone’s ‘Boy’ I can only hope that you don’t ever decide to be my friend you misogynistic, in the closet, prick. How about you take your smooth talkin’ playa bullshit, and write it on the mirror the next time you’re staring at your own reflection. Do you even remember the number of women you’ve fucked in the last month, or know even half of their names?


“You know jack shit about me, and while my reputation may have been carefully cultivated, it has nothing to do with who I am, or what my intentions are toward Spencer. Frankly your idea of what Spencer deserves is pathetic.


“I will agree that in no way we’re in the same class, but it’s because Spencer is so fucking far better than me I can’t even see the bottom of his fucking feet. He’s fucking gorgeous, smarter than I ever imagined possible, more humble than people half as intelligent as him, and why the flying donkey fuck do I care how he can navigate a room of strangers.


“The best fucking friends I had as a child, SSA Morgan, was the fucking help. Just because they’re filling your goddamned drink doesn’t mean they’re somehow beneath you. Why the fuck would I be spending my fucking time with the kind of stuck up snobs that would look down on Spencer if I, by some goddamned miracle, had him in my fucking LIFE? You are a pathetic asshole, and apparently a really fucking CRAPPY profiler, if that’s all you have gotten on me in the six motherfucking weeks that I have been here.


“Why don’t you go jack yourself off while you dream about some fucking dude that you’ll tell everyone is some stacked blonde, because you’re too goddamned chicken shit to admit who the fuck you are. Then you run your mouth about me and who I am. Fuck the hell out of you. You are seriously one of the most pathetic people I have met in a while. Don’t worry I will talk to Hotch about a transfer in the morning. I have had enough of judgmental assholes like you when I was at NCIS. I certainly am not spending any more time with them.”


Storming toward the door, Tony jerked it open ignoring the anger on the other man’s face, and cut him off before he could speak. “Go fuck yourself, Derek, with the biggest goddamned dildo you can find. Maybe it’ll get some of the asshole out of you.” Turning quickly to leave, he almost cursed again seeing Hotch standing there with an open mouthed Rossi. “Excuse me, Hotch… Rossi. I’m gonna just go clean off my desk. I will have the transfer request on your desk first thing in the morning.” Before any of the men could speak, Tony sped off leaving two stunned, and one more than slightly embarrassed agents behind.


“So,” Hotch began looking from where Tony had stormed off, back to Derek. “You decided to ignore Dave’s advice, and confronted Tony, after all then? Instead of letting him handle it like you were ordered. How’d that work out for you? I hope that you’ve decided what you’re gonna tell Reid when his first real crush he’s had in years leaves?”


Derek winced, and rubbed the back of his neck, looking behind Hotch to Rossi, who was glaring at him. “What in the ever-loving Sam Hill were you thinking?” Rossi snapped angrily. “I told you I would take care of it. I told you that it was harmless, and to let it develop on its own. I told you that he would understand Spencer, and his quirks. I told you that the two of them would work it out between them, if things advanced that far. What in the blue fuck did you say to him, Derek?”


Derek winced again, and looked to Hotch, but his boss appeared to be spectacularly unsympathetic. “I may have called him a player, insinuated that Spencer wasn’t in his class, made fun of Spencer’s social awkwardness, and insinuated that the only reason he got the job was because of some nepotism on Rossi’s part.”


When the other men stared at him slack jawed, he rushed on to explain. “I wasn’t serious! I was just ya know… mostly testing him. I caught him mooning at Spencer at the corner. I wanted to yank his chain a little!”


“You… I…. you…” Rossi started so agitated that he couldn’t even finish his thought.

Aaron meanwhile just blinked, and shook his head dumbfounded before speaking. “Derek, that has got to be the dumbest thing you have done since you started working with me, and trust me, you have done a lot of really dumb things. So, that is really saying something. If I had made a list of all the things NOT to say to Tony, I wouldn’t have been able to do better than the stunt you just pulled. You literally hit on all the things that you absolutely should never say to him, and tore open every one of his old wounds. I can’t even imagine how in the world you’re going to make this better. Seriously, this has to be the fuck up of all fuck ups. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to be more disappointed in you than I am right now. ”


Derek winced as he realized that he had nothing to say that would get him out of this predicament. “Rossi, man, tell me you can fix this? Please?”


“I don’t even…” Rossi turned and walked away, then came back. “If we weren’t at work right now I would punch you in the fucking throat Derek Morgan. Jesus Christ! I just…” Throwing his hands up in the air, Rossi turned again and stomped off. Hotch just gave Derek another disappointed glare, and turned to follow. Sighing, Morgan sat heavily in his chair wondering how this was gonna be fixed.


Having left Hotch and Rossi behind to talk to Derek, Tony stomped down the ramp to his desk where he yanked out the box he had underneath, and started randomly throwing his shit inside. While he was doing this, he was not so quietly cursing one SSA Derek Morgan, not taking into consideration who else was in the bullpen still.


“Tony?” Spencer’s somewhat quiet, slightly nervous voice came from somewhere behind him causing Tony to freeze. “What… what are you doing? What… what did Derek do now?”


Spinning around so fast that he almost knocked his box of crap off of his desk, Tony shouted without thinking about who he was shouting at. “I wouldn’t treat you like some fucking kind of temporary bed-mate! You’re not beneath me, and I’m not a fucking playboy!”


Spencer opened his mouth, closed it, and took a deep breath as he blushed bright red, and then tried again. “What did Derek do this time?”


Snorting, Tony wiped angry tears off his face that he would never admit to. He was pretty sure that somewhere between NCIS and the BAU he’d picked up some damned female mask for all the tears he’s shed since those damned coms had been turned off. Even if they were tears of anger mostly, he was beginning to question his own masculinity.


“I wouldn’t fuck with you, and, no offense, but your best friend is a raging asshole, and a crappy profiler.” Tony ranted in lieu of answering the question, wiping his hands over his face, again. When he looked, Spencer was watching him with a thoughtful expression, chewing on his lip as he nodded.


“He also has a horrible habit of not being able to mind his own business. I blame Garcia for that. I love her dearly, but between the two of them it’s nearly impossible to keep personal things well… personal. Not to mention he seems to be under the misconception that I am some kind of damsel in distress.” Spencer paused, and tried to reign in his temper. He could only imagine what kind of bullshit Derek pulled this time in an attempt to ‘protect’ poor helpless Spencer. Never mind the fact that he didn’t need protecting from Tony. Never mind the fact that Rossi had known him for years. Apparently though that wasn’t enough. So, now he was going to have to jump into something that he wasn’t ready for, and he guessed Tony wasn’t ready for. If he didn’t though, Tony mostly likely back off their friendship, and maybe disappear from their team forever. Sometimes Spencer really got tired of fixing Derek’s ‘in the heat of the moment’ reactions.


“He seems to forget that I had years alone in high school and college as a child with people much older than me. While it wasn’t the most fun experience of my life, I survived. I am more than capable of handling my own affairs, both literally and generally speaking. Like say knowing when to tell the new agent on the team that I think he’s incredibly hot, and when I need to wait and let him settle in before trying to see if he kisses as well as I fantasize that he does.”


While Tony just gaped at Spencer like a fish, the younger man stood watching him with his hands in his pockets. He was the stereotypical image of awkward, and yet there was a spine of steel that Tony realized others either overlooked or just straight up ignored.


“I’m starving. Would you mind going with me to have dinner? I get tired of eating alone, and I like that you don’t treat me as if I’m some helpless child. I would like to ask you some questions I have about cars. I have come to realize I need to replace mine, but I don’t want to get something boring. Rossi tells me that you are the one to go to.”


Spencer rocked back and forth on his feet waiting for an answer. When Tony just nodded somewhat dazed, Reid quickly shut down his computer, and headed off with Tony following as he whispered his questions to the other man. Rossi was watching after all, and the veteran profiler needed something to distract him from killing Morgan. That right belonged solely to one Dr. Spencer Reid.


Aaron stopped just behind Rossi watching as the two men headed out of the bullpen, their heads bend together lost to anyone else present. “Derek is gonna be impossible to live with.”


Rossi literally growled at the sound of Derek’s name. “If he even thinks about taking credit for this, I really am punching him in the damned throat. This was all Spencer, baby.” Rossi headed toward his office, taking his own turn at cursing out Derek Morgan not so quietly, as Hotch watched more than a little amused.


~~*NCIS Late October 2010*~~*~~*Choppy Endings*~~


Tony sat in the chair in front of the director’s desk. He was a little confused on why he’d been called in. Overall, he was so at peace with his decision that he wasn’t very concerned with whatever Vance had to say. He sat with one leg folded over the other, and his fingers locked together over the top knee. “I am sure you are curious why I called you in, DiNozzo. I know you have been offered a place with the BAU. As much as I would like to argue with you, I honestly can’t blame you for going after such an amazing opportunity.”


Tony shrugged and tilted his head to one side. “If the circumstances weren’t what they are, I would have never thought twice about leaving NCIS.” Tony paused struggling to contain emotions that he didn’t feel comfortable laying out for Director Vance. “Team Gibbs was my fucking family.”


Tony paused again, jaw clenched, and eyes burning from having to hold in angry tears. “I know that I’m not always the best agent. I know that I get hyper. I know that my training methods are… outside of the box. I thought though that the people I worked for believed in me as much as I believed in them. I thought that we were family. I see that was a mistake though. Gibbs…”


Tony hung his head, and took a deep breath letting it out slowly in hopes to calm his agitation. “Gibbs and I have made peace. Maybe I’m just a glutton, but I don’t know if I would survive losing his… importance in my life. I don’t have many people in my life that want to stick around. Hell my father murdered my mother because she wouldn’t agree to send me to boarding school. My guardian lived across the ocean, and was happy to leave me in the very boarding schools my mother didn’t want me thrown into and forgotten about. If it wasn’t for David Rossi, I would have no concept of what family means.


“Gibbs is… Gibbs is the closest thing that I will ever have to a big brother. I may not be able to be on his team any longer, but I can’t lose his faith in me. If I stay here… If I stay with NCIS I will become someone neither of us will be able to respect. I thought that Tim was like a kid brother. I thought Ziva was… well…”


Tony sighs again, and looks up at Vance. “Ziva is complicated. I forced myself to trust her, because Gibbs wanted me to trust her. I ignored my own gut, and look where it led me. I can promise you that won’t happen again. Abby was… Abby was a mistake. I should have realized that…”


Trailing off again Tony just shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about Abby. I’ll just say that we aren’t friends, and will never be friends again. She made her choice, and I am not letting her skip out on the consequences. She picked a side, and I am not going to be giving her an opportunity to jump back over the fence. She has been warned, and it won’t be my problem if she doesn’t listen. I can tell you I will absolutely NOT hesitate to get the cops involved if she doesn’t pay attention.


“To be completely honest, Director Vance, Abby is a big reason why I am leaving. I could have taken McGee’s betrayal. I definitely could have lived with Ziva’s. Hell there was a time when I was expecting her to stab me in the back. I am sure that had Benedict Sciuto not decided to play the part of Marcus Antony in this rendition of Caesar this conversation might never have been needed. I thought I’d be with NCIS until I retired. I never wanted to leave here, but surely you can see that I can’t stay.”


Director Vance nodded pulling the toothpick out of his mouth, and throwing it in the trash can beside his desk. “I know you and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, DiNozzo, but I honestly can see the difficult position you are in. I can also say with complete honesty that NCIS doesn’t want to lose you. Just because I don’t always understand or agree with your methods, doesn’t mean I can’t recognize their effectiveness, or appreciate the results. I’m not the only one either. SecNav was most unhappy when he heard that you were leaving us.”


Leaning back in his chair, Tony fought to keep the surprise and disbelief off of his face. Frankly he didn’t even know that SecNav knew who he was, let alone knew him well enough to have an opinion on him leaving.


Director Vance grabbed another toothpick and shoved it in his mouth before continuing. “His words were and I quote ‘Get it the hell worked out, Leon. We are not losing one of our top agents because of Eli David’s little brat, and some computer nerd. Find a compromise.’ So, when FBI Assistant Director Evans called me, we worked out a compromise. I realize that you don’t have to take this. I know you have a job waiting for you with the FBI, but I am hoping you’ll at least hear me out.”


Tony snorted and crossed his arms scooting his butt forward to recline backward in the stiff backed chair. “If I may drop the niceties, Director?” When Vance nodded Tony continued. “You more or less hate me. You shipped me off to a fuckin’ ship as soon as you could, and, if Gibbs hadn’t been such a pain in the ass, I’d still be there. You have made it clear that McGee is your idea of what an NCIS agent should be. I can’t even BEGIN to say how ironic that is considering what just happened. You are barely civil to me, and now you expect me to believe that you just can’t STAND to lose me? I call bullshit, Director Vance sir.”


Tony watched Vance study him with his normal constipated look, until dropping his head and snorting before laughing. Tony frowned further as Vance leaned back in his chair studying the ceiling. “Jesus Christ, DiNozzo, you have got to be the biggest pain in my ass ever. I have no idea what the hell we’re gonna do without you.”


Tony blinks confused at the conflicting statements watching as the Director sat up and looked at him half annoyed, and half amused. “I will admit that I let the end result of your trip to LA with Director Shepard color my view of you. Jenny was my direct boss, and a friend. I didn’t want to admit that she’d effectively committed suicide. I didn’t want to admit that a strong, intelligent, powerful woman such as her had made so many horrible decisions at the end of her life. I certainly didn’t want to look at myself, and wonder if I should have noticed things weren’t quite right.”


Director Vance sighed and took his toothpick out throwing it away before continuing. “I also admit that I let my… aggravation with Gibbs rub off onto my feelings about you. I assumed that because you’d worked under him for so long that you were him. I have learned over the last few years though that while your methods may not be my way, they work for you. That really is all that should be important. I also know what an asset that you are to Gibbs. He has made it clear what a hardship losing you is going to make for him. While I’d like to say I knew as much when I started as I thought I did, obviously that isn’t the case.


“I will also admit that this fiasco with McGee and David has been an eye opener. You had every right to cause a huge uproar over this, and cause a huge PR headache for NCIS. Instead you have handled it with class. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. I am ashamed to learn that my prototype agent understood or cared so little about the rules that he would leave his partner without backup for hours. I am ashamed to learn that he is such a coward, and is so intent on being one of the ‘cool kids’ that he would go along with something so incredibly against agency policy just to ‘get one over’ on a co-worker.”


Director Vance hangs his head shaking it, and Tony watched confused as he bit his lip. “I honestly don’t know what we will do without you, but that is our problem to solve. As I said I will understand if you don’t want to take out offer, but I hope that you will consider it. Essentially we would be creating a liaison position for NCIS with the Behavioral Analysis Unit out of Quantico. You would be reporting directly to Agent Aaron Hotchner Unit Chief over the premiere Behavioral Analysis Unit. You would be taking your orders directly from him.


“There may be the occasion where NCIS would request to use you for an undercover assignment, but the contract we have worked out with the FBI guarantees that Unit Chief Hotchner would have the final say in your being allowed to participate. He would also have to be able to be kept apprised of the mission, and his Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia would be allowed to electronically monitor you at all times. My understanding is that they work cold cases just as we do. They have agreed to let you pull NCIS cases if you wish. We’d hate to lose all the good work you do getting justice for those that have been waiting too long for it.


“You would be bumped up a pay scale by NCIS so that you effectively on our end would be considered in a supervisory role. Assistant Director Evans has indicated they are seeing an upswing in cases with military members. We have agreed that in those instances you will act as the Second in Command. SSA Hotchner has already spoken with his current 2IC and he has agreed to this being reasonable.


“McGee and David will be fired. All the paperwork isn’t finished yet, but SecNav has made it clear that is what he wants done. The punishment for Sciuto is… less clear. We’re waiting in IA’s recommendation before we make a final decision there. I know you have been screwed over. We’d like to hope that at some point in the future we will have a chance at winning back your trust, Special Agent DiNozzo.”


Tony sat quietly chewing on the inside of his cheek turning over the possibilities in his mind. He knew that he should take time to mull the offer over, but if he was honest with himself he was tired of the whole process, and just wanted it to be done. “I will report to Agent Hotchner? That can’t be changed at some point in the future when SecNav or someone else gets a burr up their ass?”


Vance quickly shook his head sensing that he might actually have a shot at pulling this off. “It’s in writing. You will also have a contract with the FBI, but I believe that SSA Hotchner is going to go over that paperwork with you when you meet with him next.”


Before he could talk himself out of it, Tony nodded and held his hand out to Director Vance. “I accept your offer, sir. I’ve had a lot of good years at NCIS. I’d like to think that I wasn’t just flushing them all down the toilet.”


Leon nodded understanding. After shaking Tony’s hand he held out two thick manila envelopes. “This is your new NCIS contract. Take it home tonight and read it. I suspect you’ll want to share it and what we have discussed with Gibbs. I am fine with that. I’d appreciate if you would hold off on talking to anyone else within NCIS until we are done with the IA investigations. My understanding is that SSA Hotchner has kept SSA Rossi appraised, but you would want to verify that with him. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate this, Tony. Bring the top one with the signed documents back tomorrow. If you have any questions give me a call.”


Nodding Tony stood and left the office hoping he’d made the correct decision. He was glad he and Gibbs were both on leave. He didn’t want to have to wait to talk to his now former boss about all that had transpired.


About an hour later he pulled up outside of Gibb’s home, turning off the engine he just sat there momentarily thinking about everything and nothing at the same time. He was a little afraid to believe that things were really going to work out. Somehow he was going to get to stay with NCIS, and he was still going to be working with his Angelo as a part of the BAU.


He was more than a little afraid to go inside the house, and hear what Gibbs had to say. So far the older man had been nothing but supportive. That in itself was freaking Tony out. He might not like it better, but he was pretty sure that he’d be able to handle it better if the boss was being an asshole. ‘Former boss, DiNozzo, Gibbs is now your former boss.’ He thought to himself. Shaking his head, Tony decided that it was time to man up and he got out of the car, locking it with the remote as he headed up the sidewalk.


Making his way inside then through the house, Tony found himself quickly in the basement where he settled on a stool he hadn’t seen before. “Thought you’d need something better to sit on.” Gibbs explained, and Tony found himself grinning. He was fairly certain he hadn’t spoken out loud. If someday he found out telepaths existed, he knew who he’d suspect first.


“They’re creating a liaison position just for me. So, that way I can still work for the BAU, and not leave NCIS, too.”


Gibbs grunted and arched an eyebrow. “They give you a new contract?”


Nodding Tony looked around and wished that he’d grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. “I get a pay raise, and basically a promotion. I will be sharing the Second in Command duties with Agent Hotchner’s current 2IC Derek Morgan. When there’s not military involvement he will be the 2IC. When there is, it’ll be me. They put in their agreement with the FBI that if NCIS wants to use me for undercover, Agent Hotchner has to be kept informed, and their technical analyst has to be able to track me. Hotchner can also deny them using me. Rossi told me last night my FBI contract will guarantee a spot on whatever team Rossi’s on. If I’m still there when he retires it will be my decision to stay with the BAU team, return to NCIS, or go to another team at the FBI.”


Gibbs nodded satisfied. “Did he say anything about the terror trio?”


Tony nodded looking down at his hands. “McGee and Ziva will be fired most likely. IA isn’t done, but that’s what SecNav wants. Abby they don’t know what to do with.” Tony scowls. “I told him I didn’t wanna discuss Benedict Sciuto. What about you, boss? I feel a little bad that you’re gonna have to create a whole new team.”


“Don’t,” Gibbs muttered then shrugged. “Got an offer from Vance for a different position. Basically he’s forming a team to work solely on terrorist cases both domestic and abroad. I’d be doing more work in MTAC helping him with missions on top of that. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m considerin’ it. I expect you to still come around, DiNozzo. You disappear on me, and I’m gonna come kick your ass.”


Tony smiled shyly looking up from his hands. “Really boss?”


Gibbs snorted amused. “Ain’t your boss, DiNozzo.”


Tony made a face and shrugged hoping for nonchalant. “You’ll always be my boss, Boss.” When Gibbs just snorted with amusement again, Tony smiled and settled in to watch his friend and former boss work. It was nice to know at least this would still be there when he needed it.


~~*BAU Late 2015*~~*~~*Reassurances*~~

Tony and Spencer walked into the house that they shared, exhausted but mostly satisfied with the outcome of their case in Charleston, SC. The unsub turned out to be Mr. Hayes’ best friend since the third grade. He’d known something was off about his friend, but hadn’t put things together until Tony and Derek had questioned him that morning. His brain had been too tired to try and protect him from the truth. The man was understandably horrified that he’d had the answer all along, but just didn’t want to admit it to himself.


Tony was standing in the room he shared with Spencer, when he felt arms go around his waist. Smiling he leaned back slightly, letting his head fallback to get a kiss. “Bri, what are you doing home?” Tony asked happily as his lover chuckled.


“Case broke earlier than expected. I swear criminals are getting dumber,” Brian O’Connor bitched and Tony snorted. Turning in the other man’s arms, Tony smiled getting a deeper kiss, only stopping when he felt Spencer’s presence. Brian pulled back, and grinned at the younger man. “Hey Spence. How’d the case go?”


Spencer waved happily at his boyfriend’s lover. “It went good. We got the bad guy, so he can’t kill anyone else. I know Tony is happy to see you home.”


“Just Tony?” Brian purred as he turned to look at the Italian who was already undressing. Spencer hurried to curl into the chair in the corner to watch what was about to happen.


Spencer supposed that if his BAU friends could see this, they most likely wouldn’t understand. Heck, he was pretty sure they didn’t understand anything about his relationship, but this… For Spencer it was like watching a good movie, or the ballet. He enjoyed it, but had no interest in participating. He couldn’t deny though that the two of them were very beautiful together. Right now for instance. Brian’s blonde curls, were an incredible contrast against Tony’s tanned chest as it appeared he was biting his flesh. Tony was making these wonderful noises that sounded like they were coming from the depths of his soul.


Their hands were clutched together on one side of the bed, along with the sheet that somehow had gotten twisted up in their hands. Tony’s feet were planted on the bed flat with his knees bent in the air. Brian’s left hand was trailing up one of his thighs, pausing to play with one of his balls before moving on to casually stroke Tony’s cock.


Spencer didn’t watch every time, but after 5 years he’d seen this happen enough times that he didn’t understand how it wasn’t mundane by now. It wasn’t like he could ask someone either. He had some pride after all, and he most likely would die of embarrassment before the question got out. As he watched Brian stretching Tony, Spencer mentally wondered what Derek would say if he asked him his questions. He just barely suppressed a giggle before it came out.


There weren’t many rules the guys had laid down for him. Not giggling at whatever random weird thought that came into his head while they were having intercourse was high on that list though. As he watched Brian slipping inside of Tony, he imagined Derek would say that his memory was completely wasted in this instance. Spencer disagreed though.


While he may not get sexual pleasure out of this, it didn’t mean it didn’t make him happy. When he had his worst days, when he had that case that just didn’t seem to want to end, when he had to watch that horrible act that he’d never forget… Spencer thought of this.


He thought of the way Tony begged and whimpered for Brian to speed up. He remembered how it sounded when Brian praised Tony’s beauty in that tone Spencer only heard in the bedroom. He thought of the way Tony and Brian’s eyes locked as they neared the finish every single time.


He thought of the way Brian’s name was the last thing across Tony’s lips before he came.


He thought of the way his own name was the first thing across Tony’s lips after he came.


He may not get pleasure in ways that others could understand, but Spencer needed this moment just the same as the two on the bed did. He just needed it for different reasons than most did. Fortunately for him, both his boyfriend, and Tony’s lover accepted it, and loved him for it.


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3 thoughts on “Dead Air – Chapter Two: Rocky Starts, Choppy Endings, and Reassurances

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  3. Okay, the relationship between Brian, Tony and Spencer got me curious.. its a bit different.. but I can’t wait to find out more.

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