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My stories often use acronyms. I always try to explain once, but I know they can be confusing. Rather than having to retype repeatedly per story, and because I often use the same shows therefore the same acronyms, I am creating this reference page. Acronyms will be listed for general acronyms first. Then story/universe specific acronyms will be broken up per story/’verse.


If you have any questions, or need an acronym explained that isn’t listed, please put it in the comments, and I will get it added.


General Acronyms


ADAssociate Director/Assistant Director

AG – Attorney General

AICAgent in Charge

CO – Commanding Officer

ESPN – Entertainment and Sports Programming Network

FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation

Fed/Feds – Federal Law Enforcement Agent

FLETC – Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

LEO – Law Enforcement Officer

MCRT – Major Case Response Team

ME – Medical Examiner

MTAC – Multiple Threat Alert Center

NCISNaval Criminal Investigative Service

NYPD – New York Police Department

OSU – Ohio State University

PD – Police Department

PI – Private Investigator

S&G – Sentinel & Guide

SS&G – Sentinel, Swing SentinelGuide, & Guide

SCSection Chief

SEAL – Sea, Air, Land (US Navy military special forces team member)

SecDefSecretary of Defense

SecNavSecretary of the Navy

SFASenior Field Agent

SICSecond in Command

SSASupervisory Special Agent

TLTeam Leader

UCUnit Chief


Story/’Verse Specific Acronyms & Terms


Alphas & Omegas ‘Verse

Blemished – Non-ABO human term for an Omega who doesn’t fit their outside viewpoint ideal of what an Omega should be.

The Society – Term used by Alpha/Beta/Omegas to describe their little portion of society.

Hoi Polloi – in this world a derogatory term used to describe non-ABOs


Dead Air will lead to Never-ending Possibilities



No More Missing Moments

BA&MCU – Behavioral Analysis & Major Case Unit.


The Series within the Series ‘Verse


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