Second Time Character Listing


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This page will contain characters including OCs for my story It’s Better the Second Time Around.  Characters will be added as they appear in the story. If you are reading after the fic has been fully posted, this page IS spoilery. The cast is multi-fandom, so both the show and the actor/actress will be listed. OC’s will show the character name I created, and the actor/actress I modeled it after.

Second Time Character Listing
 6d150fb2b663e8621052574b54331cb1  markforbes06_zps7b24f270  Quixote Studios

 Tony DiNozzo

Played by actor

Michael Weatherly

 Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Played by actor

Mark Harmon

 Dr. Rachel Cranston

Played by actress

Wendy Makkena

Minor Appearance ONLY!

 tobias-fornell  973120562e1fdc6d53154991e6d25dd9  fde23f73ebf9b6e4a7b8147b684b944f

 Tobias Fornell

Played by actor

Joe Spano

 Timothy McGee

Played by actor

Sean Murray

 Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard

Played by actor

David McCallum

 58dacb4d288ef184ddbe617ec661b258  NCIS  ad-john-evans

 Abigail “Abby” Sciuto

Played by actress

Pauley Perrette

 Director Leon Vance

Played by actor

Rocky Carroll

 AD John Evans

Played by actor

Michael Ironside

Minor Appearance Only!

 mateo-cruz  tumblr_m4jrysadow1r5l90do1_500  rossi

 Section Chief Mateo Cruz

Played by actor

Esai Morales

Minor Appearance Only!

 Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner

Played by actor

Thomas Gibson

 SSA David Rossi

Played by actor

Joe Mantegna

 62652848-668x1000  tumblr_nrjvdyyshb1t24i2zo1_540  15871612_1837395539862754_5314597548929334563_n

 Trent Kort

Played by actor David Dayan Fisher

 William Brandt

Played by actor Jeremy Renner

Original fandom: Mission Impossible

 Robert Morgan

Visualized as actor Robert Downey Jr.

 19602808  Agent_Avery_Ryan  CSI: CYBER

 Senior Technical Analyst and Agent Chin Ho Kelley

Played by actor Daniel Dae Kim

 Section Cheif Avery Ryan

Played by actress Patricia Arquette

Minor Appearance Only!

 Special Agent Daniel “Krummy” Krumitz

Played by  Charley Koontz

Mentioned Only!

154d458e67db3637f66f997c17dcdea4 584951_1.1 3aa6e58f31c7eee4e40f1617d5ff23eb

 Junior Technical Analyst Raven Ramirez

Played by Hayley Kiyoko

SSA/SIC Elijah Mundo

Played by James Van Der Beek

 Tech Analyst Penelope Garcia

Played by Kirstin Vangsness

 5bc54d48774d38b8592670e22189a814  740full-genevieve-padalecki  mandy_patinkin_02.jpg
Clay Miller

Played by Jared Padalecki

Special Agent Ruby Miller

Played by Genevieve Cortese

 Former SSA Jason Gideon

Played by Mandy Patinkin


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