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Title: Sensing Los Angeles

Characters: Anthony DiNozzo Jr, Colby Granger, Don Eppes, David Sinclair, Triple H, Batista, Megan Reeves, Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg

Relationships: Tony/Colby Granger, Triple H/Batista, Jim/Blair, S&G Relationship only Don/David,

Warnings: Non-Cannon Compliant: NCIS, Non-Cannon Compliant: Numb3rs, Non-Cannon Compliant: The Sentinel, Asshole!Don, Sentinel & Guide Relationships, Possible Inaccurate Medical Facts, Anti/Alternative Religious thoughts/talk, Mentions of Guide Manipulation, Anti-Senior, Anti-Ziva, AU after Boxed In for NCIS,

Word Count: 14,871

Rating: R to be safe

Note: NCIS characters will be mostly absent, and may not be discussed heavily. I am changing Jim and Blair’s backstory for my own purposes. I’m changing several things for my own purposes. Banner and Beta by the wonderful Rivermoon1970. HUGE thanks go out to her for her assistance with this.


Tony comes home after the events of Boxed in (NCIS ep 3×12) with a letter from the S&G Headquarters. Attached is a handwritten note from his longtime friend Jim Ellison advising him that he has a potential Guide match. Tony takes it as a sign, and leaves for LA that evening.

Colby Granger has been waiting for his Sentinel since the day his father died. He’s been working undercover, and drowning in guilt about the lies that he has been telling his team. Just when he thinks that he might drown, his Sentinel, who has worked his fair share of undercover jobs himself, comes into his life. The question is, will his current three sense unbonded Sentinel boss let Colby and his new Sentinel partner be happy? Or, will his insecurity get in the way of their happiness?




Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Character Page



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