Thomas McCormick Character Page


Character Name: Thomas Edward McCormick

Age: Unspecified but I picture 42 to 48

Occupation: SIS/MIS – Double Oh Program – Code-name 003

Personality: Thomas is a quiet, contemplative, intellectual type. Hates rushing into things, and is known for never making big mistakes on his assignments, and very limited small mistakes. Takes pride in being able to return his “kit” as in tact as possible.

Born: America – small town in upstate New York

Pastimes/Hobbies: Reading, Learning,

Father: Name Unknown – American Soldier

Mother: Name Unknown – born in Scotland

Notes: Met father as a teenager while he was deployed overseas, and moved to the states for him, but hated it.


Story appearances:


American Born Double Oh

Story Notes: Thomas is in love with Tony Paddington (formerly DiNozzo, Jr), who is Q’s second hand man known as R. He has few friends, but longs to form a friendship with the brash and fun loving 006. Interestingly enough, 006 is also the one who intimidates him the most, but he feels it would be a risk worth taking to be friends with the man.

Story Relationships: Pre-Tony Paddington/Thomas, Alec Trevelyan/Q

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