Tristan Jordan DiNozzo Character Page



Name: Tristan Jordan “TJ” DiNozzo

Age: Varies per story, but generally somewhere between 2 and 6

Personality: TJ is an outgoing, intelligent, and happy child. He’s the apple of his daddy’s eye, and thinks his papá is near perfect. Like his father, he thrives in social situations, but is not afraid to show his intelligence.

Father: Anthony D. DiNozzo, Jr.

Note: Tony is determined to be a better parent than Senior and his mother were. TJ always comes first, and his presence brought about a clarification as to other parts of Tony’s life, especially his career. He found himself less willing to put up with things than he was before such as insubordination, and anything that risks his life or health needlessly.

Mother: Amber (Last name unknown/not created) – Deceased

Note: Mother’s death varies, but generally died prior to TJ’s death. TJ was conceived during a brief affair (varies but generally 2 weeks to a month). Tony and Amber remained friendly, but didn’t have face to face contact. Amber worked for the State Department, and each thought the other could be useful as a contact. Tony was not informed until after she died that she’d been pregnant.

Notes about TJ: He is a genius, and calls his father papá. TJ is bilingual speaking English and Italian, which Tony is teaching him.

Story appearances:

Guiding Island Dreams (creation story)

Story Notes: Amber was killed (no details on how). TJ survived, but spent several weeks in NCIU. There was no support from the team, except for Jimmy Palmer, who sat with him several nights. Gibbs was in Mexico during his ‘siesta’, and therefore he was the only one with an excuse for not going. TJ is 5 in this story, and most likely a genius. He’s also a future sentinel, and meets his perfect match as a child (Grace Williams). The two form a pre-bond.

4 thoughts on “Tristan Jordan DiNozzo Character Page

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  3. I love the picture. Did you mean to say ‘…prior to TJ’s birth’? I love the part of the story where he schools all of them on the importance of recess and then the horror of not being allowed to watch papa make the cookies. That whole story is a favorite.

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