Chapter Four: The Past Repeats Itself


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Chapter Summary: Danny and Tony spend some alone time just being together. Steve finds he doesn’t like this synched thing, and the boys find out the past it repeating itself. Only this time the parental figures will be on the same page.


Chapter Four: The Past Repeats Itself

Tony hung up with TJ, and walked into the living area of the hotel he and his son were staying at. Danny following closely behind having just gotten off the phone with his daughter Grace. Normally, being that Tony was the guide, the two of them would have gone to Danny’s home. However, the sentinel, for some reason, lived in a shithole apartment that wasn’t suitable for any human being, let alone an online bonded sentinel. He’d stepped one foot into the small dwelling, and demanded that Danny pack a bag.  Oddly enough, his normally argumentative mate hadn’t said a peep. Tony guessed that with his enhanced senses fully online now, and not just the partial enhancement he’d had with the Platonic Bond, whatever crap was hiding under the hideous carpet that looked like it hadn’t changed since 1968 was too much for him.

Once they were finally alone, the door to the room was barely closed before Danny was trying to get Tony out of his clothes. Now, several hours later they were settled enough that they could take a couple minutes to do some individual things. Sort of. They were still in the same room. If they were sitting then they were both on the same piece of furniture. If they were pacing, they were generally pacing along the same line within touching distance.  It seemed to be a thing.  Tony noticed while they were at Steve’s that they seemed to be doing everything in synch.  He was a little surprised someone hadn’t commented on it, but guessed that the tribe mother Kono had something to do with that.

Both TJ and Gracie were with their Uncle Steve and Auntie Kono.  Since that night was Danny’s evening during the week with Gracie, he’d picked her up as normal. Even though he’d just bonded, Steve had registered Danny as a part of his tribe after they’d met.  Because of this he was legally allowed time with the children of his members.  Rachel hadn’t been happy with that.

As far as Tony was concerned she was about to be a whole hell of a fucking lot more unhappy once he stepped in, and got their bullshit custody arrangement fixed.  He was pretty sure why Danny was living in a hovel that was in no way compliant with his sentinel needs, and Tony wasn’t even a little bit ok with it.

As much as Tony liked Steve, he wouldn’t normally be the first person he’d chose to watch his son overnight. Chin had offered to stay the night also though, and Danny assured him that between him and Kono they had more than enough experience with children to make up for Steve’s lack thereof. He wished that he’d been able to spend more time with Gracie.  There had been something about her introduction to TJ that made his daddy gut tingle.  The two five year olds had fortunately taken one look at each other and seemed to become immediate best friends.

Tony didn’t realize that he’d wandered out of Danny’s immediate space until he felt his skin getting too tight. The need to touch his sentinel was the cause, much to Tony’s displeasure. What would his mate think when he found out about his issues.

Before he could worry about it too much though, he felt two arms wrap around him, and the skin and hair on Danny’s chest pressing into his back.  Immediately, the feeling went away, and Tony felt like he could breathe again.  “Some days I think that if I could get my hands on my father, he’d be dead for what he did to us,” Tony said softly. He felt Danny’s arms tighten around him slightly.

“You have issues too, babe?” Danny asked quietly.  “The doctor that I saw in college thought that you might after he diagnosed me with the Bond Separation Related Anxiety. He said that there was a good chance you would develop Bond Separation Related Detachment Disorder. I hate that they did this to us. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully forgive them all for what they did to us.”

Tony folded his arms over his own stomach, covering Danny’s arms which were resting on the same spot. “Your doctor was right,” Tony confirmed softly.  “You think that’s why we’re doing this… synced thing?”

Tony could feel Danny shrug from behind him. “I dunno, babe. Most likely. Does it bother you? I mean I can try and stop. I just…”

“No!” Tony blurted then took a deep breath as he leaned back into his mate’s embrace. “No, I don’t wanna stop. I honestly don’t think we can stop. I took quite a bit of psych classes in and after college, and as many of them as possible were Sentinel and Guide related.

“There is really no common long term outlook for what happens when a pair suffering from Bond Separation Related Disorders finally come together again.  There seems to be some kind of issues that just don’t go away, and in long term sufferers there is almost always new issues that form after the bond is renewed.  So, my guess is that this syncing thing is just… us. I don’t hate it I just… I know it’s weird.”


Tony could hear Danny make a rude noise behind him, and smiled as he looked out at the ocean. “Babe, if I gave two craps what anyone other than us and our ohana think about what we do, maybe people thinking we’re weird would bother me.  There’s only one other tribe in Hawaii strangely enough, and they’re on another island. So, anyone here who has an issue has to deal with Steve and Kono. While I normally don’t like passing off my problems to someone else, in this case I think that I would enjoy watching the destruction those two would cause when they were on their warpath.”

Tony could feel Danny rubbing his lips back and forth over his back, and leaned his head back to grin at the smaller man.  He could feel something odd over the bond. He guessed that Danny was worrying something to death. “What are you worrying about? I can feel something. I just can’t tell what.”

Danny huffed and Tony felt another shrug followed by several long moments of silence before the New Jersey native finally replied. “Did that meeting between my Gracie and your TJ seem… familiar?”

Frowning, Tony pulled forward, ignoring Danny and Sonny’s whine of protest. Turning he leaned against the window, and pulled his mate back into his arms. He noticed that Sonny and Tony’s Snow Leopard Cagney were cuddled together in a pile on the other end of the room.  “I was thinking about that a little bit ago.” Tony offered turning his thoughts back to his son and Gracie. “There was something about it that felt familiar. It almost felt like…. Shit.”

Digging into his pocket, Tony ignored Danny’s questioning glance as he quickly dialed Steve.  “Shouldn’t you two be doing the nasty right about now?”

“The nasty, McGarrett? Seriously?  Are you in high school? For your information we already did the nasty, if it’s going to concern you. I had an unrelated issue that came up, which I needed to talk to you about if that won’t offend your delicate sensibilities. If it will please feel free to put on your much more intelligent and socially advanced guide. I would rather talk to her anyway.”

When he didn’t get a response immediately, Tony scowled. He was about to check to see if the call had disconnected when Steve finally spoke. “You know it’s funny. My caller ID says that it’s Tony calling. Your voice sounds like Tony, but that snark was pure Danny. I can deal with the eating from the same plate. I am cool with the sharing drinks and cigars. I can even handle you two finishing each other’s sentences while you’re talking to me. However, if you develop his constant sarcasm I am gonna jump out of the Camaro window… while it’s moving.”

Tony snorted. “Good then we won’t have to figure out who is sitting in the front all the time. If you think you’re always sticking Danny in the back of whatever vehicle we’re driving just because he’s short you got another thing coming, Steven.”

After another lengthy pause, Steve swore. “We are so switching up teams. Jesus, help me. You and Danny can be partners now. Kono and I will be partners. Chin and Lou can either partner up or switch up between us two. What exactly was it you needed, princess?”

“OK, look this is gonna sound weird, but it’s fucking important. So, I need you to listen, Steve. I’m not kidding around right now, ok?”

“Affirmative,” Steve answered, and Tony could practically hear the mental switch from bitching buddy to highly serious and professional Navy SEAL.

“If you try to separate TJ and Gracie, and either one of them pitches a fit. It’s important that you DO. NOT. SEPARATE. THEM. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. Kono filled me in on what happened to you and Danny. Do you think that could happen with the kids?”  Tony heard the patio door opening, and guessed that Steve had moved outside.

“Something about their introduction has been bugging me because it felt familiar. It wasn’t until just now when Danny brought it up that I realized why. They felt like what I remember feeling when I met Danny. From the second I laid eyes on him, I knew that he was mine. Automatically I had my best friend for life, and I will be fucked if I will let my baby boy go through a single second of what’ I’ve suffered, Steven. I am trusting you with their entire lives right now. So, I need you to tell me that you understand.”

“You have my word of honor.” Steve promised, and Tony smiled.


“You wanna salute me right now. Don’t you?”

Steve snorted, and Tony could picture his friend’s smile. “You’re a jackass. Go spend time with your sentinel, T-bird. I got this. Tell Danny to try and not worry too much, K?”

“Will do, Stevie,” Tony replied back before ending the call.  Danny was snickering into Tony’s chest.

“Jesus,” Danny giggled. Eventually he calmed down, and got serious. “You know I don’t drive my own car at work for a reason, right?”

Tony shrugged. “No. Is there?”

Danny nodded. “If we get into a chase it makes me anxious. It’s bad enough to deal with when I’m in the passenger’s seat. I don’t like it when I’m driving. I’m always afraid that I’ll make a wrong judgment because of the anxiety, and get someone hurt or killed.  We don’t need to tell Super SEAL that though. He’ll just mother hen me to death.”

Tony snorted. “Don’t worry. I am holding him to his new partner’s thing.”

“I am so not unleashing the terrible twosome on Oahu alone. The island will be destroyed.  They’re gonna have to have Lou or Chin with them at all times. I am making it a law.”

Tony snorted, not willing to argue. It hadn’t taken him long today to figure out that Steve and Kono were two reckless and dangerous peas in a pod.  They definitely needed something to temper their wild streaks.  As long as it wasn’t him or his sentinel then Tony was all for a third person in their unit at all times.

Closing his eyes, Tony let himself enjoy the sensation of having his sentinel back in his arms. He’d always longed for this to happen again, but had long ago given up any hope that it was possible.  It was too bad that Danny’s parents hadn’t listened any better than Senior. Tony hurt a little over that. He remembered how much Danny loved his mother, and how he’d looked up to his father when they were children.

Something like that… for it to be destroyed by willful ignorance and a careless dismissal of a child’s pain was unforgivable. Tony would rather have had Senior as his parent. He’d always known his father didn’t love him. So, his handling of the situation hadn’t been a surprise, or done any more damage than was to be expected. Danny though? His mate had lost not only his guide, but the unconditional love and blind faith every child should have for their parents. The destruction of those was in Tony’s opinion worse than the harm they’d done to the boys.

They would get past it though. They didn’t need either of their parents. They had a new home with a loving supportive eclectic family, and two children of their own who would always know their daddies loved them.  Smiling down at Danny, Tony bent his head for a kiss.  The future was wide open and filled with all their dreams. Nothing and no one would ever be able to separate them again.

The end.


End Note: 

OK…. So, there was a lot that I wanted to do with this story. However, I quickly discovered that 15K isn’t as long as it sounds. Grace was meant to make an appearance, and the kids’ situation was meant to be discussed more. I had also planned to touch on Tony’s past with Danny and Steve more.

Instead, I did what I could, and everything else is getting covered in the three other stories planned. I already have the Danno&Tony meeting started, and basic ideas for the Tony&Steve prequel as well as the sequel to this. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who read this, and doubly so for those who commented. See you at the next story!

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