Alphas and Omegas Character Page

Characters will be added as they appear in the series.

Alphas and Omegas ‘Verse Characters
 Jared chats on break  tumblr_mrn4e6rey01qkrv4po1_500  rossi

 Sam Winchester

Played by Actor

Jared Padalecki

 Dr. Spencer Reid

Played by actor

Matthew Gray Gubler

 David Rossi

Played by actor

Joe Montegna

 criminalminds13f-1-web  6d150fb2b663e8621052574b54331cb1  58dacb4d288ef184ddbe617ec661b258
 Aaron Hotchner

Played by actor

Thomas Gibson

 Tony DiNozzo

Played by actor

Michael Weatherly

 Abby Sciuto

Played by actress

Pauley Perrette

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