The Outing of Spencer Reid – Chapter Three



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Chapter Note: OK… I think Garcia is slightly out of character here. Someone had to move things along though, and I wrote this years ago so… It is what it is.


Chapter Three

Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things.” – Russell Baker

Garcia’s hands twisted in front of her as she entered Hotch’s office. She didn’t like doing this, but she didn’t have any choice.

“Hotch, I need to talk to you,” Garcia started and he nodded holding up a finger. Garcia though was staring at her fidgeting hands and wasn’t paying attention.

“I hate to come to you with this, but I don’t think I have a choice.”

Aaron looked up at her sighing. “Garcia…” he started trying to interrupt, but clearly she wasn’t paying attention.

“I can’t let Morgan treat Reid like this. It isn’t right. I’m not gonna let Morgan bully him.”

“Garcia,” Aaron tried again sitting up straighter and looking at the phone, but again she ignored him.

“It isn’t Reid’s fault he’s gay!”

“GARCIA!” She finally heard and her head lifted and wide eyed she looked at the phone. “GARCIA, SHUT THE HELL UP!” That was Morgan. The indignant shriek had been Reid. The glare of fury coming from Hotch was clear. Open mouthed she tried to come up with something, but there was no valid reasoning she could give.

“Aaron, I’ll handle things on this end,” came Gideon’s calm assurances.

Hotch however was anything but calm. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” Hotch seethed. “We’re on a case Garcia! I was on a conference call with the team and the local officials! You’ve just outed Reid in front of everyone. Not to mention you’ve implicated Morgan as being unprofessional. What the hell were you thinking?”

Garcia’s lip trembles as she flails trying to come up with an explanation. “I just… I wanted… Reid was upset! He called me. He… Reid was upset!”

“Garcia, you’ve tied my hands. I have to formally investigate this now. I may have to put a mark on Morgan’s record. What were you thinking!”

Garcia opened her mouth again to try and justify her actions, but all she could thing was that she’d done it, again. Turning she ran out seeking the shelter of her office’s safe haven.


End Note: I am pretending the fraternization rules don’t exist… ok? Good.


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