The Outing of Spencer Reid – Epilogue



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In an age when the fashion is to be in love with yourself, confessing to be in love with somebody else is an admission of unfaithfulness to one’s beloved. – Russell Baker


Pausing in front of Hotch’s office, Reid took a deep breath looking back at Derek who looked somewhat less than his normal calm himself. Strangely for Spencer his new lover (partner, boyfriend, not-even-in-the-ballpark-of-being-unrequited-love-interest or whatever he was supposed to be calling whatever Derek now was to him) being nervous too was soothing. Slipping his fingers daringly into Derek’s, Spencer opened the door glad for the emptiness of the office given the lateness of the day.

“Hotch, can we talk to you?” Derek asked stepping around Reid and slipping inside pulling Reid with him. Smiling Reid took further comfort in the way his warrior pushed aside his unease and stepped up taking charge letting Reid stand safely within the shadows of his courage.

When Aaron waved them over with only a slight lift of an eyebrow at their hands still clasped together. When his boss’ eyes met his, Spencer lifted his chin slightly unwilling to feel ashamed knowing Hotch was one of the few people in the building they’d be able to be out and open around. “I guess I don’t have to ask if you two have worked things out,” Hotch said dryly his lips twitching with amusement. “What’s up?”

Pulling Reid over to the chairs Derek waited for Spencer to sit before taking a seat himself, something else that warmed Spencer’s heart. He knew he should be worried about the way Derek tended to act like he was a girl. The truth of the matter was, he wasn’t upset about it at all, and didn’t see a reason to pretend he was. It was frankly nice to be given little courtesies like having doors opened, and Derek waiting to sit until he did. It told Spencer he was serious about this relationship, and gave him the strength he needed to be courageous in his own way.

“I wanted to tell you that the whole thing with me and Derek was a huge misunderstanding all around, and ask if there was any way you could not make this a formal thing? I don’t want Derek’s record to be blemished when we’ve umm… worked things out between ourselves.”

Aaron sat back in his chair studying the two. “Well I can’t not investigate, but I would say it’s pretty obvious there was a misunderstanding somewhere. You two have clearly come to an understanding.” Aaron didn’t even try to withhold his grin. “Reid, if you say that the claims Garcia brought forward are unsubstantiated then I am happy to call that the investigation and report there is nothing to the allegations.”

Shaking his head fast, Reid leaned forward anxiously. “Completely unsubstantiated, the whole thing was just one big confusion. Garcia thought she was doing what was right, she just… got a little excited. Derek and I hadn’t actually talked yet and…”

Derek sighed nodding. “I said some things that were way out of line, while I was panicking. Spencer rightly took it hard at first, but once we talked we realized that, well, we realized that what we were saying and what we thought and felt weren’t the same. Once we both got things out in the open we realized that we both had the same wants and desires.”

“So are you officially telling me you’re a couple?” Aaron asked stiffening slightly with worry, but relaxed as they both shook their heads.

“No, not officially,” Derek corrected quickly. “Eventually yeah, but I’m not ready yet to tell everyone just yet. We just, well we decided that you should know sorta unofficially just in case you know?”

Nodding carefully, Aaron smiled as the two stood. “Well then unofficially I will tell you both I am happy things worked out. I trust you two to not let this effect your work. I hope too that you’re going to speak with Garcia. She’s, well she’ll work better if she knows she is forgiven. She is forgiven I hope?”

Derek looked to Reid letting him answer knowing he had been hurt the worst by what Garcia’d done. “She’s forgiven,” Reid confirmed squeezing Derek’s hand. “We’re gonna talk to her tomorrow and make sure she knows. I’d do it tonight, but I think we both just need some quiet time alone together before we face anyone else.”

Nodding Aaron watched the couple stand. “I think that’s a good idea. Go home, preferably together and relax. Forget about the rest of us for awhile.” As the two turned and left, Aaron sighed relieved and taking Derek’s file out from the stack on his desk happy to be able to put it back where it belonged in his drawer unblemished. Leaning back in his chair he watched the two walking through the office hand in hand again, Spencer laughing at something Derek was saying. Both of their faces light with happiness. Feeling a pang, he decided that there wasn’t anything else urgent that he needed to do. Missing Haley, he quickly turned things off left, deciding to get her favorite sick food on the way home. The flu she had kept him from the last mission, but he didn’t mind. Suddenly all he cared about was telling her he loved her.

Later after a quiet dinner, Derek led Spencer into his house, chuckling when the other man squealed surprised as Derek pulled him into his arms unexpectedly. Pulling him close, Derek relaxed as Spencer leaned against him resting their cheeks together and let his eyes slip close. Two days before he’d been sure Spencer was some odd a-sexual creature that was miserable and lonely. Now he was here, happy in his arms and his home, well on his way to becoming the man Derek loved.

Never in his life had Derek been so happy to be wrong, even though with Spencer’s new role in his life, he knew it wouldn’t be the last time.


The End!


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