Chapter 5: Friends, Lovers, and Futures


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Chapter 5: Friends, Lovers, and Futures


Christopher was sitting at his desk working on some reports, when he saw someone leaning against his desk. Looking up he smiled big when he saw it was Pride. Saving his information, Christopher shut the program down and leaned back in his chair looking at the older man who had his heart. “S’up, Pride? Everyone settled for the night?”

“Looks like,” Pride responded smiling, moving around the desk to lean next to Christopher. The younger man’s arm fell and he felt his hand wrap around his knee, caressing slightly helping Pride relax as he looked down at his lover. “M’gonna talk to Tony tomorrow about that job. Everything should be over by then. They’re gonna move in on Ziva and the two fathers tonight. Everything should be over by the time everyone is up.”

Christopher nodded feeling relieved. “That’s great, Dwayne. I’m pretty sure that Tony’s gonna accept your offer. He’s still a little shaky about the whole thing, but he knows it’s a good opportunity and isn’t gonna pass it up. Dwayne, about Christmas…”

Pride smiled softly and held up a hand. “Don’t worry. I’ve already cancelled the reservations. I don’t expect you to leave your brother at a time like this. I understand. We can go away anytime. Your brother needs you, an’ I’ll be goddamned if I’d drag you away. Don’t worry. It’s all gonna work out.”

Christopher just shook his head grinning. “I don’t know how I got lucky enough to catch you Dwayne Cassius Pride, but I count myself as a blessed bastard every damned day. I hate to change our plans last minute like this, but the thought of leavin’ Tony makes me sick to my stomach. I just… Maybe it’s a good thing this whole operation is being handled by your buddy Fornell. If I got near that bitch and those two fuckin’ bastards I’d end up killin’ ‘em. Jus’ thinkin’ bout what they put my brother through…”

Pride nodded wishing he could take his lover into his arms, but they were still at the office. There needed to be some professionalism maintained even if it wasn’t much. “Tobias’ll get it done. Don’t you worry about it, an’ don’t forget to get on that Bro Train of yours… however you tell people. Let ‘em know anyone who wants to, is welcome down here for Christmas. Tony should have as many of his brothers around him as possible this year.”

Christopher just looked at his partner surprised and amazed before nodding with a big grin on his face. Taking out his phone to send off an SMS that would start things, Christopher just shook his head. “I am one lucky bastard. Merry Christmas, Dwayne.”

Pride snorted and leaning over kissed the top of LaSalle’s head. “Merry Christmas, babe.”


The next morning Pride found himself walking into the kitchen to see only Tony sitting at the table. He was a little surprised as Tony hadn’t been alone since he’d arrived. “Where is everyone?”

Tony looked up from his coffee, and Pride saw his eyes were red. “They umm… Jethro and Christopher took the boys shopping. I needed a few minutes…. I guess everything finally just… I dunno. I mean I’ve known what was going on… I just…”

Pride nodded carefully when Tony trailed off. Moving to the counter he filled his coffee cup and then headed to the table where he sat to talk to the man who was his lover’s best friend. “Things finally hit, huh? S’natural to have a reaction now. You’ve had to be strong for those boys, an’ you did ‘cause you’re a good daddy. That don’t mean you don’t need time for yourself though. Regardless of how you feel about Ziva now, your marriage is ending. She betrayed you and your country. No one here is gonna fault you for needin’ a good cry, kid.”

Tony’s phone dinged and he snorted smiling shook his head. “This damned thing’s been blowin’ up this morning. Seems like half of ‘em are comin’ in tonight? To be here for Christmas? I can’t… Jesus.”

“From what Christopher tells me, it ain’t nothin’ you wouldn’t do for any one of them yourself.” Pride pointed out, and Tony just shrugged blushing. “It’s Christmas. You’re supposed to be with family at Christmas.”

“Exactly,” Pride shot back and shorted as Tony looked at him blankly. “You jus’ called them your brothers, doofus. What do you think that makes ‘em? Family. Their brother was in trouble, and they’re comin’ to be with him. They were worried about him, an’ they’re comin’ down for the holiday to make sure he’s ok. S’what family does.”

Tony just took a deep breath and nodded. Pride sensed that he needed a break and decided to talk about something less emotional. “So, you gonna come work for me or what?”

Tony looks up surprised and arches an eyebrow. “I dunno, you gonna offer me one, or what?”

Pride barked with laughter and shook his head. “God help me. I have no idea what the hell I was thinkin’ hiring another Christopher for this place. Y’all are gonna be the death of me.” Tony grinned but just shook his head at him.

“No, see you’re mistaken. I’m older than Chris remember?” Pride nodded suddenly confused as Tony grinned at him. “I was ahead of him by a year in college. I don’t take after Chris, Chris takes after me. They didn’t call me Captain America because I was a goody goody two shoes.”

“Good lord help me. I’ve lost my damned mind.” Pride rubbed a hand over his face, and Tony just laughed. Pride figured that whatever fiascoes the two trouble makers got into, were worth it for that sound right there.


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