Christmas in the Big Easy Main Page

Title: Christmas in the Big Easy
Fandoms: NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans
Characters: Tony DiNozzo Jr, OMC-Fredrick “Freddy” DiNozzo, OMC-Michael DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Christopher LaSalle, Dwayne “King” Pride, Tony’s Frat Brother Steve, Mentions of Senior, Mentions of Eli David, Mentions of Ziva David
Content Warnings: Non-Cannon Compliant: NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, Anti-Senior, Anti-Ziva, Anti-Eli, Not a Happy Tiva Relationship, Not for Tiva/Ziva Fans, New Relationship, Existing Relationship, Existing Pride/LaSalle Relationship, Not Beta Read, AU, OOC Characters
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 12,854
Notes: Ok, this story is seriously AU. I basically took cannon, shattered it into a million pieces and threw most of them out. Any facts that don’t match cannon were done deliberately. I don’t know what happened to Brody. She just didn’t make the cut, nothing against her. If you’re a Tiva fan, this isn’t for you. If you aren’t, trust me it’ll be fine. I am not a Tiva fan and you will never find a positive Tiva relationship in my stories. This seems to be the only time of the year I can write. Maybe this challenge is my only inspiration. Written for Tibbs_Yuletide on LJ. This is not a WIP. I will be posting one chapter a day til it’s done. There are 6 chapters, plus a prologue and epilogue.

Written for Tibbs Yuletide Challenge 2014 on LiveJournal .

Summary: Tony’s finally had enough, and flees with his twin boys to New Orleans to his frat brother Christopher LaSalle. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a hardware store owner who would rather be left alone, until a little boy wanders into his store by himself. Will Santa bring more than gifts for Christmas?


Prologue: The Escape

Chapter 1: Lost Boy Found

Chapter 2: Educating Gibbs

Chapter 3: Honesty between Brothers

Chapter 4: Sharing is Caring

Chapter 5: Friends, Lovers, and Futures

Chapter 6: Confessions

Epilogue: Home for the Holiday


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