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Series: Tony &…’Verse

Series Note: This is a series of short stories ranging in length probably from 2000 words to 5000 words pairing Tony DiNozzo from NCIS with people other than Gibbs. The stories are just mostly ideas. Several of them will be tests to see if a longer story would work. They are also quickly written and not meant to be all flushed out with all of the ends tied up. Some may be continued later. Some have no chance of being continued. I am though going to try and make sure that each story can stand on it’s own. The idea is a series of shorts that I can write quickly when I feel the urge while in the flow and not have to worry about keeping story lines and such in mind.


I will consider pairing requests within the below fandoms. I make no promises, but pairing prompts are welcomed.


Fandoms I write in or shows I watch:

TV: All 3 NCIS Shows, All 4 CSI Shows, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, MacGyver, Supernatural (No RPS), Numb3rs, Bull (NOT Bull himself!), QaF (US Version), SG:1, Stargate: Atlantis, House, Flashpoint,Angel: the Series, Intelligence, Scorpion,  Bones, Leverage, Haven, The Magicians,

Movies: James Bond (Craig ‘Verse), Fast and the Furious Universe, Avengers (Tony Stark or Clint Barton Only), Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise Version), Star Trek:AOS, X-Men Movie Verse (Original Trilogy &Wolverine Movies only), Jason Bourne ‘Verse,


The stories below are listed in the order that they were written. There are no sequels to these stories within this ‘Verse, so each story is a stand-alone fic. The Fic title is listed first, and then below is the character I have paired him with along with the show that character is from.


The DiNozzo Job

(Eliot Spencer from Leverage)

You Can’t Fight the Friction

(Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds and Sam Winchester from Supernatural)

Empty Promises and Betrayal

(Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor from The Fast and the Furious Universe)

Spencer & BAU!Tony

(Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds)

Troubled Tony

(Duke Crocker from Haven)

Things May Not Be What They Appear

(G. Callen from NCIS: Los Angeles)


Tony &… ‘Verse Pairing Page





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