Stillness of Heart Main Page

Title: Stillness of Heart
Fandoms: NCIS & Criminal Minds
Characters: Tony DiNozzo Jr, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Jimmy Palmer, Dr. Donald Ducky Mallard, Tobias Fornell, Derek Morgan
Relationship: Tony/Gibbs (Tibbs)
Content Warnings: Pre-Slash, Mild Character Bashing, Angsty Schmoop, Mention of Ziva David, Mention of Timothy McGee, Mention of Caitlin Todd, Mention of Abby Scuito, Implied Bad!DiNozzo Sr, Mention of Jeanne Benoit, Mention of Jenny Sheppard, Angst and Humor, Supportive Palmer, Possible Character Background,  AU, Spoilers, Community: tibbs_yuletide, Tibbs_Yuletide 2013, Non-Cannon Compliant: NCIS and Criminal Minds
Notes: This story was written for the Tibbs Yuletide challenge on LiveJournal in 2013. The below notes were posted at the time the story was put on AO3 for the challenge. 

This is the first story of this length that I have written for quite some time, and only the second story I have written in this fandom. When I got the idea, I thought I’d get a couple thousand words, maybe 5000 if I was REALLY lucky. Little did I know that my DiNozzo muse REALLY likes to talk. I tried to stick as close to cannon as I could, but there may be some OOC-ness. Possibly some mild anti-Ziva, Abby, McGee, and Senior, but I tried very hard to be fair and write as I thought Cannon Tony would see things, and not how I perceive them. It was not my intention to bash anyone, but putting a warning just to be safe. Also this was written well before the Diane & Tobias reunion thing, so that will not be cannon. Lastly, my DiNozzo muse is also a potty mouth.

Summary: Tony’s been mopey since he got back from Israel, but not for the reason people think. Does he have the courage to follow his heart, or will he let his fears keep him in the dark. Written for Tibbs Yuletide on Livejournal.



Chapter 1: 6 Days to Christmas

Chapter 2: 5 Days Before Christmas

Chapter 3: End of 5 days before and 4 Days til Christmas

Chapter 4: 2 Days til Christmas & Christmas Eve

Chapter 5: Christmas Eve Continued

Chapter 6: Yet more Christmas Eve and FINALLY Christmas Morning

Chapter7: It’s Christmas!!

Character Listing


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