Chapter Four: Going Back to Where You Belong & Born This Way

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Chapter Warnings: Humor, Spencer’s Ramblings and Lady Gaga used as weapons.
Chapter Notes: This chapter is more lighthearted as there’s a few giggles in this one. Hope you enjoy it!
Chapter Summary: Tony finally learns about his job offer, and after consulting TK, he lands himself his dream job. In the process, he gains himself a new prospective romantic interest, and Dave uses Lady Gaga to get what he wants.


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Chapter Four: Going Back to Where You Belong & Born This Way 

When Tobias came down Monday morning, Tony was sitting at the kitchen table dressed and ready to go. His suit coat was hanging on the back of a chair, so as to not get wrinkled. His tie was hanging around his neck ready to be knotted. In front of him was a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, some toast, and what appeared to be a bowl of oatmeal. “Anxious much, Tony?”

“I want to make a good impression,” Tony mumbled, as he looked through what Tobias guessed was the sports section. The business section was already laid to the side and appeared to have been read. When Tony stood, and crossed to the coffee maker, Tobias studied what he had on.

“Is that a Brioni Brunico Super 150’s?”

Tony smiled and abandoned the cup on the counter to put on his jacket and show off a little. “Yes, along with my favorite Salvatore Ferragamo Destin Loafers, and my Rubinacci Medallion-Print tie.”

“Jesus, DiNozzo, I would say you’re gonna make a good impression alright.”

Tony nodded and wandered over to finish his coffee. “Are you eating, or can we go?”

Fornell looked at the clock, and knew they’d be plenty early if they left then. But, one look at the kid’s face told him delaying was a bad idea. “Let’s go, kid. No time like the present.”

Tobias expected that they would have to wait, while the weekly Monday AM Meeting with the BAU was over. Because he hadn’t expected that they would be shown in immediately, he hadn’t warned Tony that there would be someone other than Associate Director Evans, and Section Chief Cruz there. Of course, that also meant that Tony didn’t have time to school his face when he saw Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner.

From the smirk of amusement on David Rossi’s face, Tony wasn’t the only one that was interested. Tobias didn’t know Aaron as well, so he couldn’t tell if he returned the interest, but Tony on the other hand…

The nervous ‘I have to be on’ turned into relaxed charm the second that he saw Hotchner. Fornell was also pretty sure that he even saw a smile on Hotchner’s face, which from what the grapevine said is something like Gibbs smiling. When the two men shook hands, he half expected little cartoon hearts to fill the office, and baby cupids in diapers to start flying around letting arrow’s fly.

“Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief of the BAU. That’s the….”

“Behavioral Analysis Unit.” Tony finished, with a grin on his face that could only be described as flirty with more than a little ‘I want to get in your pants as soon as possible’ mixed in with it.

“I’ve heard of you guys. Read a few of Special Agent Rossi’s books. Read a few of Dr. Reid’s papers. You’re new, but… I am sure I can find something to study about you. Tony DiNozzo formerly of NCIS’ Major Crime Response Team, hopefully soon to be here with you all. I have to say, so far the faces here are much… friendlier.”

When Hotchner actually laughed and then blushed slightly, Fornell’s eyebrows almost reached his hairline, which was somewhere on the back of his head. His eyes darted to Rossi, and he was happy to see the older man was not only equally as shocked, but as equally unable to hide it.

A quick glance at Cruz and Evans showed they were more than slightly amused by the whole thing, which was good. The last thing Tony needed was to gain a new love interest, and lose his dream job. Tobias had no doubt in his mind that this would turn out to be his dream job.

When Associate Director Evans finally coughed and brought Aaron and Tony back to the present, it was almost comical to see the two of them practically jump away from each other.

“Aaron, Dave, I hope you don’t mind if we cut our meeting short. We’ve been waiting a long time to get this man back on our side, and away from NCIS. I’d like to strike before he changes his mind.”

“Not at all, sir, I will get those budget proposals to you as soon as possible. Tony, it was very nice meeting you. I look forward to seeing you in the hallways.” Hotchner offered seemingly unable to keep his eyes off Tony for long.

Tobias watched the two men shake hands seemingly oblivious to the rest of them.

Dave finally took matters into his own hands, and slapped Aaron on the back. “C’mon, Lover Boy. Let’s go so the man can get his new job offer. There’s plenty of time for mooning later.”

Tobias smirked, and returned Rossi’s nod as the elder profiler herded his protégé out of the office. He then watched amused as Tony seemed to remember where he was, and proceeded to immediately turn a dialed back version of the DiNozzo charm on his hopefully new bosses. John suggested that they move to the conference room next door, and picked up a stack of folders, then led them out.

Much to his amusement, Dave and Aaron appeared to be arguing quietly at the end of the hallway, before Aaron ushered Dave into an office. Hotchner’s face looked to be a distinct pink color. If only he were a fly on the wall to overhear that conversation.

Following the others into the conference room, he made sure that he set himself next to Tony. As well as the interaction with Hotchner went, he knew that Tony was still on very shaky, uneven ground emotionally. He wanted to make sure that nothing unexpected happened in this meeting to throw him off even more.

“So, Special Agent DiNozzo, it’s nice to have you back with us. I want you to know that both Mateo and I have been read in on your last assignment with us, which led to your leaving. On behalf of the Director and the rest of the FBI, you have my deepest apologies for being put in that position.

“An agent working for the other side is a black mark on everyone, but when it is the Agent in Charge, and the one that you are trusting your life also… Well I certainly don’t blame you for going somewhere else. That said, I am glad that you are willing to give us a second chance.”

Tony studied AD Evans, and finally nodded, if somewhat stiffly. “I’ll be honest. I’m here because of Tobs… err Unit Chief Fornell. My trust with the rest of the FBI is shaky at best right now. Things at NCIS though became… Well, let’s just say I had to leave for personal reasons. I don’t really want to expand on that if I don’t have to. It wasn’t… It wasn’t about NCIS per say. Let’s just chalk it up to 10 years under Gibbs being enough, shall we?”

“That’s fine with us, Agent DiNozzo.” Section Chief Cruz offered. “We’ve been advised by Director Vance that there is no ill will on the part of NCIS in your leaving. Although, he did express that it was a rather sudden departure.”

Tony smiled tightly. “Things tend to change without warning, sir. I am sure you know how it is. One day people are friends, and the next… well… the next they aren’t.”

AD Evans waved a hand in the air. “Enough about that. NCIS is in the past, and hopefully you are going to be a part of our future.”

Distributing the files he’d carried in, the Evans sat back in his chair. “We’ve been wanting to create a special team under the purview of Section Chief Cruz. We’re calling it the Elite Undercover & Investigative Unit or EU&IU for short. We want you to run it, Tony. For the first year, at the most, Tobias would be the Unit Chief. After that, as long as things work out as well as I am expecting them to, you would be moved up to the Unit Chief position. There is even the possibility that the promotion happens sooner than that year deadline.

“You will be allowed to pick you own team members, in fact I am insisting on it. The entirety of the FBI is available for your picking. We’re also more than happy to take people from outside the company, if you think it’s needed.

“We’re thinking six people with two of those people being skilled as technical analysts. At least one of those needs to also be skilled in either undercover or investigative work or both. Because of the nature of your team, we need to make sure that we have a wide range of undercover options available.”

When Evans took a drink of water from one of the bottles on the table, Cruz took over the explanation. “Not all of our teams have skilled undercover agents on them, but at times they have found that having such an agent available to them would be an asset. Mostly these teams are investigative teams that are dealing with a range of crimes that do not include things like drugs, gun smuggling, and human trafficking. Those teams generally are made up of skilled undercover agents. The teams that would need your assistance are, for example, Unit Chief Hotchner’s BAU team. The Behavioral Analysis Teams generally are not made up of undercover agents.

“Now Aaron does have two members of his current team with undercover experience, but they are not always the best options for what they need. There are also times when they need an undercover agent from the Bureau that the locals or witnesses haven’t come in contact with. That is where your team would come in. You would send one of your people in to assist with the undercover aspect.”

A.D. Evans took back over the explanation at this point. “The flip side of the coin is that our undercover teams are not always skilled investigators. Obviously, they have investigative experience, but mostly the intricate, time taught details of investigation are not their strong points. They at times need someone who can come in with an investigative outlook to point them in a better direction to help accelerate or get undercover operations back on track. Again, that is where your team would come into play.

“You are not only a top notch undercover agent, your reputation as an investigator is even stronger, DiNozzo. Frankly, we don’t have anyone else currently in house with better qualifications for this job than you do that also has leadership experience. I hope that we can overlook the past FUBAR, and get you back on our side.”

Tony sat back in his chair stunned. He’d expected maybe at best they’d bring him in as a Second in Command on one of Fornell’s Teams. Not only were they wanting to give him his own team, he’d be a Unit Chief in a year or less. The ability to pick his own team members was a very bright lure.

“Will I be stuck in the office all the time, or will I be able to go out into the field once I become Unit Chief?”

Section Chief Cruz, quickly, shook his head. “You will definitely be expected to go into the field when needed, especially when working an investigation request. We are aware that you are still more than capable as a field agent. We don’t want to lose that.

“Again, referencing UC Hotchner’s team, he is in the field on every case. Your team will work slightly different, but we will gladly have you in the field when you feel it is necessary. No one wants to chain you to a desk yet, DiNozzo. Hell, I’ve been known to go out into the field myself, when it’s needed.”

Tony knew that he should stop and consider his options, maybe hear what another agency had to offer. The thing was he didn’t want to. He wanted… no, he needed to move on, and quickly. The fact that Tobias had brought this to his attention led something to his trust of the situation. Just as he was about to speak, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Knowing his cousin was really the only one who contacted him on that number, he decided that it was a sign.

“Do you gentlemen mind if I step out for a moment to check my phone?”

“Of course, Tony, take your time.” Assoc. Director Evans offered, and Tony quickly stepped out into the hall. After confirming that it was in fact a text from his cousin, Tony hit dial without bothering to read the message.

“Where are you?” He asked immediately, when the phone stopped ringing.

“Did you even bother to read the message, Pico? I am in the area. Where are you? I know you haven’t been home. What’s going on?”

Tony moved further down the hall finding what appeared to be an unoccupied conference room. Stepping inside, he shut the door leaving the lights off so no one would know he was in there.

“I went to talk to Gibbs. I wanted to… I wanted to tell him how I felt. We were right about SecNav’s assignment. It blew up in my face. Ended up in the hospital with temporary amnesia. Gibbs called Kate’s sister.”

“That bloody bitch?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Anywho… long story short. Once things were over I went to see Gibbs to tell him finally… He wasn’t alone.”

“WHAT? I’m going to kill the bastard! All this time he’s demanded your faithfulness, and he’s been plowing some floozy?”

“Apparently. According to Tobias Fornell he does this on occasion. Only it gets better. Things were said, and… he demanded I quit NCIS. Said that it was for the best.” Tony snorted as his cousin cursed quite colorfully in several different languages.

“I am killing him!”

“No you aren’t. I need you outside prison.”

“Please, like those worthless imbeciles could catch me. How does that bloody FBI agent come into this?”

Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I sorta ended up at his place after… Well I tried Ab… Sciuto first but…”

“Let me guess. She was on one of her Gibbs is perfect tears. I know you cared for her, Pico, but frankly good riddance. Eventually, I think that you will see that you are better without her. So, you are at Fornell’s?”

“Not exactly, I am at the Hoover Building. They sorta just offered me a job.”

“They… tell me all of the details. Now.”

Smiling, Tony proceeded to fill his cousin in on everything he’d been offered knowing that he wouldn’t steer him wrong. When he was finished, he waited silently for the man to respond.

“It pains me greatly to say this, but you would be a bloody fool to do anything but take that position. I would shoot you if you tried to get into the CIA. Homeland might be able to compete but… If you even considered the NSA I would do worse than shoot you. Take the damned position, Pico, and then meet me at the Safe House at 7PM. Bring your new best friend. I think it’s time we meet officially.”

Tony chuckled, as the call ended without further goodbyes. He didn’t know what it was about people, who liked to hang up without bothering to say goodbye like a civil human being.

Putting his phone back in his pocket, Tony made his way back to the conference room. After draining half of the bottle of water in front of him, Tony smiled at the men on the other side of the table. “I have been informed that I would be a bloody fool not to accept your offer. So, I accept.”

Director Evans smiled, and stood to reach across the table to shake Tony’s hand. “Welcome back home, Special Agent in Charge DiNozzo. Welcome home.”


Aaron was walking down the hallway headed toward the elevator with Rossi just behind his left shoulder, when his friend put a hand on his arm and stopped him. Frowning, Aaron allowed himself to be stopped in the middle of the hallway.

When Dave just looked at him a moment, Aaron found himself crossing his arms over his chest defensively. “No profiling team members, David.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were interested in men too, Aaron? Did you think that I wouldn’t support you?”

“Dave, what are you…”

“Don’t give me this, I’m not into guys bullshit, Aaron Daniel Hotchner! If we’d left you and that DiNozzo kid alone you’d currently be doing the horizontal mambo in the AD’s office. So, why the hell didn’t you tell me you were into guys? I’ve known you for 10 years, Aaron! Hell I knew you before you were married!” Panicked, Aaron pulled Dave into a nearby vacant office, and just hoped that whoever it belonged to didn’t return soon.

“I’veneverdoneanythingaboutit,” Aaron muttered, and Dave scowled. “My feelings are hurt Aaron Daniel. Enunciate, or I am sending Reid in here to give you a history of gay porn in Europe. Trust me, it’s much raunchier there.”

“How do you know that?” Aaron asked frowning.

Dave huffed. “I don’t. I made it the fuck up. Stop procrastinating, princess! When the fuck did you get interested in guys, and why in the hell didn’t you tell me?”

Aaron lifted an eyebrow. “I’ve always been into guys. Sexual orientation is something you are born with, not something that’s created after birth. Maybe you’re the one who needs a lecture from Reid. I am thinking a complete analysis of sexual orientations, followed by the complete Lady Gaga collection. We can start with Born This Way.”

Rossi opened his mouth, and closed it frowning. “You listen to Lady Gaga? Are you serious?”

Aaron blushes and shrugs. “She has a catchy tune or two, David. You know there is more to music than Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett.”

“Bite your tongue, Hotchner, and start talking!!”

Stepping back, Aaron leaned against the closed door, so that no one could get in. “I’ve known that I was into guys since at least my junior year in high school, but you know about my father. My mother isn’t much better in that regard. It wasn’t like I could do anything about it. Then I started dating Haley, and just… didn’t stop until we got divorced. So, it isn’t like I have an extensive dating or sexual history. Why the hell are we talking about this now?”

“Because you are lurking here until DiNozzo comes out of that office.”

“Why the hell would I do that?” Hotch asked scowling. He hated it when Dave decided to take an interest in his love life.

“Because, you are obviously interested in him. Very interested, if the eyefucking and blushing and flirting is any indication. Not to mention, he’s obviously interested in you. So, you’re asking him out, or else.”

Aaron lifts his chin not afraid of Rossi and his threats. “What are you gonna do if I don’t, Dave? Have me wacked? You cut all those ties, remember?”

When Rossi just smiled sweetly, Aaron knew he was screwed. “No, Aaron. See, I don’t have to do that. You are going to ask Anthony DiNozzo out on a date, or I am telling one Penelope Garcia that you’re a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga. How long do you think it’ll be until the whole office knows, and she makes you go to a concert?”

Aaron’s eyes got big. “You bastard.”

Rossi just smiled sweetly again. “As you just pointed out, Aaron, I learned from the best. So…?”

“Call my cell if you need me. I will be here… lurking.”

Tony’s outfit as I picture it if you’re interested.

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  2. I loved this chapter and can hardly wait for the next update. And just thing, Tony will make some very good friends in the BAU, friends that actually have things and interests in common with Tony. Dave, not only are the both Italian and enjoy good Italian food and probably cooking, but they shave the same taste in music Garcia shares the same taste in old movies as Tony. Derek was a cop, so they have that in common. And since Tony has not only read several of Dave’s books, but also many of Spenser’s papers that he had written. I would say Tony would find plenty to talk to Spenser about and unlike some people Spenser doesn’t try to make people feel stupid, but happens to enjoy sharing what he knows with others.

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