#3 The Aftermath


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Tony DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Tony/Alec Trevelyan
Character Death as mentioned in Summary.
Note: A prequel to this fic was posted yesterday. Making Love and Memories.
Words 1059

Full Version May Contain:
Characters: Martin Odem (Legends), James Bond (Craig Verse Version), Q (Craig Verse Version), Sam and Dean Winchester, Abby Sciuto, Spencer Reid
Relationships: Martin/?, James/Dean, Sam/Spencer Reid, Abby/?,
Content: Non-Cannon Compliant: Any Fandom Listed, References to The Avengers (Battle of New York) without actual Avengers, AU-ness, Altered ABO Immortal and Dragon mythology, Anti-Ziva

Summary: Aftermath of how The Avengers movie and the “Battle of New York” affected the rest of the world. Tony and his new team work to find out who killed his former team mate Ziva David.

#3 The Aftermath

The body in front of him was bent backward in a highly unnatural position.  The neck was obviously broken with her face looking backward at her spine.  Her long dark hair was hanging loosely down touching the floor and resting in the large pool of blood that had run from her body.  Her torso was sliced up with long deep gashes that he could tell came from some kind of animal. Or, from some creature.

As he walked around the bench that she’d been bent backward over he could see the deep gouges in the ground.  The team was speculating around him whatever kind of animal could cause the footprints that had been casted.  A silly, waste of time of you asked him.  This was no animal that you’d find in the local zoo.  This was something unnatural, or maybe supernatural.

There were things that roamed the earth that were centuries old.  Things that most didn’t want to believe in.  Things that most had written off as fairy tales and myths.  Things that he knew to be absolutely real and depending on the instance highly dangerous.  It just depended upon the creature, and the environment.

Moving to the back of the bench, he knelt down so that he could look at her face.  While she’d never been his flavor, despite what she thought, Ziva David had been beautiful.  She’d also been overly reckless, arrogant, uncaring, and highly manipulative.  In his opinion, she’d never had a chance.  Eli David had a plan for all of his children, and he’d done his best to break them all so that they could be molded into the tiny killers he wanted them to be.

Maybe, if she hadn’t been responsible for Kate’s death, he’d feel sorry for her.  Maybe if she hadn’t tried her best to turn his old team against him, he would have been willing to help her out.  Maybe if he hadn’t known what an evil bitch she was.  Maybe if he hadn’t been aware of the demon lurking not so deep within her body and soul.

While he had plenty of investigating to do, his experience said that she probably had it coming to her.  If the creature that he believed was responsible for this, she was lucky that she hadn’t been eaten.  Maybe though she would taste as bad as she felt in his head.  Maybe the creature had some taste.

His mate, Alec, was wandering around the outer edges of their taped off area looking for clues that a human CSI or agent of another bureau would not understand.

“You got answers, DiNozzo?”

Standing he shrugged and looked into blue eyes that he’d once believed in unconditionally.  Now, he just barely managed to be professional.

“Do you often have answers five minutes into your investigations, Agent in Charge Gibbs?”

Standing he eyed his former boss somewhat dispassionately before turning his eyes back to Ziva.  He wondered who knew that she was back in the states.

“Did you know that she’d come back to the States?”

Gibbs shrugged and shook his head.  “Hadn’t heard from her since I left her on the tarmac in Israel.  You might ask Abby or McGee, but I hadn’t heard anything.  I was pretty clear on her not being welcomed back at NCIS when I walked away from her.  Don’t know this, but my guess is that she wasn’t here legally.”

Tony nodded and sighed as he looked at the older man again.  “Yeah.  You gonna make me be an asshole about this case?  You know this is mine, right?”

Gibbs snorted and looked at the body, before turning his attention to some vague point in the distance.  Tony just let him be, and walked around the bench once more looking to see if he’d missed anything. When he got back, the man seemed to be ready to answer, and Alec was wandering their way. His camera was hanging from his neck, and by the look on his face, Tony knew he had a theory.

“Not gonna fight you on it.  May seem hard to believe, but I’m tired of fighting. Just keep me in the loop, please.  May not have wanted her on my team, but…”

Tony nodded understanding.  She was one of his.  As a woman, she was slotted into that Kelly spot on occasion.  Even if she’d royally screwed that up with the selling information, setting the team at each other’s throats, and generally being a horrible person, she was still his.

“When I find answers I will let you know as much as I can.”

“They gonna let you investigate this?”  Gibbs asked, and Tony shrugged.

“Not directly and not alone, but they’re letting me be a consultant. Alec will officially be in charge with Sam and Dean doing most of the investigative work. Most likely they will report directly to Director Campbell, but I don’t see that as being an issue.”

“He’s their grandfather, right?”

Tony nodded and looked to where his agents were not so discreetly letting Gibbs’ team know they thought they were morons.  Tony could understand.  Did they really think this was faked?  Did they think someone made a giant Godzilla monster, and brought it out to Rockhill Park to murder a Mossad agent who was in the country illegally?

“My team is the best.  If either Sam or Dean had any investigative experience, then it’d probably be them here alone.  Fortunately for me, they don’t, because it’s the only way I get to keep an eye on the investigation. As you said, I may not like her anymore, but she was still a teammate.  I’ll call you when I know something, Gibbs.  Make sure Abby and McGee know that if I find them in our systems, and I will find them if they try, I’ll have them locked up before they can finish their search.”

Gibbs scowled, but nodded.  They both knew there was a good chance it would happen no matter what he said.  It would be a lessoned learned though, and in Tony’s opinion one well overdue.  Shaking Gibbs’ hand, he headed over to wrangle together the part of the team the public was allowed to see.  Then they needed to get back to the office so they could ask why the fuck Alec’s twin brother Martin had killed Ziva David.

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