EAD 2017 Character Listing

EAD 2017 Characters

EAD has a wide variety of characters this year. So, I am adding a character listing.

OK… I just like making tables of pretty people. Sue me. 😉

EAD 2017 Characters
 WEATHERLY  christopher-cropped  fd66109dd4f5e4764881c2266cbd9bf4

 Tony DiNozzo Jr

Played by Michael Weatherly

 Christopher LaSalle

Played by Lucas Black

 Sam Winchester

Played by Jared Padalecki

 0004  hammer-of-the-gods-episode-still-gabriel-the-trickster-loki-11694177-966-1450  markforbes06_zps7b24f270

 Dean Winchester

Played by Jensen Ackles


Played by Richard Speight Jr

 Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Played by Mark Harmon



EAD 2017 Master Listing

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