Chapter Five: The Meeting of the Roots & Taking Chances with Broken Hearts


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Chapter Summary: Tobias finally gets to meet the famous, or is it infamous, TK. Tony’s remaining roots come together finally, much to his delight. Then, in a flashback scene, he reminisces on a second chance that he’s being given on a shot at love.

Chapter Note: I don’t recognize most of season 13 of NCIS and I certainly don’t pay attention to that Tony Exit. Needless to say, their reality is not my reality. That will be reflected here.

Chapter Five: The Meeting of the Roots & Taking Chances with Broken Hearts

“Why are we coming here, DiNozzo? Surely your return back where you belong deserves better than… wherever the hell we are. This isn’t some kind of ambush is it? Why are we in some back alley?”

Tony rolled his eyes at Tobias’ bitching, and walked up the steps to pull open the bright red door. “TK loves this place, and wants to meet you. In fact it was demanded. So quit whining, and get your ass inside.”

“TK?” Fornell questioned stepping inside and looking around. “Why the hell didn’t you say so? Where the hell are we?”

“Welcome to the Spy House gentlemen. How many in your party?” The hostess greeted as Tony stepped up to her and looked at her name tag.

“Hi, Rachel, we are meeting someone here. It would be Paddington if they’ve already arrived.”

“Your other party has arrived, and been seated. Follow me this way gentlemen.”

As they followed the woman through the restaurant, Tony looked at Tobias over his shoulder. “If you say his real name he’s going to be less than amused, Tobs. So, just don’t do it ok? Just use TK.”

Not understanding why in the hell he would know Tony’s cousin’s name, Tobias nodded readily. He was thankful for the warning a few seconds later when they reached their table. “Holy shit! That’s your cousin! He tried to kill you!”

Tony rolled his eyes, and stepped forward to hug his cousin. “If he wanted me dead, I’d be dead, Tobs. Hush it and sit.”

When they were all seated, Tony made introductions. “TK meet Tobias Fornell. Tobs meet my cousin TK.”

Trent just glared at the older man. “Whose bloody idea do you think it was for Poco Tino to be in the damned limo? The bastard wanted to kill him immediately. I convinced him that it was better to do it later. If you or the FBI screw over Tino this time I’ll bring the roof down on the whole lot of you bloody bastards.” Trying to gather his footing, Tobias just nodded and studied the menu to give himself a breather. Trent fucking Kort was Tony’s cousin? Jesus. Gibbs was a dead man.

Once they had all ordered, Trent glared at Tony, who just smiled amused. “Did you take the bloody job, Poco?”

Tony nodded his head. “Yes T, I took the bloody job. I am in need of some agents to fill out my team. They have some suggestions for the SIC, but it’s not a demand. The rest are completely up to me.”

Trent nodded stroking his chin. “I have been thinking about this little dilemma. I have someone I would like to recommend. I would actually consider it a favor if you chose him for your team.”

Tony studied his cousin with his head cocked to one side. “Fill me in.”

Trent took a flash drive out of his pocket, and handed it to Tony. “His company file, and other necessary information I think that you might be interested in. He’s one hell of an agent. You won’t be able to find a better undercover agent.”

“If he’s so great, why doesn’t the CIA want him?” Tobias grouched still not happy with this surprise. Trent seemed to be equally unimpressed by his presence, as Tobias received a matching glower.

“I never said the CIA didn’t want him. I am the one that would like to see him someplace better suited to his… morals. He’s a good man.”

Tobias snorted and nodded. “That explains it then.”

Tony just rolled his eyes at the two of them. “Children please. Look, TK, I’ll check out this information, but it’s just a formality. Consider him hired. I trust you more than anyone on the planet.”

Scooting his chair back and standing, Tony grinned at the two men. “I am going to the little boy spy’s room. Don’t kill each other while I am gone, please?”

The second Tony was out of sight Trent glared at Tobias. “OK Fornell we don’t have much time, so I am going to make this simple. If the FBI screws him over again, I will come after you first. Do try and remember I have a lot of less than savory contacts who wouldn’t think twice about offing some random FBI agent.”

Tobias wanted to be offended. However if Trent was really as important to Tony as he seemed, then he appreciated what the man was doing for his family. “Are you gonna kill Gibbs?”

Trent scowled, but didn’t speak as the waitress came to take their drink orders. Once she left he shook his head. “Tino would be angry with me if I did. Otherwise, trust me, he would never be seen again.” Tobias nodded and reminded himself not to piss this man off. Only Tony could wrangle a CIA agent into being his personal protector.

Tony chuckled as he headed to the men’s room. Leaving Toby and Trent alone together may not be the smartest thing he’d done recently, but he was fairly sure they’d both be at least alive when he got back. He didn’t really need to pee, but he did need a few moments alone to think about what happened when he came out of his meeting with Evans and Cruz.

~~*~~ Flashback ~~*~~

Tony came out of the conference room, and shook both men’s hands once more. Tobias was lingering behind to speak with his bosses so Tony was meeting him at the elevator. He was pleasantly surprised to see UC Aaron Hotchner lingering in the area once he got there.

“Waiting for me?” He couldn’t resist asking. The man was sex on legs. As much as he was pained by Gibbs’ betrayal, Tony had never been one to deny a sexy body whether it was male or female.

“Actually yes,” the profiler offered, and Tony paused surprised before grinning big. Moving closer to the other man he tilted his head to one side flirtatiously.

“How can I assist you Unit Chief Hotchner?”

“Well, first you could call me Aaron.” The other man requested, and Tony nodded.

“Consider it done, as long as you call me Tony. And second?”

“Let me take you out to dinner? I was thinking tomorrow night as long as a case doesn’t come up. I am sure you and Tobias will be celebrating tonight, but… I would like to see you.”

Tony’s first instinct was panic. Harmless flirting was one thing. Tony did that like breathing. A date though… “I would love to.” He almost didn’t realize he’d spoken until he saw the happy smile on Aaron’s face.

“Wonderful! Here’s my card. I wrote my cell number on the back. I thought it would be easier to just coordinate tomorrow? I wasn’t sure what your schedule would be.”

Tony nodded taking the business card letting their fingers brush together, and not bothering to suppress a shiver of delight. “I will let you know when I do.”

Tobias came up right then, and the two men stepped back apart. When the elevator came the trio stepped on, and pushed their respective floors. Aaron was getting off first, but before he did something occurred to Tony.

“How did you know I took the offer?”

Hotch stepped off, then turned to grin at him. “You just told me.”

The sound of Tony’s laughter was still making Aaron smile when he stepped into his office. He was very much looking forward to the following night.


End Note: The Spy House is real. It’s just not in the DC area. It’s actually in Madison, WI and called the SafeHouse.



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