Chapter Six: The First Recruit


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New Characters this Chapter: William Brandt and OC Robert Morgan
New Relationship(s) this Chapter: Will/Robert
Chapter Content: Mentions/Implied PTSD, Some OoC-ness, Light Angst
Chapter Note: For those that read this on Rough Trade, when I reviewed the story afterwards, I made the decision to change the real people characters and make them into actual characters or Original Characters. So, some names will change, but none of the “faces” have. Because of this, you will see some OoC-ness in some of the characters I have removed from their fandoms, and placed into a new environment. I mostly went OCs, but this chapter does have one of the peeps I changed to one of their characters because it fit in so well.

Chapter Summary: Tony travels to Montana to secure his first recruit. Along the way new friends are made. A misunderstanding brings up old scars, and more is revealed than any of them expected.

Chapter Six: The First Recruit



Tony had never in his life imagined that he would be excited to be in Montana. But, there he was on his way to get into his full sized fully loaded Ford F-150. He decided that if he had to be there then he was gonna go native. He had on his best pair of worn jeans that he’d had since he left Philly. Under his leather jacket was his OSU Football T-Shirt, ‘cause while he may be in Montana he was still gonna represent his Buckeyes. On his feet were his one and only pair of work boots.

They were a pair of Timberlands that he’d had since college. He worked construction one summer and lasted a whole month before he’d switched to a job at a restaurant. The boots, however, had stayed. He was pretty sure that he was supposed to have some kind of hat on his head, but… well dammit, it might be vain, but he wasn’t about to mess his hair up. Hopefully, he didn’t lose cool points with his prospective employee.

Throwing his bag into the backseat, Tony climbed up into the truck, and after programming the address for the Double Arrow Ranch into the GPS set off on his adventure. The English lady on the GPS advised him that he would have roughly two hours to reach his destination. Plenty of time to focus his thoughts. Tonight had been planned to be the big date night. However, Trent warned him that he should get to Will’s ranch before the CIA sent him a new assignment. When the BAU got a case he’d decided the universe was giving him a much-needed excuse to delay the social event.

He figured it probably was tacky to be happy about a serial killer. So, he was mentally labeling his current feeling on the subject as relieved instead of happy. He was relieved that he had a few more days before the date. It wasn’t that he wanted to back out, because he didn’t. What he did want to do was give himself a few more days between losing his forever with Gibbs to contemplating a forever with Mr. Sexyass in the BAU. He was also very thankful that he didn’t have to explain that to Aaron aka Mr. Sexyass.

As he covered endless miles of gorgeous view, Tony found himself going back over everything that had happened since the assignment for SecNav had ended. He frankly hated Secretary Jarvis for the position that he’d put him in.

He felt that he should have never been put in a spot where he had no backup other than SecNav and Vance. That was the second time that it had happened to him, and it was the second time that it had blown up in his face. In his maybe not so humble opinion, an undercover agent should never EVER be put in that position. On his team, it sure as hell would never happen or he’d make heads roll no matter how much higher on the food chain they were than him.

The undercover operative should ALWAYS be able to know someone was watching his back. Not only should his Team Leader and Unit Chief be up to date on any assignment he or she is given, he should be able to confide in one other person on the team or another agent under the same organizational umbrella with the correct security clearance level if he or she so chooses. He’d felt so strongly about it that he’d demanded that it be put in writing, and signed off by the Director of the FBI himself before Tony had accepted the position.

While Assoc. Director Evans had assured him the FBI did not allow their agents to be sent on missions without the proper backup, Tony had more than happily used both the Rene Benoit and the Simon Cade assignments as examples of why he would need to have proof of that. Fortunately, the Director seemed more than happy to oblige with his request, and the documentation had been faxed over before Tony even left the meeting.

That single act alone made him feel so much better about returning to his former employer. He wondered if he hadn’t maybe made a hasty judgment when he’d left after the FUBAR in Philly, but didn’t waste too much time on that thought. That case was a long time ago, and Tony wasn’t going to beat himself up for a decision he made around 15 years prior. What was done was done.


The name was caught in Tony’s head and refused to get out. Looking out the front window at the mountains in the distance, he tried to look at his relationship, if you could call it that, with Gibbs objectively. The problem was there was just no way to look at being told that he had to be monogamous, while Gibbs hadn’t had any plans to be himself, and it not be wrong. Add in the fact that he’d done it before, and all you got was a twisted bastard who didn’t care whose heart he broke.

Could he have misinterpreted his own feelings of love, as just being in love with the idea that he was in love with the bastard? Jesus, the question alone made his head hurt. After a few moments trying to work through it, he wondered if it mattered. Whether it had been genuine love, or the idea of love his heart had been broken, and Gibbs has been a sleazy bastard. Whichever it was, Tony recognized that there was no point in waiting around or pining for the prick. He needed to let go of the notion, and let himself move on. Even if it seemed horribly soon. There was no sense in holding onto the pain of something that obviously had never been meant to be. Leroy Jethro Gibbs just wasn’t worth the hurt.

Pushing the button on his Bluetooth headset connected to his phone, Tony decided to let Hotch know he was all in. ‘Send Message to Aaron Hotchner. I’m sorry we had to reschedule. I am looking forward to dinner whenever we get to it. Good luck on your case. If you need to bounce ideas off someone, I am available. End Message.

He was about a half an hour later he got a response. ‘Message from Aaron Hotchner. I am looking forward to dinner, too. Thank you for understanding. I may take you up on the advice. Good luck with your first recruit! He’d be a fool to turn you down. Call Garcia at (555) 224-9975 if you need any background information on him. End of Message.

Grinning, Tony relaxed into the seat, turned on the radio, and tried to sing along to country songs he didn’t know. Just maybe this time he was on the right track.

When he reached the ranch farm house, Tony turned off the truck and looked around at the property. It was in Tony’s opinion massive. He wasn’t sure if it was by Montana standards, but for someone who’d spent his whole life in the city, this was huge. Getting out, he locked the truck out of habit, making a dog somewhere bark in protest.

“No need for that here. Agent in Charge DiNozzo, I assume?”

Tony looked up toward the house to see a man standing on the porch. He appeared to be a couple inches shorter than Tony was himself, and had light brown hair with blue eyes. From the picture Trent had included in the flash drive he gave him, Tony knew this was CIA Agent William Brandt aka Will. “I am, and you are Agent Brandt. My cousin Trent speaks highly of you.”

The other man smiled and motioned Tony to come up onto the porch. “Please, it’s Will. Any family of Kort’s deserves the first name treatment. He’s saved my bacon a number of times.”

Tony flashed one of his genuine smiles that could light up whole buildings if only it could be harnessed for energy. “Then it’s Tony, please. It’s nice to meet someone he actually likes. He may be my favorite cousin, but he’s a grouchy bastard.”

When Tony reached the top of the steps to shake Will’s hand, the CIA operative was still laughing. “A pleasant disposition he certainly does not have. I hope he told you to bring your stuff to spend the night. We’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere. So, there are no hotels nearby.”

“He did,” Tony confirmed. “I have a bag in the backseat of the cab. I have to say, I am about as much of a city boy as it gets, but this is a beautiful place you have here.”

“Thank you,” Will offered giving a genuine smile of his own.

“It’s the place that I go when I need to remember who I am. Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t mind the city either. Especially if I can get up high to look out over things, and see all the lights and buildings. There is beauty in almost any environment. It’s just a matter of being willing to see it.” Will turned and led Tony toward a pair of wooden rockers, and settled in one waving his hand to the other.

Pouring tea into the two glasses already filled with ice Will set his chair rocking. “Trent says you need an undercover agent?”

Tony nodded taking a long drink of his tea. “I do. Actually, I need more than one, but I’d like one with some well-rounded undercover experience, including deep/long term undercover. I also need someone who understands rules. I don’t mind bending them if needed, but I am highly opposed to breaking them. My boss at my last job seemed to forget that rules are necessary, and broke them at his own whim. Including his own personal rules that he made others follow without exception.

“I need someone that I can depend on. I need someone who is willing to take a younger or less experienced agent under their wing and show them the ropes. Trent didn’t go into deep detail about your current situation, but he seemed to indicate that he was worried about you.”

Tony took another drink of his tea as he studied the land around them. “Trent is really the only family I have. My father is a conman who should probably be in jail. I spent ten years at NCIS, only to be betrayed by co-workers. I was used by the Director and SecNav for operations where I wasn’t allowed backup. In the end, I was betrayed by the one man I thought I could trust beyond all others. My trust tree is down to two well-worn and scarred roots. If Trent trusts you, then I trust you.

“I believe in the justice system. Is it flawed? Yes, but I still believe in it. I don’t blatantly break the law. I don’t condone people running around willy-nilly doing whatever the hell they want.

“I have strong feelings about my operatives having the correct amount of backup. Before I even took this job, I made sure that certain things could never happen. Such as, someone under me will never be used for an assignment by anyone in this organization without the appropriate backup. We are not black ops. This is not that environment.

“You would be my first official hire. I don’t even have a second in command yet. I’d need you to live in the DC/Alexandria/Quantico area, but I can tell you that anytime you come off of an undercover gig of 2 weeks or more, you will be given mandatory downtime of three days in office only. A month or more starts at one week mandatory no office work. You’d be able to come back here and do your thing. My main concern, Will, is that you’re happy and both physically and mentally healthy. I want this team to be like a family. Maybe that’s unrealistic, but it’s what I am hoping for.”

When Tony was done with his sales pitch, because honestly, he knew that’s what this was, he sat quietly and looked out at the scenery in the distance letting Will do his thing. Finally, after about 20 minutes, Will nodded and stood. “Come inside. You should meet my husband Robert. You will be his favorite person in the world since you’re the one getting him back to civilization.”

A few hours later, Tony leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach groaning softly. “That was seriously awesome. I don’t get BBQ chicken much.”

Robert smiled proudly. “Will is an excellent cook. I, on the other hand, am helpless in the kitchen.”

Will grinned. “I wouldn’t say that. You wash a mean potato, and you do amazing things on the island.”

Robert blushed slightly, and Tony grinned knowing it wasn’t meal preparation they were talking about. “Tony doesn’t need to hear about our extra-curricular affairs. Future Maybe Will’s Boss, I have a question about this new job.”

Robert waited for Tony to nod before continuing. “Will he be forced to sleep with someone in this position? Other than me that is?”

Quickly, Tony shook his head and gave a snort of amusement at the disclaimer. “Look, I realize that the CIA does things differently, and I won’t say that someone in a position of power at the FBI has never made the same request of an operative. I can tell you I very strongly do not believe in that. I won’t lie and tell you that I haven’t done it myself because I have.”

Tony frowned and began shredding his napkin on his plate as he spoke. “I will tell you that a former superior… we’ll say strongly encouraged it. I was resistant, but I let my guard down, lost my headspace.”

“You fell for your mark?” Will guessed sighing, and Tony nodded.

“Yes, she was an innocent woman who had no idea what kind of a scumbag that her father was. I’m not proud of it. In my defense, it was a pretty bleak point in my life, but that isn’t an excuse. I hurt a woman who had done nothing wrong. So, do I expect you to do it? Hell fucking no. If you were the kind of man who would or could do something like that with no remorse we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Again, this isn’t black ops where rules are different. Trent knows how I feel about it. He is… very aware of my… slip.”

Will’s eyes get big for a moment. “La Grenouille? Jeanne Benoit?”

Tony hesitated before nodding. “How…”

Will sighed. “I was Trent’s partner on that job. You and I never met, but… I was involved. I did all of the analysis work for him. I never knew who the other agent was, but… I know Trent wanted to skewer your Director for what she did.”

Robert nodded and stood. “It’s time to move this to another room. Come, DiNozzo, follow me. Will, grab some beers, please?”

Tony lifted an eyebrow and stood picking up his dishes. Will just waved a hand. “We’ll clean up later. Trust me, we don’t want to make His Highness wait.”

Robert lifted a middle finger in the air as he left the room, and Tony followed laughing. If he hadn’t already liked the guy, what he found in the next room would have done it.

“Oh, she’s beautiful.” Tony gushed heading straight for the baby grand placed in the middle of the library. He paused just before touching it.

“May I?”

Robert shrugged and pointed to Will. “It’s his. I am an artist, not a pianist.”

Tony’s eyes lit up as he looked to his new employee, and Will waved his hand at the instrument. “Trent advised I would be a ‘bloody fucking wanker’ if I didn’t make you play. So, please, sit, and show me what you can do. She’s made to be loved, after all.”

Nodding, Tony sat, and ran a few scales to warm up, before letting himself move into some actual music. He hadn’t been able to play recently. Tobias didn’t have a piano. He’d been swamped in the days before he quit NCIS, and not just with the Cade assignment. He didn’t know how long he played. As always, at some point, he lost himself in the music. He did know that by the time he got done, his shoulders were looser, and his chest didn’t feel as tight.

When he realized that the room behind him was quiet, he turned to see Robert and Will curled up together on what his mother would call the love sofa. “That was amazing.” Robert offered softly, and Will smiled.

“I didn’t recognize those last few.”

Tony had to think back to what he’d played, and then blushed when he remembered. “Those were DiNozzo originals.”

Will smiled, and then nodded at that. “Something else we have in common then.” Lifting his bottle of beer he held it up and out.

“To new friends, and new opportunities.”

Grinning big, Tony returned the salute. “To finding the place where we both belong.”

Robert nodded and lifted his own bottle. “To us.”


Will watched as Tony headed off to bed, and decided to track down his missing lover. He’d hung in with the two men until the work talk came back, and then like always he took off, presumably to hide in his studio. Work talk didn’t happen around the farmhouse much. Usually though when it did, it was because Trent was there, and they were trying to unravel a mission. In those instances, the detail was hitting too close to home, and Robert left before he got triggered. Tonight though they’d been discussing team needs and other things that were Robert’s specialty. The man’s eye for detail was amazing.

Walking into the studio, Will moved to the couch in what was labeled as the safe zone for him inside of his husband’s space. It was outside of the splatter zone, as sometimes Robert’s work got messy. It was also out of most lines of sight for his work area. That way he didn’t get distracted when Will came to watch him work.

Today, he noted that Robert had pulled out a fresh canvas, and was using bright, rich colors that he was painting in a careful, yet most likely abstract manner. It wasn’t what he’d expected, and it was a sign that the man certainly wasn’t fighting off an attack. When that happened only dark, angry colors were used, and paint was thrown at the canvas as if the cloth itself had been the one to offend him, and he was killing it with the paint.

Pulling out his phone, Will made sure that it was still on mute from when he was watching earlier in the day, and began playing Tetris. Every so often, he’d pause the game, and look up to watch is lover work. It never failed to amaze him how something so beautiful could come from such a plain white canvas. Tonight when Robert stopped making long strokes on the canvas, Will was watching. He’d seen this enough to know that whatever burst of inspiration he’d been under had run its course, and he was done for the evening.

The painting layers came off and set in a pile on the floor, as a shirtless Robert turned, and made his way over. “No mess tonight. Does that mean I get a kiss?” The cheeky man asked, and Will smiled unable to resist the happiness.

“Of course it does. It is in the rules after all.”

“You and your damned rules.” Robert sighed but kneeled on the couch, and kissed his husband thoroughly before moving to sit next to him. “I can’t believe that your boss has a set of 25 of the damned things. It’s like a match made in heaven. Should I be jealous?”

Will grinned. “Do you really think that he could handle me?”

Robert snorted, and rolled his head from side to side on the couch back. “No, my dear, I do not. You are quite high maintenance.”

“I am high maintenance? You are the biggest man diva that’s ever man diva’d.” Will retorted, and Robert shrugged.

“Go big or go home, baby.”

Will grins and asks, “Surfing and skateboarding, or Harleys tonight?”

Scowling Robert flipped his lover off and stood to go find his shirt. “Always Harleys, Fuckhead. Always Harleys.”

Will nodded then turned his attention to the painting. “So, you really like him, huh?”

Robert sighed, and ran a hand over his face. “My first impression of your hopefully new boss is that he’s everything I wanted when I was doing ops in the Marines. As he said, black ops are different, but even then I can’t help but feel that had he been my boss things would have come out much differently.”

“Makes you miss it huh?” Will guessed, and the second sigh he got was the only answer he needed.

“Come along, Mr. Brandt. I put the guest on the other end of the hallway. So, why don’t we retire to the bedchamber for some adult activities.”

Standing he pulled a very willing Robert out of the room with the intent to make him forget all the what could have beens.

In the morning, when Will walked into the kitchen, Robert was sitting at the table chatting with Tony, who was doing things on the stove. Will was pretty good with meat and potatoes, but this looked much more complicated than that. Deciding that he wasn’t awake enough to ask, he wandered over to the coffee machine and listened to the conversation going on behind him.

“So, now that Will is awake, I am going to make an observation. Feel free to tell me to go fuck myself if it’s personal, and you don’t want to talk about it. You, Robert, are not just an artist. Or maybe more accurately I should say you haven’t always been just an artist.”

Will blinked and turned slowly at the statement to look at his husband. He knew there was no way that Trent revealed that to anyone, and relayed the thought to Robert with a quick shake of his head. He also doubted that Tony had found his files, they were buried so deep they might as well not exist, and he knew for a fact that they weren’t in digital format. Tony continued on seemingly unaware of the interaction behind him. Will wondered if that was really the case, though.

“I would say you were an operative of some sort, most likely military, and my first thought would be a marine, but you could have been a SEAL. That doesn’t really fit as well, though. I would say that, and I am trying to be delicate here so as not to… cause anything, things didn’t go well at some point.

“My guess is The Company boy here was involved in…. your current freedom. Your last name is not Holmes. I have no idea what it really is and don’t plan to look. Will you be safe if the two of you move into the DC area? I don’t want to put you in unnecessary danger, and I don’t want you two to be separated if you have to stay here. I would rather not have Will, and find another place for him if that’s the case.”

Will wasn’t aware that he had even moved. Nor was he aware that he’d picked up the chef’s knife off the counter on his way across the room until he heard Robert’s soft voice in his ear.

“Babe, no killing the guests in the kitchen. That’s what you have this huge ranch for, remember?”

Will blinked, but didn’t turn his gaze away from the man pretending to want to hire him. There was no way now that it was the truth. He was more than a little pissed about that. He’d really wanted that job.

“Babe, come on, please put the knife down. Death before breakfast makes me grumpy.”

“Can someone hand me the plate? I need to dish up Robert’s omelet.” Tony nonchalantly asked.

“I’d get it myself, but there is a chef’s knife in the way. I’ve already had one scar there. I don’t need another.”

Two heads turned to look at him in disbelief, neither noticing the slight tremble in Tony’s hands. “Incidentally, unless you want to cause one of those things I was delicately trying to avoid from happening to Robert from happening in your kitchen to me, you may want to move the knife.”

Horrified, and more than a little off balance, Will removed the knife and tossed it somewhere behind him. Later he would find it stuck on the wall beside a cabinet. When Robert pulled him away, Will went easily.

“Can one of you go up and get my phone, and then dial TK. I need to talk to him, but I really would like to finish breakfast.”

It was then that Will noticed the subtle signs of an impending panic attack. He opened his mouth to speak, but Robert was already out of the room like a shot. The CIA operative was left to watch his now former future boss, and wonder what the fuck he’d done.

When Robert came back in the room, he was already talking on the phone. Will assumed to Trent, and his stomach dropped wondering how his friend would ever be able to speak to him again. Robert pulled a chair over to the stove, then put the phone in Tony’s hand, helping him sit. Will watched as he turned the oven on warm, put the omelet inside to keep it hot, and then turn off all the burners. His lover then came over to him and pulled him out the kitchen door to sit on the swing. Will, again, assumed to give Trent time to calm Tony down.

When Will felt the sting of a slap to the back of his head. “Trent asked me to give that to you. He advised that the next time he will do worse than hitting you on the back of the head. He also reminds you that shit like that is why the two of you decided that you needed to move on from the CIA, remember?”

“Did he say…?” Will swallowed, guilt making him unable to go on, but fortunately his husband understood.

“Tony did an undercover assignment quite a few years ago. They thought the guy was a harmless antiquities smuggler, but it turns out that he was a murderer. They didn’t know it until Tony was already undercover and unreachable.

“He and the man Jeffrey White went missing for several days. It turns out that this Jeffrey killed someone while he and Tony were together. They ended up in a car with Tony trying to talk this Jeffrey into turning himself in. The man held a knife to Tony’s throat from the seat behind him. Will, he was going to kill him.”

He heard his partner stop speaking, and turning his head saw him running a hand over his face. He wondered if Robert felt as bad as Will did.

“Fortunately, Tony killed Jeffrey first shooting through the front seat, but the incident caused some trauma. Trent thinks the knife reminded him of that because apparently, Tony liked the guy up until that point. He wasn’t aware of the murder part of the equation until afterward.”

When Will just hung his head, Robert looked out over the ranch. “You couldn’t have known. You reacted out of instinct when you felt I was being threatened. Trent says that Tony will forgive you, but we’ll probably have a house guest for another night. He recommended that you let Tony use your piano after we eat. Apparently cooking and playing his piano are his coping mechanisms. He also recommended expensive shoes. Several pairs of expensive shoes.”

Will snorted, and let out a chuckle that wasn’t quite humorous. “For Tony or himself?”

Robert pretended to think about it before shrugging. “My guess is both of them.”

Eventually, Tony poked his head out the kitchen door, a blush firmly in place on his face. “Umm, breakfast is ready if you guys are ready to eat.”

Quickly, they got up and followed the other man inside finding the table set with a full breakfast of omelets, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits. As they were eating, Tony began speaking hesitantly.

“My old boss is a marine sniper. I worked at NCIS. I know SEALs and Marines. Robert isn’t your typical military guy, but as my boss says ‘once a Marine, always a Marine’. He’s got a few little… ticks that indicate Marine.

“I’ve been undercover on and off since I got out of the Police Academy. I had a gig in Philadelphia that ended… badly. I had trouble sleeping last night and went to the library to see if I could find a book to read. I noticed multiple copies of Sherlock Holmes books. Some quite a bit old, and quite a few with bookplates that said they were owned by Robert.

“I spent most of my time at NCIS basically playing someone who was close to myself, but not quite. Robert’s good, but when you’ve been there…”

Tony sighed and tore at his omelet, not really eating it before speaking again. “I am sorry; I wasn’t trying to be threatening. I just… I like figuring out puzzles. I can’t help it. My brain is always working multiple things at once and making intuitive leaps. Trent is always telling me that someday my curiosity will get me killed. I would understand if you don’t want to work for me anymore.”

Will felt gutted. He’d attacked his new boss, nearly caused a panic attack by reminding of one of the worst moments of his life, and now the man was apologizing to him. When he heard Robert’s voice, Will’s head rose quickly surprised. Not necessarily at the sound, but at the words, he was speaking. This was his story and sort of their story. No one got to hear this. No one except apparently one Tony DiNozzo, Jr.

“I am a Junior like you, and my first name is Robert. My last name though as you guessed is not Holmes. It’s Morgan. You may recognize the name Robert Morgan because my father owns one of the largest and most successful engineering companies in the nation.

“I was supposed to take over the company for him. Go to college, start off at some smaller firm to gain some experience, and earn my way before eventually taking over for the old man. I didn’t… I didn’t want that, though. My father was disappointed, but said that he was proud that I was insistent on doing my own thing.”

Robert took a sip of his coffee before continuing. “I ignored all of the colleges that wanted me so badly for my huge brain and my father’s money. Instead, I enrolled in the marines where I would be just one among many. It didn’t take long before my brain attracted attention, though, and eventually, I ended up doing special operations for the Marines, and eventually the DOJ.

“Eventually, I was assigned a mission where we were trying to uncover how confidential information was getting to enemy forces. Toward the end, it became obvious that someone in my direct command structure with the Marines was not working for the correct side. My bosses at the DOJ set up a complicated operation to find out not only if it was true, but which person it was and who he was working for.

“Because we knew there were extra risks in this, we set up some contingency plans for more scenarios than normal. One of them was that if I was captured there would be a well… a fake court martial setup. The premise would be that I went rogue, killed someone that I shouldn’t have, and was being detained down at Gitmo, which was why my family couldn’t reach me.”

Robert stopped again, and ate some bacon, as Tony watched concerned. Will wanted to reach out and touch his lover’s hand, hold it, tell him that he didn’t have to do this. He knew though that it wouldn’t be welcomed, or a smart move at that moment. Because of that, he sat silent and motionless.

“Things… didn’t go as we had hoped. I lost contact with my backup, and I was then captured. This started the court martial plan, but that didn’t go right either. My family was to be told, well not the truth, something close to the truth though so that they knew I wasn’t guilty of anything. Unfortunately, the wrong papers got to the wrong desk thanks to the bad guys and my crooked handler who turned out to be the mole.

“My family was informed of the cover story. They were also shown made up ‘evidence’ of my wrong doing. My father immediately disowned me and basically blacklisted my name with the rest of the family. My brother also believed the story, and refused to speak with me, even when I tried to explain after I got home.”

Will watched Robert shove a biscuit into his mouth, bite off a piece, and chew violently. Most likely he was running memories through his head. He knew later those dark angry paints would be put to use.

“I met Will when he infiltrated the pricks holding me, and rescued me. I got… attached. After we got back stateside, I used what little resources I had left to stalk and woo him. Eventually, he gave in and succumbed to my advances. The bad guys got away, last I heard they were still evading capture somewhere. That led to the name change, and the new identity.

“I obviously can’t work out in the open, but on occasion, I have been known to… consult with Trent and Will and offer advice. I would be more than happy to have the same arrangement with you if you are interested.”

When Tony nodded enthusiastically, Will smiled and winked at Robert. His husband seemed to be perking up at the thought that maybe he’d get to work with the man after all. He made a mental note to find out if it was possible to fully read in his new boss on Robert’s case. It wouldn’t hurt to have another set of eyes looking for the bad guys, and if Tony was coming from NCIS he would certainly have the experience needed to understand all of the dynamics. When Robert started talking again he just filed that away to discuss with his mate later.

“I haven’t checked on my family since they threw me out. As far as I am concerned, they are as dead to me as they made me feel when they turned their backs on me. If you get me back to the city, I will get down on my knees and bathe your feet with my happy tears before making love to them. I don’t particularly like feet, so this is truly a sacrifice for me.”

Tony nodded as he giggled somewhat like a teenage girl, and then lifted his glass of orange juice. “To being completely fucked up in the head.”

Robert snorted, and clinked glasses with him. Will shook his head, and tried to let go of the guilt lying deep in his mind.



End Note: Because William started out as Jeremy and Robert started out as RDJ, they are a conglomerate of various characters and people. William is a little William, part Clint, a bit of what I know of Jeremy from social media, and some made up bits on my part. Robert is part Tony Stark and part RDJ I have seen from Social Media, but a lot is made up and was originally. Jeremy made sense to be Will because his current position is basically the same realm. RDJ made more sense as an OC.

I didn’t want to use Tony and Clint because I didn’t think it would fit as well. Also, there are a few Avenger nods sprinkled in throughout the story that I like and don’t want to remove but would have to if they were Tony and Clint.

Thank you for taking the time to read. It’s much appreciated. The NCIS portion of the story will be rounded up with chapters Seven and Eight. So, that begins next week. I know there are several wishes for how this will go for certain people, but sometimes the best punishment is to just move on and put negative people behind you. For the most part that is what Tony is doing. Hopefully eve



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2 thoughts on “Chapter Six: The First Recruit

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