Chapter Nine: The Second Recruit & Slavery is Illegal


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New Characters this Chapter: Chin Ho Kelley, Avery Ryan
Chapter Content: AU for CSI: Cyber Ending. Mention of off-screen AU character death, AU for Hawaii 5-0,
Chapter Summary: Tony meets his second recruit, and bonds with him over tea while learning the man’s story. Then an encounter with a Section Chief helps him pick both his SFA and Junior Technical Analyst.

Chapter Nine: The Second Recruit & Slavery is Illegal

Chin Ho Kelly was setting up his new desk, and computer in the EU&IU’s area when a paper ball hit him in the head. Frowning, he looked up to see his new boss standing at the railing outside of his desk grinning.

“You’re working too hard, Kelly. If you move that damned pencil holder, again, I’m taking it away from you. Why don’t you come up here, and sit with me? It seems I have a Lapsang Souchong tea that will go to waste if you don’t come drink it.”

Chin watched his new boss walk into his office, and wondered if it was really true that the man had his favorite tea. Deciding that he wasn’t going to take the chance and miss out, he hurriedly locked down his station and headed up to the office.

Walking in, the first thing that Chin noticed were the framed classic movie posters on the walls. “You a movie buff, Boss?”

Heading to the desk, Chin sat down in a chair and lifted an eyebrow at a miniature blue mason jar mug with a metal lid on it. When the other man didn’t say anything, just sat back in his chair smirking, Chin carefully took the top off the mug. Immediately the smoky scent of the beverage hit his nose. Taking a sip his eyes got big. “This is really Lapsang Souchong.”

When his boss just smirked at him, Chin took another sip. “This is not some bagged tea either. Where on earth did you get Lapsang Souchong loose leaf tea?”
Chuckling, Tony took a sip of his espresso and smiled sadly. “I have a dear friend from my previous job. He is the most interesting man I have ever met in my life. If you ever need a fascinating tale, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard is your man. He was born in Scotland and spent a great deal of his life traveling around the world. He is also a tea enthusiast, but somewhat of a snob about it. He refuses to drink anything that as he says comes in paper. Fornell remembered what you liked… kinda. He described it as being as strong as coffee, but tasting like someone just sucked on the wrong end of a pipe.”

Tony shrugged and sipped his drink before finishing. “So, I did some research then asked Ducky if he had some. He gave me some from his personal collection. He also wanted me to pass along that he will make sure the office is kept supplied. So, Chin Ho Kelly, tell me how you really feel about being traded like an old baseball card.”

Chin chuckled as he sipped his tea. “It was a little weird at first, but I am thankful to have a job. I could be stuck back in Hawaii as a security guard for some tourist attraction. It’ll be nice to get a chance to do something other than stare at a computer all day though. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing computer work, and I might have your man babies for that computer cave you built for me and my assistant to use. But there is more to police work than what you can find on a computer. I miss all of the stuff I don’t get to do on a regular basis. I don’t know as I am the best undercover operative in the FBI, but I am willing to do whatever I need to do to improve. Fornell told me that you were one of the best, so it sounds like I have the right person to teach me.”

Tony shrugged trying to pretend that he wasn’t blushing. “What do you miss about Hawaii the most?” He asked scooting his chair back and resting his feet on his desk.

Chin didn’t hesitate before answering. “My family. Ohana is everything, and I don’t have any of it here.”

Tony nodded smiling. “I don’t have much family not that counts anyway. My father basically hates me, and my mother died when I was a child. None of the rest of the family really admits I exist, except for my cousin TK. He I don’t know what I would do without. So, I guess I know what you mean, just on a smaller scale. When TK is on one of his assignments we don’t get to talk, and I worry.”

“Assignments? What does he do?” Chin asked finishing off his tea and setting the cup on his boss’ desk.

“He works for the CIA,” Tony answered, and Chin saw his boss’ grin grow. He suspected it was most likely from the dumbfounded expression on his face. He’d never heard of anyone who liked anyone from the CIA.

Tony laughed before going on. “He’s a good guy for being one of those CIA bastards. I don’t like most of them, but I’d trust TK over anyone. In fact, he’s the connection to your other teammate.”

“The one that hasn’t been here yet?” Chin asked curious about the other person he would be working for. Fornell told him the team was still being built, and that if he ever let Tony down the world wasn’t big enough to hide him. “I’m not even sure of his name.”

“William Brandt, but he goes by Will. Formally of the CIA as I said already. TK recommended him, and I didn’t hesitate. He’s a good guy. Way too many morals for an agency like the CIA.”

Chin laughed, and Tony continued not looking like he felt bad in the least. “He is getting some things wrapped up, and then he and his partner will be moving here. Will should be here Monday last I heard.”

“Partner? I thought there was just two of us other than you.” Chin asked confused, and Tony nodded.

“There are. Think more as in life partner, and less as in the person who watches your back when you go out into the field. So, do you have a family member in particular that you miss the most, or is it just a general whole clan type of thing?”

“My cousin Kono,” Chin again quickly responded. His baby cousin had been a balm to his soul when the rest of the family turned their backs on him during the mess with HPD.

“When I got thrown off out of the PD back in Honolulu, she was the only one who believed in me. She was a pro-surfer at the time, but she’s since graduated college and has been accepted into FLETC. We are hoping that she will get a spot here in DC. I know she wouldn’t be right for our team, but I… I put in a word with Fornell.”

Chin felt almost embarrassed that he’d done it. Some people didn’t care for the nepotism that tended to occur in law enforcement, but Kono was special to him. It would mean the world to him if he could have her close again.

Tony cocked his head at the hesitation. “Nothing wrong with that. I know that the team McGee is going to needs a couple more people. Never be afraid to make a recommendation, including for family, and especially if it’s family that you a) adore, and b) think will make you proud.

“This business is full of nepotism. No need to be afraid to add to it. It ain’t stopping anytime soon. What do you want from me? I mean, boss wise? What is the one thing you want from me more than anything?”

Chin frowned and hung his head, then lifted it to look Tony straight in the eye. “I assume you know about what happened in Hawaii, and why I left. All I want is a fair chance.”

Tony nods slowly. “There was quite a bit of money that went missing. You said you didn’t do it, and they said that you did. They couldn’t prove it, but they fired you anyway. Look, Chin, no one likes a crooked cop, but until you’re proven to have done something wrong, I’m not playing the ‘what if’ game.”

Tony sighed and drained the rest of his coffee. “About six years ago, I was accused of murder for the first time. Since then, I have been accused two more times. I’ve never in my life killed someone when I wasn’t carrying a badge, or as a member of the law enforcement community. Yet, there are people in this building, in particular, one Agent Ron Sacks, who feel that I got away with something at least once if not more.”

Tony eyed Chin, and the older man felt like he was being judged, but didn’t know why. When his boss spoke again, his voice was softer, and his words seemed to be chosen much more carefully.

“My last boss was a former marine. He had rules for literally everything. One of the unnumbered ones is ‘you do what you have to for family’. I’m good at what I do, Agent Kelly. Your aunt has been sick for quite a while. Your uncle had access to the money as well. You didn’t steal that money, Chin Ho Kelly. You just kept quiet about knowing who did.

“Remember this, though, bend doesn’t break. I have had a crooked partner and crooked bosses. You get in trouble, or if one of yours gets in trouble from here on out, you better damn well come to me. If you don’t, I won’t be covering your ass. I won’t tell you that I will break the law for you or yours because I won’t. But I will do my best to make sure everything is fair, and the scales of justice lean your way. You will always get a fair chance with me. You blow that chance, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll get another one, capisce?”

A little dazed that his boss had figured out a truth HPD had been chasing for years but wasn’t going to report the old man, Chin just nodded. This was going to be one interesting job.


Later that day, Tony was sitting in his office reviewing the files of both Colby Granger, and Elijah Mundo. Both men would be excellent Second in Commands. They each had both investigative, and undercover experience and both were in the military. There wasn’t really anything to make one man a better choice than the other, and Tony was struggling with his decision.

He had both files out on his desk when a blonde woman barged into his office without knocking. He was more than slightly amused to see AD John Evans following behind her sedately. “You will NOT take Elijah Mundo. He’s mine. He belongs to Cyber Division, and he’s staying with Cyber Division.” The woman demanded, and Tony arched an eyebrow at her. Deliberately, he made a show of moving Elijah’s file over Colby’s.

“Last I heard slavery was illegal. You must be Section Chief Avery Ryan. I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but I don’t reward rude behavior.”

“I don’t need to be nice to you, Agent DiNozzo. I outrank you. I know what your reputation is, and I know all about your former boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs. There isn’t a bigger prick or anyone who flies looser with the rules than him. I won’t have you corrupting one of my people.” Avery put her hands on her hips, and Tony lifted an eyebrow.

“Again, I would like to point out slavery is illegal. You don’t own anyone. He isn’t your anything. I would also like to point out that Elijah Mundo is on this very short list because when I called him to ask if he was interested he expressed a strong desire for change.

“It’s not easy when a co-worker dies. It’s less easy when your father dies on top of it. Lastly, it’s even less easy when your boss shows very little sympathy, or takes little action to help you when you’re stressed beyond your limits. Then when you snap she reacts after the fact and punishes you, but never once apologizes for not being there when you needed her.”

When the blonde woman paled, Tony took a red lined folder out of a drawer and threw it on top of the pile. “The IA investigation report into Agent Mundo’s excessive force complaint. They found that he’d been under a huge amount of stress prior to the incident. They also found that you were aware of his father’s situation, but other than a few words of sympathy did nothing to help him.

“No recommendation to speak with the in-house psychiatrists, no recommendation to speak with an out of house psychiatrists. Surely BEING a psychiatrist yourself you’d have SOME clue that he was a ticking time bomb.”

Tony scowled angrily, and wanted to get in her face, but forced himself to remain sitting. “He advised me that he can’t work for you anymore. He also informed me that he doesn’t trust you anymore. Been there, done that, and I have the t-shirt to prove it. There are many amazingly strong, independent, and powerful women in law enforcement. Some of them have an awesome ability to weight when to be a bitch, and when to be a friend. In this instance, Section Chief Ryan, you failed completely.”

Pulling a folder out from the bottom of his stack, Tony waved it at the SC. “This, Section Chief Ryan, is what happens when you sit someone down and be frank with them. This is the report of Agent Mundo’s scheduled sessions with the in-house doctor I recommended for him.

“When I explained that in order to be considered it would be necessary, but beyond that he needed to do it for himself, he did it willingly. I’ve been in my position for about two weeks. I talked to Agent Mundo the day after I was hired about his interest. I spoke with him this past Monday about the psych requirement. He’s already had his first visit and checked in with me to thank me for forcing him to do it. Stop being an unnecessary bitch. Stop playing head games with people.”

When Avery began to speak, Tony just cut her off uninterested in her words. “You know what? I thank you, Section Chief Ryan. Until you came in, I was deadlocked between Agent Mundo and another very competent applicant. AD Evans, I will be choosing Agent Elijah Mundo as my SIC. I will also be taking his recommendation and hiring Raven Ramirez.”

When Avery screeched, Tony just held up a hand then put his fingers and thumb together like a mouth shutting. “Hush with you. It’s not my fault you people are stupid.”

Looking over Avery’s shoulder at the AD, Tony sat back and crossed his arms. “She said she’d sign the same deal as the BAU’s analyst Penelope Garcia. Agent Mundo talked to her. She’s willing to come in and sign the paperwork as soon as we like. I’d appreciate it if we can do it ASAP.”

John Evans nodded trying not to laugh. Avery Ryan wasn’t a bad person, but he felt that sometimes she let her Psychiatrist side get in the way. She wasn’t a doctor here. She was a Section Chief of the BAU. In his opinion, she’d failed both Agent’s Mundo and Ramirez. He was more than happy to take advantage of the talent that her side threw away.

“Sir, you can’t possibly…”

“Section Chief Ryan, before you dig yourself a hole you can’t get out of. I suggest that you remember that I am the Associate Director here. I outrank you, as you so kindly threw your higher position in Agent in Charge DiNozzo’s face earlier. Don’t throw stones you don’t want hurdled back at your head.

“I also want to advise you that the director himself gave Agent in Charge DiNozzo free reign to as he calls it ‘Pillage and Plunder’ from anywhere he wanted. I spoke to Agent Mundo myself, and he expressed to me his need to switch teams. Just as he did to Tony. You messed up, Avery. Unfortunately for you, someone else saw his worth and is more than willing to try and build up what you tore down. Live and learn, Section Chief Ryan, live and learn.”

Tony watched the AD turn and head for the door. Pausing just before crossing it he glared at SIC Ryan crooking a finger at her. “AIC DiNozzo, we will leave you now. I will see to it both are added to your team right away. Good job, son. You’re building an impressive team.”



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