Chapter Ten: Little Bird Probie Recruit


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New Chapter Characters: Elijah Mundo and Raven Ramirez
Chapter Contents: AU for CSI Cyber ending, AU for Hawaii 5-0 Canon, Mentions of Background Minor Character Death
Chapter Notes: No Tony in this one, but I wanted to give a glimpse at the new team coming together. There will be something bigger down the road, but this is our first look into the new personalities. I absolutely LOVE Hayley Kiyoko’s character Raven Ramirez and have started using her quite often when I get the chance. There are mentions of DB Russel’s death on CSI Cyber, which is an AU from what happened on the show. I thought that it was more realistic.
Chapter Summary: Raven has gotten her second chance, and is scared to death that she’ll mess it up. Comfort and words of wisdom come from her most trusted advisor and someone new in her life.

Chapter Ten: Little Bird Probie Recruit

Raven Ramirez was in early on her first day back with the FBI after the Hackers for Hire program she’d been recruited through with Cyber Division was terminated. She wanted to make a good impression with her new boss, especially since she knew very little about him. She was so thankful for this opportunity that he was giving her.

She wanted to rage at Brody Nelson, her former co-worker, ex-lover, and former black hat hacker like herself from Cyber Division, and ask why he hadn’t thought of her during his quest to fight the FBI on a charge he was guilty of. If she’d meant anything to him, he would have, in her opinion, considered how fighting his conviction for hacking could affect her.

She wanted to rage at Avery and ask how she could betray her and get her probation extended in the first place. Raven knew in her heart that she was a better person than when she’d first been placed with the FBI. She hadn’t done anything wrong to deserve the additional punishment. Had she not been so afraid that Avery would use her former partner and lover’s appearance against her, then she would have gone to her, to begin with. She’d been worried though about her boss’ reaction and hadn’t.

Obviously, she’d been right to worry and not trust her considering how everything turned out. In the end, she’d done what they’d asked without any argument. She didn’t want him back in her life. She didn’t want to be part of the black hat world again and had been more than willing to do what needed to be done. No matter how much it hurt a tiny part of her heart, and look where that had gotten her.

She’d been placed back on probation, and then fired when Nelson threw his temper tantrum. Where were the consequences for his actions? He’d been just as guilty of his original charge as she had been, and had openly admitted to doing what he’d been accused of. He deserved to be punished as much as she had. In her opinion, the only thing he’d learned was how to manipulate the system to get away with his bad deeds. If either of them were prone to be slipping backward, she felt like it was him.

Yet, he was rewarded with a spot at FLETC, and a shiny badge with Cyber Division waiting for him once he graduated. Some justice. The whole situation left her scared, uncertain, and feeling like she had no clue how to not repeat her past mistakes. She wanted this spot so bad but was scared to death that she was going to shoot herself in the foot.

“How did I know that you’d be here at the butt crack of dawn?” she heard, and looking up saw Elijah Mundo standing there holding two coffee cups. Eli was the team leader in Cyber Division under Avery and more than a little responsible for the second chance that she was being given. Looking just behind his left shoulder, she saw a tall Asian man she didn’t know watching her with a calm friendly expression. She assumed that he must be one of the new teammates.

“I thought that I told you to relax?” Elijah chided gently drawing her attention back to him. The man had been wonderful in the amount of hand holding that he’d done for her since she’d been fired, even in the midst of his own personal turmoil. Raven had always liked Mundo but felt like since her firing they’d really become actual friends instead of just co-workers who were friendly.

She’d spent many hours on his couch raging about how much of a jackass Brody Nelson was and listening to him mourn the end of his marriage. They’d both grieved the death of DB, whom while they hadn’t worked long with, they both had grown to like a great deal. She could easily see Elijah becoming something of an older brother if things kept progressing. He’d never be a romantic interest. She’d always wanted a brother, though, and would rather have that relationship anyway.

Raven watched Elijah set the two cups he’d been carrying down on a nearby desk, then turn back to her opening his arms. “Come here.” He requested.

Eagerly, she stood and stepped into his arms grateful for the hug. “I’m just so scared of messing up! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore.”

She felt a kiss to her temple before the man pulled away. “Why don’t the three of us go up to my office and talk?” Elijah suggested, and Raven nodded eagerly. She saw the other man nod as well before her boss handed her a cup.

“Your tea, ma’am.”

Raven smiled, and offered her thanks, and then followed the two men up to an office with Elijah’s name on the door. Following the stranger’s lead, she took a seat in front of the desk as her friend settled behind it.

“First things first. Raven Ramirez, I would like you to meet Agent Chin Ho Kelly. He is the Senior Technical Analyst and therefore you will be working with him the closest. He will have final say between the two of you in any decisions you two would make. This team though works similarly to Cyber Division in that you will have contact with everyone on the team. Agent in Charge DiNozzo is looking for a close friendly atmosphere between team members and I am fully onboard with that.”

Elijah sipped his coffee, which Raven knew would be black. The former Marine was very particular about sugar and creamer not going anywhere near his joe.

“Because Agent Kelly will also work undercover, he will not always be there to help you if you are unsure about a course of action. You can come to either Tony or me if you need help. I am more up on the technical side of things than the boss, but don’t underestimate his skills. He may ask more questions, but he catches onto things pretty quickly from what I have gathered so far. He seems to be a pretty smart cookie, and I don’t expect any issues as long as you are willing to explain points he needs clarification on.”

“Krummy offered to help, too. Is that alright?” Raven asked holding the tea between both hands. She wasn’t cold but did find the warmth soothing on her nerves. Daniel Krumitz was part of her team at Cyber Division and was the only person she’d remained in contact with after leaving. While he’d expected her to prove her loyalty when she first came to Cyber, he’d never thrown her past in her face once he was satisfied that she was trustworthy.

She saw Elijah nod at her before he replied to her question. “Just remember that Krumitz is in a different department. So, try and be careful to limit case specific details. If we need him to assist on a formal basis, then we’ll have to go through Avery. SC Ryan isn’t really happy with us right now. So, we don’t want Krummy to be put in the middle man spot between us and her. Now, let’s talk about you being afraid of messing up.”

Raven watched her friend who seemed to be struggling for words. It seemed as if he was having some kind of wordless conversation with Agent Kelly. She was a little surprised when it was the man next to her who spoke instead of her friend.

“I haven’t always worked for the FBI. I started out with the Honolulu Police Department as a beat cop. I’d lived on the island my whole life, and all of my family lived there. Ohana or family is everything there. I had made it to detective when some money from a drug raid went missing.”

Surprised at where the story seemed to be going, Raven couldn’t help but look to Elijah unsure. Her friend seemed to be unsurprised and was watching her calmly. Unsure of what to expect, she turned her attention back to the former detective.

“They all assumed that I had taken it because I was in charge of it. Even though they had no evidence, the assumption of my guilt was enough to get me fired. If it wasn’t for Unit Chief Fornell coming along, I’d be working security at some tourist attraction assumed to be guilty of something just because I had access.”

“But you didn’t do it?” Raven guessed needing to make sure she understood what he seemed to be saying.

“No, I didn’t do it,” Chin confirmed softly. “I knew who did, though. I could have turned them over, and I would have been off the hook.” He added to her surprise.

“Some would say that knowing and not turning the information over would make me as guilty as the one who actually took the money. I made a conscious decision to let the guilty party get away with it, though.”

“Because they were someone you cared for?” She guessed looking from Chin to Elijah and back to see the older man looking at her with a raised eyebrow and a half smirk.

“What makes you say that?” Elijah asked drawing her attention back to him.

Raven thought about her guess making sure of her words before speaking. “I spent more than a few years around criminals and bad people. Then since coming to work for the FBI, I’ve gotten to know you pretty well, Eli. You’re probably one of the most honorable people that I know. The only thing that I can find in common between good people and the bad guys is that they all do what needs to be done for the people that they care about.

“Agent Kelly said that Ohana or family means everything to him. So, if he let people think that he did something he didn’t when he knew who did it. Then that individual must be someone that he cares about. Most likely a member of his family, or someone that he considers family.”

She saw Chin nod his head smiling. “Very good. Your deduction is correct. You will make a good investigator. Deductive reasoning isn’t really something you can teach. You can try, but some people just seem to have a natural knack for it. It looks like you may be one of those people.”

Turning her eyes back to Elijah pleased, but slightly embarrassed at the compliment, she saw him smiling proudly. It was at that point that she felt herself relax slightly.

“You’re not going to mess up, Raven,” Elijah said quietly and firmly. “I know who you are, and I know who you used to be. I wouldn’t have recommended you for this position if I believed that you would do anything but succeed. My opinion wasn’t asked when Avery spoke against you. If it had been I wouldn’t have agreed with it, and I don’t agree with it now.

“In my opinion, you have more than proven yourself. We all have moments of conflict or times when our past comes up and we get scared. Lord only knows I have people in my past that I don’t want my new team to meet. You shouldn’t, in my humble opinion, be penalized for being human.”

Elijah sighed and she watched him drain his coffee, then throw the paper cup in the trash can before he continued. “I know that it’s hard, but we have to put Cyber Division, and Avery in particular, behind us. Tony seems to be a really cool dude, and he’s already helped me so much to get my head back on straight. We have a real second chance with this team to start fresh. Letting Avery’s mind games linger in our heads will only hurt our chances for success here.”

Understanding what he was saying, Raven took a deep breath as she nodded. “So, in other words, put my big girl panties on, and buck the fuck up, Mundo?”

Hearing a chuckle from beside her, she grinned seeing Eli shaking his head. “Only you, Ramirez. Basically, yes. That is what I recommend. Let the past be the past, or it’s going to darken your future until you do.”

“How very Zen of you,” Chin quipped, and she saw Elijah grin big.

“I was channeling you, Kelly.”

She saw her partner nod, and smile lifting his coffee cup up in salute. Leaning back in her chair, Raven let their snarking back and forth relax her nerves, and eventually joined in. Just maybe this would work out for her finally.



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