Chapter Seventeen: The Black Queen has Fallen & Ricky Bobby Petit


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Chapter Content: OOC Garcia, Description of Murder

Chapter Summary: Garcia has some questions to answer, and when the truth about the killer comes out, it’s worse than everyone thought. Then, the killer strikes again, before moving on to another location.

Chapter Seventeen: The Black Queen has Fallen & Ricky Bobby Petit

Penelope Garcia was sitting in an interview room wide-eyed, and scared. She had come a long way from that hacker who ruined people’s lives just because she could. She followed the rules now. She protected her team. She was a good person.

She had no idea why she was in there being watched by two angry looking people she’d never seen before. When Unit Chief Fornell came walking in with a tablet and a file, Garcia watched as the girl left, and the UC sat down at the table. He plugged in a flash drive then brought up an image and she immediately knew that she was in trouble.

“Do you know what you’re looking at, Ms. Garcia?” Fornell asked clearly pissed off. Penelope nervously nodded unable to take her eyes off of the red lines of coding.

“They… they’re the lines of code I used to access some files that had extra security measures so that I wouldn’t be detected.”

“Were you given permission by Unit Chief Hotchner to bypass these security measures?”

Quickly Garcia shook her head. Hot pink pigtails flying back and forth. “No, sir. I did it at the request of…” Garcia stopped and sealed her lips together.

“At the request of whom, Technical Analyst Garcia?” Fornell pressed, but again she shook her head. Fornell narrowed his eyes leaning back in his chair.

“Do you know what you’ve done?” Chin asked, and Tobias looked over his shoulder at the man. When Garcia just pressed her lips together tighter and hesitantly shook her head, Chin scowled.

Fornell had known the man for several years. Normally you only saw the man as quiet and calm or happy and amused. This burning anger was rare but intimidated even him when it came out.

“Do you have any clue what you’ve done? As you sit there fretting and simpering, a man may be DEAD. My friend, my teammate may be dead because of you! So I suggest that you stop playing your foolish games and start talking!” By the time he got done, Chin was yelling as he advanced toward the table. His body showing nothing but anger and violent intent. Not knowing that despite the show of anger, the man would never cross that line, Garcia was in tears, and the room was being filled with people.

When the smoke cleared, Hotch was sitting at the table, and another man was holding up the wall glaring at her worse than the last one.

“Garcia!” Hotch snapped, and Penelope’s gaze immediately flew to his face.

Garcia could see the anger in Hotch’s eyes. She knew that she was in big trouble. If he understood though, if he knew who had asked, surely he would understand!

“Hotch! There is no way that…. I’m sorry the man is missing, but I didn’t give the information to anyone dangerous! I would never do that. You know that. It’s totally ok!”

“Who did you give the information to, Garcia? Who asked you to hack into the files?”

“It’s ok, Hotch. It’s no one dangerous. It’s only…”

“Who Garcia? Who asked for those details?”

“It was only Gideon!”

The room fell into dead silence as Hotch sat back hard as the implications began to swirl in his head. Behind him, Tony spoke unable to keep silent any longer.

“Jason Gideon? The profiler who abandoned his team? The one that had the nervous breakdown? THAT Jason Gideon? You gave that man details about my operative?”

Garcia huffed as she started to cry, again. “You don’t understand! I don’t even know who you are! If you knew Gideon you wouldn’t be mad! He’d never…”

“Explain it to me, Garcia,” Hotch interrupted waving Tony back to his spot.

“Forget Agent in Charge DiNozzo. Explain to me why. I know Gideon.”

“He was just checking up on one of Spencer’s people!”

The bad feeling in Hotch’s stomach was turning into acid with each word she spoke. Aaron had known the quirky woman was naïve, but this… “What do you mean checking up on one of Spencer’s people? Does this person have a name?”

Garcia thought a moment then nodded excitedly that her boss was finally understanding. “He knows that Spencer doesn’t have time to watch over the people he saves. So, Gideon is doing it! He still cares about Spencer, so much. He was checking on… Ummm… OH! Steven Laughlin! He saw someone weird hanging around. He thought he recognized him and was afraid that he was an unsub.

“When I ran the picture he sent me it came back with two files. I had to check them both out! I always check out everything before I give the team information on a case. Gideon was embarrassed how he left Spencer and doesn’t want him to know he’s helping him. So, I made sure that I bypassed any extra security measures on the backend of the files. I didn’t want his secret to be exposed. See? It’s totally ok!”

She looked so proud of herself. Aaron hid one hand under the table so that he could clench it. He’d trusted her for years, and she’d done something like this. “How did Jason know that Steven was one of Spencer’s… people, Garcia?”

“OH! He just checked Spencer’s files! He asked me to set up a backdoor into everyone’s files when he left so that he could keep an eye on their cases. I think he only checks Spencer’s though. He says that Spencer doesn’t think of these things.”

Just when Hotch didn’t think it could get worse… she dug the hole deeper. “You…” Aaron felt a hand on his shoulder and leaned back slightly against Tony to draw strength. Inside he was devastated. He couldn’t show it though until he got all the information. He wasn’t even sure anymore that he could think enough to know if he had all of the information.

“When did Jason tell you that he was checking on this Steven, Garcia?”

“Just a few days ago!” Garcia frowned looking at Hotch realizing that he didn’t look right.

“What’s wrong, Hotch? You look funny. Don’t you understand? Gideon is only trying to keep them safe. He’s only doing it because of what that monster did to his own people! He doesn’t want Spencer to go through the same thing!”

Hotch quickly got up and left, rushing to the bathroom. He just hoped that he got there before he puked.

Back in the interrogation room, Garcia frowned as this time AD John Evans came in. This time the man who had been standing behind Hotch sat at the table. He looked equally devastated, and angry.

“Steven Laughlin was murdered two weeks ago, Technical Analyst Garcia. Scott Levy, another of Spencer’s people as you called them was also murdered. That one a month to six weeks ago. My operative whose file you hacked was sent to try and find the killer.

“He was sent a week ago. He stopped responding three days ago. He stopped checking in the same day that you gave information to Jason Gideon that he had no business having. He’s a killer Ms. Garcia, and as far as I’m concerned, you are his accomplice. Jason Gideon is killing people, and you have given him all the tools he needs to find his victim pool. I am going to make sure there are consequences for what you did. I think you had the best intention, but you know what they say about the path to hell.”

Garcia sat in her chair stunned, shaking her head in denial. “You don’t understand! You don’t know Gideon. This must be why Gideon was checking! Don’t you see? It happened to him, and now it’s happening to Spencer. Oh, Gideon must be devastated! We have to help him!”

AD Evans looked at her shaking his head before he began to speak. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult a lawyer before speaking further. If you cannot afford one, the court can appoint one for you. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney.

“We don’t have anything else to ask you at this time. You are effectively fired as of now. You’ve had several chances, Ms. Garcia, and you threw each and every one of them in the trash can. You allowed an unsub access to the Bureau’s system by playing a personal game using our Wi-Fi. This caused one of the people on your team to almost be murdered, and some could argue led to the events that resulted in her leaving the Bureau. You used your access to unlawfully keep cases open without authorization. This caused your own stalking, and near death.

“You illegally blocked your boss’ file transfer for your own selfish wants and needs. You hacked a former lover’s file to find out personal information. Now, you have given information that was HIGHLY classified to someone who is no longer working for the Bureau resulting in multiple deaths and a missing operative. The fact that you violated them on such an epic level is disheartening. I only hope that Ms. Rodriguez learns from your errors of judgment.”

Tony frowned at her angrily. Unfortunately, he was able to imagine how Reid, Aaron, and the rest of the team were feeling. “The fact that you didn’t intend for all this to happen, doesn’t make any of it better, Ms. Garcia. The fact that you don’t understand, and don’t believe that Jason Gideon could be or is a killer isn’t going to matter. I would suggest for your own safety that my operative is still alive. If he isn’t, I can’t guarantee that you will remain breathing.”

Tony left the room, and behind him, Penelope Garcia sat at the table unable to understand why no one believed that there had to be another reason. She simply refused to believe that Jason Gideon was truly a monster and she’d helped get people killed.

Shaking her head, she wrapped her arms around herself as Derek came in to sit with her. Even he was looking at her with disbelief and anger. Surely there would be someone who understood. She hadn’t caused this. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t… She was just helping Gideon. They’d see. They’d find out the truth. She knew they would.


Jason looked down at the body of Ricky Bobby Petit with disgust. Another monster let go by a corrupt system. It had been risky, but he hadn’t been willing to leave town before the job was done. Unfortunately, that boy was going to interfere with his plans. He’d known eventually the team would find out about his work. He’d also known that they wouldn’t understand. Not even Spencer whom he’d groomed personally. He’d become so compromised since he’d left the Bureau that Jason wasn’t sure the young man even knew what justice was anymore.

Angry, he rolled the body over so that the back was up, and using the army knife stuck it through the temporary tattoo securing it to the murderer’s back. It was time to step up the plan. It was time to remind them all what justice is. He figured that his access would be cut off soon. It was a good thing he’d taken the time to write down the names of all of the team’s consults since they’d started. It was the little details that led to success.

Another thing that they’d forgotten.

It was time to remind them who he was. It was time to show them what he could do. Walking out of the inner field at the race track, Jason headed back to his car. The body would be discovered when they came in to set up for the race that day. He considered trying to track down that agent he’d injured, Will. There was no need for it though. He would die or he wouldn’t. Jason’s beef was not with him.

Getting in his car, he started the engine and programmed his GPS for his next stop, Portland Oregon. The lesson would become much harder now. Jason would use all of his knowledge to show them who the best really was. Aaron Hotchner was about to discover that Spencer wasn’t the only one with lessons to learn. You cannot let the guilty go and expect no consequences.

Eventually, Justice always caught up.

Jason Gideon was the instrument of Justice.

End Note:

Muahahahahahahaha Surprise!

Hope you all enjoyed the reveal.

Next week, Tony and Raven go to check on the BAU gang. The week after that we finally get back to poor Will. Don’t worry. He’s safe… mostly. No killing any of the team off. At least not yet. hahaha I rule nothing out for future installments.

Reminder: I have two completed stories posting this week. Tuesday my NCIS Reverse Big Bang story posts titled London’s Calling. This features a pairing of Tony DiNozzo/Alec Trevelyan from the 00Q James Bond verse Fandom. Don’t let this throw you off though. The Bond stuff is very minor, and Alec is pretty damned OOC the way I use him. (In my world Alec was never a bad guy, ’cause I have a weakness for Sean Bean.) So, he’s almost an OC. Also, the relationship is very secondary. The story is mostly Tony-Centric, but I love giving my fav character a love interest. I’ve also build some OCs for this story centered around the Paddington family that you will see crop up in Tony fics from now on.

Then, on Wednesday, I post my first Criminal Minds Big Bang fic. This one is called Against the Grain. It is an Aaron Hotchner/Dean Winchester pairing. Tony does have a part in the story, but it is secondary. This is a Sentinel/Guide story with my own twists. There will be a sequel that is more Tony/Sam oriented that builds on this one at some point. No promises when. Just that it will happen.

Also still working on a couple shorter fics. One is a Spencer/Steve McGarrett story for a series of unrelated Spencer one shots I wanna do with various Non-Tony Non-Hotch pairings for him. The other is for my Tony & Verse and pairs Tony with Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor from Queer as Folk (US Version). Lastly, I have a Tony/Hotch 5K-ish one shot to post in the next week-ish for another challenge.

Hope you all have a good week. As always, thank you for reading, and for those who comment.


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