Against the Grain Master Page

against the grain art5

Banner by Pickingupellen

A Full-size version of the gorgeous banner can be found at HERE at the artist’s website. Much thanks to her for it. I think that it matches the feel of the story perfectly.

Title: Against the Grain

Author: SpencnerTibbsLuvr

Category: Slash

Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Supernatural, NCIS

Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Tony DiNozzo, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Martin Odom, Various BAU Team Members, Various OCs

Pairings: Major – Aaron Hotchner/Dean Winchester, Secondary – Tony DiNozzo/Sam Winchester, Spencer Reid/Martin Odem, Bobby Singer/Jody Mills, other non-canon pairings for the BAU Team

Content: Sentinel & Guide Dynamics, Altered S&G Universe, Alternate Universe, S&G Hate Talk, Sexual Content, Non-Canon Compliant: CM, NCIS, and SPN

Word Count: 15,871 Words

Rating: PG-13

Alpha Readers: Rivermoon1970 and Gypsy

Beta Reader: Rivermoon1970

Author’sNote: This story was written for the 2017 Criminal Minds Big Bang challenge on AO3. Super big thanks to DarkJediQueen for putting it together. Huge thanks to my Alpha and Beta readers as well as my artist Pickingupellen.


Aaron Hotchner is a Beta Level unmated Sentinel leading the Behavioral Analysis Unit. A series of deaths and multiple calls for assistance pulls both his primary team as well as his Sentinel, Swing SentinelGuide, and Guide Crime Unit to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Having come online when he killed his father to protect himself as a teenager, Hotchner had been waiting most of his life to find his mate. With an odd case as well as a corrupt and prejudice Police Chief the last thing Aaron ever expected was to find his Guide in an interview room. That Guide being serial killer John Winchester’s eldest son Dean.



Chapter One: Innocence and Prejudice

Chapter Two: A Confrontation

Chapter Three: A Mating

Chapter Four: Getting to know you



Full Character Picture Listing


7 thoughts on “Against the Grain Master Page

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  7. It looks like the link to chapter 4 is broken both on the master page and at the end of chapter 3. So I’m off to Ao3 so I can finish this lovely little crossover.

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