Chapter Three: A Mating

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A Full-size version of the gorgeous banner can be found at HERE at the artist’s website. Much thanks to her for it. I think that it matches the feel of the story perfectly.

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Chapter Note: The sex scene in this chapter was NOT written by me. HUGE thanks go out to Rivermoon1970 who wrote it for me. I suck at sex scenes and needed something good for this chapter. She stepped up and wrote an AMAZING scene. Everything after the paragraph where Aaron says “With Pleasure” and before the paragraph that starts “When Aaron came to” is all her. ALL Kudos for that scene need to go to her.


Chapter Three: A Mating


When Hotch reached the hotel, he barely remembered to park the car and lock it. As it was, the vehicle was under the overhang, and Dean had to crawl over the middle console because Aaron wouldn’t let go of his hand. Striding into the hotel, bagless because getting into the back for his duffle would take too long, he marched up with a very eager Mate behind him. Reaching the desk, he was thankful he’d perfected the whole getting his credentials out with one hand years back, he flashed his ID at the woman before speaking.

“My name is Unit Chief Sentinel Aaron Hotchner, and my team has a reservation with your hotel. I need one of the rooms unless you have bonding suites here. In that case, I need at least one, and possibly a second one for another couple. A coworker and I unexpectedly found our mates while working a local case.”

The woman behind the counter, albeit wide-eyed, quickly complied, assuring him that they have bonding suites. She promised that she’d keep the other suite on reserve in case Tony and Sam needed it and that the vehicle would be fine where it was until the team got there. Hotch gave her the keys for safe keeping and then headed to the elevator. His eager Mate quiet, but pressed as close to him as possible anytime they stopped moving.

The elevator ride was an experience, and he almost had elevator sex for the first time in his life. By the time they reached the suite door, his hands were shaking almost too badly to get the card into the reader on the door.  Once they were inside. He yanked the younger man to him and spent several long moments devouring his mouth. He then picked him up, and with long strides crossed to the bed tossing Dean down.

The man landed with a lear on his face. “Oh, hell yeah.”

Aaron smiled dark and dirty as he undid his tie. Once he had the item in his hands, though, he had an idea. Climbing onto the bed, he moved upward to straddle Dean’s chest.

“Hands up,” he ordered and smiled satisfied when he received a, “Oh fuck, yes please,” in return.

Once he was done, he looked down at his new mate, Guide, and everything. “Guide.”

“Sentinel,” Dean replied. The eagerness and happiness were more than evident on the man’s face. “Come to papa.”

Aaron immediately slid down the bed and, slipping a hand under Dean’s head, brought the younger man’s lips up to almost touching his. Staring into those gorgeous hazel green eyes, he purred, “With pleasure,” before capturing those oh so kissable lips once more and losing himself in the pleasure.

Each kiss opened his senses to his Guide even more. Dean’s moans and noises almost made Aaron come undone right there and then, but he had plans and he meant to implement each and every one.

“Naked. Need you naked now,” Aaron growled as he undid the tie to let Dean up. There was no finesse, no slow seductive strip tease for either man, that would come at another time. The two men practically tore their clothes off, then Aaron was hauling Dean into the bathroom. He wanted his new Guide completely clean. He wanted to taste his skin free from any smell that may have gotten on him over the course of his interrogation. Once the water was warm enough, Aaron pulled Dean inside the shower.

The bonding suite boasted a very hedonistic shower that had a built in shelf with hermetically sealed bottles of lube and other toys that newly bonding pairs might want to use. Aaron’s eyes darkened even more with lust at the items he saw there. The shower also had two main shower heads, one for each person, and rainfall type heads coming out of the top. There was a wide bench and soft gel pads that sat atop the bench. Aaron was getting more than one wicked idea into his head. But first, he wanted his Guide thoroughly cleaned.

Grabbing the bottle of unscented goats milk body wash that was made just for Sentinels and Guides Aaron poured a generous amount on the washcloth that was hanging inside the shower. He pushed Dean against the tiled wall and kissed him stupid.

“Fuck, you keep kissing me like that and this party will be over before it starts,” Dean moaned as he tried to find purchase against Aaron’s wet skin.

“Jesus, I love your snarky mouth already,” Aaron chuckled as he pulled back just a bit. He roughly turned Dean around so his front was pressed against the wall. Starting at his neck, Aaron rubbed the soft washcloth all down Dean’s back, cleaning every single bit of skin. Dropping to his knees he ran the cloth over Dean’s ass, then legs. He let the falling water wash away the lather, then leaned forward and nipped at the rather firm ass that his hands were currently kneading. Aaron breathed in deep and smelled just that smell that was all Dean and it was just as intoxicating as before. Aaron gripped Dean’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, as he did, Dean’s scent hit him and he let out a very filthy groan as he buried his face near Dean’s very tempting hole.

“You’re killin’ me here Sentinel,” Dean playfully complained as he gripped the bar that was above him which he now understood why it was in there.

“Can’t help it. I want to taste every single part of you.” Before he did anything, Aaron took the washcloth and thoroughly cleaned Dean around his asshole. After he was rinsed, the Guide was vibrating as need poured out of him and Aaron was pulling the sensation into himself almost like a drug, or a really fine whiskey. He leaned in again and licked a stripe up to the top of Dean’s ass.

“Jesus fuck,” Dean cried out which just spurred Aaron on. He dived right back in and pressed the tip of his tongue just inside of that tempting pink pucker. Dean pushed back against Aaron’s mouth encouraging him to continue. Pushing his tongue further in, Aaron began to eat Dean out, opening that tight entrance. Dean let out a whimper.

“Turn around, I want my mouth around your cock.” Aaron stayed on his knees as Dean complied. Aaron made quick work of cleaning up Dean’s lower half as that dark and beautiful hard cock bounced a little as it jutted out in front of him. He didn’t waste any time as he wrapped his lips around the crown and sucked.

“Aaron, fuck,” Dean cried out as he gripped Aaron’s shoulders. “More, I need more,” Dean pleaded, then cool slick fingers were sliding into his ass as that hot mouth sucked down more of his cock. All he could do was hang on as Aaron’s senses bled all over him. He let his head fall back against the shower wall and his head swam with so many emotions it was making him a little high. The more Aaron was doing to him, the more his empathy opened up and the carefully constructed shields in his mind started to fall. When Aaron had his nose practically against the base of his cock, and those fingers fucking his ass, Dean knew he might not last. A connection opened up between them and he unconsciously helped Aaron weave the bond that was quickly expanding between them. All those dark and lonely places that were inside of him quickly filled to the point where nothing else in the world mattered, just him and Aaron.

Aaron felt it too, he felt those holes in his very soul filling up with Dean and everything the man was. Pulling his fingers free, he also pulled off of Dean with a loud pop as he stood and finished cleaning his Guide. He grabbed one of the items on the shelf and tore open the package. It was a cock ring.

“I want you buried in my ass when you cum, but first I want you to ride me till I fill your ass with my cum, then I want to taste you again.” Dean’s eyes rolled in the back of his head at the image.

“Yes, fuck yes anything.” Aaron chuckled as he slid the cock ring over Dean’s dick, then pulled his Guide over to the bench. He grabbed the bottle of lube and quickly slicked up his cock, then curled his hands around Dean’s hips to guide him closer.

Dean kneed up onto the bench, straddling Aaron’s lap, grateful for the soft pad underneath. Dean arched up and while Aaron held himself, Dean slid down on the slick cock slowly.

“So tight, Dean,” Aaron moaned as Dean slid all the way down. The two men took a moment as they looked into each other’s eyes. Aaron almost got lost in the green, then those tantalizing lips were pressed against his, kissing him, sliding a tongue across, Aaron opened for Dean. Then, Dean was moving, and Aaron’s hand a firm grip on those hips that were all angles and planes. His Guide felt wonderful as he fucked himself on Aaron’s cock. Tongues twined together, exploring each other’s mouths as Dean kept a hard and fast pace.

“Please touch me, Sentinel,” Dean begged around the kisses. Aaron reached down and grabbed Dean’s cock and stroked him. The silky flesh slid between his hands as those connections between them grew with each thrust against his cock.

“Dean,” Aaron moaned as he felt himself closer to his release. He let Dean’s cock go, then he wrapped his hands around Dean’s waist then thrust up hard as Dean pushed down. He did this a couple of more times, then with Dean’s name on his lips, he came as he buried deep inside his Guide.

Sliding a hand up Dean’s back, Aaron gripped his neck and held him there as he kissed him, practically tongue fucking the other man. After Aaron settled some, Dean lifted off of Aaron’s softening cock, stood up, turned off the shower, and pulled Aaron with him. They barely got themselves dry when Aaron held Dean still and did what he promised. Dropping to his knees once again, tongue at Dean’s hole tasting himself mixed with Dean’s taste and it was making him crazy. By the time that Dean was shaking and begging Aaron to stop he had glutted himself on Dean’s tempting aroma. Aaron stood and the two men once again kissed. They stumbled a bit as Aaron was walked backward towards the bed, both men still wet from the shower.

Dean had the presence of mind to grab the lube.

“On the bed.” Aaron smiled a wicked smile as he crawled up on his hands and knees, presenting his Guide with his ass. “Damn, you’re fit.” Dean finally got an eyeful of Aaron. He had been too lost in the bond and the sex to really notice, but now that his Sentinel was on his knees splayed out for him Dean took a moment to appreciate the sight.

“Dean, please,” Aaron moaned as his erection was once again heavy between his legs. He didn’t have to wait long and his Guide was buried balls deep in his ass. The bond flared between them and Aaron was assaulted with all of Dean’s emotions at once and it made his cock fill even more. As Dean slammed into him over and over, he let his own shields fall completely and when his Guide finally emptied inside of him, the bond solidified and settled deep inside them. Panting, Dean stayed where he was to catch his breath, then he pulled from Aaron’s body. The Sentinel fell on his back and smiled up as Dean leaned over him, grabbing his cock and pumping. It didn’t take long for Aaron to cum, striping his stomach with his release as his eyes rolled in the back of his head, all his senses whited out and he felt blissful sleep settle over him.

When Aaron came to, he had his mate wrapped up in his arms. The younger man clinging to him like an octopus, and nothing but contentment and pleasure coming through the bond. Tilting his head, Aaron left light kisses all over the man’s face, feeling him coming awake through their connection well before his body ever stirred.

“Round two?” Dean asked, his voice rough with sleep and sex. Aaron knew that he’d never get tired of that sound.

“I think you read my mind,” he rumbled and then set about learning his guide’s body, one more time.

Later that evening, Aaron heard a light knocking on the door. Lifting his head from the pillow he’d been sharing with his mate, he glanced at the clock to see it read 11:56 PM.

“Aaron?” Dean asked, and he placed a kiss on his cheek.

“I think it’s members of my team. I’ll be right back.”

Searching for the pants that he’d tossed somewhere, Aaron pulled them over his hips and went to the door. He opened it to find Spencer and Martin on the other side, although, Martin was across the hall and down a bit. Aaron felt much more settled but appreciated it. Going to the station in the morning was not going to be fun.

“Here’s your bag, and one for Dean. Sheriff Mills got some things for him and Sam both when I notified her of the bonding. Congratulations, by the way. Don’t worry about the case for a few days. We have it covered.”

Aaron rolled his eyes at his SIC. “I will see you in the morning, Spencer.” He was surprised though when his friend’s rare show of spine came out. Usually, Reid was much more cautious with showing his inner strength. Preferring to be underestimated as a helpless geek.

“No, you won’t,” Reid returned lifting his chin. “We have it covered. Tony and Sam are not going to complete their bond here. They’re waiting until they get back to Tony’s home. Blair agreed that it would be for the best because Tony’s Alpha Level Sentinel would not react well to going through any more bonding in a strange hotel bed. The bonding sex in the interview room was more out of need and a desperation to get Tony functional than comfort. So, we have Tony. I’m not saying you should sit the whole case out, but you will take three full days and three full nights off, not counting tonight.”

“And if I don’t, SSA Guide Dr. Reid?” Aaron snarled, only to have Reid once more lift his chin.

“I will simply call Jim and Blair in, and have them outrank you. For once, you’re going to let us take care of you, Aaron. You need this bonding. We need one of you settled to solve this, and Jim was very clear that it wouldn’t be Tony. His Alpha Sentinel needs different things than your Beta Sentinel. Now, quit being a jerk, and take the time off with your Guide. We can manage three days, Aaron.”

Aaron narrowed his eyes, but when he felt the touch of Dean’s hands on his back, he just snorted. Looking to the right, he saw Dean’s face peeking out, and when he looked back Spencer was wiggling his fingers. When Dean wiggled his back, the ridiculousness almost undid him.

“Fine,” he gave him badly. “Who am I to argue getting three uninterrupted days with my new mate. If something happens to Tony, though, you damned well better call me SSA Reid or I will have your ass in a sling. Got it?”

Reid nodded quickly flashing a smile now that he’d gotten his way. “See you Saturday! Hopefully, we will have this thing closed by then, or at least have some good headway made.”

Huffing, Aaron shut the door looking over at his mate. “Well, you heard the man.”

Dean nodded seriously. “I did. Three days of sex. What the crap are we waiting for?”

When Dean just ran back to the bed, putting himself on his hands and knees, Aaron gave in with a growl. Maybe it was a good idea, but he’d never admit it.  Pushing off the door, he crossed to the bed where he’d lose his frustration by immersing himself in his mate.


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