Full Character Listing for Against the Grain

Against the Grain Characters
 criminalminds13f-1-web  If the Shoe Fits  d7b50ca8-3293-43a2-b08a-25cf9e9c1d69_zps21cygnxd
Unit Chief Sentinel Aaron Hotchner

Played by Thomas Gibson

SSA Guide Dr. Spencer Reid

Played by Matthew Gray Gubler

Special Agent Martin Odum

Played by Sean Bean

0004  6d150fb2b663e8621052574b54331cb1  5bc54d48774d38b8592670e22189a814
Guide Dean Winchester

Played by Jensen Ackles

Supervisory Special Agent Team Leader Sentinel Dr. Tony DiNozzo

Played by Michael Weatherly

Guide Sam Winchester

Played by Jared Padalecki

 Emilyprentisss7promo  ba15f5d05624858b061bc21255112a47  rossi
SSA Sentinel Emily Prentiss-LaMontagne

Played by Paget Brewster

Special Agent GuideWill LaMontagne Jr

Played by Josh Stewart

SSA Swing SentinelGuide David Rossi

Played by Joe Montagna

154d458e67db3637f66f997c17dcdea4 CSI: CYBER  GW267H476
Technical Analyst Sentinel Raven Ramirez

Played by Hayley Kiyoko

Technical Analyst Guide Daniel Krumitz

Played by  Charley Koontz

 SSA Guide Kate Callahan

Played by Jennifer Love Hewitt

 Aisha-tyler-picture-1  JEANNE TRIPPLEHORN
SSA Sentinel Dr. Tara Lewis

Played by Aisha Tyler

 SSA Guide Alex Blake

Played by Jeanne Tripplehorn

 jody_mills_sn_3050  15071code
Sheriff Sentinel Jody Mills

Played by Kim Rhodes


Guide Bobby Singer

Played by Jim Beaver


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