Epilogue: The Future is Now

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Epilogue: The Future is Now


Three years later, Aaron stood at the back of a conference room in Chicago, IL watching Tony and Derek trade friendly insults. The team, which now included the Three Men and a Medium unit along with a videographer named Ash as a full-time part of the unit, had been called in to investigate a series of deaths where the bodies were found fully drained of their blood. The main unit quickly recognized the signs of a Non-Human Unsub and called in their secondary Paranormal Unit.


The FBI had quickly recognized the benefit of opening themselves to helping with Non-Human cases, and now had more than 2 dozen paranormal units scattered around in offices across the country. Serial cases though always went through the BAU Paranormal Unit. Hearing Spencer’s laugh, Aaron looked to see that the genius, and currently Aaron’s Second in Command, was laughing with his husband Sam and brother-in-law Dean.


When they’d first gotten to Chicago, Aaron had been concerned how Derek would react to the case, but it quickly became apparent that he’d taken the advice given to him. One night while the two of them were patrolling the streets talking to the homeless and the prostitutes to see if anyone knew anything, Derek admitted that he’d hooked up with a local paranormal group Spencer recommended so he could find out the truth about it all. He admitted that it had been a real eye-opener for him, and his mother had been none too shy about saying she told him so.


Kate had just returned to the team after taking a year off following the birth of her son, Adam. She could often be found with JJ these days sharing baby tips. JJ had only been back from the birth of her second son Michael for six months, and Grampa Bobby was enjoying having a baby around his home.


Lately, Penelope had been trying to convince both he and Tony as well as Sam and Spencer that one of them needed a baby, but Hotch knew it would never happen. Tony loved Jack to death but admitted that he had no interest in a baby in his life. Being Papa Tony was good enough for him. Sam and Spencer flat out told her that there was no chance they were having children. Because of their childhoods, neither man wanted to take the risk of making their father’s mistakes.


Aaron highly doubted that either of them would become William Reid or John Winchester, but he respected their decision. He’d asked Rossi to tell Garcia to stop and hoped the older man would do so when they got back to DC.


When one of the locals came in with a folder and handed it to Aaron, he thanked the man before reviewing the information hoping that finally, they had the lead they needed. “OK, guys! Those results came in we’ve been waiting for. Let’s focus, and maybe we can catch this bloodsucker.”


Quickly the teams turned back to work and moved to their spots around the large table to listen to the results. Glancing back at the folder he read off the findings as a sense of happiness and peace settled around him. He knew these people. He believed in these people, and together they would ensure neither human nor non-human unsubs escaped justice.


The End!


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3 thoughts on “Epilogue: The Future is Now

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  3. Fantastic (in all senses of the word) story. The detail that you put into it and the character development are excellent and completely believable. i will definitely be reading this again!

    thank you

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