Fear and Determination

Title: Fear and Determination Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner Content: AU for NCIS Mid-season 3 and after, AU for Criminal Minds, Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Haley never existed, Aftermath of a Spousal Argument, Guilty!Hotch, Emotional!Tony, Tony leaves NCIS, Post Boxed In, Anti-Senior, Anti-Ziva Rating: PG-13 Notes: This isn't my normal story tone, … Continue reading Fear and Determination

The Genius, the SEAL, and the Surfer

      Fandoms: Criminal Minds and Hawaii 5-0 Characters: Spencer Reid, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakaua, Danny Williams, and Chin Ho Kelly Relationship: Spencer Reid/Steve McGarrett/Kono Kalakaua, Steve McGarrett/Kono Kalakaua - Existing, Spencer Reid/Steve McGarrett – Past Content: AU for Criminal Minds Season 12 and beyond, AU for H50, Angst, Threesome Relationship, Mention of Aaron … Continue reading The Genius, the SEAL, and the Surfer

Apocalypse Reinvented Master Page

Title: Apocalypse Reinvented Author: SpencnerTibbsLuvr/KliqzAngel (AO3) & LuvzDiNozzo on Rough Trade Story Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid (DiNozzo in this story), Pastor Jim Murphy, Bobby Singer, OC-Azrael, OC-Samael, Sam Winchester, Ruby, Danny Williams, Dean Winchester, Castiel Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Sam Winchester, Azrael/Samael, Dean Winchester/Spencer Reid Content: Conversational Mentions of Child Abuse and Neglect, Conversational Mentions … Continue reading Apocalypse Reinvented Master Page

Apocalypse Reinvented Character Listing

Apocalypse Reinvented Characters      Anthony DiNozzo Jr Played by Michael Weatherly  Aaron Hotchner Played by Thomas Gibson  Spencer DiNozzo (Reid) Played by Matthew Grey Gubler      Pastor Jim Murphy Played by Richard Sali  Robert "Bobby" Singer Played by Jim Beaver  Azrael Played by Sean Bean Note: I don't know why the pics won't … Continue reading Apocalypse Reinvented Character Listing