Chapter Five: The Time is Now


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Chapter Note: OK I lied… I forgot this chapter existed. lol Sam comes in next week I swear. We have though done the ol’ time jump and are in that spot between Supernatural seasons 3 & 4.

Because this was an alternate universe type challenge the three brothers personalities are tweaked from what you know. It’s most evident in their sexuality. Thank you to those that are reading. I like this story, and I am glad to see there are a few that are following along.

Chapter Summary: Tony and Aaron have a talk about where the brothers are going to head next, while Spencer has a night on the town. Their old friend Pastor Jim has requested they check on a man who has recently lost his brother. Tony’s thinks his destiny is within his sight and is eager to meet one Sam Winchester.

Chapter Five: The Time is Now

“It’s important for you to hear this… When I grew up, everyone was okay with being in a bubble. They were cool in their circle. That’s fine. But no one should discourage someone if they have a dream, if they want something more […] This song was difficult for me to write the lyrics to because it’s about my mother and my father, and about the day I said goodbye to them, because I had to go try, and I’m still trying, every day, to become a man. So, this song is about that. It’s about the moment that you wake up and you decide you want to go for every single dream you ever want. Brent Smith of Shinedown at Pointfest 22 about their song Second Chance”

Tony was sitting in Aaron’s hummer with his seat pushed back as far as it would go.  His feet were propped up on the dash in front of him, while his guitar rested on his chest.  He was plucking away at Shinedown’s Second Chance and letting the memories of ten years ago flow through his mind.  It had been exactly ten years to the day since his parents were exorcised.  Right about now the exorcisms were just beginning. Tony was sitting on the couch trying to ignore Spencer who was throwing a fit that would make a three year old shake their head.

Fortunately, things had improved over the last decade.  They certainly weren’t right.  In a way, Tony had been right.  There was still that little bit of distrust that came between them on occasion.  Sometimes Aaron ended up playing referee too often.  Tony himself always felt bad when that happened, because he always knew it was hard on his older brother.  He just couldn’t fully get over it, and for some reason, Spencer just couldn’t fully get over whatever the fuck had been up his ass back then.

He hadn’t seen Bobby Singer once since the day they left, but he knew someday their paths would cross again.  The timing wasn’t quite right yet, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t far off.  Lately, he’d had this sense like he was on the cusp of something.  Shaking his head, he got back to the song and the memories. Now wasn’t the time for shaggy brown hair and dimples.

Pastor Jim though had become a constant to the three brothers.  True to their word, they’d been there when Meg showed up to kill him.  The look on her face when she realized that she was caught in a devil’s trap was amazing.  Watching the Pastor and Aaron send her back to hell was priceless.

Aaron was back to being the dependable hero that Tony’d admired as a child.  They’d worked hard at their relationship.  They’d had a year and a half to get their shit together while Spencer finished high school graduating as valedictorian.  He’d had his choice of colleges, and had even tried out Cal-Sci for a year.  By the end of his freshman year though he was asking to come join them on the road.  Since it had been his choice all along, neither Tony or Aaron had even considered turning him down.

When the driver’s side door opened, Tony turned his head to sing at his older brother.  His grin matched Aaron’s when he started singing along with him.  He’d switched to Diamond Eyes, and knew it was one of Aaron’s favorites by the band.   Not hearing the back door open, craned his neck around to make sure he hadn’t missed it, and arched an eyebrow at his brother who was setting the bag of food between Tony’s legs.

“Spencer found his evening entertainment.  He’ll meet us at the hotel in the morning.”  Aaron informed him answering the unspoken question, as he got settled and started the Hummer.

Tony rolled his eyes and kept singing.  The two of them had gotten pretty good at the whole communicating with only one of them speaking most of the time.  Switching to sing Buckcherry’s Crazy Bitch, he wiggled his eyebrows at Aaron who laughed out loud.

“You’re close I think.  Although it’s a guy this time.  Not bad looking, but it’s pretty apparent that he’s more into sex than you and I.”

Tony shrugged still singing as he rested his head against the seat back.  Finding out that he wasn’t the only asexual in the family was a revelation that Tony in no way had expected.  Although Aaron was a biromantic as opposed to Tony himself being homoromantic.  Aaron loved to flirt and had no qualms about the gender.  He just had no intentions of taking it beyond that mostly.  Tony didn’t like talking enough to flirt mostly.  Although on occasion a man would catch his interest, and he’d spend long hours in a dark corner of a bar talking just about anything.

Usually, they were tall with long brown hair and a smile that made his insides melt.  He always knew somehow this one wasn’t The One, but it was nice to forget for a little bit and enjoy the company of someone he wasn’t genetically related to.

Spencer, on the other hand, shared the Bi part with Aaron, but that was about it.  Their little brother wasn’t too awfully choosy as long as they were in his words ‘hot enough to melt the sun then parts are just parts’.  Sometimes it seemed like the kid was trying to make up for both he and Aaron’s lack of sex lives.  To each their own though.  It always worked out.  As long as he was happy, neither Tony nor Aaron was going to complain.

When they reached the motel they were staying in for the night, Tony reached back for the guitar case, and packed his baby away.  Then he got out and helped Aaron with bags to haul into the room.  He and Aaron always shared, and Spencer always got his own room.  That way he had somewhere to bring his nightly entertainment, and they were close enough to help if needed. Once things were settled, Tony sat at the table to share dinner with his brother.

“I got a call from Jim while you were in the bar. He wanted to say Happy Anniversary, and had a request.”  Tony advised between bites.

“Damn, is it that time of the year already?  I still say for a holy man he has a twisted sense of humor.  It’s no wonder you two get along so well. Where does the time go?  He have a job for us?”  Tony nodded to the last of Aaron’s questions but delayed speaking as he had a mouthful of burger.

“Yes, it’s the anniversary of the exorcism.  It’s not my fault you can’t appreciate a good sick sense of humor, or that a Pastor is more advanced than you.  To answer the last question, yes he has a job.  I… well…”

Tony trailed off and turned back to his food.  Aaron didn’t bother trying to push for more information.  After 10 years he’d learned that Tony would continue when he was ready.  Sometimes it took longer than others, that’s all, especially when it had anything to do with Tony’s specialness.

“Jim said that a friend of his had lost his brother.  He was being weird, but when I pushed for more information he caved. I…. I think this is it, Aaron. A lot of what he said is matching up.”

When Aaron just lifted an eyebrow and didn’t pause eating, Tony continued.  “You remember Bobby mentioning the Winchesters back then when he was yelling at Q?” Tony had taken to calling Spencer Q after the Quartermaster in the James Bond series because he was so smart, and had a knack for coming up with gadgets to help them hunt.

Aaron nodded that he remembered instead of answering with a mouth full of chicken wings, and Tony continued.  “Well, what I got from PJ was that the younger brother Sam was killed at some point. The older brother Dean couldn’t take it and sold his soul to bring him back to life.  Apparently, they’d only give him a year instead of the normal 10-year deal, and Dean’s time ran up about a month ago.  I guess Bobby called and admitted that he was worried ‘cause Sam wouldn’t take his calls.  So, Jim called Sam with a job and said that he was sending help because it’d be more than one person could do. He said that he just wants us to check on him, but Jim all but said that he thinks Sam is the guy from my visions.”

“Seriously, you never fail to amaze me. I never imagined a Pastor would be nicknamed after a child’s favorite lunch sandwich. Jesus, T-bird, a month ago? That is almost exactly when you had the dream of….”  Aaron started but trailed off. Speaking of hell and demons were neither of their favorite subjects.

For his part, Tony just nodded pushing away his plate.  “The guy with the freckles on some weird rack and screaming his head off.  I think that was like two days after it happened.  I think the dreams are almost real time now.  Last night I had a dream of Him in an old rundown house, and a demon in a woman’s body following him around.  She’s bad news, Aaron.  She’s the same woman I’ve seen with him when they raised Lucifer.”

“That’s one of the ones you think you can change right?  She the one you saw him drinking her blood?”  Aaron asked confirming, and Tony nodded confirming both questions.  He’d gotten much better with the visions in the last 10 years.  They’d learned that some like the Jim dying vision could be stopped.  Some like a vision he’d had of a teenager drowning on a case they worked couldn’t.  They’d done everything they could, but the girl had still died.  Azrael pulled him to the pub that night and explained that not all of the visions were stoppable.  Some were just a warning of things to come so they could be prepared.

“We need to leave now?” Aaron asked, but Tony quickly shook his head.

“Funny enough we’re only about 2 hours away.  We can leave in the morning. No sense in interrupting Q’s night on the town.”

Aaron laughed, and Tony pulled his plate back to finish his dinner.  He wasn’t sure he’d sleep that night, and hoped that Sam Winchester really was the boy he’d been dreaming of for a decade.


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