Chapter Six: Your Yin to my Yang


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Chapter Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Sam Winchester, Ruby, Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, OC-Azrael, OC-Samael

Chapter Summary: Tony finally meets Sam Winchester, and takes care of a little demon issue that’s been messing with the youngest Winchester’s head. Afterward, Sam has to decide if he’s going to believe the crazy things Tony’s telling him. To help him decide, Tony takes Sam to an angelic friend to see if he can answer some questions.


Chapter Six: Your Yin to my Yang


The three brothers were in the Hummer approaching their destination.  Spencer was laid across the backseat dozing.  They’d filled him in on the case as well as Tony’s suspicions about whop they were meeting.  They’d agreed that if the demon bitch was with him then they would get rid of the abomination as soon as possible.

Aaron and Spencer would be responsible for that.  Tony would be responsible for Sam Winchester, which would go much smoother if he was really the other half of what Tony was.  According to James, aka his angel, there would be some things that would change with his abilities when he found the boy he’d been dreaming about.

For one there would be an almost visceral need to bond that they wouldn’t be able to resist.  Like a magnet and a piece of iron they would be drawn to each other overriding all other people or beings in their lives including family.  The only caveat to that would be that Sam could not be corrupted by any more demon blood than he already was.  A single drop when he was a baby would not interfere enough to prevent the bond.  It also would be burned from Sam’s system by Tony’s angelic yang essence during the bonding, severing that tie forever.  Had Azazel still been alive, he would have lost all ability to influence the youngest Winchester.

Once they were bonded, providing that Sam Winchester was really his mate, Tony would be able to share with him his visions.  Including any older visions, which Tony had mastered pulling back up as needed.  That meant that he could show Sam the demon bitch’s end game.  He was a little afraid of thaw this newest betrayal would do when the man was still reeling from the loss of his brother.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the luxury of putting this off, and there was no way that he could leave that thing alive.  Tony could only hope that Sam was really the yin to his yang.  He also hoped that their bonding would sooth Sam’s raw and broken bits.  He didn’t even want to consider what would happen to the younger man if he wasn’t Tony’s mate.

They were nearing their destination on the very outskirts of the small rural town they were to be meeting Sam at, when Tony knew that they’d found him.  His brain felt like it’d been put through a blender, and his stomach felt like it’d been hit with a sledgehammer.  Both out of nowhere, and with no warning.

“Aaron! Stop! Now!”

His brother slammed on the brakes throwing him against his seat belt hard enough that Tony was sure that it would bruise.  He heard the thump and felt his seat jar, as Spencer was thrown off the backseat and half onto the floor.

“What the fuck?”  Came in a sleepy slur from the back.  Turning his head, Tony saw Spencer poking his head between the front seats. His hair its usual rats nest after sleeping.

“We found him,” Tony breathed.  He was suddenly more sure of those words than he had been of anything since his life went off script 6 months prior to his parents’ possessions.  At last he understood what James had been trying to explain to him about the bond for months.  He almost expected himself to be pulled out of the car the calling for Sam was so strong, and he wasn’t even near the man yet.

“Tony, what are you…” Aaron started, but was cut off when Tony interrupted him.

“Is there a driveway?  Did we pass one, or is there one ahead of us?”

“Tony what…” Again, Aaron was cut off, this time by Spencer.

“Up ahead.  Twenty feet on Aaron’s side is a break in the trees big enough to be a drive.”

Tony took a deep breath, and nodded trying to focus his mind on something other than the fact that his mate hopefully Sam Winchester was almost within reach.

“We need to go in assuming that the demon bitch is with him.  Aaron, he’s had military style training from his father.  So, you make the call.  Do you think they’ll stick together or split up?  Because one thing we do know for sure is that she’s going to know I’m coming.”

One thing that they had learned when they began hunting was that Tony was like a signal beacon to demons.  They assumed that it was because of his connection to his angel specifically, and all angels in general.  For this reason, they had to leave Tony behind when they were hunting demons unless there was a strategic reason for him to come such as for distraction.

“IF it were me, I’d come out the front and send my secret weapon the demon bitch out back as an ambush.”  Aaron grew quiet for a moment as he ran strategies through his mind.  Tony and Spencer had learned to leave him alone while he did this.  So, they discussed what equipment they might need while they waited.

“OK, here’s how it’s going to go.  Spencer and I are gona go ahead and set up his Devils Trap Projectiors in the back yard.  Tony give us like 15 minutes then make your way up the driveway.  Don’t rush, but don’t dawdle either.  We want them moving quick enough that they don’t have time to consider a trap. But not so fast that Sam can’t make a decision.”

“What if she isn’t there?”  Spencer asked, but Tony was shaking his head before the question was fully asked.

“She will be,” Tony said with confidence.  Unfortunately, Spencer decided that he needed to keep pushing for an answer.

“That isn’t an answer! How do you know?”

“Spencer, this isn’t the time.  You know that.”  Aaron chided.

Tony turned and glared at his little brother.  “If you walk up that drive and see a house that looks like it belongs in Psycho then you know that she’s in there.  I’ve dreamed about this moment a million times, Q.  She’s in there.  My mate is in there.  I can feel him.  Are you ever going to believe me, or is this always going to be a thing between us?”

Tony saw Spencer wince, and wasn’t surprised when Aaron snapped at them.

“That’s enough both of you!  This is neither the time nor the place.  Spencer you know better than to play 20 questions in the field.  This isn’t the time.  Tony, you know he’s just being curious.  Opening wounds right now isn’t going to help.  I’m going to the back to get the equipment we need.  You two have five minutes to fix this.”

When Aaron climbed out of the vehicle.  Tony stared at the empty seat as he tried to pull himself together enough to not lash out again.

“Sorry,” Spencer said quietly, and Tony nodded trying to focus on the sentiment.

“Me, too,” Tony finally replied turning his gaze to look down at his hands.

“Do you really think that I don’t trust you?”  Spencer asked sounding confused.

“Sometimes,” Tony replied the lifted his eyes to look back at his brother.  “Sometimes I know that you don’t trust me.  My Empathic abilities may not give me the negative emotions, but I know when the good ones go away.  The second we started talking about the demon bitch you stopped trusting me.  I felt it go away.  I don’t know why you don’t trust me when it comes to demons, but I know that you don’t.  Honestly I wonder if you even know yourself.”

Huffing, Tony turned to look out the front window.  “Right now it doesn’t matter, because in the house up there at the end of that drive hidden by the trees is a man with brown shaggy hair and dimples when he smiles.  I’ve been waiting for him so that I could be whole since you were 15.  I’m not letting some demon bitch take him from me.”

Hearing a knock on Spencer’s window, Tony looked in the side mirror and saw Aaron there with two backpacks in his left hand, and his favorite shotgun slung over his shoulder.  He watched Spencer open the door, and Aaron stepped aside.

“Are things ok?”  Aaron asked, and he heard Spencer answer yes.


Tony nodded and pulled himself as together as he could.  “They’re fine, Aaron.”

He saw his brother hesitate then nod.  Fortunately, he knew when to let some things go.  He leaned his seat back and watched the two head off to set up the trap for the bitch.  He had 15 minutes until he met his future.

Fifteen minutes later when it was time, he set off toward the house trying to stick to his normal pace.  It was hard to do, but he wanted nothing more than to run up the drive and claim his mate.  He had no weapons or equipment with him.  If someone came out shooting he’d be one dead DiNozzo, but he didn’t want to take the chance of being misunderstood.  The worst threat was the demon bitch, and guns wouldn’t affect her.  Then there was the whole issue where he couldn’t affect the demon, and the demon couldn’t affect him.

As he headed up the driveway, he tried to imagine how Winchester would react to all of this.  While he’d had this vision multiple times, there had never been just one outcome.  The outcome seemed to change quite often, although there were a few that repeated.  None ended in blood being spilled, so he felt that was good at least.  He just hoped that Winchester was really the boy, that he was reading himself right because he didn’t want to end up dead.

As he broke through the trees and into the clearing that the house was built on, he could tell that he was right before Sam Winchester even came out the door.  The house itself was on he’d seen many times in his dream visions.  Rundown and looking like something from a classic black and white horror movie.

When the door opened, he wasn’t really surprised to see the shotgun.  This had been the most popular beginning to the vision.  “Stop right there!” Sam shouted, and Tony did as he asked lifting his hands in the air.

“Hello, Sam,” Tony called feeling the pull of Sam’s magnet to his iron.  He knew that the younger man was probably freaked out.  He obviously didn’t know what had been going on inside the house, but he had an idea from Sam’s half-dressed state.  His shirt was missing, and his jeans while on had the top button undone.  While Tony himself felt no sexual attraction, he could admit that his mate was damned sexy.  He guesses the younger man would be taller than him.  The brown shaggy hair he’d seen in dreams for years was present, and Tony couldn’t wait to see those dimples when he finally saw the man’s smile.

Azrael made him aware that his mate wouldn’t be as prepared as Tony was himself.  Because Sam was the dark side of the yin and yang thing they had going on, he wouldn’t be open to his own angel guide until he mated with Tony.  The angel had tried to assist Sam with visions of his own, but when his mate had been killed that had been wiped out.  It seemed that the young man learned how to block such things while he was dead believing incorrectly that they were the product of the demon blood in his body, and his angel had not been able to re-establish any kind of connection.  They believed though that once Tony and his mate were bonded that things would change on that front.

“I don’t know what you are, but I will blow a hole in you!”  Sam hollered back.

“I’m a human, Sam.  Just like you more or less.  My name is Tony DiNozzo.  My brothers and I have come to help you with your case once you and I take care of some personal things.”

He saw the shotgun waver and knew he was getting somewhere.  Unfortunately, the demon bitch screamed at that moment cluing Sam in on the activity in the back yard.

“Ruby!”  Sam shouted turning to point the shotgun at Tony again.

“Who’s back there?  What are they doing to her? Make them stop!”

“I can’t do that,” Tony called back half expecting a blast from that shotgun any second.  “She’s not what you think.  I know it feels like she’s you’re only chance now at getting your brother back, that she’s the only thing you have left.  But that isn’t true, and if she wasn’t messing with your head you’d know it!”

The blast thankfully landed at his feet spraying gravel everywhere.  “SHUT UP!”

“I can’t do that either, Sam,” Tony called back trying to ignore the pain of where some of the bits of gravel had hit him.  “Please, Sam, I’ve seen it.  I’ve seen what’s happened, and I’ve seen what’s to come.  You and I are connected.  I know you can feel it, but don’t understand it.  I know you’re lost and hurt without your brother.  I’ve watched my own big brother leave.  Granted mine didn’t go to hell I will give you that.”

A scream was heard from the back yard again, and Sam took off running.  Tony knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop him this time, and took off after him.  There was a part of him that was screaming for him to do something, but he couldn’t translate it fast enough to pay attention.

Chasing Sam through the house, he reached the yard just moments after the younger man.  Fortunately, he seemed to be at least momentarily dazed by the site before him, which had given Tony time to catch up to the man.  Not sure what else to do at that moment, Tony used what little he had left of his high school football skills, and tackled the man happy to see the shotgun go flying out of their reach.

For several moments the two wrestled on the ground, and eventually Tony ended up pinned on the bottom with his legs wrapped around Sam’s waist so he couldn’t get away.  If he was into sex the erections they were both sporting might be a turn on.  As it was his at least was just something that he ignored as an annoyance.

“Sam, she’s trying to manipulate you into killing someone to let Lucifer out of his cage.  I’ve seen it. You and I are connected. I know that you can feel it.  She’s not good for you, Sam.  Please.”

Looking up he could see Sam staring toward the Devil’s trap where the demon bitch apparently named Ruby was trapped by the little projector balls that Spencer created.  He called them Devil’s Trap Projectors because they displayed an image of The Heptagram Devils Trap onto the ground before them.  It would work with three projectors but worked best if you had one for each of the seven points of the star.

Following Sam’s gaze, he could see that Aaron was almost done with the exorcism.  Spencer was the best with Latin, but he didn’t like performing the ritual.  So, it was normally Aaron who did it.

While he couldn’t feel the pain inside of his mate, Tony knew that it had to be there.  The man had lost his mother and father from what PJ had told him.  He’d recently lost his brother to hell because of a deal made to bring Sam back to life.  Now the one ally he thought that he had turned out to be a snake in the grass.  This Ruby had well and truly gotten under the younger Winchester’s skin and made him believe that he could trust her.

“Sam, you aren’t alone.  This thing you’re feeling, the tug you’re feeling is me. It’s a pull to me because we’re connected like… like yin and yang.  Sam, you don’t need her.  She’s bad for you.  What has she really done for you other than make you feel not alone for a few moments?  You and I have both been broken, Sam.  My brothers and I understand or at least have an idea of the pain you’re in right at this moment. Please, let us in.  Let us help.”

He could tell his words were for naught because he didn’t have much of the man’s attention, which was focused on the exorcism.  The second that Ruby lost though, and her demon was released from her body, whatever hold the thing had over Sam was cut, and the man’s attention was pulled back to Tony.

Tony was chalking it up to the bond because one moment he was watching Sam see the demon he’d been playing house with exorcised, and the next the man was trying to kiss the life out of him. While Tony didn’t get sexually aroused from kissing, he still liked them quite a bit. Sam Winchester seemed to be a master at them.

Completely lost in the kiss, Tony was beginning to wonder about a loss of oxygen when he felt something prodding his arm.  Breaking the kiss, he turned his head and looked up to see Aaron smirking down at them.

“I take it that you were right?”

Tony groaned as Sam tensed and jumped up probably to tear to bits the man who had exorcised Ruby.  Quickly, Tony scrambled up, and caught one of Sam’s arms between both of his own, trying to keep the man from punching his older brother.  “Sam, easy.”

Tony’s breathing and heart were racing as he looked from Sam to Aaron.  It was so hard to know what was right versus what he really wanted to do in that moment.  Carefully he let one of his hands fall and took Sam’s hand in his.  When the fingers slowly twined with his, he felt a small victory.  Moving slightly he slipped his body between Sam and his brothers, with Spencer having come up shortly after Aaron. Tony’s back was to his siblings, and his free arm lifted to touch Sam’s cheek trying to prod the man into looking at him.

“Please, Sam,” he breathed quietly.  The sound soft enough that he wasn’t sure Aaron and Spencer would be able to hear. It was more breath than words, and probably closer to a half prayer half plea than anything else.

When he drew the man’s gaze, Tony just wanted to wrap himself around the younger, but taller man.  His heart ached knowing everything that he’d lost, and he struggled to understand what he was supposed to do next that would make it better.

“I know you’re mad and upset.  I know that she’d convinced you that she was your friend.  There are things you don’t know though.  Things that I can show you once we…”

Tony trailed off unsure of what to say to explain what was between them without sounding like some psycho stalker.  He wished his angel was there, or that he was at the pub.  Maybe… If he could just get Sam to trust him enough to lay down with him.  If he could just get him to believe enough of the story, maybe he could find a way to send himself to his angel. They hadn’t gone over that but maybe…

“I told you that my name was Tony DiNozzo. These are my brothers. The tall older one is my half-brother Aaron Hotchner.  The younger is my brother Spencer.  He and I share both mother and father, and the two of us share a mother with Aaron.  Our mother and both fathers are dead.  Aaron’s father died when he was ten.  Senior, who is Spencer and I’s father, and our mother died when I was around 19 and Spencer was 12. They… sacrificed themselves over to be vessels to demons.”

Tony could read the shock on Sam’s face and saw as he eyed his brothers before returning his attention to him.  “How long did it… When were they…”

“I was 22 and Spencer was 15 when Pastor Jim and Bobby Singer came to help me.”

“Three years?” Sam asked quietly. “How…”  He stopped speaking, and his gaze grew intense. Tony guessed that the possibilities forming in the man’s mind were daunting.

“The thing is, Sam, I started having visions of you about 4 months before my parents agreed to the possession.  There is something going on between us.  Something that is bigger than just a simple possession or two.  You and I… Sam we’re connected, like cosmically connected. We’re special.  I know is that you and I share a connection that goes beyond even what we know as hunters.  It’s big and it’s predestined and it’s meant to be some kind of cosmic balance I think against something that’s coming.”

Tony lowered his head and rested against Sam’s shoulder a moment before straightening and going on. “I know that the demon my brothers just exorcised, the one you called Ruby, was here to manipulate you into doing something really bad, Sam.  As much as I’d like to believe otherwise, I don’t think that sending her back to hell is going to stop the whole thing.  I don’t know all the details yet, but I know where we can get them. In order to get there though, you have to be willing to trust me, trust yourself.  Can you do that, Sam?  Can you consider bonding yourself to someone you don’t know if it means we save all of humanity?

When Sam let go of him and walked off into the woods beyond the house, Tony let him leave.  He could only hope the younger man would come back.

Several hours later, Tony was sprawled out on the only actual bed in the house, which he’d found in an upstairs bedroom. Aaron helped him strip off the old bedding, then they’d covered it when his sleeping bag, and some sheets and blankets that they kept in the Hummer.  Aaron and Spencer were sleeping in a room down the hall on cots using their sleeping bags, and the rest of the blankets.  Tony could feel Sam was nearby and assumed that he was still out in the forest.  He was trying not to think about it but didn’t have much else to focus his thoughts on.  He’d tried to figure out how he could force himself and Sam to the Pub, and had for a while spent time studying that space in his mind where he kept his Angel.

He wondered if he just grabbed ahold of the glowing sphere he thought of as his angel’s grace and just kinda…. Wished hard enough if maybe…

“Uhh, I hope you don’t mind, but your brother umm… Spencer, I think that it is, said I could find you up here, and you wouldn’t mind if I intruded.”

Sitting up quickly, Tony shook his head and waved an arm at the bed.  “No, Sam, please.  That’s…. That’s why I get the bed so we can… I mean…” Tony huffed and tried to calm himself down enough to speak coherently.

“They gave us this room so we could have some privacy. I was hoping we could at least talk when you got back. I know you must have a shit ton of questions.”

Sam nodded and inched over to perch on the bottom left corner of the bed.  “The thing is I’ve always… Sometimes it seems like I’m the only one in my family who believed in God and angels and that there was anything good to counter all the evil and negative that my family hunts.

“My father thought it was foolish, and my brother just straight up doesn’t… didn’t believe.  Dean always liked going to Bobby’s better, and don’t get me wrong I loved Bobby’s with all the books and things to learn. Dean though he hated going to Pastor Jim’s. He got bored and hated listening to him talk. I was always fascinated by it though, and I think took his stories and preaching to heart.  Now my father is dead and God only knows where.  My brother is in hell because he sold his soul to bring me back to life, and I’m here in the bedroom of some old house with a man who says he’s my cosmic… boyfriend finding out that angels are real.”

“Wait you…” Tony stopped and cocked his head to one side studying Sam.  “You don’t know angels are real? Like… you’ve never met one? Some dude with brown hair and a trench coat?”

When Sam shook his head no, Tony tilted his head to one side watching the visions move around in the filing cabinet that he kept them in.  He’d found that as he learned things on his own, they would rearrange themselves accordingly.  Previously he’d assumed that the angel he’d seen wearing the trench coat was someone who had inserted himself into their lives like Azrael had with him.  Knowing the truth though, it made much more sense.

“Oh, Sam,” Tony breathed and smiled with genuine joy.  “Then you haven’t seen the last of your brother here on earth. I don’t understand it all yet because the visions are still correcting themselves but… He will return. Your brother is going to come back to you.”

The words hadn’t been out of his mouth for more than 2 seconds before Tony found himself with a lapful of Winchester as he received maybe the hug of his life.  “You’re sure?”  Sam asked not letting up his hug, and Tony nodded smiling pressing his lips into the man’s shoulder.

“If you don’t know the brown-haired man in the trench coat, then yes. I am sure.  He’s an angel, and he has a connection to your brother.  We have a lot to discuss Sam, but I think this conversation would be better had in the Pub where maybe you and I both can get some real answers.”

“The Pub?” Sam repeated straightening, and Tony nodded.

“It’s where I meet my angel at.  I think that I can get us there if you want I mean.”

He saw the younger man take a deep breath, and nod.  “Let’s do it.  Answers would be good.  How do we get to this place?”

Tony waived a hand at the empty side of the bed.  “Get comfortable.  I think we have to be touching.  Then we’ll close our eyes, and if this works the way I want, when we open our eyes again we should be there.  Just stick with me, Sam, and we’ll find our way.”

Each taking a deep breath, the two men lay close together with their arms around each other’s waists and closed their eyes.  Tony opened his eyes and saw that they were standing in the room where he kept his angel.

“What’s that?”  He heard, and looking to his right saw Sam standing next to him looking at the glowing orb.

“It’s the bit of grace that I go from my angel.  I think… If we hold hands and touch it at the same time, I think maybe I can get us to The Pub without him calling me.”

“If it doesn’t?”  Sam asked frowning down at him, and Tony bit his lip as he realized how ridiculously happy having a taller mate made him for some reason.

“Then we don’t go anywhere and have a nice night’s sleep together on the bed?”

Tony watched as Sam seemed to be thinking it over, but eventually took his hand.  “Here goes,” Tony threw out before the both reached out with their free hands and touched the orb.  Immediately he felt a jolt and his breath leave his body.  When it settled he opened his eyes and let out a whoop.

“It worked!”  Tony laughed and grinned at Sam who was looking around somewhat wide-eyed.  When the other man’s gaze came back to him, there was a wonderfully happy grin on his face with dimples firmly in place.

“My brown haired boy with dimples when he smiles,” Tony offered feeling the warmth of pleasure settle in his chest.  When Sam blushed, Tony let another laugh loose and pulled Sam’s hand to his mouth kissing his knuckles.

“Here’s to us, Sam.  No one can stop us now.”

“Are we in an English Pub?”

Turning his head, Tony grinned at Sam.  “Welcome to the home of my angel. I don’t know his name, but I have nicknamed him James Bond.”

Sam grinned at him, and Tony smiled back not feeling even a little embarrassed. “Does he look like one of the James Bond actors or do you just have a thing?”

“I have a thing, and he has an English accent.  He totally could be a OO though.  Maybe not bond, but one of the other guys.”  Tony laughed as Sam stood and started looking around the room they were in.

Tony always landed in the same spot each time he visited.  It was in the corner of a long padded bench seat in the main room.  The leather was a deep red in color and had several tables in front of it that would only fit two people total.  The seats on the other side of the tables were also padded in the red leather, and above his head hung a chandelier. The walls were painted a hunter green and covered in all kinds of pictures spanning throughout history or shelves of little knick-knacks.  He often wondered if these were actual historical treasures, but never remembered to ask.

He remembered the first time he was brought to The Pub because the main bar gave him a quick idea of what kind of angel he had.  The wood itself was a dark colored wood so shiny that you could almost see your reflection on it.  On the front of the bar, there was a brass rail with brass roosters every few feet with what looked like angel wings flared out. There were three polls with white globes spaced across the bar, and on each globe, there was a word.  When read together the three said Angel’s Best Cock.

He could hear Sam’s snort of amusement and knew that the man had seen the globes.  Standing and moving out from behind his table, Tony navigated his way through the room to find Sam right where he expected.  The glass of beer in front of him told him that he’d realized the taps worked.  Tony made sure to get a glass of his own before moving back to the front where he took Sam’s hand and led him through the rest of the place.  He figured that the angel would be in the private bar room, and was right.

He just hadn’t expected the man to have company.

He also hadn’t expected to see the company with his pants around his ankles as James fucked him for all he was worth.

“Umm, is this part of the usual routine?”  Sam asked in his ear, and Tony wordlessly shook his head.  He could tell from the husky sound of Sam’s voice that he was as effected as Tony was.  After all, he may not feel the need to have sex himself, but he could admit the hotness of watching two gorgeous angels go at it.

Tony wasn’t sure when James figured out that they weren’t alone.  For all he knew, the man knew the second they appeared in the main room, and he wouldn’t put it past the angel to make them wait as he finished his… conquest.

This room, while having the same general look of the other rooms, had a more formal setting.  The chairs had the same red leather, but the wood was a little darker, and the bar in the back was smaller.  There was a fireplace that was always lit, and most of the floor was covered by a large red area rub that looked to be quite old to Tony’s inexperienced eyes.  He knew that the bar held mostly hard liquor with the exception of a few bottles of beer that he always kept in a cooler for Tony.

Once the angels were done, Tony let himself study the stranger or strange angel in this case.  While he could never see the actual wings.  He could always see their shadow, and he could see a sort of halo that surrounded apparently all angels when he looked at him.  Of course, he supposed that it could be just these two.  Maybe he’d ask James after the angel got done trying to glare holes in his head.

“You’re here. How the bloody hell are you here?”

Tony glanced at Sam who shrugged being even more clueless than Tony.  Turning his attention back to James, Tony decided to just tell the truth.  “We held hands and each touched the glowing orb thing that is in your room in my head.”

“Glowing orb… What?”

Tony frowned and cocked his head to one side.  “You know… the little bit of your grace that you gave me. I have it locked up tight in a room labeled James Bond in my head. It’s where I store all of the things that you gave me.”

When the strange angel’s eyes got big and he held up his hands, Tony found himself confused.  “I will never doubt you again, Az.  You’re right.  The damage is repairing itself.  We just might have a chance after all.”

“Well bloody hell, of course, I’m right you fuckin’ numpty.”  When James stopped glaring at the other angel and turned his attention back to himself and Sam, Tony hoped that he’d finally get some answers.

“Well, I can see the time has come for some answers.  I see that you have found Samuel.  I should have known you’d be ahead of schedule, Anthony.  Well come on then, come sit in front of the fire, and we’ll fill you in on the situation.  If you can steal part of my damned grace and you’ve located your Yin, then you’re obviously ready for the truth get settled lads, because this might take a bit.”

Looking to Sam, Tony smiled when the man just shrugged this time to signal his agreement.  Pulling him toward a comfortable looking couch, the two settled in, watching as the two angels got comfortable in the chairs across from them.  Finally, they were getting somewhere.  The truth about what was going on would finally be revealed.


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    thank you

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