My Dearest Son – Chapter One (WIP)


Title: My Dearest Son
Characters: Tony DiNozzo Jr, OC-TJ DiNozzo, James Bond, Q (Ashcroft Roosevelt Paddington), Alec Trevelyan (OOQ Verse)
Relationships: Gen so far with possible Tony/Alec and James/Q
Content: Angst, Non-Canon Compliant: NCIS and James Bond (Craig Verse),  Anti-Team Gibbs, Anti-Senior,

Note: This is the last chapter I have completed for this fic.

Summary: Tony discovers that neither Senior or Elizabeth DiNozzo were his parents. After receiving a letter from his long-dead mother, he sets off to England to locate his missing older brother James Bond.

Note: This story is a WIP and not completed at this time. Please see the WIPs Master Listing for more information on the stories in this category. Character Death only occurs in the prologue and it is not Tony.


Chapter 1:


Tony pulled up his 2013 Range Rover Evoque to the shell of a house that he was told was the family manor. Feeling somewhat numb, he got out and stared at the building that had obviously undergone some catastrophe that included fire. He felt sick to his stomach, and it was only TJ’s voice calling to him from the backseat that was holding him together. Surely, he hadn’t come all this way only to find out there was nothing waiting for him.

Rounding the vehicle, he opened the passenger’s side door letting TJ the 2-year-old out of his car seat. He was glad that the young boy was in one of his snuggly moods because he needed to feel his son’s body nestled next to his to remind him that he wasn’t completely alone. Stepping back from the SUV with TJ on his hip, Tony closed the door and turned back to the shell of the former manor.

“Wat happen, papa?”

“I don’t know, TJ,” Tony admitted softly as he made his way toward the house. The letter from Elizabeth Paddington, his mother his mind whispered traitorously, burning a hole in his back pocket. Stopping short of being able to touch the burned remains of the former home, Tony stared miserably at the pile of charred stone and timber trying to decide what to do now.

“Be careful there,” came from behind them. “You don’t want ye and the wee one to be hurt.”

Turning quickly, Tony saw an older man with a face full of whiskers carrying a shotgun standing behind them looking suspicious.

“Can I help ya?” The old man asked, and Tony wondered if this was the groundskeeper.

Fairly certain that words wouldn’t help, and for once unsure what to say, Tony pulled the letter out of his pocket. Then he headed toward the man holding it out for him to read. As he did so, Tony turned back around not wanting to watch his face. He’d read the letter from Elizabeth, Mom his mind again whispered, so many times that he had his committed to memory.

As he studied the building he could see bits of something mechanical mixed in with the rubble. From his years at NCIS, he guessed it was a helicopter because he was pretty sure there was a blade still deep within the rubble of the house. His curiosity was peaked, even in the midst of the helplessness still ravaging his mind. The former NCIS agent inside of him running scenarios as to how the helicopter could have ended up crashing into the manor, and then wondering if anyone had died.

“I should have known,” the man said after several long moments, and Tony turned away from the wreckage of the home and back to the groundskeeper.

“Should have known what?” Tony asked rocking from side to side to keep TJ calm and quiet.

“That ye were James’ lost brother,” the older man filled in before turning away. “The new Manor is at the end of the lane. Do ya mind givin’ me a ride back? Otherwise, ya’ll beat me back there.”

“Sure,” Tony agreed quickly as he felt a flair of hope zing through his body. He followed the man around the car watching as the older man folded his body into the passenger’s seat, while Tony strapped TJ back in again.

Tony backed the vehicle up slightly and then headed back up the lane following the older man’s directions, which took them deeper into the estate. “Why do you say that you should have known that I was James’ lost brother? And, I’m sorry for not asking earlier, but what is your name?”

“M’name is Kincade, an’ I say I shoulda known because you strongly resemble yer mother, God rest her soul. She was a beautiful strong woman, and it was a sad day when we lost the two of them. You can pull up in front of the doors. I don’t expect guests, an’ if they come they can just park further from the door. If you want to take care of the wee one, I will grab your things and show you to yer rooms.”

Nodding, Tony popped the trunk and then moved around the vehicle to get TJ out. When the little boy squirmed to get down, he allowed it but held onto his hand letting the little boy pull him toward where he wanted to explore. He felt a surge of affection fill his heart when he thought about his son. TJ, named Tristan Jordan but Tony had never called him anything but TJ, was a smart and inquisitive little boy, and Tony did his best to encourage it. He loved his son in a way he didn’t understand possible, and it was that love that made him feel all that much worse about his own childhood.

He would literally give his very last breath for his boy, and there wasn’t a single thing that was his that he would not sacrifice for him. Because of this, he couldn’t understand how he had two parents who cared so little for him. Or, at least, he hadn’t before he’d gotten that letter from Elizabeth, his mother his mind whispered and he was beginning to think it wouldn’t let him forget that fact. It was hard now to remember anything good about the woman that had raised him, when before he’d clung to the good times to remind himself that there had been a period even if it had been brief where he’d been loved. Senior though, he was another thing altogether.

Senior didn’t like him much. He never had, and never spared any time for Tony unless he could be useful in a business dealing or needed someone to beat the shit out of that couldn’t fight back. Elizabeth, and he ignored the whisper this time, was not much better. It was just her bouts of abuse and neglect were wrapped in a cotton cushion of movie dates and snuggles when she sobered up and regretted her actions. Tony used the people who’d raised him as lessons on what not to do with your child. TJ knew that he was treasured by his father who supported him and encouraged anything the little boy put his mind to.

After about a half an hour, the two had explored all over the front lawn, and TJ’s pent up energy from being cooped up in the car was beginning to fade. Smiling affectionately, Tony lifted his son, and after kissing his cheek carried the little boy inside the new manor house. Not immediately seeing the man whose name he really needed to get, Tony carried TJ into the room to their left and began wandering around  listening to his son babble sleepily. His son’s curiosity could be traced directly to his father. You couldn’t be as good of a cop or agent as Tony had been without being naturally curious. At least, not in his opinion, and he’d been both a damned good cop and agent as far as he was concerned.

One room led to the other, and soon Tony and TJ had wandered through most of the downstairs portion of Manor. Occasionally stopping to study something or for Tony to answer his son’s questions about “what it?” Eventually they found the man they’d met outside in the kitchen preparing something. “Would it be possible to get something for TJ to drink?” He asked drawing the man’s attention from the vegetables that he was chopping.

“Aye,” the man said before turning to look at them. “Does the wee one need a special cup?”

Tony smiled and held out a sippy cup that he’d dug out of TJ’s bag on their way through the entrance way from where it had been hanging on a railing. The rest of their bags were not there, and Tony guessed they’d been taken upstairs. Not wanting to intrude on what would include private rooms, he’d contained his curiosity to the downstairs.

“I’m sorry,” Tony offered moving over to hand the older man the cup. “I didn’t ask your name earlier.”

“M’name’s Kinkade,” the man replied nodding before turning to the refrigerator. “Angus Kinkade. My family have been groundskeepers and have tended to the house for the family decades. The house and grounds belonged to your mother’s family, and have been passed down for several generations. What would you like? I have some Vitmo, cream soda or lemonade. There’s also water,  beer, or I can heat up some water for tea. Coffee’s gone from the morning, but if ya really want some I can make a new pot.”

Tony smiled and sat on a chair at the little table in the corner of the room. “Lemonade would be wonderful. Do you have a minute to join us? I’m glad that I packed my ice cube trays with the rest of our things. I don’t think that I could get used to the no ice thing on a regular bases. So, do you know my brother well? How long have you specifically been working here?”

Kinkade nodded and after filling the sippy cup, poured two glasses of lemonade with one including ice, and made a plate of cheese and meat with crackers. Pausing where he had been working, he dumped the pile of vegetables into the pot on the stove, and then made two trips, once for the drinks then for their snack.

“Your brother likes ice on occasion, so I try to keep some in the freezer. I’ve been here his whole life. Yours, too, for that matter.” The older man finally settled at the table, and made a cracker with cheese and some meat handing it to TJ who smiled and said thank you before munching happily.

“Is… is James…” Tony started to ask if his brother was around, but stopped unable to form the full sentence around the rush of nerves he felt.

“He lives mostly in London these days, but I believe he’s out of the country on business at the moment. I’ve left word that he needs to come to the Manor once he returns. Until then you and your son are welcome to make yourselves at home. I feel confident that he’d want you here.”

Tony nodded carefully hiding his disappointment behind his ever present mask, and kissed the top of his son’s head. “I think we’d love that. Thank you.”

*~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~* *~TBJB~*

In London, Q was making his way up to M’s office to discuss the call he’d received from Kinkade and the preliminary information that he’d uncovered. He was running tests comparing the DNA profile that he’d uncovered in the NCIS systems to the one they had in their own for James to make sure this was the truth. He wished that Alec was in the country, but 006 had been on a mission for a few months, and still had at least 2 weeks to go before he’d return. He’d like to take the 00 agent to Skyfall so that he could get his impressions of the man, but given that it wasn’t an option then he’d have to rely on his own instincts. Plus with this turning into a slippery slope of personal connections for Q, aka Ashcroft Roosevelt Paddington, it would have been nice to have an outside opinion.

Trevelyan might be an irritating bugger, but he was an incredible judge of a person. As it was, he’d take 008 with him instead. He’d already called for the man to come to headquarters, and planned to thoroughly interrogate his cousin to find out if he knew just what in the hell was going on. He wasn’t sure how Edward Paddington knew their cousin Anthony DiNozzo Dominic Jr, who had recently changed his name to Anthony Daniel Bond, or if he even knew the man at all. Q himself didn’t know the man at all, except for the fact that his father had been fond of the man, and loaned him some money while he was at University.

Stepping into the reception area, Q paused at Eve’s desk to get permission to go in, and waited somewhat impatiently for the ok before heading inside. “Q, is there a problem with one of the missions?” Garreth Mallory asked frowning at him from across the desk.

“No,” Q assured taking a seat and crossing one leg across the other. “Something else entirely unrelated has come up, but… Well it’s a bit confusing, and I wanted to bring you up to date before going any further than what I have.”

M just lifted an eyebrow in response. So, Q barrelled on with his explaination. “I received a call from Kinkade. It seems that a man showed up at Skyfall with a little boy, and Angus is convinced that he’s James’ younger brother.”

“James has a younger brother?” M asked sitting up straight and frowning. “I don’t recall that being in his file.”

“It isn’t,” Q confirmed. “I checked immediately, but Kinkade was around when the child was born. He says that the baby was born just before James’ parents died, and that the baby was then given to a friend of his mother’s and taken to America with her new husband. But… that’s not all. It seems… well… That woman it seems was my Aunt Elizabeth.”

M opened his mouth, and quickly closed it looking as if he didn’t know how to respond. Understanding how he felt, Q kept going. “I’ve never met him. This all happened well before I was born. I have called in Edward to see if he knew anything. If he doesn’t then we’ll take a drive out to the family Estate to see what Uncle George knows. Kinkade used the excuse of unpacking their things to snoop for some information. It seems that Anthony Dominic DiNozzo Jr works for NCIS out of the Navy Yard in Washington DC on their Major Crime Response Team, or did prior to a few days ago.

“His status now lists him as being on a leave of absence, and they show a legal name change to Anthony Daniel Bond and his son’s name changed to Tristan Jordan Bond. I am currently running a test to compare the DNA profile I found in their systems to the one we have on record for James to get confirmation of this sibling relationship. I…” Q stopped unsure what to say next. This was all very unusual, and he was being tugged between confusion and a deep longing for this to be true for James’ sake.

He and James had danced around each other since his promotion to Q, but in the aftermath of Skyfall things had finally taken the next step into romance. They’d considered keeping it a secret, but Q hadn’t been too keen on the idea. Fortunately, James agreed that in the long run it could cause more trouble than it was worth, and there were plenty of  others in the building in open relationships that it wasn’t worth the hassle. Now to find out James was related to Q’s American cousin who was apparently adopted. It was all rather mind boggling, but he couldn’t even imagine what it would mean to his lover to have his brother back.

“I’m assuming that I don’t want to know how you got this DNA profile or any of the rest of this information from NCIS’ systems,” Gareth asked. The twinkle in his eyes giving away the amusement he was feeling, but trying oh so hard to hide.

“Most likely not, sir,” Q offered. “That is one of the reasons that I am here. I thought you might want to put through a more official request in hopes that we could get his full file. I’d like to review it before going to Skyfall with Edward, so that we can get some idea of what kind of man he is. The only thing that I know about him is that my mother and father hate his father Anthony DiNozzo Sr with a passion, and that my brother made him pay father back a loan after father died. I would not even begin to try to judge him based on his father or my scoundrel brother’s opinions. The very notion…” Q uttered before trailing off looking scandalized at even the idea, which seemed to only amuse Gareth even more.

“Alright, Q,” M finally replied settling back in his chair again. “I will give General O’Neill a call to get the information. I don’t much like the current NCIS director Leon Vance, and much prefer their Secretary of Defense Jack O’Neill much better. Plus, I have some information that Jack wants that I have been saving for the right moment. I believe this is the perfect time to use it. I believe that Jack is higher up the totem pole as the Americans would say at any rate. I will let you know when I have the file.”

“Thank you, sir,” Q offered standing and promptly left the office to head back down to his bunker to try and wrap his brain around the idea that his cousin was Jame’s brother. It quite felt like he’d fallen into one of those American Soap Operas, and he wasn’t enjoying it one bit.



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