SotVS – Chapter Five: Getting to know each other (WIP)


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Title: Swingin’ on the Vegas Strip (SotVS)
Ratings: R to be safe
Pairings: Nick Stokes/Tony DiNozzo/Greg Sanders, Established Nick/Greg, Catherine Willows/Warrick Brown
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Others to be added later.
Warnings: CHARACTER DEATH, Angst, Bashing of NCIS characters, Mental Illness & Made Up Mental Illness, Warnings may change or be added to.
Chapter Note: There’s a chance that this chapter gets moved up into chapter four when/if I expand it. Or, maybe I’ll just add the expanded part on the end of this chapter. Who knows.
Chapter Word Count: 930

Summary: In a world where Sentinels and Guides are commonplace, Tony’s always been labeled “Undetermined”. When he’s brought back from his Agent Afloat position, a friendly question makes him wonder what he’s doing. In the end, he accepts the Vegas Crime Lab night shift lead position. He’s shocked when the sight of the returning S&G pair sends his world into an explosion of sensations and feelings.

Nick and Greg are equally shocked when they feel a pull they never expected to feel again. After all, you can only have one Sentinel or Guide, right?

Note: This story is a WIP and not completed at this time. Please see the WIPs Master Listing for more information on the stories in this category. Character Death only occurs in the prologue and it is not Tony.


Chapter Five: Getting to know each other


Several hours later found Tony in the backyard alone lying in a lounge chair he’d found watching the stars faded and the sun rose. “Scoot over,” he heard and moved before looking up to see who was joining him.

He didn’t even bother to try and hide his smile when Greg lay down on his side next to him putting his head on Tony’s shoulder. “What’re you doin’ out here instead of in bed?”

“I dunno,” Tony admitted softly as he ran his hand through Greg’s spiky locks free of product at the moment. “The house feels wrong or… something.”

“We c’n move to your place,” Greg offered, and Tony puzzled it for a few minutes before shrugging.

“Don’t think that would help. Then it would be mine and not Nicks. I don’t…” Tony stopped struggling with the dual battling parts of his brain. The old part that was comfortable and familiar was screaming at him not to reveal any weakness. The new part was prodding him to open up and let these new people see his pain. It was all very confusing and unsettling.

“It feels all too much, too soon, too… everything. I feel like two different people, and I don’t know if I know which way is up anymore.”

“Until you come out here and look at the stars,” Greg guessed, and Tony reluctantly nodded.

“It’s like I have two different people in my head arguing about who I’m supposed to be. One is saying the old me isn’t good enough, and the other is saying the new me can’t be trusted. One me is saying cling to you and Nick and never let you go. The other me is saying that it’s just a trick and eventually you’ll find a way to leave me like everyone else.”

“’We havin’ a pow wow on the lawn?” Nick grumbled dragging the other lounge chair over. Tony watched him fiddle with the arms until the two that would be separating the two of them were folded down. He then shoved his right up tight to Tony’s and crawled on.

“It should be expected that there’s gonna be some growing pains, and some difficult adjustments. That whole seamless transition is only real in them romance novels. In the real world, it’s hard blending two people let alone three at the same time that you’re trying to get used to being a whole different person. Give yourself a break.” The Texan scolded as he twined his fingers with Tony’s as the three of them looked up at the sky.

“I know we’re just startin’ this thing, but I think we’re gonna need to get a new place. One big enough for the three of us plus Spencer and Hotchner and whomever they find for their next third eventually. You’re gonna want ‘em close, and honestly, I don’t like the thought of Spencer bein’ away from us even though I jus’ met him. There’s definitely somethin’ building here. A house that big here is gonna cost a pretty penny, but I think it’s necessary.”

Tony fidgeted until Greg lifted his head to look at him with an arched eyebrow until he confessed. “The money part may not be as much of a problem as you’d think.”

“Huh,” was the only reply that Greg gave before the younger man lay down in his previous position.

“I’ve always been close to the Paddington side of my family tree. That’s my mother’s family. When she died, they made sure to stick close to me. They even stepped in a few times when I was a kid, and then when Senior officially kicked me out when I was twelve for callin’ the cops on him in Maui my Uncle Clive took over as my guardian. He let me stay here during the school year in a boarding school but flew me home to England during breaks. When he died, he left me half of his estate. My portion was several hundred million pounds.”

Greg lifted his head grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. “So, you’re sayin I now have a Sugar Daddy! Sweet! Can we get a Ferrari?”

Tony snorted as he grinned at the Guide’s reaction. Nick was silent though, and when he turned his head to look at him, the older man had a thoughtful expression on his face. “Nick?”

Nick turned his face toward him, and Tony relaxed at the twinkle in his eyes. “I’m tryin’ to work out how to ask for season tickets to go see the Cowboys play without soundin’ greedy. I’m good with your money. Mom and Pops aren’t exactly hurting for cash even with all of us kids. They make good money in what they do, and the ranch pulls in a hefty profit also.”

Greg nodded. “My parents both made a decent living, but we weren’t rich by any means. Papa Olaf was just a simple man back home before he immigrated here. Frankly, with everything else going on, the last thing I give a shit about is that you two have more money than I do. I made a good salary as a lab tech, so I have a pretty decent nest egg that I can use to contribute a little to the pot. All I want is for all of us to be comfortable and to know that Spencer isn’t alone somewhere.”

Tony sighed as he felt some of the weight he’d been carrying slowly dissipate. Pulling Nick’s arm to rest across Greg’s back, Tony closed his eyes and let sleep finally pull him under.


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