SotVS – Interlude: Happenings in Hawaii (WIP)


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Title: Swingin’ on the Vegas Strip (SotVS)
Ratings: R to be safe
Pairings: Nick/Tony/Greg, Established Nick/Greg, CJ/Moss, Spencer/Aaron, Spencer/Aaron/Gibbs-Prior,
Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Various CSI: Vegas Characters, Spencer Reid, OC- Moss Dougal, OC-Christian “CJ” Robertson, OC-Edward Paddington, Emily Prentiss (Minor), Danny Williams (Minor), Kono Kalakaua (Minor), OC- Jasmine Mirandez, Aaron Hotchner,
Warnings: CHARACTER DEATH, Angst, Bashing of NCIS characters, Mental Illness & Made Up Mental Illness, Warnings may change or be added to.
Chapter Note: This is the last chapter I have finished.
Chapter Word Count: 1900

Summary: In a world where Sentinels and Guides are commonplace, Tony’s always been labeled “Undetermined”. When he’s brought back from his Agent Afloat position, a friendly question makes him wonder what he’s doing. In the end, he accepts the Vegas Crime Lab night shift lead position. He’s shocked when the sight of the returning S&G pair sends his world into an explosion of sensations and feelings.

Nick and Greg are equally shocked when they feel a pull they never expected to feel again. After all, you can only have one Sentinel or Guide, right?

Note: This story is a WIP and not completed at this time. Please see the WIPs Master Listing for more information on the stories in this category. Character Death only occurs in the prologue and it is not Tony.


Interlude: Happenings in Hawaii


Spencer sat next to Aaron’s bed holding his hand, and reciting Stephen King’s Dark Tower series to him from memory. Aaron loved to read horror books for pleasure, and had a copy of every one of Mr. King’s books. Reid knew that The Dark Tower books were one of his favorites, and because of that this was their second ‘reading’ of the series. In the corner of the room was Jasmine Mirandez from the team sent to protect the two of them, and outside the door today was Officer Kalalaua from the 5-0 Task Force who refused to give up their protection detail as long as the two men were in Hawaii.


When Spencer arrived in Honolulu, Tony was by his side not allowing him to travel alone. This despite Tony’s new bond, and the fact that Spencer was a grown adult fully capable of navigating the airport. Of course, Tony pointed it out that it wasn’t getting lost at LAX while he transferred planes that he was worried about. So, Spencer had an escort. When they reached Hawaii, Tony only took long enough to introduce him to his friend Danny and Lt. Commander McGarrett before heading off to the check-in desk for his return flight to Vegas and his mates.


At first he wasn’t sure how he should feel about the verbose blond Guide who seemed to never be happy and had a complaint about everything. The two men quickly ushered him to baggage claim to get his suitcase, and then out to a Camero that turned out to be Guide Williams’ even though it was driven by Sentinel McGarrett. The entire way back to their headquarters, he listened to the two of them bicker. Quickly though he picked up the thread of teasing that lay under the words that sounded harsh and biting.


Over the remainder of the day he observed the blond that Tony called a friend, and soon he realized that the New Jersey native used words as a shield the way Tony and Greg used inappropriate jokes. Once he’d had time to dissect the man’s personality, he could easily see the worry and other emotions balled up underneath the bitching and complaining. He also saw enough fond eye rolls and affectionate smiles from his team members, that it didn’t take him long to relax.


In fact, once he got to know the man, he actually grew to like his sharp wit and ornery personality. Soon the two men were engaging in wild debates that left them both waving their arms over the place as they argued their points, and the rest of the team watching them baffled as they smiled indulgently. Spencer liked the man so much, he’d made sure that they exchanged email addresses and phone numbers so that they could keep on contact after Spencer went back home to Vegas. Detective Williams wasn’t the only one he thought that he’d made lifelong friendships with though.


Detective Kelly was almost the polar opposite of Detective Williams.  Spencer found himself drawn to the other man when he needed moments of peace, but didn’t want to be alone. There was something about the man that inspired a feeling of safety and security. The two of them could sit in a room talking quietly, or not speaking at all, and when Spencer left he always felt better than when he went in.


He didn’t know Chin’s cousin Officer Kalakaua as well, but what he had seen reminded him a lot of Emily. Similarly, Lou Grover reminded him a great deal of Rossi, and Spencer found himself missing his talks with the veteran profiler. Mentally, he made a note to himself to reach out to the older man once things calmed down. The man was a good friend to Aaron, and he deserved to know what was going on once Spencer was allowed to talk about it.


Maybe the best thing that had happened, though, since coming to Hawaii was when Emily and Derek showed up. Despite how much he hated being touched, the first thing he did when he saw Derek was wrap his arms around him and refuse to let go. Derek Morgan was more brother than friend, and Spencer hadn’t realized just how very much he’d missed him until he was there in front of him. If his face was a little wet when they finally pulled apart, everyone had the courtesy not to mention it.


Even Emily, whom he wasn’t as close to because of their rocky beginning, got a hug. It wasn’t that he wasn’t aware what the team had meant to him, but more like he hadn’t realized just how much he depended on others until he was all alone again. He’d gotten used to having someone there when he really needed them, or at the very least, only being a phone call away. Now that he’d reconnected with Emily and Derek, he was desperately missing the others, namely JJ and Garcia. And, his Godson Henry. He couldn’t forget Henry, but was terrified that the little boy had forgotten him. He’d have to make sure he talked to Tony to see if it was safe to make contact with some of the others on the team.


When Emily and Derek showed up to protect them, Spencer had been surprised, but relieved to see his friends. He knew he could trust Aaron’s safety to them, but he’d been relieved when Lt. Commander McGarrett insisted on 5-0 remaining a part of the detail until the two were off the islands. Fortunately, Emily had been happy for as much help as they could get, and quickly agreed to the request.


Spencer hadn’t been sure what to think of Agent Mirandez, who was the third member of the protection detail from the S&G center and unfamiliar to him,  when he’d first met her, but he quickly discovered that she was very laid back and accepting of his quirks. She was also very dedicated to her job. Something that won her big brownie points with Spencer.


At night when he was forced to leave Aaron, one of the protection detail was always with him at Steve’s home, which had given him time to get to know the woman. He’d found out that she was a former Marine, and had been recruited for the team after saving a High Level Guide who came online in the middle of a combat situation. While her dedication to Aaron’s safety was what won him over professionally, the enthusiasm with which she was willing to debate Dr. Who with him and Steve was one of the things that had won him over personally.


Lt. Commader McGarrett reminded him a lot of Aaron, and because of that Spencer hadn’t gotten to know him as much as he probably should have. Or, maybe it was just that what he’d gotten to know he’d firmly kept behind a barrier. The same part of Spencer that missed his Swing SentinelGuide and his Guide so badly, longed for a connection to the Lt. Commander that Spencer knew wouldn’t be a good idea.


Spencer’s, and eventually Aaron’s, lives were very firmly in Las Vegas with Tony. Lt. Commader Sentinel Steve McGarrett’s life was very definitely in Hawaii. Therefore a matchup between the three men would never work. Once he’d quietly explained the problem to the Commander, Steve graciously understood, and did his best not to push the issue.


When the door opened and Emily came into the hospital room, Spencer waved to her, but continued on with the story until he came to a good stopping point. Thankfully, Emily was used to his quirks, and knew not to interrupt him unless it was an emergency.


“Any news?” Spencer asked knowing that she and Steve had been working with the doctor on the best way to get Aaron to Vegas with as little stress to him as possible.


“Steve managed to get a spot for all of us on the Medical Transport heading east. They’re going to drop us off in Vegas on their way to Bethesda. So, we should be out of here this afternoon.”


Spencer couldn’t help but release a sigh of thanks. He missed his Chieftain, his Champion and his Madge terribly. As soon as the words entered his head, they echoed a bit making his mind stutter. As far as he knew, that terms hadn’t been used for more than 100 years to refer to The Community. As he examined them though, they felt right. There was something that made the words feel like home, and at the same time, make him question why now?


He had enough interaction with Blair and Jim over the years since Gideon turned his back on then, to know that the two Primes had never commanded that word. Chieftain, Champion, Mage were, when combined, something traditional and ancient that the Sentinel and Guide society had gotten away from. However, there was a part of him that, now that he’d had the thought, longed for those connections. They felt safe. Like, as long as the three of them were around, then just just he, but the S&G Community as a whole would be OK.


“You look like you’ve just had a revelation,” Emily said drawing Spencer away from his thoughts as Detective Williams came into the room. “Usually I see that look when we’ve been chasing an unsub for three weeks without making any headway, and you’ve just discovered the piece we needed in that big brain of yours.”


Opening his mouth, Spencer quickly shut it, and looked to Jasmine. “Jas, can you give us a second? I… I think this needs to be… I don’t…”


“It’s cool, Doc,” Jasmine said calmly. “I’m familiar with the concept of keeping bursts of inspiration to a limited number of people. I’ll go chat with Kono outside. Just let me know when you’re done.”


Once she’d left the room, Spencer looked to Danny, who was watching him expectantly. “Tell me how you feel when I say to you that Tony is your Chieftain.”


Spencer watched the Detective straighten, and interestingly enough, even Emily seemed to become more alert.


“I feel like I immediately want to call him and check that he’s safe,” Danny admitted frowning. “Why? What just happened?”


“I don’t know,” Spencer admitted turning over the facts as he knew them in his head. “I was just thinking about going home to Vegas, and got a random thought that I missed my Chieftain, my Champion, and my Mage in my head. And, it just… I don’t know. It felt… more. It felt important. It felt… right.”


“For what it’s worth, Spence,” Emily offered. “I don’t know who you’re talking about, but the second you said the words I felt like I needed to find them and ask them not to go away, again.”


“What does this mean, Doc?” Danny asked, but Spencer stayed quiet. Shaking his head, he turned his gaze to Aaron wishing his mate was awake as his mind began turning over the possibilities. Somewhere in the background, he heard Emily explaining quietly to Danny about him solving puzzles in his head. Then, at some point, they left as Jasmine came back, but Spencer didn’t comment. Instead he tried to figure out what was happening to The Community, because it was painfully obvious to him that something important was changing.


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  1. This is Christmas in September with all of these chapters and stories. Thank you for all of the work it takes to post these.

    I am very excited about the new titles and relationships.

    Thank you again – I am off to the next story!

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