Chapter Seven: Love your Light, Need your Dark


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Chapter Note: The information in this chapter is mostly made up. I did do some research to get an idea of how it works in real life and then twisted it to suit my own purposes. So, I am not aiming to mirror any real-life religion. I am considering this made up.

Chapter Summary: Tony and Sam get the story of what’s going on from their Angels. Tony finds out the true name of the guardian who has been at times his only friend since his abilities began, and learns that he is more than he could ever dream of being.

Chapter Seven: Love your Light, Need your Dark

Once James was settled into his chair with a vodka for himself and a scotch for the stranger, Tony saw his angel was studying them.  Usually, he would be impatient and pestering with questions, but this time felt different.  Because of that, he was willing to be patient.

“What have you told Samuel about what is going on, Anthony?”  James asked, and Tony shrugged before answering.

“Not much.  Mostly stuff about myself, a little bit about how he and I are connected, and that you’re an angel.  I knew he’d have questions I couldn’t answer. So, I thought maybe if I could get us here you’d finally open up more about what’s going on.”

“Well now then, let’s just start at the beginning, shall I?  I am Azrael the Archangel of Death and Retribution, and I chose to be your guardian and guide, Anthony.  This is Samael the Archangel of Death and Fetching Souls.  He chose to be Samuel’s guardian and guide.  We are of course angels of God. Only Father has taken a walkabout, and not come back for some time.  Because of this, some of our brethren have decided that He is not ever coming back, and well you know the old saying about what happens when the cat’s away.”

James, or now Azrael it seemed, paused to take a drink of his vodka, and when Samael started to speak, Tony turned his attention to him.  “It wasn’t just the lower caste of angels that became restless, but some of our brother archangels that decided things needed to change.  Michael, in particular, became restless itching for the fight with Lucifer that he’s never been allowed to have.  He decided that he wanted to change that, only in order to do so, several things had to change including some rules that were never meant to be broken.  Are either of you familiar with Yin and Yang?”

Tony didn’t know much about them other than they were opposites and was a little surprised when Sam piped up.  “Yin and Yang are part of Chinese Mythology, which says they were born from the chaos of the universe being created.  They believe that they live in balance at the center of the universe.  Their balance allowed for the creation of the first human.  Yin is the female part of the pairing and represents darkness, cold, and the moon, among just a few things.  She reaches the height of her influence with the Winter Solstice and is often represented by a tiger.

“Yang is the male half and represents light, fire, heaven and several other things.  He reaches the height of his influence with the Summer Solstice and is usually represented by a dragon.  The basic theory is that without balance the universe can’t exist.” (*Info influenced by and paraphrased from

Azrael nodded and picked the story back up.  “That is a simplification of them, but yes that is the gist of it.  The thing is that well… Yin and Yang weren’t the first representation of what they are nor were they the last.  They’re simply the most well-known.

“The thing that my brothers don’t want to admit is that there are other spiritual figures and beings in this world.  While it’s true that Father created the earth and the heavens as per Christianity, that does not make other religious beliefs as to the creation wrong.  The truth is much more complex.  The larger point though is that neither Father nor any of the other major spiritual leaders if you will, are actually the so-called higher power.  The ol’ saying that everyone answers to someone is true even in this case.”

Tony shook his head to try and clear his rattled brain cells and looked over to see Sam watching the angels fascinated.  He couldn’t help but grin at the sight and had a feeling that his other half was getting much more out of this than he was.  Despite PJ’s best efforts, Tony would never be an overly religious person and was, therefore, struggling a little bit to follow along with all of this. He had a feeling that Sam was having a much easier time of it. When Samael took over for Azrael, Tony turned his attention back to the angels.

“The part about Yin and Yang being born from the chaos of the creation of the universe is close enough to the truth to be called accurate.  The difference being that They weren’t known as Yin and Yang then, but rather simply Light and Dark.  When the Universe was created, Grandfather we’ll call him decided to give multiple beings a chance at the Earth.  In order to make sure that no one of his Chosen took over, he decided to assign a pair of… overseers basically.  They are responsible for the general balance and harmony of the planet, and to put it in human terms outrank every other spiritual leader.

“In the beginning, the pair did stay hidden, but as humans began to flourish They decided to come out of Their little shell, and walk among the populace.  Every hundred years They would be reborn. Sometimes They would assign Themselves to a particular religion if one was a major influence at the time.  Sometimes They would be a general influence without any specific religious connection.  The one weakness to all of this is that They are particularly vulnerable during Their rebirth and early years.  Something that our brothers figured out.”

Azrael snorted darkly and took up the story again.  “When Michael realized that Father might not be coming back, he realized that all he had to do was get rid of the current version of Light and Dark during their rebirth.  Then he and the other angels could see to Lucifer’s release from hell with the help of the demons, who have their own reasons for wanting this fight to finally happen.  Given that a fight between Michael and Lucifer would almost completely destroy the planet, they have always been handcuffed figuratively by Light and Dark.

“So, the angels set their plain in motion and struck as the new pair were close to being reborn.  The problem is that they forgot that They can’t kill the pair, even at Their weakest state.  So, all they accomplished is scrambling Their memories and abilities for a while.  However, Michael decided that this might be ok because he realized that if he could just get Lucifer out of his prison before Light and Dark got Their shit together then he’s assuming They won’t be able to stop him.  The bloody idiot that he is.”

Samael snorted and took Azrael’s hand.  “When Az and I found out that all this was going on, we realized that we had to do something to try and stop them.  While I am not happy with Father abandoning us, we both know that He has always had a very clear reverence for Light and Dark, and believed that They were to be treasured and protected.  I mean essentially They are His…  Well, I don’t know what you’d call Them in the human sense.  They are lovers, so family isn’t it, but… hopefully, you get my gist.  They are like family to Him in the very least.  We both believe that Father will eventually come back to us.  There was no way that we could stand by and let Michael and Lucifer tear the world apart, or let them do serious damage to His… whatever They are to Him.  Unfortunately, we got there too late to prevent the damage altogether, but we were able to save Them from any truly serious harm that They would have a longer recovery time from.  Azrael took Light aka Yang, and I took Dark aka Yin and we hid them in random human baby souls.  We then sat back and waited and watched until we could find them again.”

Tony frowned shaking his head.  “So what you are saying that…”

“Samuel is Yin or Dark, and Anthony, you are Yang or Light.  You are the only ones that can save the earth and put Michael and the rest of my heathen brethren in their place without much more severe consequences for both of your families.”

Tony had so many questions, but apparently, Sam had one that he felt was most important. Upon hearing it, Tony had to admit it was a good question.

“What’s to keep them from just trying this again the next time We are reborn then?”

Azrael smiled coldly looking down at his empty vodka tumbler.  “By attempting to kill Yin and Yang they have violated the agreement.  The rebirth period was something that Father worked out with them with the understanding that if one of the spiritual leaders or their children ever tried to interfere with Them then They alone would determine when it was time for Them to be reborn.  So, essentially You don’t ever have to be reborn if You don’t want to.  It’s really all up to You at this point.

“We just have to get Your… brains unscrambled so that we can stop this.  Other than Sam’s brother, the rest of your council has already been gathered. Once he has risen the council will be complete.”

“Holy crap I need a drink,” Tony muttered and getting up crossed to the bar and poured himself a full tumbler of whiskey.  Holding the bottle up to Sam, he pulled down another tumbler after his mate nodded to pour him one.  The entire population of the world’s safety was on their shoulders.  Shit just got real.

Heading back to the couch with the two tumblers, and the rest of the bottle, Tony sat the bottle of whiskey on the table in front of them, then gave Sam his tumbler before settling next to him.  “I have about five bazillion questions,” Tony admitted quietly still struggling with the enormous weight of it all.  Suddenly, and maybe because it was Sam with him, the thought occurred to him that if Bobby Singer didn’t believe that Tony was talking to an angel, he’d never believe this.

He wished that he’d taken more time for Sam to learn Tony and for Tony to learn Sam before coming up to The Pub now that they had some answers.  He knew that there was nothing he could do to change it now, but he was struggling and could use his mate’s comfort.  Interestingly enough, the second that the thought crossed his mind, Sam’s arm curled around his shoulders, bringing Tony’s body in to rest against his larger one.

Sighing with relief, Tony rested his head against Sam’s shoulder briefly, before asking the first question that popped into his head without any kind of importance placed on it.  “You said our council has been gathered.  Can you explain that more, please? What is this council and who are they?”

Samael nodded.  “Light and Dark have always had a council of sorts to call on for advice and to help oversee things when they are in transition from one set of bodies to the next.  The council as a whole is always an even number.  Remember, everything that you do is about balance.  There are always two regular members and something of a head advisor.  Sometimes in addition to that, there are two others that serve less as advisors, but more like bodyguards if you will.

“Of the two regular members one would in human terms be a legal type representative, and the other would be a… well, I guess you’d call it a general knowledge representative.  It’s the person who is expected to be the expert on well everything religious, mythical, spiritual, etc.  Your council is formed at the standard set of eight.  If you should choose to expand it to include the other two warrior slots then you may.”

Samael finished his drink and poofed a dark lager into his hand before he continued.  “Now, as Az said, one of Sam’s council is in hell, and while the other is closer than he realizes, he hasn’t yet re-established contact with him.  That’s just a matter of semantics though.  As to who, well… I would assume you already know, but to play along on Tony’s side it would be his brothers Aaron and Spencer as his representatives, and Pastor Jim would be his general counsel.  On Sam’s side, it would be his brother Dean and an old friend of his Danny Williams as his representatives.  Bobby Singer would be his general counsel.”

Azrael stepped in at this point and Tony noticed that the angel had taken Samael’s hand.  He decided to keep his smile to himself though.  He was glad that his friend had someone he cared about and was already intending for those warrior positions to be filled, Sam willing, and knew just the archangels he wanted to select.

“The council isn’t always harmonious, but they always break off into pairs either of a romantic/strong platonic nature or they break into pairs of almost mortal enemies as humans would call them.  We can already see the beginnings of it with the strong friendship between Bobby Singer and Pastor Jim Murphy. So, we don’t think the enemies one will be the course with this council. It is always one or the other, never a mixture of both. Az and I may or may not have a little side bet on how the other four are going to pair up.”

Tony burst out laughing at that and was happy to see a grin on Sam’s face also.  He hated to put a dent in that happiness, but there was a question that he really needed to ask.  He was pretty sure Sam wasn’t going to like it.  “What about the fact that Bobby Singer basically thinks that I’m crazy, and in general I’m not sure that he likes me very much?”

Tony could feel the confusion from Sam and wondered if like the drawing his comfort earlier, this whatever Light Dark Yin Yang thing between them was beginning to build.  “Why would Bobby think you’re crazy?”

Tony sighed.  “Remember when I told you that my parents got possessed?”  HE waited for Sam to nod before he continued.

“Bobby and Pastor Jim were the ones who came to help us.  Bobby all but told my younger brother Spencer that he thought I was crazy.  He doesn’t believe that an angel would talk to me.  As I recall he told me and my brothers that we were bigger idiots than you Winchesters. So, I am a little worried how harmonious it’s going to be with him thinking I’m a lunatic.”

Sam huffed exasperated and rolled his eyes.  “Bobby thinks everyone is an idiot.  Idjit is literally his favorite thing to call people.  IF he didn’t think y’all were idjits then I would be worried.”

The angels seemed amused by this, and after they got done chuckling, Azrael spoke up.  “While it is possible to have a certain amount of distrust and discord between the sides councils, we do not believe that it will happen in this instance.  As you’ve seen, Bobby is going to find out the truth of things when Dean rises from hell, and his own angel becomes a more prominent place in his life.”

Tony frowned at the mention of another angel.  “Won’t that upset the numbers if we throw in an eleventh person… or well… ninth too I guess maybe.”

Sam shook his head fast and looked to Tony then back to the angels.  “No eleventh is right.  I agree with Tony’s thoughts that we need the warrior positions and that you two would be the perfect pair.  That is if you will have us?  I mean I am assuming you’ll have to be… less connected to specifically Christianity for that to happen but I know that I would feel better knowing that someone who chose to protect me was watching my back.”

Tony was watching Azrael and felt the flair of what could almost be considered happiness from the angel through the glowing orb that was apparently stolen grace in his head.  There had been times over the last 10 years, and especially at the beginning when he was still working things out with Aaron and Spencer hated him so openly, that Azrael was the only thing holding him together.

“We have been separated from heaven for almost a thousand years now waiting and watching things unfold and unravel,” Azrael finally said speaking softly and carefully.

“In that time we have learned much about that outside of what Father created.  In order to protect the two of you, we have tried our best to learn, adapt and… evolve I guess.  To be honest, if this whole thing ended tomorrow, and we could enter heaven, I am not sure either of us would be welcome.  For one, our relationship would be frowned upon, and… well maybe it’s a rather human notion, but I am not willing to give up love for asshole brothers who wanted to destroy all of Father’s creation just for a bloody pissing match.”

Samael smiled and kissed Azrael’s knuckles as he grinned big.  “Backatcha big guy!  I’m not givin’ you up either.  So, ditto what he said.  IF you want us to be your warriors I am all for it.  As for Castiel, he won’t necessarily be one of the council, but as you pointed out he will be somewhat affiliated.  There is always a balance to these things.  Neither of us knows exactly who will be taking a similar spot on Tony’s side, but we have a fairly decent suggestion for someone that might help your brother Spencer, T-man.”

Tony grinned at his mate’s angel and hoped that the division between the sides wasn’t literal. He wanted to get to know this other angel and those who would be on Sam’s side better.  He had no interest in being part of a warring faction.  As if he read his mind, Sam piped up with a question along those lines, and Tony decided he was going to have to ask about this mind reading thing going on between him and Sam.

“So, do our sides have to stick to only their chosen half, or can I say go to Pastor Jim for council, Tony go to Samael for council?”

Az shook his head, before responding.  “While you will mostly stick to your chosen halves, there is nothing that forbids you from seeking all of the council you need within the various members.  Some councils are very rigid in their makeup and how they are run.  Other councils are very fluid.  Usually, we have seen the rigid ones being more resembling the ones that fight and are mortal enemies, but not always.  The fluid ones are usually closer to one big pack, which if I had to put money down, or hell if I even could put money down, I would say that’s where your version will end up.”

Tony watched Samael grinned at his lover.  “Who doesn’t like a friendly wager between friends and mates? But that one is a sucker’s bet sweet cheeks.  So, no dice.”

Azrael rolled his eyes and grumblegood-naturedlyly.  Tony was sure he heard something about a trip to Vegas or Monte Carlo, and tried not to laugh as he pictured his angel gambling amongst the masses.  Somehow it wouldn’t surprise him at all, and kinda wished he could go along to watch.  He had a feeling it would be better than anything.

“What happens when our council members die?”  Sam asked, and Tony felt a ping of pain in his heart at the thought of losing either Aaron or Spencer.

“Oh, that won’t happen,” Azrael assured.  “The moment the two of you began down your road to understanding who and what you were, the eight human members including yourselves started to become immortal.”

“So, when did this process begin, because I mean… Dean is still in hell.”

Samael nodded. “Don’t worry, Sam. He’s getting out.  The second you two worked together to get yourselves here to get answers, the process began for those that are currently living.  Once Dean is risen from hell, he is process to immortality will begin.”

“Is this like highlander? Are they going to have to die to finish this process? Are people going to be running around with swords trying to chop off their heads?  Who all is going to know that we’re this Light and Dark and that the council is our council?”  Tony had so many questions flowing around in his head that he just couldn’t keep to this one at a time thing anymore.  While he was still confused, the bond or whatever that was building between himself and Sam seemed to be making him feel more stable.

“Any why is it that Sam and I seem to be reading each other’s minds?”

The snort he got from Azrael seemed to be filled with affection, so he ignored the eye roll from his angel.  “Firstly, since we haven’t done so officially, on behalf of myself and Samael…” Tony watched Az look toward Samael who nodded quickly. “We accept your offer to become your warriors, and consider it an honor to be responsible for your protection.  You might be surprised to hear that it is not exactly uncommon for our brethren to leave the flock.  While most fall and wallow with those filthy demons, not all do.  Some go on to become vital members of other faiths and beliefs.  Sometimes for the good, and others for bad.

“Now secondly, Anthony, I have said it before, but I am saying it again. You watch too many movies.  There is no dying required, and there certainly will be no beheading.  Fortunately, we left that behind with the dark ages for the most part.  The formerly human council members will still be able to be hurt, but not mortally.  Their healing factors will also be excelled from normal human rates.

“As to who will know whom you and the council are well that is a little more complex, but basically it will come down to it being all up to you.  With both mortals and the supernatural beings, if you will, you will have the choice to determine if they know whom you are or not.  Mortals would need to be told verbally, as they will not for the most part be able to tell any difference between you and them.  The exception to that is the sensitive humans.  They will be able to tell there is something different about you, but won’t know what.  Generally I would recommend that you not tell mortals whom and what you are unless you want to spend your lifetimes on the cover of those horrid gossip magazines, or them trying to keep you in their mental institutions.”

Samael nodded frowning, and seemed to squeeze Az’s hand.  Tony was enjoying watching the signs of affection between the two.  “Horrid places those mental hospitals.  I don’t recommend you going there.  It will be a pretty bad strain on Sam’s Empathy and therefore indirectly yours also, Leggero.  Now as to the supernatural, you will find that you can control if they know you are mortal or one of them.  You will also be able to control what they think that you are.  Tony will be limited to those creatures from the Light, and Sam will be limited to those creatures from the dark, but you will have options.

“Those interactions I would recommend you handle on a case by case basis, but keep in mind that if word gets out that you are Light and Dark then it won’t take long for all of them to know.  The various different beings may generally hate each other, but they gossip worse than human teenaged girls or little old men sitting outside stores playing checkers.  At some point to stop all of this frankly you’re going to have to reveal just who and what you are, but I would leave the when of that act to something you and your council decide.  As they say, timing is everything.”

“Oh, I just had a thought,” Tony blurted straightening.  “Other than being immortal will our council have any like superpowers like Sam and I?  Or will they just be normal except for the whole can’t die and heal faster bit?  That last bit seems dangerous though. I mean even if they can’t die there’s a whole lotta bad that can be done to them if they’re just basically people under alla that immortality and quick healing. Like torture for example.”

Azrael nods smiling and looking proud.  “Very good, Anthony, well done. They would be considerably vulnerable from especially the supernatural, which is why they have the ability to draw from the abilities of the half they council.”

When the boys looked confused, Samael snorted.  “What he’s trying to say is that Aaron, Spencer, and Jim would have access to Tony’s abilities.  Dean, Danny, and Bobby would have access to Sam’s abilities.”

Sam cocks his head to one side.  “Is that why the sides pair up?”

Tony nodded enthusiastically seeing where Sam was going. “Right! Cause if they’re good little bunnies then they’d have access to both the Light abilities and the Dark abilities.  Not that I know what that is but… it sounds like a good idea.”

“You’re such smart cookies,” Samael praised slightly tongue in cheek, but looking as proud as his mate had earlier.

“Eventually your abilities will be vast,” Azrael began.  “For right now though you are somewhat limited, because your Light and Dark selves are still damaged from what my brothers did to you both.  To try and make up for that, Samael and I have given you some abilities to aid you.  Now, Sam’s abilities are somewhat tricky because they are somewhat influenced by the demon Azazel’s blood that is still within him.  Fortunately, that will be completely burnt out once the two of you bond fully.  So, hopefully shortly the two of you will not have to worry your pretty little heads about unhealthy influence on young Samuel.

“You both have visions, and Samuel your visions were never demon powered no matter what that heathen Azazel told you or implied.  Your visions were sent to you by Samael to try and assist you with that scoundrel.  Now the telekinesis was all that thing.  That will go away temporarily, but may return once you get your Dark abilities.  Your influence on demons however… that will not change.  That is a basic part of your Dark self that cannot be changed, and appears to have been untouched by what my brethren did.”

“So, I really am evil?”  Sam asked sounding wounded and Tony frowned before setting his empty tumbler aside and curling up into his mate.  He could feel the pain of the belief, even if it wasn’t ringing true to Tony.

“NO!” Samael snapped, and took a breath when Azrael squeezed his hand.  Tony rubbed a hand up and down over Sam’s stomach to try and settle his mate.   That notion was not one that just popped into Sam’s head, and Tony was going to make damn well sure that he was never made to feel or believe that about himself again.

“Your father and other’s notion that you are somehow evil because of what that demon did you to is frankly stupid and offensive.  You are not evil, Sam. Even without all of this going on, you would not be evil.  Light and Dark certainly do not translate that way. Dark does not equal evil, and Light does not equal good.  Some of the most horrendous acts that this planet has seen have been done at the hands of good and righteousness.”

Azrael rubs his mate’s hand, as he took over the explanation.  “Does your control and influence lead you to the darker side that being demons, hell hounds, Lucifer, etcetera? Yes Samuel, it does.  That does not make you yourself evil.

“It means that you are in charge of keeping the darker aspects of this planet on balance with Anthony’s lighter side.  You are not setting out and plotting how to hurt people. You are ensuring those dark forces that are unfortunately necessary and do regrettable plot how to hurt people and commit those acts do not get out of hand. As Samael said YOU are NOT evil, and anyone that believes otherwise is a simpleton.  Since I happen to know that you are not such a thing, I would hope you will get that idea right out of your head.”

Tony saw Sam nod, and through the bond felt him processing Azrael’s words, allowing them to comfort him.  “So, if Sam has influence over the demons, does that mean I have influence over the angels?”

Samael nodded shortly, and Tony watched him take a deep breath before answering. “Yes, that is exactly what it means.  While I would like to believe we’ll be able to keep Lucifer in that cage.  I have no doubt that the demons and my brothers will find a way to get him out.  So, when the time comes you, Leggero, will be responsible for stopping Michael. Buio, will be responsible for stopping Lucifer.”

Tony cocked his head and thought about the revelation.  “Because Light isn’t about good and Dark isn’t about evil. So, even though Lucifer is an angel, because he is fallen and wished for an end to humanity, he is dark. Therefore, Sam has influence over him not because he has moved toward Dark and therefore is in Sam’s realm of influence.”

Samael nodded relaxing upon hearing that his charge’s mate understood.  “Which is all the more amusing considering that he believes Buio here is his true vessel, the dumb schmuck.”

When Sam frowned, Tony responded before the younger man could even voice his question. “Leggero is Light in Italian. Buio is Dark in Italian.  You could call him Guardiano Scuro, and Az would be Guardiano Luce.”

“You speak Italian?”  Sam asked sounding surprised and feeling impressed over the tentative bond.

Tony nodded, and spoke absently as he considered getting another drink.  “Senior demanded it of both Spencer and myself before they gave themselves over.  The demons thought it amusing, and made us continue.  La lingua del demonio they called it. The language of the devil.  I don’t know why. Probably because my father was a sadistic bastard even before he gave himself to demons.  Why would Lucifer think that Sam is his true vessel?”

“Because he doesn’t know that Samuel is really Dark, and therefore has misinterpreted what he sensed in Sam’s soul before he was born.  Since they didn’t know we’d hidden Light and Dark in human souls, he arrogantly assumed what he wanted to feel.”

“Lucifer can see or feel what’s going on from his cage?”  Sam asked frowning, and Samael nodded.

“Yes, something like a tease of things he’ll never have real access to.  Although when he gets out, I think that Father will find that little tidbit could bite us all in the ass.”

Tony sighed and yawned running a hand over his face.  “I know we’ve talked around it, but Az you didn’t really say what all Sam and I can do now other than the visions. Or is that it?”

Azrael shook his head. “My apologies. I believe we got distracted by something or another.”

“Sam thinking he’s evil,” Tony advised, and Samael started his grumbling again, as Azrael patted his hand.

“There, there my love. Yes, we know they’re nincompoops.  Now then where were we… aah yes. Currently, Anthony, you are slightly more advanced than Samuel because you had access to me, while he had to wait for you to find him.  Because of Azazel’s influence, Samael was blocked out from most contact even if that dratted demon didn’t realize what he’d done.

“Anthony, you have your visions, which are generally guided by me until you become fully yourself again.  You also have influence over all angels or other light beings. This means you can call them, kill them, influence them, or go to where they are if you are familiar with them as you did tonight with me.  You can also take a bit of their essence, as in my case with the bit of my Grace that you thieved, and form something of a connection with them.  You have a bit of healing abilities, and because you are connected to me you have an enhanced sense of justice and dealing out punishment.”

Samael, now calm again, took over to discuss Sam’s abilities.  “Buio, you being Dark will have influence over all demons and other dark beings. As with Tony you can also call, kill, influence, or go to wherever they are if you are familiar with an individual or know who or what you are after.  Because I am the archangel of Fetching Souls, you’ll have the ability to call up the dead, and you also have control over Reapers and other such beings that control the dead.  I am sure you’ll see the irony in that.  Lastly, you’ll have the ability to disguise yourself as one of the dark beings including taking on their supernatural abilities temporarily.

“Because you’re slightly further behind Tony, it will take a bit for you to have full access to these things.  I’m sure he’ll tell you about the months he spent working on his visions and how to control them, store them, and recall them.  Now, the closer that you two become the more connected you will be.  You’ll be able to communicate telepathically, share visions and your empathic feelings, and will be aware of each other including where the other is and how the other is doing at all times.”

Azrael smiled at Tony who was fighting valiantly to stay awake.  “Once you two bond fully, you’ll have full access to these things.  As you each heal and become more Light and Dark then you’ll find other things popping up.  For the moment though, I think that we have filled your heads with enough information.  Home with you both.  You need to sleep, and I suggest you commence with the bonding as soon as possible.  Oh, and speaking of… never fear boys, Light and Dark are not sexual beings.  Meaning the bonding process does not have a sexual component.  Affection, yes. Sex, no. So, go on with you, and remember that we are always here for you protecting, watching, and ready for your command.”

Tony nodded and the two wished their new warrior angels goodnight before they were sent back to their bodies.  Yawning, neither chose to undress any further.  Instead, they curled around each other and went to sleep almost immediately.  Their bond growing slowly throughout the night.


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