Chapter Eight: Bonding on the Italian Shore


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Chapter Content: Anti-John

Chapter Summary: Sam and Tony spend some time in Italy at their angelically created retreat. While there they get to know each other, and meet some adorable long lost friends.

Chapter Eight: Bonding on the Italian Shore

Tony and Sam spent two days discussing their visit to The Pub with Aaron and Spencer, as well as trying to regain their energy.  It seemed that whatever transition that was happening was physically taxing on them all.  Calls to Pastor Jim and Bobby confirmed they also were struggling with their energy level.  Of course Bobby refused to chalk it up to anything other than the flu, and was apparently quite upset that Jim had ‘roped Sam into that damned kid’s insanity’.

Sam had been quite upset to hear for himself just now stubborn Bobby was being about the whole thing, but Tony assured him that the time would come when he wouldn’t be able to any longer.  At that time Tony promised that he would be giving the old fart the mother of all I told you so’s.  Sam promised that he was perfectly happy to let him.

With the lack of energy on Tony’s part had come one of his quiet spells.  Neither Aaron nor Spencer had seemed to awfully surprised, and Sam promised that he would be patient.  Aaron offered to explain, but Sam politely advised that if it was ok he would rather hear it from Tony whenever he was ready.

Tony could tell from the look on Aaron’s face that his older brother was more than a little impressed.  He just smiled to himself, and rested his head on Sam’s shoulder closing his eyes.  The others were watching something on the television, but Tony was just content to be near his mate and feel the way the tentative bond between them was growing with every minute.

He should have known that the angels wouldn’t give him long before the forced the bonding issue.  About a week after Azrael and Samael dropped the bombshell on Tony and Sam of their true identities, Tony woke up to find himself on a deck chair overlooking the bluest water he’d ever seen in his life.  There was an umbrella somewhere just behind his chair shading his eyes from the bright sunlight.

Looking around, he saw that Sam was asleep on a chair beside him.  The chairs themselves were a dark wood with white padded covers.  Sitting up, he pulled up the back and frowned checking out the scenery around him.  They appeared to be on some kind of sandy beach, but there was what appeared to be a house not far away.  He could see a patio covered by the same cloth that the chair covers were made of.  Looking out at the water, he saw a bottle bobbing up and down not too far offshore.

Rubbing his hands over his face, Tony stood and tapped Sam lightly on the shoulder before walking to retrieve the bottle.  Briefly, he stood in the water, which was lapping around his ankles, and looked at the surrounding countryside.

They seemed to be in the mountains or a mountainous region, as he could see peaks of mountains in the distance.  He could also see a town not far off seeming to rise from the rocking hillside.  The view was familiar. In f, ct it might be a little too familiar, as it reminded him of a picture at The Pub that he liked to look at.  He’d more than once told Azrael that someday he’d like to go to that place and live there.  Somehow he felt just by looking at the picture that he belonged there.

Shaking his head as a notion about what was going on began to form, Tony stepped a little further into the surf, and retrieved the bottle that was just bobbling up and down.  Funny enough though it never moved from that spot no matter what the waves did.  He snorted at Az and Samael’s lack of subtlety. They might as well as have put a blinking neon sign over it that said read me.

Carrying the bottle back to land, Tony smiled happily seeing that Sam was awake.  Showing him the bottle, he trotted to the man’s chair bypassing his own.  The frames of the deck chairs looked big enough and sturdy enough to hold them, and he was pleased to find out that he was telling the truth.  When he perched on the chair arm, Sam quickly put an arm around his waist and pulled him into his lap making Tony laugh.

“Do you know where we are?”  Sam asked. His voice was still husky from just waking up.

Tony looked around again before turning his head to look at Sam. “Looks like a picture in The Pub that I always look at.  I believe that we’re in Italy. Although weather it’s for real or just kinda faux real like when we go see the angels, I don’t know.”

Sam nodded before taking the bottle from his hands, and shaking out the letter.  When he then set about reading it out loud, Tony could feel the tiny seedling of love that had been planted between then grow ever so slightly.  He loved that Sam seemed to be trying at least to accept him as he was.  There hadn’t been a single complaint or comment trying to get him to talk more over the last week that he’d been mostly silent.

Masters Leggero and Buio,

If you have reached this place, then you have decided that it was time to bond, even if you are not conscious of the decision.  There are a lot of things going on with you that don’t have what humans would consider an acceptable explanation.  They just are and that is the only explanation available.

Bonding between you both is a more mental process.  There is no physical aspect because Light and Dark are not sexual creatures, and your human bodies are just temporary housings created specifically for you.  Bonding means each of you opening your mind completely to the other.

Opening doors and illuminating spaces that you have intentionally left shut and dark must be shared with the other person.  Never fear there will be many happy wonderful moments along the way.  The point of your existence is always balance, never forget that.  This means sharing the good and the bad, the absolute best and the horrific worst equally.

We understand that this means a great deal of pain and hurt being reopened.  Because of that we have brought you to a place of beauty and peace.  This villa is yours for the remainder of your existence.  Consider it a gift from us to you and your new cabinet.  You will find plenty of room for you all inside.

This is not one of your visions, nor is it a mental journey as when you come visit The Pub.  You are physically here.  Do not worry about your brothers, Leggero, because Azrael has visited your brother Aaron and explained what is happening.  He and Spencer will be handling the case you were to be working on with a few nudges in the right direction from Az.

Take all the time that you need here.  This is an important step and should not be rushed.  Inside the villa you will find a few open places such as the library, kitchen, master bedroom, and a movie room. The remainder of the many rooms are sealed, and will need to be unsealed by you.  Each room represents a moment that one of you needs to share with the other.  This moment could be good or bad.

You will not have to speak to relay the moment.  Once you have accessed the room or space, the scene will replay itself not as the bearer remembers, but as it actually happened.  We know sometimes the human mind changes things to protect itself.  That however cannot happen here.  You will be able to tell whose moment it is ahead of time as the door will be marked with either Yin or Yang’s symbol and something to clue the bearer into what lies inside.

Do not worry about basic needs such as cooking, cleaning, etcetera.  Some friends have come to join you. I think you will find a few of them will travel with you when you return to your normal lives.  Do not worry, others will only see them as they wish to be seen.

Good luck, and happy bonding,

Samael and Azrael

Tony looked at Sam for a brief moment before scrambling off his lap and running to the house.  He could hear Sam laughing and looking back saw that he was chasing after him.  Reaching the back patio he stopped to look at the surroundings, and couldn’t help but feel peaceful. It just felt like he belonged in this place.

“Master! You have come!”

Turning toward the direction of the sound, Tony saw a handful of short human looking creatures.  Although clearly they were not human.  None of them were over three foot tall he would guess, and the five or six assembled were all different colors.  They had tall pointy ears that reminded him of Spock in Star Trek only taller. The peak of these came above the little creatures’ heads.  On their backs were wings that looked more like a moth or a butterfly than the feathery wings of his angel. Only unlike a butterfly that had set colors in its wings, these seemed to have a life of their own.  The colors matched or complimented the color of the individual and seemed to flow like water the colors flowing around within the confines of the individual cells.  Their hair was long and flowing down their backs either straight or curls, and seemed to be multicolored resembling different colored rainbows.

“Master!” The same creature called again.  He was purple with purple and blue wings.  His hair was wavy and it seemed he wore it free flowing.  He was wearing white tunic with a lightning bolt on the front Tony guessed it was a he as there were little ones with what appeared to be breasts.  The creature launched itself at him unexpectedly.  Startled, Tony caught it, and the second he touched it felt like he’d been struck by lightning.  Falling back he landed awkwardly in a chair, and found himself laughing as memories crashed through his head.

“Zeus!”  Tony shouted laughing hugging the little creature called a Fairy Angel to him.

Hearing a similar call from Sam of Hades, he turned to see a dark green fairy angel sitting on the man’s chest.  This one seemed to be bucking convention because his hair was cut into a dark rainbow colored Mohawk.  That seemed to free the others as they were surrounded by little fairy angels.  If Tony remembered correctly there were 14 total that served the cabinet as a whole. Although there were others that came and went as they pleased, and changed based on whomever was working with the council.   

He and Sam each had two personal fairy angels, and then each cabinet member had their own.  The household in general had four, which was divided into a male and female set one being inside the household and one set working on the grounds of whatever dwelling they had chosen.  Then as he recalled it was possible that any associates of the council would have a fairy angel should the little creatures so choose.  Again though always in pairs. Everything in their lives were even and balanced.

As he lay on the ground smiling a lilac colored girl fairy angel came up to him, and he noticed a seafoam green colored one heading to Sam.  Smiling Tony lifted a hand and ran it over her hair. “Hello, Hera.”

“Master! What do we call you this time? What is your name? When do we get new clothes?”

Tony laughed and pulled her in for a hug, grinning when she squeaked with pleasure.  Hera and Zeus were twins and his personal fairy angels. Hades and Artemis were not twins, but were siblings, and were Sam’s personal fairy angels.  Hearing a purring, he looked to see Artemis cuddled up with Sam and smiled.  The little girl was quite affectionate with her master and could often be found settled on his lap when she wasn’t leading him him through the woods or along some mountain path.

They had named each fairy angel after a Greek god.  They little creatures hadn’t always been in their lives, but had entered around the time that the Romans were in power, and adapting their deities to fit those of the newly conquered Greek Gods and Goddesses. Having worked with the Greek deities in their previous “lives” they were feeling somewhat nostalgic, and chose to name their new friends after old ones.

All of the “Twelve Olympians” were there, even though there was 13 because neither of them were choosing between Hestia and Dionysus, and so they’d added Hades for well… balance.  There were others that popped in and our as those surrounding the council changed.  The main 14 Fairy Angels were always there, and the newcomers were always named after the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

“Masters bonding, again?”  Zeus asked peering down at Tony. “Lots of closed doors. Lots of big house.”

“Yes, Zeus,” Tony assured. “Sam and I, whom you may call Tony in this body, are going to bond now and get rid of the locked doors.  I think our family is going to be bigger this time. So, we need a bigger house.  We already have added two Champions we stole from the Christian’s God.  Whoever knows who will show up next?”

“Zeus knows, but he no telling you,” the small creature declared, and Tony snorted before Hera shoved him right off Tony’s chest.

“You no dos. Stop makin’ things up!”  Hera huffed, and looked down at her master getting one last stroke of her hair before hopping off.  Enough waiting now Master Tony. Time to start with the doors.  No like some of them at all.”

Tony nodded and standing held out his hand to Sam helping him up.

“How about we knock down a door?”  The younger man asked, and Tony nodded again in agreement.  Carefully the two made their way inside and through what appeared to be the library stopping at the first door they saw.  On the outside was the symbol for Yang, and the word Mammon with several gold coin looking depictions on it.

Swallowing heavily, Tony felt Sam squeeze his hand tightly.  Trying to take as much comfort from the man next to him.  Reaching out he grabbed the doorknob and turned it, leading Sam inside to where his own personal hell was waiting for him in the form of Anthony DiNozzo, Sr and the demon he’d allowed to possess him for three years.


A couple days later, Tony found himself sitting in the library staring into the fire Zeus has built in the fireplace.  They had unlocked six rooms so far. Three of Tony’s moments and three of Sam’s.  They’d felt that they needed to open one for Sam for every one of Tony’s, and although they both felt instinctively they had a time period to open the next door it didn’t have to happen immediately.  So far Tony was two bad memories to one good one. Sam was the opposite. Two good memories to one bad one.  They weren’t sure if that part was intentional or luck of the draw.

Sam was off taking a shower.  They’d just finished dinner cooked by Demeter, and Apollo was now helping her clean up the kitchen.  Hera was practically glued to Tony’s side, and didn’t let him far out of her sight if Sam wasn’t around.  Zeus could often be found nearby keeping watch for something. Tony wasn’t sure what, but he and Sam had agreed not to question it.  The Fairy Angels at the moment knew more about what was going on than they did.

Sam interestingly had the reverse going on. Hades was stuck to his side like glue, and Artemis was patrolling around his general vicinity restlessly presumably looking for the same thing that Zeus was.  Tony wondered if it was the balance thing, or if it was just something in the Fairy Angel’s personalities.  The little companions were certainly showing that off in spades.

The togas had all been shed, and they were how clothed in varying looks from the last several centuries.  Aries was marching around in black leather pants, a white t shirt, and had a black leather jacket always nearby. Aphrodite however was almost constantly in a dress that looked like it was something out of Tudor Era England.  Athena was wearing soft leather pants and an equally soft cotton shirt.  Poseidon refused to change out of his bathing suit until they left Italy and he was reunited with his knight.

“Danny,” Sam said coming into the room with Hades following closely.  Tony watched amused as Hera hopped down and disappeared from the room.  Hades joined Zeus in his patrolling, and Artemis ran off outside most likely to check on Ares who was patrolling the outside of the Villa.

Tony looked at Sam as the younger man sat on the couch next to him.  “I am convinced that Poseidon is my old friend Danny’s, and Ares is Aaron’s.”  Tony nodded having come to that decision himself about Ares.  He was curious to see how the rest of the Fairy Angels settled amongst houses and council members. “There’s so much about Poseidon that reminds me of him. I wonder which one is going to be Dean’s.”

“I think you’re right.” Tony agreed letting himself settle against Sam.  He was tired.  Today they’d relived Aaron leaving, and Sam leaving for college.  Two highly stressful moments with a moment reflecting Sam meeting Jessica at Stanford as something happy.  The good thing about all of this was that it felt like it was working.  He could feel Sam’s very being combining with his own in his mind.  The loss of his own individuality was a little worrying at first, but the two had discussed it.

As Sam had said the end goal wasn’t for them to be two halves of one person.  The end goal was for them to be two individual people who lived harmoniously together with no secrets or barriers between them.  Tony would still be Tony with his silent periods, and love for every kind of music there was.  Sam would still be slightly wounded and committed to the fact that his family’s legacy was hunting the evil things that went bump in the dark.  They would just each have a better understanding for why Tony had his silent periods, and why hunting that Windego and helping the family it terrorized was so important to Sam.

“I will never prompt you to talk when you don’t want to,” Sam explained softly, and Tony felt the change in his mate through their connection.

“My… Dean my brother… after our mother died when I was a baby, he didn’t talk for months.  I never really thought about it until I found out a few years back, but once I knew I realized that he still has moments when he doesn’t talk.  When things get bad or too stressful he’s prone to just not talking.  Sometimes trying to get him to say something is harder than anything.  I wish now, understanding you and your reasoning behind your quiet spells, that I’d handled it differently sometimes.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe things wouldn’t have been so tense between us at times.”

Tony frowns and looks at Sam considering his words before speaking.  “He’s your brother, Sam.  There’s a difference between not wanting to talk because you need to be quiet, and not wanting to talk because you are being stubborn and don’t want to admit you’re in pain.  I saw one of those moments, remember?  That was being stubborn.  Not wanting to admit that he was hurting, and while maybe it could have gone different… the difference I see between you and Dean and me and Aaron is that there is no double standard with us.  Maybe it’s because I have a smaller sample right now, but it seems that Dean tends to refuse to speak himself, and then get mad at you if you don’t share every single little thing that goes on in your head exactly the moment he wants you to share it.”

Sam rested his head against his, and Tony felt the arm around his shoulders tense a moment before he let out a deep breath.  “I don’t know exactly, but I get the feeling that you will understand this. Dean was everything when I was growing up.  He was mother, father, best friend, keeper of my secrets, antagonist, and any other relationship you can think of.  We were never in one place long enough to develop a real connection to anyone else.  Dad never stayed around long enough to be a real parent, and when he was he was drunk off his ass most of the time.”

Sam snorted and shook his head.  “Dean was his favorite, and he didn’t ever hesitate to make sure that I was aware how lacking he saw me as.  Of course, Dean sees it differently.  He seems to believe dad was just trying to train us, but it doesn’t seem to occur to either of them that maybe I didn’t want to train.  Only then eventually I had no choice in the matter, and now I don’t know if I could survive a normal life as much as sometimes I still want it.  I like the idea of this place. I like the idea of the council even more.  It feels like we’re building something more than just advisors here.  It feels like maybe we’re building something that we both desperately need and want. That being a family.”

When Sam twined his fingers in with Tony’s who remained quiet sensing the younger man needed the opportunity to speak freer than he had been allowed to maybe ever.  “This thing between us… I need it.  I think a part of me always knew that it was out there somewhere, because now that I have you I can’t imagine going without you again.  I hate my father.  I know it isn’t a popular notion with my brother, but I do.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love him too, which sounds completely messed up and doesn’t make sense and…”

“Family is complicated,” Tony assured.  “I understand trust me.”

“I miss my brother like there’s literally a hole in my soul,” Sam admitted sounding wounded.  “I need him back. Even with you here, I need him back.  It feels like this huge part of me is missing. I need this thing between us, because it makes all the hurts make sense, more bearable than they were before.  It scares the crap out of me what Dean is going to say about all of this when he gets back.  I am scared to death that he’s going to hate me, but I can’t and won’t give us up for that.  Everything that we’re doing, everything we’ve found, all of this just feels too right, too us, too much like everything that I was meant to be.  It sure as fuck feels better, more righteous than being made to believe that I am some kind of walking evil just because my mother made a deal I had no control over.

“Sometimes I want to hate her so much.  Other times I want to love her as much as my father and brother do.  Most of the time though I just mostly feel indifferent.  I never really knew her.  She died when I was 6 months old.  I love her because she’s my mom, but I don’t miss her.  If I had a chance of seeing her, if she was like out there somewhere alive maybe it would be different.  If she hadn’t given me over to a fucking demon before I was even conceived maybe it would be different.  As it is, I just… I can’t love her like Dean does, and mostly I don’t even want to.  You though I want to love, and I will ruin anyone who tries to come between us.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed in more of a breath than actual speech.  Clearing his throat he tried for actual words.

“Just remember that Dean will come back, and things will work out with him and us.  Don’t forget that you have Aaron now to help.  He’s not going to let your brother cause a bunch of upheaval. Dean being worried for you is one thing, but if he’s just being an ass to be an ass then that’s not going to fly with Aaron.  I know he already sees you as the same as Spencer and myself.  You’re his brother as much as we are, and he’s not going to let your actual brother hurt us especially for something that wasn’t out fault.  There’s no sense in borrowing trouble over it though.  For all we know Dean could be perfectly fine with it.”

Sam nodded and curled toward Tony a little more and lay back so they could curl around each other on the couch.  Closing their eyes, the each eventually fell asleep, not waking when Hera snuck in and covered them up with a blanket.

A little more than a week later, Sam found himself sitting out on one of the lounge chairs that they’d first found themselves in.  He could feel every bit of Tony in his head.  His mate was currently inside meeting with the Fairy Angels that would stay with the house. Some were permanently placed with the building, and some were just there until their cabinet members were aware of them.

Zeus, Hera, Hades, and Artemis would go with them everywhere.  Tony’d had nearly a half hour laughing fit when he kept picturing Hades and Zeus on a hunt with them.  The Fairy Angels had been a little concerned he’d lost his mind, except Hera. She’d approved of his laughter, because she felt Zeus chasing after a monster 20 times his size was the thing of comedy.

Athena, who they believed was Spencer’s was a Navy blue colored female with a rainbow of deep pink, fuchsia, eggplant, magenta, periwinkle, pine green, and orange yellow colored hair, was coming with them.  She had a little suitcase packed with all of her clothes that just appeared.  Most prized seemed to be the six pair of boots ranging from ankle height to knee height and different colors all with flat bottoms in case she had to run.

Ares, whom they had finally agreed was Aaron’s Fairy Angel, was also coming.  He was a pure black color.  Tony had joked he’d be the #000000 on the color coding chart.  His hair was a typical rainbow color and completely straight that he mostly kept pulled back with a leather strap.  He had his clothes in a military style rucksack, wore combat boots, and his most prized possessions were his crossbow and his knife collection.  He was doing one final patrol around the Villa with Hestia and Dionysus to make sure they knew where the weak points were and what he expected done to correct that.

They’d remembered that the Fairy Angels could transport themselves where ever they needed to go, which was a good thing.  This meant that they didn’t have to come get them once the others were onboard with their companions.  Tony and Sam both were the most amused to get Pastor Jim his companion, because they were pretty sure it was Aphrodite. The least pious Fairy Angel of the bunch.

Artemis was settled on Sam’s lap reading a book in a language that he couldn’t yet remember.  Tony was going over decorating plans for the Villa with Demeter, whom seemed to be generally in charge of the inside of the house with Apollo as her assistant. Dionysus the youngest Fairy Angel on the other hand seemed to be in charge of the Outside, and Sam had met with him the previous afternoon to go over plans and expectations.

The two men were completely connected and synchronized with each other.  It was weird and wonderful for Sam to have such a complete connection with someone, and not have to worry that it would ever be taken away.  They’d already decided that they weren’t giving up these bodies any time soon.  There were obviously too many that they couldn’t trust, and the universe couldn’t handle any more imbalance caused by interference during a rebirthing cycle.

None of that was on Sam’s mind though, because Tony was fairly confident that Dean’s time to come back would be happening soon.  They’d discussed the option of sending Samael in to get him sooner than what was planned by the angels and demons, but as much as Sam hated leaving him there, they’d decided they couldn’t risk damaging the bond with Castiel or risking imbalance.  He also had some idea that they had to be “more themselves” to make such an order, and they just weren’t yet.  While it was out of Sam’s hands, the guilt of having to leave his big brother in hell while he was sunning at an Italian Villa was eating him alive.

Tony promised that once they had him out, they’d do whatever they could to repair whatever damage that had been done by Azazel and his following.  One thing that was starting to come back to Tony was his healing ability.  He had a notion that it would be more powerful than any other religious being’s once it was at full strength.  Sam just hoped that it would be able to cover his mental scars and injuries as well as the physical ones.

He’d seen the visions of fights between himself and Dean in the coming days or months after his rising.  He’d also seen the vision of their split with Spencer going with Dean of which he was unsure how quickly that would happen.  The feel for the timing of it seemed to change, and Tony told him the same had happened with their meeting. It seemed that sometimes the visions were dependent on things outside of their immediate control like decisions being made by others.

One positive was that Athena and Poseidon were both loyal to Light and Dark along with their Fairy Angel brothers and sisters, and would not allow things to go too far off track.  Hades assured him that they also would absolutely not let themselves be left behind when the “stupie angry heads” took off alone.

Fortunately, he’d also seen the reunion in the end, and the bond that hadn’t been severed again.  Sam knew Dean was stubborn, and wasn’t going to want to buy into all that was happening to not only him, but now Dean himself.  He also knew that once Dean accepted his role there would be no breaking him from it. It would help the pain of losing him so quickly knowing that eventually he’d come back to him.

Honestly, he could handle a little strife as his older brother found his way, if it just meant that the man was walking, talking, and not being tortured in hell.  He just fucking had to get him out of the godforsaken pit of damnation.  The guilt and pain were eating at him ruthlessly, and now that he was so absolutely connected to Tony, there was no way to hide it from the man.  Fortunately, as Tony pointed out, he carried around his own guilt for Spencer having transformed from the bright, happy child to the angry, rebellious man Sam knew.  Thus he knew and understood Sam’s guilt.

“Ready, Freddy?”  He heard and turning his head found Tony standing there with their little procession of Fairy Angels and their belongings.  The sight of them made him smile, and broke the gloom of his thoughts of Dean.

“This not logical! His name not Freddy!” Hades pointed out frustrated, and Sam laughed softly as the Fairy Angel flew up to sit on Sam’s shoulder.  Artemis stood next to him holding his hand, and her luggage with her other.

Tony grinned, and Sam rolled his eyes at the enjoyment he could feel in their connection that his mate got from tweaking Hades.  According to Hera it was a long ongoing occurrence, and not likely to be ending anytime soon.  She was also though of the opinion that Hades needed to lighten up a little, and was known to tweak him herself.  Sam hadn’t failed to notice that the mischievous glimmer on her eyes at times matched her master’s perfectly.  The Gods help them all if Tony and Dean ever got into a prank war.                                       

Gathering close together, Tony and Sam held hands and pictured the house, glad to finally be going home.  It helped though to know that this place was always waiting for them.  Their little piece of paradise always accessible, and always theirs.


End Note: Poseidon was originally meant to be Dean’s and then it changed later to Danny Williams from Hawaii 5-0. I believe I caught all the previous connections between Dean and Poseidon. I apologize though if I missed one.

My Fairy Angels were based on DarkJediQueen’s House Elves from her NANO last year.


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