Chapter Nine: Surprises All Around


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New Chapter Characters: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, David Rossi, Jackson Gibbs, Danny Williams
New Relationships: Gibbs/Rossi
Chapter Content: Angst, Short Tempered!Gibbs, Injury to a Fairy Angel
Chapter Summary: The brothers’ Hotchner-DiNozzo takes take Sam to their own favorite roadhouse so he can meet some of their friends. Once there, Sam finds a member of his cabinet. Then we find out Gibbs should have listened to his father’s warning about his temper.

Note: This damned chapter makes me cry everytime I read it. Seriously, I recommend having tissues handy.

Chapter Nine: Surprises All Around

It was two weeks after Sam and Tony returned from their bonding at the villa.  They were on their way to Stillwater, Pennsylvania where the brothers’ Hotchner-DiNozzo’s favorite stopping place was when they were between jobs.  Tony and Sam were in the Impala with Zeus, Hades, Hera, and Artemis were in the backseat occupying themselves during the drive.  Zeus and Hades were usually playing cards. They were playing poker specifically for Reese’s Pieces, Bugles, and mini Hershey kisses.

Tony had tried to point out that usually people played for chips or money, but they said they didn’t like chips as much as candy and bugels. Sam snorted beside him and told him to let them be.  Hera was reading magazines. They’d stopped at a convenience store, and she’d come inside with him.  It was a unique experience.

Apparently only those that Light and Dark allowed could see them.  So, she’d headed to the magazines, and once Tony joined her she pointed out various ones she wanted to read.  They now had about a dozen or more different versions of Home & Garden, Women’s Day, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.   Artemis occasionally checked one out, but mostly she sat with headphones on listening to music.  It seemed mostly Justin Timberlake, Adele, Coldplay, and Rihanna.

Occasionally one of the four would get bored and fly up to stand on the front seat and look out the windshield.  This was more Zeus and Hades than it was the girls.  The boys liked to see where they were going and seemed to get excited.  At the moment, Zeus was standing between them with his little hands braced on the dash as he made little motor noises to match the engine.  When a turn came up, he’d lean into it, and Sam quipped he must have been a motorcycle racer in his past life.

Of course, Hades pointed out that they didn’t have past lives, it was only these lives.  Sam rolled his eyes, as Tony snickered and threatened to tie down the Fairy Angel and make him watch comedy to see if he could find his sense of humor.  When Hera advised they’d tried that once and it only confused him more, Tony almost turned blue from laughing so long.

Aaron and Spencer were following behind them in the Hummer with Ares and Athena with them.  Aaron and Ares had hit it off right away.  They each had the same outwardly serious expression that hid a wicked sense of humor but could put the fear of death into you with a single glare.  Athena and Spencer though were slowly warming up to each other.  The little female had taken one look at Spencer and frowned declaring him “not right, not same”.  However when Aaron suggested that maybe she wasn’t Spencer’s companion, she’d literally hissed at him and hid all the bullets for his guns for three days.

Spencer’d apparently taken that as an olive branch, and Athena seemed to be trying to get used to the fact that Spencer was different than the ones she’d been with in the past.  That set off a series of questions that educated them all.  The Fairy Angels had filled in the gaps in the information Azrael and Samael provided them with.

It seemed that immortality wasn’t quite the right word for what happened to the council, or rather it was immortality with conditions.  They were immortal only as long as Light and Dark were in their new bodies.  The bodies of not just Light and Dark, but the council as a whole were always created for them by the being they’d taken to calling “Grandfather”, and placed either all within the a certain religious sect, or all within different religious sects.

Once Light and Dark had moved onto begin the process of passing onto a new body, the council members’ immortality went away.  They then died a mortal death, and were put into place by Grandfather so that they could reconnect with Light and Dark upon their rebirth.  So, the council was always the council.  Their souls were always the same.  Their roles were always the same, but because they were open to influence their personalities and interactions could change.  Hence the differing personalities of the councils as a whole switching between harmony and warring with each incarnation.

The two Head Advisors were always born first.  The Strategy advisors were always born next. Then it seemed to be a mixture of Light and Dark or the last advisors.  The Champions when used were never mortal, and always seemed to come from one of the various religions, but always gave up their loyalty to that deity until the rebirth happened.  It seemed that sometimes the Champions were welcomed back, and others they were ostracized finding themselves needing to move onto another established religion or start their own belief system.

“This it?”  Sam asked, and Tony nodded as Zeus jumped into his lap practically vibrating with excitement.

“Yup,” Tony confirmed putting his hands on the little Fairy Angel’s waist.  As they pulled in there was only one car that he didn’t recognize a sweet looking silver Camero.  Turning his head, he studied the Fairy Angels in the back who were already packing up and ready to go in.  Something made him a little anxious about them going on, but they couldn’t just leave them in the car.  While they weren’t animals that could be affected by the heat or the cold, they were treasured family members, and making them sit in the car like they couldn’t take care of themselves was just cruel.  Still, he worried, but of course he always worried.

“Where are we, again?” Sam asked taking Tony’s hand as he came around the front of the Impala Fairy Angels running ahead, excited about new places to explore.  Tony could feel the same trepidation that he was feeling coming though their bond.

“Stillwater, Pennsylvania,” Came from Reid who had come up behind them with Aaron. Ares running up to join the others, and turning his head Tony saw Athena perched happily in Spencer’s arms.  “It’s a small town, and a perfect place for hunters although we have found this is the best of the hunter hangouts that we have found.”

“You just have a boy crush on Rossi,” Aaron teased stepping forward and heading to the door before the Fairy Angels decided to take matters into their own hands and go in without them.

Spencer was still protesting venomously when they all got inside the building.  As it was about two in the afternoon the place was mostly dead.  The building sat on the outskirts of town. Gibbs’ father ran a general store in the middle of town and wanted to keep the general townfolk as separate from the roadhouse as possible.

Tony and his brothers had seen a few of these places before finding this one.  The others all had the same basic seedy bar look.  This one though at least tried to look respectable.  Tony figured that was Rossi’s influence.

The bar was a gleaming dark wood with a shiny brass rail and handmade by Leroy Jethro Gibbs himself.  One of the two partners who ran the place.  The other was David Rossi who mostly took care of the food and numbers side of the business.  The two were marines and had met up in the service while being stationed together.  After the war, Gibbs dragged Rossi home to Stillwater and into the family business.

The pack headed through the dining room where Rossi tried to keep the respectable townsfolk when they showed up, and into the bar area where the hunters tried to stay in deference to the men’s wishes.

“Well, look who the cat drug in, and they even brought a new playmate, or should we say boy mate, Tonio?”  Rossi called from behind the bar where he appeared to be washing glasses.  Gibbs was standing next to him cutting up limes with one of the silver knives that he kept behind the bar.

Tony blushed as Aaron laughed and shook hands with the two men.  “Boy mate would be a good way to put it,” Aaron joked smiling along with the older men.  The three military men got along as thick as thieves.

Tony was looking around the room trying to make sure they hadn’t lost any of the Fairy Angels on their trek through the dining room.  He heard someone come from the kitchen but didn’t think much of it because he knew there was on occasion more than just the two men employed.  Sometimes Gibbs’ father was even present. The older man was retired from hunting but liked to hang around and hand out wisdom when needed.  It sounded like this was one of those times.

Tony could hear his voice talking to someone he was calling William or Williams but wasn’t paying much attention because he couldn’t see Hades, Ares, and Zeus.  Never a good sign.  He was about to go look for the terrible trio when shit happened.

Aaron must have stepped away from the bar to go shake Jackson Gibbs’ hand, because when he turned at the sound of the shout he had moved away from the two marines.


Tony’s head whipped around wishing it was anything but what he feared.  When he saw it was exactly what he feared, he couldn’t move fast enough.  There standing on the bar dressed in dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie was Poseidon.

“Master! You finded him!”  Poseidon squealed happily bouncing and looking at a blond standing with Jackson.

“Go to hell you fucking monster!”  Gibbs yelled, and before Tony could get the word stop out the hunter slashed with his silver knife at the happy Fairy Angel catching the little creature in his stomach.  The older man then batted at him sending him flying.

Sam was pulling out his gun, and Tony could feel the rage pouring in through the connection mixing with his own absolute Terror.


Tony only had eyes for the fallen little creature that somehow was trying to drag his little body to the stranger.  Forgetting everything else, Tony rushed across the room, his hand burning as if on fire.  He had no idea if the little creatures could be killed. It’d never come up, and suddenly he was kicking himself for it.

“Holy shit!”  He heard Rossi swear then break off into a gurgled curse.

Given that all of his attention was on Poseidon, he hadn’t seen Azrael make his appearance looking like every inch of the Archangel of Death and Retribution that he was.  Hades, Zeus, and Hera were attacking Gibbs body prone on the floor and unmoving.  Athena and Artemis were beating on Rossi’s head with magazines.  Ares was at Poseidon’s head looking like he was gonna unleash his wrath any second.  Spencer was standing near the door frozen and wide-eyed looking between Poseidon and Athena.  Later Tony could find out that it was that incident that broke through and allowed his younger brother to connect to his own Fairy Angel.

“EVERYONE STOP! Except for Azrael. You just… keep on being you.”  Aaron shouted ending in humorous quip knowing he had little to no influence over the archangel and probably in that moment no interest in trying to curb him.

“SAM! Put the gun down!”

Tony had fallen to his knees in front of poor little Poseidon who was bleeding and whimpering. “Jus’ wanted master, Master.  Hurted me. This me bes tie.”

Tony’s laugh was more than a little wet, as he carefully tried to undo the treasured accessory hoping someone knew how to get blood out of a tie.  “Don’t worry buddy. It’ll be good as new. Just like you.”

“What are they, son?  They look like Fairy Angels. Are they?”  Jackson asked kneeling with difficulty next to him.

“Yes,” came from behind him, and felt relief hearing Sam’s voice.  “Tony tell me you can heal him.”

Tony half laughed, half sobbed as it seemed too much blood was coming from such a small creature.

“Don’t worry, Tony. If he’s a Fairy Angel that silver knife can’t kill him, and he ain’t gonna bleed to death.  Always knew there was somethin’ about you, but I sure didn’t expect this. You used them glowing hands before, kiddo?”

Tony’s hands shook as he got the shirt off, Ares helping with the tiny buttons.

Tony could sense someone sit behind Ares and glanced up briefly saw the stranger looking down at the little creature shocked.  “Sammy?”

“Hey, Danno,” Sam offered with a weak chuckle.  “Umm surprise?”

“Why does my stomach hurt?  Why do I feel like…”

Sam sighed behind him and must have knelt down.  The hand on Tony’s shoulder was helping calm him so that he could think.  Tony had a feeling that he had to calm down and slow his thoughts.  He had to take them to a good happy safe place in order to heal the little creature.  The room behind him had fallen silent.

“It’s a long story, Danno, but basically he’s yours. He’s…. he’s been so excited to find you, again. He’s asked me a million questions about when we were kids.”

Danno reached around Ares to take a little hand in his own.

“M… master.”  Poseidon called weakly, and everything in front of Tony became blurry as he tried to focus on what he needed to do.

“You must focus, Anthony.  All that matters in this moment is healing him.”

Azrael. Tony looked up wide-eyed.  “I don’t… I’m not… We haven’t…”

“I know,” The archangel said sighing with deep regret.  “Think about how deeply you care for him.  Think about him surfing on his little surfboard in the morning sunrise squealing with glee every time he gets knocked down.  Think about his refusal to get out of his trunks, and the joy that he got looking at ties with you online.  Nothing else exists right now.  Not your brothers, not those imbeciles.  Just you and Poseidon. The only thing you see, the only thing you want, the only thing that matters is him healthy and whole.

“Picture it on your head, Anthony.  Him on that surfboard.  The beautiful sun coming up over the water.  The sound of his happy laughter.  The gorgeous colors in the distance. That’s it, my boy.  The squeal of happiness when he sees that tie, and his vow to look sharp for his master.  Very good, that’s it. You’re almost there.  The sound of one question after about his Danno and what he’s like, how he can serve him best, does he still like cuddling more than anything.”

Slowly Tony’s world narrowed to just the sound of the archangel’s voice.  If there was anything in the world that he trusted absolutely it was Azrael.  He let his words wash over him as he pictured the scenes.  Watching the little Fairy Angel surf in the Italian waters in the morning was one of Tony’s favorite things.  They’d quickly learned that each little creature had their own personality.  Poseidon seemed to be filled with joy over just three things.  His morning surf, buying ties, and his other master.

They’d sit for hours sometimes with the little guy perched on Tony’s lap with Ares as he asked Sam for more stories about Danno when the two of them were kids.  While all of the Fairy Angels were excited to meet their companions, Poseidon took a joy in it that just couldn’t be matched.  It was as if the only thing he really wanted in the world was to meet this Danno, again.

“Well done, lad!  You did it!”

“Holy mother of Jesus.” He heard a strange voice that he just registered as being Danno.

“Holy shit, Tone!”  He heard feeling Sam hug him from behind.  Blinking he looked down to see that Poseidon was whole again.

“Master did it!  Master heal Poseidon!”  Quickly, Tony found himself with an armful of Fairy Angel and didn’t bother to try and hide his tears.

“You scared the crap out of me, man,”  Tony admitted hugging the creature tight.  “Who else am I gonna watch surf at home if something happens to you?”

“No will!  It take more than stupid sharp thing to take out Poseidon, Master Tony!”

Tony chuckled and let the Fairy Angel go, watching as he slowly limped toward Ares and Danno.  “Poseidon, ok!  No kill pepol, Ares!  No night cuddles if you dos!”  Tony laughed louder at the sight of Poseidon wagging his finger at Ares and heard Sam whispering in his hear.

“So, that’s where Ares has been sneaking off to at night.  Do we need to give Fairy Angels the talk about the birds and the bees?”

The thought alone set off a giggle fit, and Tony found himself leaning against Sam laughing slightly hysterically.  When he finally calmed down, Poseidon was snuggled up within the stranger’s arms whimpering half scared and half pleasure.

“Your friend?”  Tony asked having only vaguely listened to the exchange between the two.

“Yeah, Danny Williams.  Poseidon’s master, and my Relations Advisor.”

Taking a deep breath, Tony looked to Jackson who was taking in the whole thing much more calmly than should be possible.  “How did you know about Fairy Angels?”  Tony asked remembering the elder hunter’s assurances.

“Help me up, boys. Please?  These old knees weren’t meant to get down this far.”  Quickly, Tony and Sam helped the elder Gibbs up and over to sit in a chair near the bar.  Once he was settled, he looked to where his son was laying on the floor with pink hair, three Fairy Angels standing on him, and Ares snarling at his head.

“What have I told you about your rash actions, Leroy?” Jackson scolded.  “I told you that someday you’d hurt somethin’ that you shouldn’t.  I have a feeling that color ain’t comin’ out soon.  Now, come on guys. Let him up. I think he’s learned his lesson.”

“Jackson! Master Jackson!”  Tony was surprised to see the Fairy Angels rush to his side, and even more surprised when an older looking Fairy Angel popped in.  “Master Jackson!”

The creature hobbled across the table, and was pulled into a hug by the older man.  “Jackson?”  Tony heard and looking up saw Rossi standing there with Gibbs next to him.

“Let’s pull some tables together.  I think there is more than one story that needs to be told here,” Tony heard Aaron say, and quickly found himself with a lapful of Hera who was still giving Gibbs the stink eye.  “Rossi do you have anything to eat?  We haven’t had lunch yet, and well I think sweets would sooth some tempers.”

Half an hour later, everyone was settled down and eating.  Most of the Fairy Angels were sitting on the bar with a milkshake and a cannoli.  Poseidon was sitting in Danny’s lap eating his sweets and stealing fries.  His outfit including the treasured tie restored to its unblemished state by Az.  Atlas was sitting on the table next to Jackson munching on a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  Hera was still in Tony’s, and interestingly enough Athena was perched in Spencer’s.

Azrael was still around, sitting next to Tony with a scotch, and watching things.  Samael had even shown up.  When Tony finally looked around he noticed Sam’s archangel had been standing near Gibbs presumably keeping an eye on things when Az came to help him heal Poseidon.

“So, who’s gonna start with explanations?”  Rossi asked apparently having gotten tired of waiting.  Tony and Sam eyed each other and together began explaining what they knew about themselves from their first meeting with the angels through their bonding at the villa in Italy.

Everyone seemed stunned except for Jackson, whom Tony was suspecting might have firsthand knowledge with all of this.  “Jackson?  Were you council?”  He asked softly ignoring how Gibbs’ head whipped up.  Things may have calmed down, but he was nowhere near ready to forgive him for what he did.  It would be a long time before he forgot the sight of Poseidon bleeding all over the wooden floor.

“I was,” the older man confirmed.  Eyeing him and Sam before settling his hand on Atlas.  “I was your keeper of mythology.  Atlas here was my companion.  I knew there was somethin’ different about you, but I’ll tell you again I didn’t expect this.  If you boys need anything from me you just say it.  I might be older than dirt, but the ol’ information is still up here rattling around in my head.  I…. I would appreciate if you’d let Atlas stay with me, though.”

“Of course!”  Sam answered quickly, then looked to Tony who just smiled and nodded.

“I don’t know why he was ever taken from you, Jackson.  Of course, you can keep him with you.”  Tony echoed and the older man seemed to relax.

“Well, when the council is disbanded for the rebirth, the Fairy Angels go away until Light and Dark are ready for bonding again.”

Tony let the new information roll around in his head until he came upon a question that he needed to speak.  Looking up he saw Azrael watching him with that little proud smirk on his face.  “Az, does this mean that Jackson is immortal, again?”

“Not exactly,” the archangel answered studying the older man. “He isn’t quite as easy to kill though as a normal human.  If you made him council again or something of the sort then he would be, but…”

“No, please,” Jackson inserted.   “I’m happy to help, and as long as I can have Atlas with me I’ll be fine.  I don’t wanna live forever though.  No, whatever extras I have now are all I need.”

“Dad, are you sure…” Gibbs started but was quickly shut down by his father.

“Leroy, I know what I’m saying.  No father wants to outlive his child.  M’guess is it’s gonna come close as it is.  I’ve been blessed to be able to serve once, and I am more than happy to pass along whatever knowledge I have to the new Keeper of Mythology.  Anything more than that isn’t anything I want though.”

Tony watched Gibbs study his father, but eventually, he nodded his acceptance.  “How many are there?”

Azrael shrugged. “There are a few more roaming around.  I would expect one of Sam’s will make an appearance at some point.  The balance thing usually works itself out.  Samael and I will check on them to see where they are and make sure there aren’t any surprises.”

“There is one,” Jackson admitted studying Sam. “One of Dark’s advisors from a council sometime before mine.  Nice Asian fellow. Comes to see me occasionally.  Looks a helluva lot better than I do that’s for sure.  Don’t know much about him other than he’s not quite human anymore.  He got a blessing or something from his deity after serving the council.”

“Well don’t worry, man,” Samael said smiling. “We’ll hunt him down and get the details.”

Jackson nodded his acceptance, and conversation seemed to move away from Light and Dark and the council and to other more normal things. Everyone needed a break from the earlier events.  Taking a deep breath, Tony kissed the top of Hera’s head before finally starting in on eating his lunch.  He couldn’t help but think of the fact that Dean Winchester was the only council member unaccounted for.

He hoped for Sam’s sake that they wouldn’t have to wait long for him to come back from hell.   


Note: I have such love for this story. I am very thankful to those of you that are reading and gave it a chance. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I do. Only two more chapters and they are new to those that read this on RT. Although, the first one was posted with my EAD offerings this year.


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  1. These little sprites are such a delight! I thought that there might be “death by Cosmopolitan” for a minute but the pink hair is a much better sort of revenge. So cool that the Gibbs’ and Rossi are also hunters.

    thank you

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